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Song Lyrics:

If thereís one thing that Iíve noticed
Out of all the things Iíve seen
Itís that you can leave a footprint
In a place youíve never been
And thereís barely time to look around
Before you have to leave
And a mark upon the skin
Is not enough to make you bleed

If thereís one thing that Iím keeping
Out of all the things Iíve found
Otís that the best way to be heard sometimes
Is not to make a sound
And the things we want the most
Fetch not a penny nor a pound
And all it takes to find your feet
Is just to stand your ground

If thereís one thing that Iím sure of
Out of all the things I know
Itís that you can keep on going fast
Iíll still be going slow
And fallingís not that hard
When youíre starting out so low
And drowningís not that bad
If you breathe and just let go
Breathe and just let goÖ

(The wasted and the used things
The broken and abused things
All these small things
The treasured and the sacred things
The lost and the forsaken things
All these small things)

Small Things
The Audreys
(Commercial track)

Album: When The Flood Comes
Publisher: ABC
Release date: 2008
Artist's Website: The Audreys Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 5551 from 2008
Episode 5552 from 2008
Episode 6053 from 2010 (Steph is sentenced)
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