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Neighbours Episode 0412 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0412
Australian airdate: 27/01/87
UK airdate: 06/06/88
UK Gold: 31/05/94
Writer: Rick Maier
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Clive trying to justify why Susan and Sam leaving was for the best. Almost the moment the words are out Clive breaks down, as Daphne gives him a hug the tears run down Clive's face and he questions why they had to leave and what is he going to do with out them.
Paul's Office
As Jane walks into the office, Paul questions her about whether she has had any luck with the boarding houses. Jane shakes her head and replies that she hasn't and continues that they may need to go further than Erinsborough, Susan could be anywhere.
As Jane leaves the office, Helen comes in and asks where Susan is. Paul replies that that is the Million dollar question, no one knows. Helen is quite annoyed and tells Paul "How many times do we have to go over this I re-instated Susan" Paul uncomfortably says that Susan didn't leave because of a problem in the office. He then goes on to say that Helen is going to yell at him anyway so she better hear his side of the story. He explains that he could not leave it alone and asked Susan to prove her love for Clive. Helen says she was happy with Clive; she was willing to marry him. Clive offered Susan the security she wanted and Clive would have the family he wanted.
Paul thinks that is the problem they both wanted it to work, yet Susan didn't love Clive. Paul had pushed Susan into a corner and she had gone straight around to Clive's and called the whole wedding off. Helen is dismayed, Paul continues that Susan then came around and asked him to prove his commitment to her.... put up or shut up. All he had to do was tell her that he loved her. Just three little words it was that simple, but he just couldn't do it. Helen reasons that Paul must have some idea why he couldn't he obviously has strong feeling for Susan.
Paul replies that he could give her 300 reasons and they all start with Terri, he gave that marriage everything and all he got was pain. Of course he wants Susan to be happy, he cares about her and now she has ruined whatever chance she had with Clive. Helen feels that maybe it was for the best, for whatever Paul's reasons where and no matter how selfish they were, he had made Susan realise that she didn't love Clive. It might be better if she moved on and tries again. Paul whinges where will she live, how will she eat?Helen replies that Susan is a survivor she will cope. She continues to reassure Paul; he told Susan how he felt, he had been honest with her; at the end of the day that is all that really counts.
Outside the Lassiters Complex.
Jane meets Charlene and Charlene asks if she looks OK as she is off for a job interview. A random guy on hearing this gives her the thumbs up as they walk over the bridge. As they giggle Charlene says she isn't sure if she should dress up or down...make-up or not. Jane says that it is best for her to just be herself.
Jane says that she is off to get some supplies for the office; Paul wants to drown his sorrows in coffee. Charlene says that she knows how Paul feels, she hardly got any sleep last night, she thought Susan would ring her and let her know that she was alright. Charlene feels that it wasn't like Susan; Jane agrees that it was pretty sudden. Charlene thinks that Clive and Susan were perfect for each other; Jane thinks maybe they weren't perfect enough.
Clive's House
Clive comes downstairs and puts a file of papers into his briefcase. He wanders to the kitchen picks up the kettle and shakes it. Then he opens the cupboard to find one of Sam's baby bottles as he stares at it, he looks like he has lost everything in the world.
Outside the Robinson House
Scott is jumping for joy around Jim waving a cheque under his nose for $250. 00 which is the money he has just got for the articles he wrote about Jim's mother. Jim sarcastically says that is just enough to pay the milk bill. Mr Cutler at the Erinsborough News had said that the stories need a little bit of editing but they are going to put them in instalments over the next three weeks starting on Saturday.
