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Neighbours Episode 0414 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0414
Australian airdate: 29/01/87
UK airdate: 08/06/88
UK Gold: 02/06/94
Writer: Betty Quin
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Mrs Mangel trying to persuade Jane to come home from Clive's, Jane refusing to go as she feels Clive needs looking after. Matron Mercer offers Kelly a full-time job in the retirement home. Susan giving Clive his engagement ring back and saying good-bye to him. Clive gives Paul a piece of his mind about his involvement in breaking up him and Susan.
Robinson House
Jim, Helen and Lucy are unpacking the shopping. Helen is waving a tin around moaning that is 5 cent dearer than last week. Jim reasons that wages go up so prices go up. Helen thinks that type of system doesn't help anyone. Jim turns to Lucy and says "I think your grandmother should try her hand at politics, what do you say" Lucy replies "No she would have to live in Canberra with Mr Hall. I don't think I would like that" Helen smiles and says "I don't think Mrs Hall would be too thrilled about it either!"
Scott comes bouncing in with literally an arm-full of newspapers...handing out papers to all and excitingly telling them they really did publish it...look page 5...and my name in print and they hardly changed a word. Lucy says that Scott is really famous now, Scott replies "This is just the start" Helen and Jim congratulate him, Jim goes on to say that he hopes this will encourage him to go back to school and better grades. He will need them if he is going to be a full-time journalist. Scott dismisses the whole idea saying "who needs grades I am already on my way to being a full-time journalist. He then bounces off to make sure that everyone in Ramsay Street gets copy of the paper; Lucy says she will help him. Scott suggests that she holds the papers while he autographs them.
Disappointingly Jim says that the going back to school idea went down like a lead balloon. Helen replies that it is exciting seeing your name in print for the first time, but she agrees. She feels that Jim is going to have to come up with something very special to tempt Scott back to school.
Paul's Office
Mrs Mangel comes into the office; Paul asks her if it is urgent. Rather uppity Mrs Mangel replies that she wouldn't be bothering him on a Saturday if it wasn't. She then goes on to ask how he is managing without Susan. Paul says that he is managing. Jane is a big help. Mrs Mangel feels that some people have no consideration or loyalty; it is not everyone who would have taken a young woman on with a baby and what does Susan do but up and leave without any consideration. Paul points out that Susan was very efficient. Changing the subject Paul asks Mrs Mangel if was something else she wanted to see him about. Mrs Mangel wants to know if the rosters for next week were made up, she presumes that she is still employed at Lassiters. Paul says that they are but he needs her assurance that she isn't going to take time off for family problems. Mrs Mangel assures him that she won't, her family problems no longer exist.
Paul then offers Mrs Mangel a permanent position of Housekeeper at Lassiters. Mrs Mangel is pleased and feels it is the only logical thing to do...loyalty and efficiency are bound to be appreciated...finally! Paul starts packing up his briefcase to leave; Mrs Mangel asks him if he is going to Ramsay Street. Paul explains that he is as Scott's article is coming out today and he wanted to go and congratulate him. Mrs Mangel replies "Well as long as I am not taking you out of your way" and walks out of the office leaving a dumbfounded Paul rolling his eyes.
Ramsay Back Garden
Shane is skimming leaves out of the pool, while Charlene has the lawn mower in pieces trying to fix it and Madge is doing some weeding. Shane thinks Madge Bishop sounds nice. Charlene teases Madge about whether she is going to go for the full tradition route or just a quick trip to the register office for close friends. Madge tells them to stop it Harold Bishop is just an old friend. Not finished yet Charlene teases that garden weddings are nice, Shane says they could have it right here. Sarcastically Madge replies if it means you will mow the lawn I will have to think about it. Charlene picks up the lawn mower manual and wonders if she will ever get it going. Madge says that she is going over to Helen's maybe she will get some sane conversation over there. Charlene jokes that maybe she could talk her into being matron of honour. Madge replies by blowing a "Raspberry" at Charlene.
After Madge has gone, Shane comes to join Charlene and says that he thinks Madge is quite keen on the old Harold. Charlene thinks it is just what she needs, Madge has been a bit down since Susan and Sam left. She might be finished with Dad but getting the divorce papers still upset her. Shane thinks it must be a strange feeling after all those years to get a piece of paper and it is all over. There is still Charlene and Henry but maybe Madge should keep that quiet until Madge has got Harold well and truly hooked. Shane pinches Charlene's cheek lovingly, Charlene retaliates up hitting him playfully over the head with the lawn mower manual.
