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Neighbours Episode 1357 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1357
Australian airdate: 29/01/91
UK airdate: 30/01/92
UK Gold: 13/01/98
Writer: Timothy Daly
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Police Station (in the country)
Todd is being held for questioning in a police station. He insists that he didn't steal the car, he was just hitch-hiking. He gives the police his real name, but gives a false address. The police want to ring Todd's parents, but he won't give them the number. They decide to run a check on Todd's record.
Gemma is having a kicking Saturday night bored out of her mind stuck in bed. Tom and Matt are visiting, but when they've gone, a girl in the next bed starts talking to Gemma. She tells Gemma an extremely pessimistic view of hospitals - she reckons the doctors are lying to them about their conditions so they don't lose hope(!) She proceeds to tell Gemma the history of her five week stay.
Caroline and Christina are preparing a meal for their parents, who are coming over to meet Paul. They tell him extreme stories about her father's traditional outlook and Paul looks rather worried. Christina goes on to tell him how she brought a boyfriend home once and her father thumped him. Paul looks even more worried(!)
CHRISTINA: He wanted to see if the guy was a runner or a fighter.
PAUL:(shocked) And what did he say?
CHRISTINA: Nothing for a while. He was out cold.
Pam and Doug are watching TV. Cody is in her room. They chat about Cody's behaviour and Doug says he shouldn't have been soft with Cody all her life: he's paying for it now. Pam asks Doug if she thinks Cody and Todd were sleeping together but he doesn't know. He just hopes they were using precautions.
Cody comes out and sits on the sofa between them.
Gemma is losing the will to live as the girl in the next bed continues her horror stories.
GIRL: Actually, there's a woman in the next ward with a leg like yours. It's coming off tomorrow.
Police Station (in the country)
Todd is still waiting to be seen. There's no sign of Sam. When the desk officer is distracted by a drunk, Todd takes off!
No 22, the following morning
The twins' parents have arrived.
MR ALESSI: I hope you haven't gone to too much trouble with the lunch.
CAROLINE: Oh, only about...twenty or thirty hours!
Christina's mother asks her if she's rushing into things, but she says that everything's fine. Paul arrives and shakes Mr Alessi's hand very gingerly. He realises that the twins have been winding him up over Frank's character.
Gemma is still listening to the girl's depressing stories. She looks really fed up.
Tom and Matt come in and she's really chuffed to see them. The girl continues to witter on and asks Tom to have a look at her chart(!) Finally Tom draws the curtains around Gemma's bed to get some peace.
Paul and Mr Alessi (Frank) are discussing sharing the costs of the wedding. Paul tells him that they've decided on a small ceremony. They already know about Paul's two previous wives, but don't seem too concerned.
Gemma, Matt and Tom get back from the cafeteria to find the girl in the next bed is asleep at last. Apparently Tom has asked for her to be moved, but there's nowhere else for her to go. Matt and Tom decide to take matters into their own hands and wheel the girl and her bed out of the room!
GEMMA: You can't do that!
TOM: You want her to stay?
GEMMA: I didn't see a thing!
A railway station
Todd goes into a phone box and dials the Willises' number - and this time, Cody answers. She's relieved to hear from him and accepts his apology for leaving her. She tells him to come home, but he says he can't.
CODY: But I love you!
TODD: Yeah, I love you, too.
Cody hears Doug and Pam approaching the front door.
CODY: I've got to go, someone's coming!
TODD: I'll ring you back, OK?
CODY: Where are you?! Todd, are you there?!
Pam and Doug overhear this last sentence.
Cody is insisting to Pam and Doug that she doesn't know where Todd is - he didn't say.
Frank Alessi is quite philosophical about Paul's two divorces - as long as he's learnt from his mistakes. They get on to talking about Paul's children and Caroline explains to her parents about the triplets. Christina is shocked to hear that Paul has a fourth child - Amy - she didn't know about her.
The girl in the next bed is apparently called Lara. Tom and Matt have deposited her in a "mystery location"(!)
Frank and Paul are cordially saying goodbye. When everyone has gone, Christina tells Caroline that she's had a really big shock.
CHRISTINA: He just happens to mention about a child that I knew nothing about!
CAROLINE: Yeah, I didn't know about that either.
CHRISTINA: You're not the one who's about to marry him!
CAROLINE: Does it matter? We both know he's no angel.
CHRISTINA: The point is, Caroline, he's got four children. And he never sees them, he hardly even mentions them...what kind of father would he be to my children?!
CAROLINE: The main thing, Christina, is that you love him! You do love him, don't you?
CHRISTINA: Yeah, of course I do! I love him like crazy. it's just that...I don't know if I do want to marry him now.
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