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Neighbours Episode 0413 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0413
Australian airdate: 28/01/87
UK airdate: 07/06/88
UK Gold: 01/06/94
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Guests: Jennifer West (Matron Mercer)
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Charlene tries to steal Clive's Teddy bear for Sam who is unable to sleep without it. Clive catches Charlene and begs her to tell him where Susan and Sam are.
Gibbons House
Charlene tells Clive that Susan made her promise not to tell anyone where she was- especially him. Clive begs "that if someone she loved had "shot through"...her mother or Scott and he was the only person in Ramsay street who knew where they where then she would want him to tell her" Charlene reasons that Susan is frightened that Clive will "heavy" her. Clive promises that Susan has his word that he won't do that, he just wants to have the chance to say good-bye to Susan and Sam. Charlene says that she can't tell him where she is, but she will do her damnedest to talk her into seeing him...but she is not giving any guarantees. Charlene goes to take the teddy out of Clive's hand but Clive won't let it go saying that he will give it to Sam himself went he sees him.
After Charlene has gone, Clive adds "If I see him" Jane rubs Clive's arm comfortingly and assures him that if anyone can talk Susan around it will be Charlene.
Clarke House
Daphne is trying to do the monthly accounts while Des plays with a child's toy. ("Simon Says" ...it large square toy with three large buttons across and four buttons down. As the lights on the buttons flash you push them and the "toy" then bleeps at you. Obviously every parent's worse nightmare after a while) As Des continues to play with the toy it bleeps away much to Daphne's annoyance. Daphne tries to explain Des that they have a lot of bills this month, electricity, water rates, car registration. Des isn't really listening and replies that they will be right. Daphne moans that she isn't sure where the money is coming from to turn the spare room into a nursery and they have a phone bill for nearly $300.00. This suddenly gets Des' attention who is shocked by the amount. Daphne informs him that he shouldn't look at her; he was the one who rang from Hobart every night reverse charges. As Des bleeps the toy more Daphne pushes the bills towards him and tells him can do it while she gets dinner.
Daphne goes off to the kitchen and Des continues playing with the toy...bleeping away. Daphne now obviously getting quite annoyed with the toy says "Maybe I should hide that thing whatever it is" Des replies "Fair dues Daph it is for the baby" Daphne rolls her eyes and says "I can see that!"
As the doorbell rings Daphne goes to answer it. The caller is Matron Mercer from the retirement home. Des continues playing with the toy, Daphne has to call him three times before he hears. Des gets up and goes to see what Daphne wants still playing with the toy, he then suddenly realises there is actually someone else in the room and hides the toy behind his back. Matron Mercer explains that she wanted to meet them both before she made a decision about Kelly's future. Daphne is immediately defensive and says that Both Des and she know that she is a bit of a handful but given time they are sure she will settle down. Matron Mercer says that she hasn't come to make a complaint against Kelly quite the opposite. Des giggles and replies that that is a relief I thought you were going to say that she had burnt the place down or started a riot. Daphne stops talking. Matron continues that Kelly is an absolute blessing and she isn't sure how they managed without her. Daphne and Des look completely astonished.
Gibbons House
Clive is pacing around the kitchen as Jane checks the cupboards for dinner. Clive checks his watch and asks Jane what the time is, Jane tells him to take some of his own medicine and to think positive as there is a knock on the door. Clive rushes to the door, but is disappointed to see Mrs Mangel.
Clive greets Mrs Mangel and asks her in, but stares absentmindedly out into the street as Jane greets her grandmother. Jane asks how the holiday was and Mrs Mangel tells her it was sunny. Jane felt that this is a good thing but Mrs Mangel informs her it was far too hot and then starts moaning about the journey back on the bus. Mrs Mangel then notices the lack of interest from Clive and whispers to Jane that he doesn't seem very happy to see me. Jane explains that Clive was expecting to see someone else.
As Clive walks stops staring outside and walks into the kitchen Mrs Mangel thanks Clive for taking such good care of Jane and hopes that there was no trouble from the Ramsay boy. Clive assures her that Shane was the least of his problems. Mrs Mangel wants Jane to get her things together, but Jane says she can't leave at the moment. Clive says that he will be alright but Jane insists that she isn't leaving he has had enough of that.
Mrs Mangel kindly requests if they would tell her what is going on? Clive explains that Susan has left and taken Sam with her. Mrs Mangel is surprised she didn't think Susan was the flighty type despite her entanglement with Fred Mitchell. She then asks when all this happened. Jane tells her that she left last night. Mrs Mangel is horrified that Jane and Clive had been alone in the house together. She had trusted Clive to protect Jane's good name, and he knows how people in the street gossip. Clive turns to Jane and tells her "I can take this most of the time but not now, get her out of here" He then walks off leaving a gasping and protesting Mrs Mangel behind.