Scott comes running into the garden shouting "Extra...Extra" and shoves a newspaper into their hands and shouts "there you are page 5." Charlene and Shane look and say how great it looks. Charlene wants to know when he is going to start on his best seller but Scott tells her that first he wants to concentrate on a few short stories and he has some great ideas. Charlene wants to know what they are but Scott excitingly tells her that she will just have to wait until he has written it but they are going to love it.
Robinson House
While Helen is painting in the kitchen, she says to Madge about Dan match making. Madge thinks he is a silly old fool after all these years. Madge feels that Harold will take one look at her and run a mile. Lucy wants to know why, Madge explains that she has changed a great deal since Mr Bishop last saw her; twenty years can make a lot of difference. Lucy thinks he would be older too, Madge wonders what he would look like now. Madge continues that before Fred came along she rather fancied Harold. Helen wants to know what he was like. Madge laughs and says he was everything Fred wasn't. He was steady, reliable, lovely manners; he had quite a good future ahead of him too. Mum thought he was the cat's whiskers. Lucy pipes up "What are they?" Madge say in this case it means "ideal husband material" Lucy replies Like Bradley, Madge agrees.
Helen questions why she married Fred; Madge replies would you have a tuna sandwich if you could have caviar. Fred made everything so exciting and such fun; he wanted life to be one long adventure. She was young and she wanted to believe him. That man could charm the filling out of your teeth. He made poor Harold look pretty dull by comparison. She knew even then it was crazy but if you are young and in love commonsense flies out of the window. Helen sadly says that that can happen at any time especially if a person is lonely. Madge agrees she feels that the older you get the more you grasp at straws.
As Madge goes to leave, Scott rushes in and runs straight into Madge. Helen wants to know where the fire is. Scott says it has just had this fantastic idea and he just has to get it down on paper. Scott comes rushing back again to tell Helen that Paul is on his way to them and that he has a letter from America for her. Madge wants to know how Paul is bearing up now. Helen feels that it will be a longer time before he gets over Susan.
Outside Robinson House
Jim is washing the car, as Paul is reading Scott's article, Madge comes bustling past and says "Look like you might have a new author on your hands" Jim replies "Could be, Madge" After she has gone Jim moans that he was hoping that selling the story would have given Scott the incentive to go back to school but it seems to have had the opposite effect. Paul thinks Jim should let him enjoy it while he can, the big opportunities don't come by that often and when they do they don't last. He should know the way he mucked things up with Susan.
Jim thinks Paul shouldn't be so hard on himself, if he had been ready to have married Susan he would have. You shouldn't get married unless you are absolutely sure, he followed his instincts and he thinks that was the right thing to do. Paul moans that he doesn't know why he keeps hurting the people he cares about, he doesn't mean to...(his words trail off) It is also like he has the Midas touch in reverse. Jim replies that we all make our own mistakes what is important is that you don't make the same mistake twice. Paul looks despondent and says "Maybe it took what happened with Susan to get that message across"
Robinson House
Paul walks in the house and the door is opened by Lucy, who calls out to Gran that he has arrived. She then asks him if he is staying for lunch as Gran has promised to make fettuccini. Helen then sings out that she hasn't. Paul hands her the letter from America. Scott comes in and asks if he can work in the kitchen because the light is better. Helen says that is fine.
Paul goes to congratulate Scott, who shakes his hand but ignores him. Paul makes a sarcastic comment about his opinion not mattering. Scott apologises for his indifference but says that he has got this amazing idea which he just has to get down on paper. Paul replies that he understands when you are hot you are hot.
Paul goes over to Helen, who asks how he is managing in the office, Paul tells her a little bit better than outside it. Helen thinks it can't be too easy for Susan having to go home to her parents. Paul replies that at least he knows that Susan and Sam are going to be well looked after there. Paul feels it is Susan's life and she is the only one who can sort it out. Sadly Helen thinks that that goes for all of us. Paul thinks it is going to be a long time before he gets anymore romantic ideas about anyone. Helen feels that too quickly you get involved and then you realise that you are going to hurt a lot of people not just yourself. Paul replies that was exactly what he did.
Lucy comes over and takes a photo out of Helen's hand and asks want it is. Helen protests and tells her that it is a photo of a church Rosemary has decided to get married in. Paul asks if she has finally set a date, Helen says that Rosemary had suggested a few dates on the back. Lucy gets all excited and wonders if Rosemary will ask her to be flower girl she would love to go to America. Scott pipes in that she better book her air fare right again, Lucy gets huffy and says she can't until she knows how many of them are going. Helen gets angry and tells them not to make any plans as she is not going. Paul can't believe she is serious. Annoyed, Helen tells them that she has just come back from America and she has no intention of going again and walks off.
