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Show music from 2010
Music used in 2010:

Beneath The Satellites by British India
Devastated by Sam Clark
Fader by The Temper Trap
Girls On The Avenue by Richard Clapton (sung
Gypsy Girl by Lior
Hangin Around by Anika Moa
Hollow Drums by Cloud Control
Remember When by Liam Finn
Right Here by Boh Runga
Rock It by Little Red
Run To Paradise by The Choirboys
Send Me A Sign by Sam Clark
Small Things by The Audreys
Soldier On by The Temper Trap
Suddenly by Angry Anderson
The Bakers Son by Birds Of Tokyo
Trouble With Jonah by Gersey
Whats So Bad (About Feeling Good) by Ben Lee
Youre The Light by Anika Moa
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2010 music

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