Jane chastises Mrs Mangel saying that can't she see how upset Clive is. Mrs Mangel replies that she is sorry for him, but she isn't sure what everyone is saying about the whole affair. Jane says "Probably nothing they are all too busy worrying about the whole affair and are more interested in helping Clive. Mrs Mangel insists that Jane gathers her belonging immediately and leaves. Jane totally refuses and says that she will stay as many days or as many nights as Clive needs her. Mrs Mangel and the rest of the street can think what they like.
Ramsay House & Susan on phone from Random Boarding house
Susan is on the phone to Charlene telling her that she thinks it is best if Clive doesn't see them. Charlene argues that it is best for her but not for Clive. Susan has got used to the idea but Clive hasn't. She hasn't even told him to his face that they are leaving, what is really ripping Clive up is that he can't even say goodbye to Sam. Susan tells Charlene that she is flying back to Copps Harbour the next afternoon, but she agrees to meet Clive at Lassiters Lake at 10 o'clock. Charlene must tell Clive that it is only to say goodbye nothing else. Charlene wishes her luck and asks her to take good care of Sam. Madge who had been listening to all this asks to speak to Susan and Charlene passes the phone to her.
Madge asks if Susan is alright, Susan replies that she is except for a massive guilt complex over Clive. Madge replies that she isn't going to talk her into coming back that is up to her and Clive. Getting quite tearful she wishes Susan luck and asks her to take care and give Sam a big hug from her. Susan says she will never forget Madge and Madge then puts down the phone.
Ramsay House
Madge is rather tearful after coming off the phone and Shane bustles only to be ignored by both Madge and Charlene. Shane complaints that the first day back at work after being bitten by a snake and no one wants to know how he is. Madge wiping the tears away explains that they had just been saying goodbye to Susan. Shane is sure she will come back once she had thought things through but Madge isn't so sure. Madge goes on the maybe it is for the best because as much as she loves Sam she can't look at him without thinking of Fred. She shakes her head and says that man has a lot to answer for. She turns around and takes a letter from the letter rack and continues that at least for once he has done the right thing. She hands the letter to Charlene who reads it "decree absolute"....Charlene wants to know what that means. Madge explains that she is now officially divorced, too late now to change their minds.
Gibbons House
Mrs Mangel is still trying to persuade Jane to return home but Jane insists on staying and it the neighbours don't like it, tough. Jane continues 'How would you like it if I have left you on your own after that big fight with Granddad" Mrs Mangel snaps back "I told you not to mention him! That was entirely different situation." Jane however continues to insist that she not going to leave Clive on his own, he needs someone to look after him. Mrs Mangel retaliates that Jane is stubborn as her mother sometimes. Mrs Mangel finally gives in and allows Jane to stay for another night, but if the neighbours talk it is her own fault. She leaves promising to bring some groceries over.
Clarke House
Matron Mercer is telling Des and Daphne that when Kelly first arrived at the home she had her doubts to let a real toughie like Kelly loose on the old people but she is as gentle as a lamb with most of them. Des is rather surprised to say the least. Matron continues "except of course who give her a hard time. Like Sid Hubbard he is one of our most troublesome residents" She goes to explain that Sid spends all day complaining bitterly about everything, and terrorising the staff all because his son is on the board of directors. Daphne interrupts and says that she hopes Kelly hasn't much to do with him, stand off tactics seem to bring out the worse in Kelly. Matron says that Sid was complaining about his breakfast saying the eggs were overdone and when Kelly gave him some lip, Sid had thrown the tray at her. Daphne looks worried, but Matron Mercer continues, so Kelly picked it up and threw it back and told him if he had the strength to do that he had the strength to do other things for himself.
Daphne is suddenly worried and thinks that although Matron thinks Kelly is doing a good job, the directors want her to go. Matron replies that she had already told them that they could not cope without her that Kelly has old Sid eating out of her hands. She felt that old Sid would cause havoc if Kelly left now. Matron continues she would like Kelly working for her full time. Daphne and Des nod in agreement.
Kelly comes in and seeing Matron Mercer immediately asks what old Sid has being saying about her now. Daphne tells her to calm down as Matron had been telling them what a good job she has been doing. Matron explains that they have a full time job for her if she wants it and also a room ready for her if she would like to move in. Kelly readily agrees and shakes the Matron's hand.
Clarke House
The next morning Des and Daphne are lying behind the couch as exercise music blares out...you see first Daphne's leg go up and down and then Des' leg go up and down as Daphne counts out in time to the music. Daphne shouts at Des to keep up, Des complains the whole time. Daphne stops exercising and sits up and tells Des it is tough getting thorough a pregnancy if you aren't fit. Des informs Daphne that she is the one who is pregnant; Daphne replies that he is the one with all the symptoms. Kelly also pops behind the couch and informs the "mothers-to-be" breakfast is ready. Daphne goes off to change.
