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Neighbours Episode 8997 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8997
Australian and UK airdate: 27/02/24
Writer: Lisa Maroun
Director: Harry Lloyd
Guests: Felix Rodwell: James Beaufort
Slade Westall: Charlie Di Stefano
Dinuka Ilangamage: Colin Masters
- "Watch Me Blur" by The Home Of Happy Frankie Blanko And Negative One
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
Previously on Neighbours
- Andrew tells the Varga- Murphys that he'll be charging Slade with vandalism as regards the Drinks Divas van
- Slade warns JJ that he knows he told the cops about the van graffiti, so he'd better watch his back
- Sadie admits to Mackenzie and Holly that she's never had sex, but is now ready to do it with someone nice
- Holly notices how huggy Byron and Sadie are, and wonders if Sadie's first time could be with him
- Andrew tells Wendy about Felix's intention to donate sperm to Philippa, meaning he could be JJ's dad
- At the prison, Andrew asks Felix if he went through with that donation. 'Absolutely not', Felix replies
- But we later see Felix has the missing diary pages, showing he did donate and the sample was passed to Cara
- Meanwhile, Andrew tells Wendy that he's open to Felix living with them on his release from jail
No 26
Wendy and Andrew have called Sadie for a sit- down chat. She assumes it's about her spying for Paul, still seemingly hoping for a punishment! But Andrew explains it's not about that, but about his brother Felix.
SADIE: Dodgy Uncle Felix? Didn't we stop talking to him after he went to jail?
ANDREW: He actually stopped talking to us.
WENDY: And we never closed the door. Family is family. But... he is still a good person, and he just got caught up with the wrong crowd.
SADIE: Is he okay? Do you want us to go visit him or something?
ANDREW: He's actually up for parole. And to help his application, he needs a stable home to transition into. We were hoping that home could be ours. But we don't want to invite him to stay if you're not comfortable with it.
SADIE: Having Uncle Felix around sounds fun. Last time we went out with him, he snuck me a beer.
Wendy is not amused at this, as Sadie was only 16 at the time.
SADIE: I didn't drink it. I just liked being treated like a grown- up.
ANDREW: My brother, the genius.
SADIE: For what it's worth, Dad, we can't choose our family. And I think it's cool of you to give him another shot.
ANDREW: Thanks, Sades.
Lassiter's Complex
Mackenzie is hanging out in the new beer garden when Sadie arrives to meet her. Mack is looking at a flyer for a vintage stamp exhibition that's happening at the Community Centre, which Sadie thinks sounds like 'all types of wrong'. Mackenzie agrees, wondering what kind of person would be into it. She then asks why Sadie disappeared from No 32 after their night out. Sadie says she needed a shower and to 'digest Holly's big idea'.
SADIE: She thinks I should lose my virginity to Byron.
MACKENZIE (chokes on drink): And what did you say to that?
SADIE: Actually, I'm kind of on board. I mean, she said sex is about trust, and Byron and I already have that. Plus he's hot, sweet... and let's not forget his professional experience.
MACKENZIE: And this is definitely your decision?
SADIE: Yeah.
MACKENZIE: Okay. So if Byron is your choice, how are you gonna ask him. He is an ex- escort; I think you need to be sensitive about making sure that he doesn't feel used.
SADIE: Well, I was thinking I could organise something fun for us to do together, you know? And when I state my case, it's still chill and casual. Come on, Mack, what's the worst that could happen?
MACKENZIE: Oh, you hurt his feelings, you feel embarrassed because he says no, and then things will be really awkward between you two.
SADIE: Or, he could think it's not a half- bad idea. Come on, I at least need to try.
No 24
Jane is talking to Mike on the phone as she comes into the house, saying she can't wait for him to come home and that there's not long to go. Byron is already here for some reason, and asks how Mike is.
JANE: He's busy. I honestly believe that man is incapable of sitting still for longer than five minutes.
BYRON: Ah. So he seems like somebody else I know.
Jane is tired after a long day; she explains that someone from the Education Department is coming to the school tomorrow to see how things are progressing with the downsized school and Eirini Rising.
JANE: I keep referring to us as 'precedent- setting'. Now, Terese and I need to be on point tomorrow. It's almost as though we're pitching again.
BYRON: But you're not. You've already won the council over, and the Departmentâ„¢. Twice now. You've got nothing left to prove. You've just got to go in there, and be you. You've got this.
Jane looks somewhat reassured.
No 30