Scott is thrilled to have his own feature article. Jim tries to talk to Scott about going back to school so he could take up journalism full-time but Scott isn't listening he continues talking about waiting for the big story to break and deadlines to meet and how he had made some mistakes but he will be better next time. Jim suggests that why he is waiting for his big break that he pops the cheque in the bank. Scott says that when the paper comes out he was going to buy 20 copies. Jim suggests he might want to autograph them and that he says he will be in the office if Scott needs to call him about going to the States to help out Woodwood and Bernstein. (Watergate Journalists)Scott looks and little dumfounded and asks "Who?"Jim shakes his head and says that it doesn't matter.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Clive is absentmindedly dismantling a muffin when Paul comes up and asks if he has heard from Susan. Clive says he hasn't, he feels that she has left Erinsborough. Paul says that he has been trying to find her to sit her down and talk to. He still has Jane checking all the boarding houses; they were a lot more than he thought. Clive says that he had hoped that she would go back to the one she stayed at when she had first come to Erinsborough. Paul asks what they said when he rang. Clive puts on a snooty voice and says "Terribly, sorry Dr Gibbons but there is no mother and infant staying here" Paul makes a comment that Sam is a handy sign post. Clive tries to control his anger and replies that Sam is a lot more than that. Paul retaliates and says that he knows what he means. He continues that they shouldn't be enemies in this, he wants to help. Clive is far from convinced. Paul reasons that no one feels worse than he does, Susan made a decision for her sake. Maybe he did speed things up a bit, but isn't it better that Susan left now than later.
Clive insists that they were doing fine. Paul argues that if that was the case why has she gone, that as hard as it is to come to terms with Susan didn't love him. She was fond of him, she liked him, she respected him all that kind of stuff but when it came to the crunch she just wasn't happy. If he really loved her, he would let her go. Clive angrily replies "So she can run in the arms of a sympathetic friend. Someone with her best interests in heart some old mate. For once in my life everything made sense, I had someone to exist for. I didn't have to be Clive Gibbons village idiot, I could just be me. I am going to keep looking for her and I would appreciate it if you find her first that you let me know. " He throws the money for his drink and muffin onto the table and walks off determinedly.
Ramsay House
Charlene is reading out a job advert to Scott. He thinks it sounds perfect and asks her what she is waiting for. She explains that she has already applied for it but the job got taken before the advert even made the paper. She complains that she cannot get experience and feels like crying because it is no joke. Scott kisses her and tells her that he has an appointment with Des to open a bank account. Sarcastically Charlene shouts after him that he could put a deposit on a Ferrari while he is there.
The phone rings and Charlene answers "Good afternoon Ramsay Mad House Sister Charlene speaking". It is Susan who asks if they can meet before she leaves Erinsborough providing that she promises not to tell Clive. Charlene agrees.
Paul's Office
Helen suggests that Paul leaves for the evening but he refuses as he still has work to do. Helen asks when he last had a weekend off and offers to look at it for him. Paul reminds her that she knows she should be taking it easy. As she leaves he thanks her for her earlier advice and tells her that seeing Clive has not helped his conscience. She tells him to forget it, just as Jim appears. He explains that he needs to talk to Paul. He tells Paul that Hal Weinstien is coming to see Paul on Monday. Paul looks blank. Jim explains that Hal is a factory owner looking to expand in the area and needs to be steered in the right direction. Paul grunts. Jim says he didn't expect trumpets and asks if that is the best that Paul can do. Paul apologises, blaming it on a horrific day. Jim jokes that he expects his usual 10% commission. Jim tells Paul that he knows what a broken heart is like and that Susan might have done him a favour.
PAUL: Why does everyone keep saying that? Clive looks like he has been hit by a truck and I feel like I'm the one who was driving it! How can that be doing me a favour?!
Jim explains that Susan wants to make a fresh start and is suggesting Paul does the same. He has two choices. Paul wants to see Susan again and Jim advises him to think who he is trying to help. The answer should be obvious if he cares half as much as he says he does.
Ramsay Street
Scott opens his car boot to show Charlene the new hub caps and spot lights he has bought for his car. Charlene is preoccupied and remarks that she thought he had to put the money in the bank. She makes an excuse that she is running late for an interview and leaves.