Des and Kelly go off into the kitchen; Kelly says to Des that he is not such a bad bloke for a bank manager. Des laughs and asks Kelly if the job at the retirement home is what she really wants. Carrying her breakfast to the table Kelly replies that it isn't that bad, half the residents want to reform her other half just want someone to talk to and she is a good listener. Kelly shrugs and continues that Sid Hubbard told her he was nicking cars at her age. Des starts playing again with the "Simon Says" (the toy starts bleeping away) He says that if things don't work out that she is welcome to come back, Kelly thanks him but thinks that things are going to be Ok from now on.
Kelly brings up the subject of the pink letter (the one with the perfume) Des wants to know if Kelly has told Daphne, Kelly says that she hasn't. Des replies that Daphne wouldn't understand and we don't want to upset her in her condition. Kelly looks at Des threateningly and says that he has been good to her but if she ever found out that he had been cheating on Daph she would flatten him. She laid her father out once and she was only twelve. Des still playing with the toy says "Don't threaten me junior, I would never hurt Daph". Kelly replies that he has nothing to worry about.
As Des still plays with the toy, black smoke from the toaster rises up behind him. Daphne comes in the room and seeing the smoke shouts at Des about the toast. Des puts the toy down and peers down at the toaster. Daphne picks up the toy and gives it to Kelly telling her to give it to Sid it will keep him quiet for hours. Des puts on a manly strut and stands before them and says "look I am the one who wears the pants around here" Kelly and Daphne eye him up and giggle as he is only wearing his boxer shorts. Des crosses his arms says "Well....usually"
Ramsay House
Charlene and Shane are making pancakes for breakfast as Madge comes in dressed in her dressing gown and a towel on her head and surveys the mess. Carrying the pancakes to the table Shane tells her that "Granddad" had called and that he and Gran were fine. Madge wonders why she always feels that some kind of catastrophe is imminent every time he calls. Shane tells Madge that Granddad had run into an old friend of hers, Harold Bishop and that he comes down this way on business sometimes and the next time he will pop in. Madge replies that could be tomorrow for all she knows. Charlene thinks Madge must have been pretty keen of this fellow at one time.
Madge replies that they used to be very good friends once, but that was before she got married to Fred and moved to Copps Harbour. Harold used to be very good looking; she wonders what he looks like now. There is a knock at the door and Madge thinks it might be Harold already; she says he will take one look at her and run a mile, but she goes off to answer the door.
Mrs Mangel comes in making an excuse that she has run out of a few things and could she have some....um...flour. Mrs Mangel brings up Susan and how she feels for poor Dr Gibbons. Madge tells her that Susan is very fond of Clive and she is sure it is not a decision she took lightly. Mrs Mangel says that she was very disturbed to find Jane had spent the time there alone; she is worried about people talking. Madge feels that Clive was probably very grateful to have a friend on hand. Having got the flour out Madge asks if she wants plain or self-raising flour. Mrs Mangel is confused at first why she is asking and then says Sel...ain.....Plain.
Kelly comes bouncing in and tells Shane that she has a new job and will be resigning. She is sorry to let him down. Shane is pleased for her and asks her to keep in touch, maybe they could go to the pictures some time. Kelly is pleased to be asked. As Kelly goes out Mrs Mangel asks what retirement home she will be working at. Kelly replies the one on Walker Street and cheekily continues that she should say hello to her hubby from her, when she has finished digging him up. As Kelly disappears out the backdoor Mrs Mangel says that she was considering moving to the retirement home in her twilight years but not while that young hooligan is there. Shane and Charlene giggle behind her back.
Lassiters Lake
Clive is looking forlornly at the teddy bear as Susan comes up. Clive goes to kiss her but Susan pulls back and tells him that Charlene had said that he wouldn't talk her into coming back. That was the only reason she had agreed to meet him. Clive promises no violins... no long speeches. Susan says that before they talk she has some unfinished business to attend to. Clive offers to look after Sam, as Susan goes off Clive says that he saw Paul go into his office about five minutes ago, Susan thinks that she can't hide anything from Clive. Clive sadly replies that except from him, Paul is her only unfinished business. Susan tells him that she just wants to say goodbye face to face the way she should have done the first time around with both of you. Clive replies that he will be here when she is ready. Clive kisses Sam and watches as Susan walks away.
Paul's Office
Paul is in the office with Jane working on the computer, he is apologising to Jane for mucking up her Saturday. He tells her that it won't be often that he asks her to work the weekend as Susan walks in and asks to talk to Paul.