Dex and JJ are hanging out on the couch. Dex tells JJ that he's heard Slade jumped Liam and Shaun, presumably two school pupils, at the train station, and stole their shoes and phones.
JJ: Did he hurt 'em?
DEX: He could've. He freaks me out.
JJ: Yeah. He's not a nice guy, that's for sure.
DEX: He knows us. And he knows you dobbed on him about the Divas van. Aren't you worried he might come after you?
JJ: Nothing's happened yet. And, look, with people like Slade, you can't show any weakness to them. Otherwise they win. And you can't tell Mum and Ma that you freaked either, because then they'll overreact and make everything worse.
Cara and Remi come in; and evidently scared of encountering Slade, Dex asks them if he and JJ could get a lift to school tomorrow. JJ gives Dex a look, as Remi asks why.
DEX: Oh, I just don't feel like walking.
CARA: I do have a late start.
REMI: No, you know why we like you to walk. It's a mood booster, an energy booster. Helps you learn better.
DEX: I learn great anyway. Please, Ma? Just this once?
CARA: It's not exactly out of the way.
But Remi's of the view that if they do it once, they'll then be expected to give them a lift every day. So she tells Dex he'll have to walk.
No 32
Sadie has come round to put her Byron plan into action. Mackenzie, who still doesn't look entirely sold, asks if she's sure, and Sadie says she is. So the girls join Haz and Byron on the patio.
SADIE (to Byron): I've got a super- duper big favour to ask.
BYRON: Is it gonna test the boundaries of our friendship?
SADIE: ... Sort of. I was wondering how you'd feel about me doing a make- up test on you.
BYRON: And what's wrong with my skin?
SADIE: Oh, nothing. It's just that I've got a module on cosmetics and male skin in my course, and...
HAZ: I'll do it. I love being pampered.
MACKENZIE: ... Uh, well, before you commit, I actually already have some plans for us today.
HAZ: Really? What are they?
MACKENZIE: Well, umm... I found a flyer about this exhibition happening at the Community Centre, and it looks... really good.
HAZ: Great. I'm in. (To Byron) It's all you, bud.
BYRON: Uh, yeah, sure. Anything for you, Sades.
Sadie thanks him, and exchanges a glance with Mackenzie, who looks none too thrilled that she's ended up committing to spend her day at the philately exhibition!
Warrinor Prison
Andrew is back for another visit to Felix, who makes a quip about it being the second visit in less than 24 hours (little does he know, this is par for the course on Neighbours!) Felix is biting his nails, and Andrew remarks that he's still doing it; only when he's nervous, Felix replies.
FELIX: You're back here this quick because you've made up your mind - you're either gonna tell me to get lost, or you're behind my parole application. Put me out of my misery, please.
ANDREW: ... I'm behind you, brother. You're welcome to come and stay at our house.
They're about to get up to hug, but a guard passes and they think better of it. Felix asks Andrew if he thinks he has a good chance of parole.
ANDREW: Well, I'm gonna write you a reference too. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it properly.
FELIX: This is above and beyond.
ANDREW: I know. So don't screw it up.
FELIX: You have my word.
ANDREW: I'm gonna need more than that. I have a long list of conditions that you need to agree to, or this isn't happening.
Erinsborough High School
Dex and JJ have arrived at school safely and without any Slade encounters, which JJ says demonstrates that things are 'gonna be fine'. Dex still doesn't want to go out at lunchtime, but they have no choice as they didn't bring anything and the canteen's out of action till the building work is finished. They agree to go out for lunch together.
Jane approaches, and tells JJ to put on his school jacket - the visitor from the Departmentâ„¢ is on her way and she wants everyone looking their best. Dex smiles smugly as he's already got his jacket on.
JANE: Impeccable as always, Dex. I do love to see school pride in my students.
To show off further to Jane, Dex then adjusts JJ's collar!
Warrinor Prison
Andrew is giving Felix a rundown of the rules he'll be expected to follow if his parole is successful; no friends will be allowed in the house unless Andrew has pre- approved it. Secondly, there'll be 'no scams, side hustles, or people with non- real names like 'Smitty' giving you a job'! Thirdly, Felix mustn't be a bad influence on Sadie.
ANDREW: I heard about the beer.
FELIX: That was a joke. She didn't even drink it.
Andrew's fourth rule is simply, 'Please don't let me down'.
FELIX: I won't. I know I've promised that before, and that's why Mum and Dad don't want a bar of me. But I mean it this time. I can't spend any longer in this place. I'm ready to change.
ANDREW: Good. Because Rule 5 is my one- strike policy. One mistake, and you're out.
