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Neighbours Episode 1355 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1355
Australian airdate: 25/01/91
UK airdate: 28/01/92
UK Gold: 09/01/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Madge is filling in at the Coffee Shop while Vera is away. Dorothy comes in and Madge tells her that Joe is coming back - possibly before dinner. Dorothy is very pleased to hear that - Ryan is slaving in the gardening course.
The reason Dorothy is there is for the waiter course - apparently it's being held at the Coffee Shop.
Tom is fussing over Gemma and isn't pleased to see Matt. Gemma sends Tom off to get her an orange juice and then tells Matt she's sick of Tom trying to get a rise out of Matt.
A garage somewhere
Doug is searching for Todd and Cody. He shows their picture to a country mechanic and he recognises Todd - he thinks he's seen him somewhere - at the Laundromat. He gave him directions to "the studs". He shows Doug his noticeboard - lots of farms around have been looking for stablehands. Doug could work through them.
Coffee Shop
The would-be waiters have arrived. There's about fifteen of them!
Ryan tells Josh he's changed his mind about the police force. Melanie comes in and tells Dorothy that Klaus can't come after all, so Melanie has brought his course notes. Dorothy has a look.
DOROTHY: Mmmm, that's very comprehensive. Pity a lot of it's written in German!
Dorothy thinks they can cope though.
A farm somewhere
Doug gets out of the car and sees Todd with a horse. Todd bolts and Doug chases him. Eventually he falls and Doug grabs him.
DOUG: OK, mate. Where's Cody?
Coffee Shop
Dorothy is running the course, much to Melissa's disgust(!) Melanie tells them that they must know everything on the menu at all times, and also the ingredients and how they're cooked. Josh complains that he can't even pronounce half of the dishes!
Melanie suggests they move on to setting the table properly. Josh has a try and Dorothy corrects his efforts.
Tom comes in and tells them that Harold has found Joe. He starts sniping at Matt again so Gemma sends Matt to the bokshop. Gemma tells Tom off for his attitude towards Matt. Tom claims that Matt is a bludger, but Gemma says that he isn't - and she wants to be with him but Tom's sniping is upsetting her. Tom agrees to try.
Todd calls Cody out of the barn and she's shocked to see Doug. Doug tells her they've been incredibly worried and then hugs her. He observes that she looks ill and then tells Todd off for not ringing home the minute Cody was sick. Doug wants to take them both home, but Todd says he can't - he's broken his good behavior bond. Doug says that everything is fine, but Todd doesn't believe him - he thinks it's a ruse to get him home. When Doug and Cody have gone into the barn to get their things, Todd runs off.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy is telling the waiters that they must devise a personal code to remember people's orders. Josh tries to take Dorothy's order which is long and complicated.
Madge, Tom and Matt are waiting for the verdict on Gemma. The doctor tells them that everything alright - Gemma's circulation is normal and she's healing well. They are all chuffed. Matt hugs Gemma and Madge hustles Tom away(!)
Coffee Shop
Dorothy tells Melissa off for wiping a dirty fork on her serviette. Ryan is over 18 so he can serve wine. He isn't very good and Melanie tells Dorothy off for being to harsh on the kids.
MELANIE: You are being a real pill!
DOROTHY: I don't think so.
Melanie decides to end the class and they give Dorothy a reluctant round of applause.
Tom comes in to say goodbye to Gemma. Outside the door, Tom tells Matt that they should try to "smoke the peace pipe". They shake hands and he tells Matt to call him Tom.
Melanie has popped round to thank Madge and Harold for the use of the Coffee Shop. She tells Madge that Dorothy took the whole thing a bit seriously. Melanie is really pleased that Joe is coming back.
A farm somewhere
Doug and Cody are looking for Todd, but there's no sign of him. Doug tells Cody that he has to get her to a doctor in the next town - Todd's probably headed that way too. Cody is very upset about Todd's disappearance.
They drive off. As they drive away, we see Todd hiding behind an old wagon.
<<1354 - 1356>>
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