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Show music from 2011
Music used in 2011:

$20 by Norman Palm
All Mine by Little Red
Architect Of Love by New Young Pony Club
Beautiful Mess by Kasey Chambers
Blind Eye by The Hunters & Collectors
Everythings Illuminated by Nerina Pallot
Everythings On Fire by Hunters And Collectors
Ghost Ships by The Saints
Hurt Me by The Jezabels
I Tried It Anyway by Kate Alexa
I Want You by Moloko
Im Not Missing You by Abby Dobson
Lets Go Home by Paris Wells
Little Self Centered Queen by Clare Bowditch & The Feeding Set
Lost by The Badloves
Love Lost by The Temper Trap
Moment Of Doubt by Mark Seymour
Money For Jam by Shane Nicholson
Music: Blind Eye by The Hunters & Collectors
Private Education by Josh Pyke
Shark Fin Blues by The Drones
Shes So Hard by The Jezabels
Sleep In Peace by Matthew Barber
Talking Like Im Falling Downstairs by Sparkadia
The Body by Elliott Brood
The Stupid Things I Do by Kasey Chambers
Try And Be Gone by The Rosewood Thieves
You Are So In The Past by Stephen Cummings
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2011 music

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