FELIX: Straight lines, all the way. Hey, thanks for not turning your back on me.
ANDREW: You're a good person, Felix. I know that. So do Wendy and Sadie. And the other neighbours, they'll love you too.
FELIX: Hey, what about that neighbour lady who got the sperm from Philippa? Are you close with her?
ANDREW: Yeah, we're mates. But I'm sort of like that with everyone. It's a bit of an old- school street, you know - everyone is in everyone's business, sort of thing.
Andrew's visiting time is up, so he heads off - at which point a fellow prisoner, Dinuka, leans over and asks Felix if his brother is supporting his parole. Felix confirms that he is.
DINUKA: Why aren't you excited?
FELIX: Well, my brother's family's cool. Some of the people close to him, I'm not so sure about. People from the past.
DINUKA: Can't be any worse than the clowns in this place.
But Felix is biting his nails again...
No 26
Sadie has Byron in a chair and is applying make- up to his face, while Wendy lingers around. She's keen to stay and watch, but Sadie reminds Wendy that she's meant to be going to work.
WENDY: Yeah, not for a few minutes.
SADIE: Mum, I really can't do this with you here. (to Byron) Hold still!
BYRON: It's so slimy! Maybe Haz should've done it after all.
Wendy suggests Uncle Felix might volunteer next time, which leads Sadie to explain to Byron that Felix might be moving in with them.
BYRON: Ah, the family rogue. Everybody's got one. I think Nic's ours, but when I was an escort, Mum would've said it was me.
SADIE: Do you miss doing that?
BYRON: Uh, yes and no. You know, I love people, and making connections. But it was exhausting. A lot of the time, it's just being a sympathetic ear. Kind of like a therapist.
SADIE: Girls like to analyse their emotions.
BYRON: Girls don't give themselves a break. I think all women are beautiful, and I just... I don't get all the insecurities.
SADIE: Funny you say that, because -
But Wendy interrupts again. She's (finally) about to leave, but puts a bowl of fruit on the table, in case they want a snack - raspberries, blackberries and cherries. Once she's gone...
BYRON: Controversial opinion, but I don't do cherries. What were you gonna say?
SADIE: ... Can't remember.
Erinsborough High School
JJ is at his locker, when Slade comes around the corner. He gets right up close to JJ.
SLADE: This is lucky! I wasn't even looking for you, but here you are. Don't you think I've forgotten what you've done.
But Jane appears, and reminds Slade that he's not a student. Slade throws an arm around JJ and tries to make out that they are mates, but not very convincingly, as JJ looks terrified.
JANE: You have five seconds to get off school property, before I call the police and have you arrested for trespass.
Slade leaves as instructed, giving JJ a little faux- friendly wave as he goes. Jane asks JJ if he really does know Slade; he admits he knows him, but says they aren't friends. Jane tells him to go to class, but that she wants to see him after the lesson to talk about this some more. JJ still looks scared as she walks off.
The Waterhole
Andrew is at the bar, chatting to Wendy while she works, and he fills in the online form for Felix's parole application. He asks if she's heard when Aaron will be back. Wendy says not, but insists there'll be a job here waiting for him - no matter how long it takes.
Before he presses 'send' on the application, Andrew checks with Wendy whether they're really sure about having Felix to stay, saying it's not too late to tell Felix they've changed their mind.
WENDY: Sadie and I are on this journey with you, okay? As long as you want this, we want this.
So Andrew presses 'send'. Wendy comes round the bar to give him a hug.
WENDY: I'm so proud of you. And I'm also happy for you, too. This is like a second chance for you and Felix.
ANDREW: Yeah. Hope the parole board agrees.
Erinsborough High School
JJ has been telling Jane about Slade, and confirms that he is the leader of the gang that has been causing all the trouble around Erinsborough. He further explains that he dobbed Slade in for vandalising the Drinks Divas van, but that Slade knows it was him. He isn't sure whether Slade was being truthful when he said he ran into JJ by accident just now.
Jane says she'll speak to Andrew about it, and asks JJ whether he'd like to go home or return to class. He says he'll stay. Jane also says she'll be informing Remi and Cara, but JJ objects to this, saying nothing happened that they need to know about. But Jane says she has a duty of care to inform them.
JANE: And in the meantime, if you see this Slade again, you come straight to me.
No 26
Sadie has finished her make- up session with Byron. They share a bit of a lingering look.
SADIE: Your eyes are really nice.
BYRON: Thanks... Your eyes are nicer, though.
SADIE: Thanks for doing this.