Ramsay House
Shane is cleaning his seed trays in the kitchen (have they no outside tap!) Madge who is carrying the hoover with hose around her neck comes in from the laundry moaning about Shane and saying that she spent ages cleaning the house for him and Charlene to reduce the house to a pig-sty in five minutes flat.
Walking into the living room Madge tells Charlene that she could do with a hand from her, instead of her sitting their preening herself. Charlene thinks her Mum probably said exactly the same thing to her, Madge agrees that it does have a rather familiar ring to it. Charlene thinks that Madge probably did exactly the same as she was doing before she went out on a date with Harold. Madge replies that she used to drive her mother mad even if he was only taken her to the local pictures she use to spent all Saturday with her face covered in cold cream and her hair in curlers.
Charlene wants to know if she has any old photo's of Harold, Madge thinks their must be one or two in the old album and goes to get it out of the cupboard. Blowing the dust off the album Madge tells them that Harold partnered her at her debut. Charlene wants to know if she really did all that old stuff with a long white dress and gloves. Madge tells her she did and she loved every minute of it. Looking through the album Madge picks out an embarrassing baby photo of Charlene, then a picture of her and Harold. Madge signs and says it was a lovely dress. Charlene thinks she looks terrific but Madge tells that she wouldn't be seen dead in it is she told the truth.
Charlene says that Madge looks as skinny as her, Shane replies puny. Charlene and Shane start hitting one another playfully and Madge tells them to stop. Madge shows them a photo of Harold's first car and says her mum almost had a fit when he drew up outside her house it in. Shane smiles and says that they don't make them like that anymore; Madge thinks it is just as well. Madge then shows them another photo with Harold having his arm around her waist, Shane teases her about it, but Madge just replies that Harold was a perfect gentleman. They had had some good times but it was a long time ago now. Madge thinks that is enough of memory lane and says that Charlene can continue to clean here while she goes and does the bedrooms.
As Madge goes off Charlene whispers to Shane that she had got a real buzz out of showing them those old photos', Shane whispers back that Madge certainly has a soft spot for Harold.
Outside Robinson House
Jim is still tinkering with the car, Lucy comes running out of the house followed by Paul. Lucy announces that Auntie Rosemary is getting married and Gran says she isn't going. Jim tells her that it is up to Helen; Paul thinks that the episode with Ralph Drew has affected her more than they thought. Jim replies that it is a bit more complicated than that. After making an excuse for Lucy to leave to get his tool kit, Jim pulls Paul to one side and explains that Helen spoke to him in confidence but it has nothing to do with him or Ralph Drew. Paul says that he has noticed the change; she just hasn't been the same since she came back form America. He thought that maybe Helen and Rosemary might have had a misunderstanding or something. Jim doesn't want Paul to give it away, but tells him that while Helen was in the States she met someone, someone who meant a lot to her but he was engaged to someone else. Paul says he sees when it comes to romance we Robinsons don't rate very well do we?
Ramsay House
Madge comes out of the bedrooms humming away to herself; Shane teases her that he hasn't seen her this chirpy for a long time and it seems a shame that uncle Fred ever appeared on the scene. Charlene pops her head out from the laundry and complains that if he hadn't she wouldn't be here. Madge replies that the fact you are makes it all worth while. Charlene says that she wouldn't mind meeting the one that got away and asks Madge to give him a ring just to say Gidday. Madge says she will do no such thing; he will probably have a fit. Charlene tries to encourage Madge to make the call, saying that otherwise she will have to wait until he has business in the area it could take months. Madge replies that she won't die of curiosity in the meantime. Madge goes off to the shops, and tells them not to make a mess while she is gone. Charlene and Shane both say "Yes boss" with Shane doing a Hitler salute.
Shane says he doesn't understand women anyone can see that Madge is itching to see what Harold is like but will there is no way she will phone him up and speed things up. Charlene thinks anything could happen he could meet someone else, he could die....but there is nothing to stop me giving romance a helping hand as Granddad will have the telephone number. Shane tries to stop her telling her that Auntie Madge will wring her neck. Charlene smiles cheekily and says maybe she might then maybe she might not.
