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Show music from 2019
Music used in 2019:

All I Ever Wanted by Aquilo
All I Need by Mighty Oaks
All My Love by George Ezra
Almost Over by Aquilo
Always Done What You Say by Aquilo
Anthem For All The Dead Dogs by Charity Children
Begin Again by Washington
Brighter Lights by Patrick James
Broken Heart by Graham Candy
Come Over by Mabel
Deep Waters by Jack Savoretti
Dust by Mighty Oaks
Embezzler by Northeast Party House
Glorious Heights by Montaigne
Golden Sun by Patrick James
Golden by Jesper Lindell
Grace by Lewis Capaldi
Happy With You by Gabriel Candiani & Corban Shane Calhoun
Hard Hitta by Dave James
Heal Me by Natalie Smith & OD Hunte
Heat Of The Moment (Bensley Remix) by Camo And Krooked
Heat Of The Moment by Camo And Krooked
Hope by DJ JohnnyVergel
I Cant Get Last Night Out Of My Head by Didirri
I Lost A Bet by Aquilo
I Love You by Earl
I Say A Little Prayer by Bonnie Anderson
Ill Be There by Jess Glynne
Im A Fantastic Wreck by Montaigne
Its Alright by East 17
Its For Me by Mama Kin
Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams
Look Inside by Mighty Oaks
Low Key by Mabel
Lullaby by Brie Angellina
Make Me Stronger by Patrick James
Mess And Mistakes by Sweet Barrio
My Hands by Thomas Fiss
My Love Is Gone (Set Mo Remix) by Safia
Never Look Back by Mighty Oaks
Oh Holy Night by Bonnie Anderson
Paradise by George Ezra
Raise A Glass by Mighty Oaks
Round And Round by Winston Surfshirt
Running Cold by Patrick James
Rush by Lewis Capaldi Feat Jessie Reyez
Shameless by Maxi Menot And Moritz Limmer
Sorry by Bonnie Anderson
Strategy by Alice Wonder
Trouble Woman by Sweet Barrio
Wildest Ones by Eves Karydas
Wish You Well by Brendan James
Woes by Tom Rosenthal (promo)
Your House by Northeast Party House
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2019 music

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