BYRON: No thanks required. Hanging out with you, Sades, it's too easy. And if Uncle Frank...
SADIE: Uncle Felix!
BYRON: If Uncle Felix doesn't want to be your model, you are more than welcome to experiment on me anytime.
SADIE: ... Byron?
BYRON: Sadie?
SADIE: Can I ask you a question?
BYRON: Yeah, sure. We're mates.
SADIE: ... Actually, don't worry about it. It's not that important.
BYRON: Oh, you can't leave me hanging like that!
She pretends she was going to ask him if she could try out some fake eyelashes, but he's not keen as he saw the results when an ex- client had an allergic reaction to fake lashes!
SADIE: Goes to show you.
BYRON: Goes to show what?
SADIE: ... That not all ideas should be followed through with.
Sadie smiles, seemingly happy that she's opted not to ask Byron to sleep with her after all.
The Waterhole
Jane is meeting with Remi, Cara and Andrew - in that most appropriate of settings, the pub - to discuss what happened with Slade and JJ at school today. Jane says she isn't sure Slade sought JJ out intentionally, but was certainly harassing him.
CARA: Because he dobbed on him about the van.
ANDREW: I'm sorry that I can't do more than I'm doing. If Slade shows up at the school again, just give me a call. I'll be straight there, and I'll haul him straight to the station.
CARA: What for? He'll just get released again.
ANDREW: I'm as frustrated as you are, believe me.
CARA (loudly): It's not good enough.
Remi encourages Cara to calm down and take a breath.
CARA: But our kid is being harassed, for doing the right thing.
Cara's keen to go and pick JJ up, but Jane says he was happy to stay at school.
CARA: Do you think this is why Dex has been bugging us for lifts to school? Have the boys been worried about this the whole time, and we haven't noticed?
REMI: And I just thought Dex was being lazy.
CARA: Next time, just left me drive them.
Cara stomps off to text JJ. Remi follows her, reassuring her that JJ is fine.
CARA: How are you not seeing that this is exactly what happened to me? I spoke out, I got harassed. JJ has done the same thing, with the same result. I knew he should've kept his mouth shut.
REMI: He did the right thing, just like you, and I am very proud of you both.
CARA: ... I'm not.
Lassiter's Complex
Haz is heavily enthusing about the stamp exhibition, and thanks Mackenzie for taking him!
MACKENZIE: Well, I knew it'd be an experience.
HAZ: And all that artwork from over the years, like that '70s Santa on a surfboard. Amazing.
MACKENZIE (nodding with faux vigour): Mm.
Sadie appears, and borrows Mackenzie for a private chat.
SADIE: Sorry to pull you away.
MACKENZIE: No, you literally did me a favour. How did it go?
SADIE: It was a fail. I can't believe I was gonna ask one of my mates to sleep with me. And if Byron had turned me down, I would've been humiliated. I realise he's a friend, not a sex object.
MACKENZIE: Well, if it's any consolation, I lost two hours of my life today to the world of stamps. Haz found a new passion, so I guess there's that (...) Did you at least enjoy doing his make- up?
SADIE: Yeah. We had a blast. I mean, he's so funny, and he let me do the full works on him, and everything. Not like he needed it, though. But I'd never realised how gorgeous his eyes are.
MACKENZIE: Ha. Well, Byron's a stunner. He always has been.
Mackenzie tells Sadie she's 'cute', and gives her a hug.
Power Road
JJ and Dex have come out of school for lunch; Dex says he'll stop freaking out since JJ thinks there's nothing to worry about. But that lasts all of five seconds, as they see Slade and his mates hanging out opposite the garage. Slade sees them, and calls out. Dex immediately runs for the hills, but JJ stays put as Slade approaches him.
SLADE: You wanna run too? I'll give you a ten- second start.
JJ: I'm good.
Slade responds by punching JJ in the stomach, then kicking him hard once he's down.
SLADE (yelling): That's payback!
Slade laughs as he walks off, then runs away with the rest of his gang, leaving JJ coughing and gasping for air on the ground.
Coming up on Neighbours
- At the Eirini Rising building site, Terese asks Jane if Slade's gang is intending to target the school
- Cara asks Remi why JJ isn't answering any of her texts
- At the hotel, Krista asks Chelsea what she's doing in the manager's office
- Paul looks at pictures of David as a child, saying he wishes he knew him then
- Krista tells Leo that she hates the fact Chelsea is taking advantage of Paul's vulnerability
- But Leo replies that he doesn't know how Krista can have any sympathy with Paul
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Wendy Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell, Andrew Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Wendy Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell, Andrew Rodwell

