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Neighbours Episode 1362 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1362
Australian airdate: 05/02/91
UK airdate: 06/02/92
UK Gold: 20/01/98
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim tells Helen that he was unfaithful to Anne in Vietnam.
HELEN: So you could be Glen Donnelly's father?
JIM: No! I wasn't lying...I swear to you, I never knew Maureen Donnelly.
HELEN: How can you be so sure?! Your memory's very unreliable!
JIM: For Pete's sake, Helen. I know I should have told you. It was twenty years ago, I thought you'd be disappointed in me.
HELEN: You were right, I am disappointed in you. I thought you and Anne were happy together!
JIM: We *were* happy!
HELEN: Not, obviously, happy enough!
JIM: You don't understand.
HELEN: No I don't!
JIM: It was war! These things happen!
HELEN: Rubbish! You made them happen!
JIM: You didn't understand a word I said did you? I was lonely, I was away from home...
HELEN: Anne was lonely too!
JIM: This was different! The confusion...the fear...people thrown together...never knowing whether this night was going to be your last night...you got together for a few hours' comfort then you never saw each other again! I'm not saying it's right, it's just the way things happened!
HELEN: It doesn't wash, Jim. It was the same for Anne. Wondering if you were ever coming home, jumping up every time the phone rang! She wouldn't have let you down like that, or the children.
JIM: I don't know what to say. I had a brief affair...two days. I felt guilty about it then, I feel guilty about it now.
HELEN:(trying not to cry) Thank goodness she never found out.
She goes off to the kitchen for a few minutes to think things through.
What a dark, drab living room Dorothy has. Ryan is sitting in it. Dorothy asks him what he's doing on the weekend - she's planning a dinner and slide night. Ryan says he can't afford to go out this weekend. Dorothy is very surprised - she thought Ryan had had the money from Joe. Ryan says he blew the money and Dorothy encourages him to save in the future, in case of an emergency. She resolves to show him the essentials of budgeting.
Caroline, Christina and Melanie are looking through bridal magazines. Christina has chosen her wedding dress and shows it to the girls who squeal with excitement. Paul is banished to the kitchen(!)
Melanie tells the girls that she's going to see her astrologer, Madame Zolga, tomorrow. She suggests that Christina and Paul get their horoscope done so they can see what their marriage will be like - "forewarned is forearmed!" Christina doesn't think she wants to though.
Helen drops a plate and smashes it. Jim rushes in to see if she's alright.
HELEN: Poetic, really. It was the last of a set that I gave you and Anne.
Jim doesn't know how to make it up to Helen - she's been more of a mother to him than his own mother since Anne died. Helen says she thought Jim was different to most men, but he isn't after all.
She follows him in to the living room and looks at him sadly.
HELEN: Jim. I know it was a long time ago, that you were very young. Of course, I can't begin to understand what it was like over there. I suppose in my mind I've come to idealise your marriage to Anne. Set you up on a pedestal like a couple of figures on a wedding cake. It isn't fair to you. Nor to Anne's memory. So, I'll just have to accept that what happened, happened and...go on from there.
JIM:(gratefully) Thanks, Helen. All this business with Glen has brought back some memories I can tell you. I don't know if I could handle it without your support.
HELEN: Well, I'll do my best. But I'm still curious why Glen is so convinced that you're his father and how he came to have that photograph.
JIM: Well...I do remember who took it. It was Cathy.
It seems that Cathy was the woman Jim had an affair with.
HELEN: Why would she give a photograph of you to Glen's mother.
JIM: I haven't got a clue.
The Office
Melanie tells Paul that she's off to see her astrologer in her lunch-hour. She explains to an uninterested Paul how fascinating astrology is. She asks him what time she was born and he says it was 2.30am on the 18th January - making him a Capricorn. Then she asks Caroline for her date of birth - 11:55pm on 23rd October, making her a Libra. Melanie tells her she's resolved to get Christina and Paul's horoscope done. When Melanie has gone, Caroline has a sudden thought, but it's too late to chase after her.
Dorothy is preparing some stuff for school and Ryan brings her a sandwich, much to her surprise. Jim comes round to see Dorothy, to get the Neighbourhood Watch material for a friend of Helen's. Dorothy asks Jim for advice about her car - she wants to have it serviced before school starts next week. Jim recommends the garage on High Street. Ryan interrupts and says he's heard that it's a terrible garage. But Dorothy is determined to book the car in. Ryan offers to handle the booking for her.
Melanie and Caroline are looking through a catalogue for bridesmaids' dresses. They have very different opinions about what is elegant(!)
Christina comes in and is excited that she's managed to order her wedding dress - she's picking it up tomorrow. She's disappointed that they haven't picked a bridesmaid dress yet.
Coffee Shop
Paul has asked Jim to be his best man.
JIM: Are you sure you want your father to be your best man?
PAUL: Yeah! Look, you may be my old man, but you're also one of my best mates, aren't you?
Just then, Glen comes in. Jim goes over to talk to him at a table. He apologises for being a bit hard on Glen - he just wanted to get the business sorted out. He's following up a few leads to find out where the photograph came from. He thinks he might be able to catch up with someone who knew Glen's mother.
JIM: I'll see you.
GLEN: You can bet on it.
Caroline and Melanie are still arguing over the bridesmaids' dresses. They start to quarrel about each other's taste in clothes and Christina gets exasperated. She tells them off - it's as if they're trying to sabotage her wedding.
Caroline and Melanie are trying to make it up to Christina by making her a cup of coffee. They promise not to fight anymore.
Dorothy tells Ryan off for having a "tortured face". They get into conversation about liars and cheats and Ryan finally decides to confess about the car. Dorothy already knows - the garage rang to say Ryan had forgotten his receipt. She's been waiting for Ryan to own up...eventually.
Jim is brooding about Todd when Helen comes in. She has bought herself a new blouse. Jim has been in touch with "Veterans' Affairs" - he's been looking for Cathy to ask about the photo. But he's had no luck, so he'll try the Ministry of Defence in the morning.
HELEN: Oh, Jim, I wish none of this had happened. No good ever comes of dragging up the past.
Jim is determined to get to the bottom of the affair - whatever happens.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Melanie comes in, very agitated. She tells Christina that she has some bad news - she had Paul and Christina's horoscope done and apparently their marriage is doomed!
MELANIE: She said that you two are the worst possible combination in the whole entire zodiac. You can't marry him, Chrissie! You just can't.
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