Robinson House
Helen is painting. Scott yells Guess Who as he peers around the door holding the spot lights over his eyes like a giant bug. She comments that his car already has lights but Scott enthuses that these are extras and his will be the sharpest car in Ramsay Street. Jim demands an explanation. He gets a roof over his head and three meals a day. Anything else Scott has to pay for. The car is fine and does not need any "fancy tricks. " Scott tells him that he didn't spend it all on the car and produces a present for Jim. He wanted to say thanks for helping him. Scott sarcastically says that maybe he shouldn't have spent his money on that either.
A Park
Charlene runs towards Susan and Sam. (Susan obviously trying to avoid being seen is wearing an 'interesting' brown trouser suit which camouflages her perfectly with the trees!) Charlene picks Sam out of the push chair and they sit down on a bench. Susan was worried that Charlene might be tempted to tell Clive where Susan was staying if they were to have met there. Gingerly she asks how Clive is. Charlene asks if she wants to feel good or have the truth. "He's scrambled eggs! He really wasn't expecting it". Susan did not know what else to do as she has hurt so many people. She feels rotten whenever she looks at Sam since Clive adores him. Charlene asks if Susan is absolutely certain that this is what she wants to do. Susan explains that she has called her parents and they think she is making a mistake. She is flying to see them tomorrow. Charlene tries to cheer her up saying that it has taken a lot of guts to get this far. Susan asks if Charlene will take care of Clive for her. They hug and say how much they will they will miss each other. Susan admits that Sam is missing the teddy that Clive bought him. A new one would not be the same. Charlene offers to get the bear without telling Clive since teddy bears have legs and have been known to go off on occasional picnics!
Robinson House
Jim calls Scott out into the Living Room. He thanks Scott for the wallet although the money would have been better off in the bank earning interest. Scott retorts that that is boring. Money is for having fun with. Helen agrees that it was a lovely gift and the car runs well without those gadgets. Scott is angry. He believes the money is his to do what he wants with. Jim tells him he is missing the point. He needs to learn how to fend for himself and handle the money sensibly. Scott turns on his father asking him if he is saying that he cannot cope. Should he turn into Paul perhaps...? A couple of evictions before dinner, foreclose a few mortgages? He snatches back the wallet and says that it was a good job he kept the receipt he will take it back to the shop. As he storms out of the room Jim admits to Helen that he could give him a clip around the ear. Helen agrees suggesting that they should convince him to go back to school. If he did he would stand a better chance. Jim agrees and goes over to the phone to make a call, he wants to be sure of his facts if Scott was to repeat year 12 and his HFC. Helen suggests that he will need the right incentive. Jim sarcastically says that Scott has already told them from tomorrow they start buying him Donald Duck comics. Helen smiles and rolls her eyes.
Ramsay Street
Scott hits his hub caps violently while muttering under his breath. Charlene comes over and says he will bend them if he caries on. He continues to try and force the hub caps on while angrily shouting that Jim's idea of living dangerously is putting out too much garbage and hoping it will be taken. They have just forgotten what its like. He has left school and just wants to have some fun. All the time Charlene has been watching Clive's house and does not hear Scott ask how the job hunting went. He picks up the wheel brace and speaks into it, "Mission control to Space Cadet Mitchell, come in please" Charlene realises he is speaking and tells him that she has heard nothing. She apologises and runs over to Clive's when she sees Jane arrive home.
Clive's House
Charlene asks Jane in a whisper if Clive is at home. She tells her that she does not want Clive to catch her as she has met Susan and has been asked find Sam's teddy bear so he can sleep again. Jane tells her that she can't take it, Clive will notice it missing and what will she say when he asks her? Charlene suggests that Jane says that she was clearing out for charity. As Charlene heads for the front door carrying the teddy, Clive enters and she quickly puts it behind her back. She tries to pass it to Jane but she drops it. Clive picks it up and wants to know what she was trying to do. He grabs Charlene's arm and asks her if she knows where Susan is. He tells her she is not going anywhere until she tells him. He begs her to tell him if she knows where Susan is...
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Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0412
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0412
Clive Gibbons

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0412
Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0412
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Scott Robinson

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0412
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson

Sam Cole, Susan Cole, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0412
Sam Cole, Susan Cole, Charlene Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0412
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0412
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0412
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons

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