Sadie Rodwell, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8997
Sadie Rodwell, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Jane Harris, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8997
Jane Harris, Byron Stone

Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8997
Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy

Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8997
Remi Varga-Murphy

Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8997
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Andrew Rodwell, Felix Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Andrew Rodwell, Felix Rodwell

JJ Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8997
JJ Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy, Jane Harris

Felix Rodwell, Dinuka Ilangamage in Neighbours Episode 8997
Felix Rodwell, Dinuka Ilangamage

Sadie Rodwell, Byron Stone, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Sadie Rodwell, Byron Stone, Wendy Rodwell

JJ Varga-Murphy, Slade Westall in Neighbours Episode 8997
JJ Varga-Murphy, Slade Westall

Slade Westall, Jane Harris, JJ Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8997
Slade Westall, Jane Harris, JJ Varga-Murphy

Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell

JJ Varga-Murphy, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8997
JJ Varga-Murphy, Jane Harris

Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Byron Stone, Sadie Rodwell

Andrew Rodwell, Cara Varga-Murphy, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8997
Andrew Rodwell, Cara Varga-Murphy, Wendy Rodwell

Andrew Rodwell, Jane Harris, Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8997
Andrew Rodwell, Jane Harris, Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8997
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Sadie Rodwell, Haz Devkar

Sadie Rodwell, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8997
Sadie Rodwell, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Slade Westall, JJ Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8997
Slade Westall, JJ Varga-Murphy

JJ Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8997
JJ Varga-Murphy

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