As Jane leaves, Paul snarls angrily that he thought she would be on the first plane to Copps Harbour. As Susan explains that she is booked on the lunchtime flight, Paul demands to know why she came back. Susan replies calmly that she had come to say goodbye, Paul still angry says that's a laugh, what do you expect me to do shake your hand and say how nice it has been. Susan upset says "well goodbye" and heads for the door. Paul stops her going out and tells her that he has given her a pretty rough deal. If she stays he will make it up to her he promises. Susan obviously can't take anymore and turns and opens the door quickly to rush out. Paul stops her and says "I am trying to tell you I love you" Susan rushes across the outer office towards the door saying "No it is too late" Paul confides that he didn't know until she was gone. Susan replies "It isn't just you and me any more it is Clive too, I have messed him up and I am not going to make it any worse" Paul argues that Clive knew what things were like between them right from the beginning. Susan says that it isn't easy for any of us but it is worse for Clive. That each of us have had they far share of disappointments but the two of them had become tougher. Clive doesn't know how to be like that, he just pretends to bounce back and joke his way out of it, but he is as defenceless as...Sam. He has been hurt enough. Susan gently runs her fingers down Paul's cheek and says "Goodbye Paul" and leaves. As Paul stands there he looks devastated.
Lassiters Lake
Clive is walking Sam up and down giving him advice on life...I know you don't like pumpkin but it is good for you...Look after your teeth you know how much trouble those first ones' are giving you....Try be an inspiration to people....Always look like you are enjoying yourself even if you are not....make them laugh but don't be afraid to give too much of yourself, it is always much more fun giving than taking. End of lecture just remember what I have told you.
As Susan returns Clive says that he was starting to wonder if Paul had talked her out of going. Susan starting to get tearful tells Clive if anyone could do that it would be him. Clive sadly says that he doesn't know if he should be glad or sorry. Susan getting more distressed tells him to forget her- she has caused him too much pain and for that she will never forgive herself. Clive shakes his head slowly and says that he will never forget her. Susan insists that she wants him to. Clive replies "You know me I am a Gibbons; it is a Gibbons family policy always to look on the bright side. Susan wants to know where the bright side is to this. Clive replies that Sam and Susan have given him a lot of happiness and that is something he doesn't ever want to forget. Clive hands back Sam to Susan and tells her that she better get going; she doesn't want to miss her plane. Rather emotionally Susan tells Clive "For what it is worth Sam and I will never forget you" As tears flow down Susan's cheeks Clive hands over the teddy bear, and gently wipes the tears off Susan's cheeks saying that if we have to do this all again, she better get a better mascara. Susan hands Clive back her engagement ring and says she is sorry; they gently kiss one another and say good-bye.
Paul's Office
Clive storms into the outer office, as he passes Jane he asks if Paul is in; Jane protests he is busy but Clive doesn't listen and tells her that it won't take long. Paul wants to know what he wants. Clive replies angrily that he wants about ten seconds of his time to get some things off his chest. He would have done it before but he didn't want to make things worse for Susan. Paul tries to stop him by saying "If you think you can come barge.." Clive interrupts him 'You must be feeling very proud of yourself, you have ruined Susan's life and put a sizable hole in mine. You just couldn't stand the thought of someone else making her happy could you" Paul shouts back "Face it she doesn't love you" Clive angrily replies "Things were going fine, until you shoved your nose it, what did you think would happen. Did you think that she would could running back to you" Paul opens the door and tells Clive to get out. Clive wags his finger in Paul's face and tells him "I feel very sorry for you Paul; it is all going to catch up with you...it is called karma. One of these days when, you have trampled on all the people who care about you, you are going to wake up and realise that no one is going to take it from you anymore. And when that day comes I will be sitting back and laughing for all I am worth because you had it coming to you"....
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Charlene Mitchell, Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0413
Charlene Mitchell, Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0413
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Matron Mercer in Neighbours Episode 0413
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Matron Mercer

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0413
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Matron Mercer in Neighbours Episode 0413
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Matron Mercer

Matron Mercer, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0413
Matron Mercer, Kelly Morgan

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0413
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Des Clarke

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0413
Des Clarke

Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0413
Kelly Morgan, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Kelly Morgan, Nell Mangel, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0413
Kelly Morgan, Nell Mangel, Madge Mitchell

Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0413
Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole, Susan Cole

Sam Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0413
Sam Cole, Paul Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0413
Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole, Susan Cole

Susan Cole, Sam Cole, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0413
Susan Cole, Sam Cole, Clive Gibbons

Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0413
Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons

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