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Neighbours Episode 1356 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1356
Australian airdate: 28/01/91
UK airdate: 29/01/92
UK Gold: 12/01/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug rings up and tells Pam that he's found the runaways - they're both alright, although Cody has had a bad dose of flu. He's hoping to be back by first thing tomorrow. Pam is overjoyed. Then Doug breaks the news to Jim that Todd has run off again. Jim is very disappointed.
A road, the following morning
Todd is hitch-hiking. Eventually a car drives up and a bloke called Sam offers Todd a lift into the city for the price of a lunch.
Doug and Cody arrive home and Pam immediately jumps on Cody and hugs her tightly.
PAM: Oh, my baby! Oh, look at you! You look awful!
CODY:(indignantly) Yeah, well, I've been sleeping in a stable - what's your excuse?!
Pam hugs her again.
ADAM: You look like death on a stick.
CODY: Oh is that why I got dragged back here? So everyone could have fun insulting me?
DOUG: I tell you one thing, young lady, it wasn't so you could smart-mouth your mother!
Pam leads Cody over the the couch and puts a blanket around her shoulders. Adam wonders where Todd has got to. Cody flounces off to her room.
Madge and Harold are having breakfast and discussing Vera. Joe and Toby arrive and they're very pleased to see them. They tell Harold that the police have taken Sky away.
JOE: She's probably back with Eric by now. God knows what sort of trouble I'm going to be in. Whatever happens, I don't like me chances of getting any more access to her.
Harold tries to encourage Joe - at least he came back to face things.
Cody is still in a foul mood. She insists she doesn't want any breakfast. While Pam is out doing the laundry, Adam tells Cody to stop being so selfish.
ADAM: If you had any idea of what Mum's been through these last couple of weeks, maybe you'd stop acting like such a little brat.
CODY: What SHE'S been through? What about what *I've* been through?
ADAM: Oh yeah, that's all that matters to you, isn't it. Good old number one! Never mind that Mum nearly worried herself into her grave! And you know what it cost Dad with all the work he lost, chasing after you?
CODY: It's not my fault! I didn't ask them to!
ADAM: Oh, no. It's never your fault is it Cody? But while you're standing there feeling sorry for yourself, wait two seconds and think about the kids who have parents who wouldn't have even noticed they were gone! And how damn lucky you are to have ones that really care about you. Though to be honest, I'm starting to wonder why they bother!
Cody is eating her breakfast and apologises to Pam for making her worry.
Todd rings up and Pam answers. He puts the phone down without saying anything. In the background, Cody smiles.
A shop somewhere
Todd and Sam head off.
Joe is putting some of Sky's things in a box. Madge and Harold come round and look at some of the things - some of Kerry's things are there too. Joe says it's time that he tries to move on, and putting some of Kerry and Sky's things away is a first step. Joe thanks Harold for everything - he'll pay back the money for the gardening business soon.
Jim is working on some plans when Helen came in. She's seen the Willises. Jim isn't pleased - he feels like the Willises don't give a damn about Todd.
Jim comes round to see Doug. He's not pleased that Doug didn't come straight round to see him. Apparently Doug left a note earlier, but Jim didn't get it.
Doug tells Jim that he found both of them, but Todd took off again - he couldn't find him again. Jim isn't happy - all Doug has done is to scare Todd. Now he might never find him again. They quarrel a bit and some harsh words are exchanged.
JIM: If it had been me, I wouldn't have come back without both of them!
Madge has made Joe a cup of tea. Harold suggests that Joe rings Eric to see how Sky is. Joe says he can't see the point - Eric will be too angry with him.
HAROLD: I don't know what Kerry would have thought of all this.
MADGE: I do. She would have been furious with Eric!
Joe suddenly starts to get a bit emotional and tells Harold to stop talking about Kerry.
JOE: Look around. She's gone. Shut up, will you? I've got my life to go on with. Just stop going on about Kerry.
He tries not to cry.
Doug and Pam are rather cross with Jim, although they can see where he's coming from. Pam says it's not Doug's fault. Pam wonders what to do about Cody - how can they stop her running off again? Doug says they'll have to punish her in some way.
Doug answers the phone - it's Todd again, and he hangs up.
A road somewhere
Todd and Sam get back in the car and drive towards the city.
Joe has got himself together a bit now. He apologises for what he said about Kerry - he's just trying to face the fact that Kerry and Sky are both gone. Now he has to concentrate on Toby - and he hasn't set him a very good example by running off. Joe says Toby's been through a lot - he's lost him Mum as well as Sky and Kerry.
JOE: Toby's my life now. He's all I've got. I'm all he's got. So from now on, I'm going to be there for him.
MADGE: We do understand, don't we Harold?
HAROLD: Well, yes, of course we do. And don't you ever think that you're alone, either. Not while Madge and I have got breath in our bodies, eh?
Doug and Pam are trying to talk to Cody. Cody says not believing her about the condoms and then banning her from seeing Todd made her run away. Pam says that they do trust Cody, but she has to trust them too - talk to them when she needs to. Cody wants to know what her punishment will be. Doug says the normal punishments like grounding and so on don't really apply here. For the time being, they just want a promise that she'll never run off again.
PAM: Don't promise unless you really mean it.
CODY: OK. I promise.
A road somewhere
Todd and Sam are driving along. Todd notices that the police are trailing them. Sam panics and tells Todd that he stole the car they're in. He stops the car and runs off.
SAM: See you, kid!
Meanwhile, the police run up to Todd.
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