A little while later Charlene puts down the phone having spoken to Mr Bishop. Shane wants to know what he sounded like, excitedly Charlene tells him that Mr Bishop was really nice and interested, he will be in town in a couple of days and will pop in and he wasn't put off that Madge has a teenaged daughter. Shane thinks that he is in for a bit of a shock. Ignoring Shane's comment Charlene continues that he thought it was very thoughtful for her to ring. Shane wants to know if she has pulled one of her little stunts and given him the impression that Auntie Madge had asked her to ring. Charlene squirms a lot and says "well I didn't....well...whose side are you on anyway? You agree that she needed cheering up." Shane replies that she also likes to make her own mind up. Charlene replies that she has done it now and she thinks he will get a real kick out of seeing him. There is a knock at the door and Charlene wonders who is at the door. Shane sarcastically says that it is probably Harold, she said he was keen.
Charlene goes to open the door to Paul and makes an excuse to leave the door as she has to prepare lunch. Paul looks a bit hurt by Charlene's sudden disappearance, but Shane tells him not to take any notice of her, she was pretty wrapped in Susan and young Sam. Charlene was hoping that things would work out with Clive and that way Susan and Sam would be sticking around. Paul moans that if he hadn't butted in they could have worked it out and probably made a really good go of it. Shane doesn't think they is ever any guarantees, Paul feels that Clive won't forget what he did in a hurry and he can't say he blames him. Shane replies that Clive isn't the vindictive type and given time he will get over it. Paul says that he hopes so, why can't we be kids again things seemed so much easier then. Shane laughs and says that they still managed to get into their fair share of trouble though. Paul laughs as well and says "Yes but it was all good fun though. Everything is so complicated now" Shane agrees but says that maybe we are the ones who make it complicated.
Robinson House
Lucy is playfully fighting Scott trying to get his journal off him so she can read what he ahs written. Scott is fighting her off saying that no one reads it until it is published except Charlene, Lucy thinks this is unfair. Scott thinks she won't understand it anyway, Lucy says she understood his other article. Scott tells Lucy to stop hassling him and pushes her away asking her to go and help Gran or something. The door bell rings and Lucy goes to answer it.
Lucy opens the door and says "Oh it is you Mrs Mangel", Mrs Mangel chastises her for the greeting and says that she doesn't know what they are teaching you at school these days but it certainly isn't good manners. Mrs Mangel now addressing Scott tells him that one would presume that one who was telling a historical story would at least get their facts straight. Scott wants to know what the problem is. Mrs Mangel tells him that she has read his piece in the Erinsborough News and she isn't saying that the writing isn't reasonable for a beginner but there is no excuse for inaccuracy. Scott wants to know what inaccuracy. Mrs Mangel points to the article and says "Here your reference to the participation of women in the ARP movement in this country, it most certainly didn't begin before 1942" Scott insists that it did, Mrs Mangel argues that she was personally involved, the date is incorrect. Scott is indignant and hands Mrs Mangel a newspaper article about the movement, he then says that if she doesn't believe that he hands her a further three pieces of paper from the library archives to prove his point. Mrs Mangel backs down and says that maybe on his occasion she might have been mistaken, but make sure that you continue to be painstaking in his research. If there is one thing she won't tolerate it is someone taking journalist licence. Scott tells her that he will make sure that everything he writes is well and truly spot on.
After Mrs Mangel has gone, Scott says he is going to show his article to Charlene. Lucy says she wants to come to, but Scott reminds her that the only person to see it before it is published is Charlene.
Ramsay House
Shane is telling Charlene that he thinks she is being a bit hard on Paul. Charlene thinks that Clive's life has been ruined by Paul, she hates him and she bets that Clive does too. Shane asks Charlene to save his lunch he is off for a run and then he is going to drop in on Clive.
As Shane goes out the backdoor, Scott comes bouncing in and bumps into him. All excitedly Scott tells Charlene he has finished his article and he wants her to read it. Charlene makes an excuse that she is supposed to be making lunch but Scott says he will do it while Charlene reads; he really wants her opinion. Charlene sits down to read the article while Scott enthuses about the article. He says that this one is different it is about people he really knows but Mr Cutler will love it. He would be surprised if the paper didn't want to syndicate this one; people are pretty much the same everywhere aren't they. He reckons it has what people call mass appeal. Charlene sits silent flipping over the pages reading. Scott continues what he has in mind is a series with a regular bi-line, that will shut Dad up about me going back to school. Well what do you think? It is pretty terrific don't you think. Charlene looks up shocked and says "Are you kidding. If this gets published it will cause a stink you will never hear the end of!"....
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Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0414
Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0414
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0414
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0414
Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0414
Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0414
Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0414
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0414
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Nell Mangel, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Nell Mangel, Scott Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0414
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

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