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Neighbours Episode 8977 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8977
Australian and UK airdate: 23/01/24
Writer: Wendy Hanna
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Chelsea Murphy: Viva Bianca
Sasha McLain: Sunny S Walia
Trevor: Bodhi
- "It All Comes Down To This" by Aquilo
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Paul offers Chelsea the opportunity to sell her perfume at a pop- up stall in the complex, on a trial basis
- Chelsea practises the signature 'Chelsea Robinson' on a napkin, with a love heart next to it
- Chelsea gives JJ tips on how to win Sadie's heart, but Remi looks disapproving
- When Wendy suggests Sadie could work on Chelsea's pop- up stall, Chelsea happily takes Sadie on
- Veronica denies luring Isla away, claiming she found her wandering and took her to the police station
- Veronica gives David copies of correspondence between Sasha and Nicolette, which he and Aaron read
- Paul tells Nicolette that she needs to find Sasha
- Leo and Krista kiss as they enter her room, but are witnessed by Paul from the corridor
- A devastated Haz hands Trevor over to his former owners
The Beach
Haz is looking mopey and tearful on the beach, which we learn was Trevor's 'favourite spot', while Mackenzie and Byron watch from a distance. Mackenzie's instinct is to go and comfort him, but Byron suggests that Haz just needs some space. Meanwhile, Haz looks forlornly at the tag from Trevor's old collar with a phone number, imploring anyone who might find him to call Haz.
No 24
Aaron and David are welcoming home Sam, whom Jane has just brought back from the airport following her trip to see Mike in the UK.
SAM: He misses you all.
DAVID: Oh, we miss him, too.
Nicolette emerges from the bedroom and greets Sam with a hug, before Sam goes to unpack her case. David quietly observes to Aaron that the house will be packed once Mike returns - which Aaron thinks is all the more reason to pursue buying No 32 back from Leo. Nicolette tells the boys that Isla has gone to sleep, but they're still tense with her because of the Veronica situation.
NICOLETTE: Can you stop being weird with me? I really don't want to have to explain this to Sam.
AARON: Well, maybe we're still trying to process everything that's going on.
NICOLETTE: Really? Cos it seems like Veronica has got into your head.
JANE: I think everyone's still a little anxious about what might happen next.
DAVID: She's still out there with an axe to grind.
Jane asks if Nic has had any other leads on Sasha - she says she hasn't heard back from her contacts at the church. Aaron suggests she follow them up. Nic says she'll try, and heads off to her room.
No 30
While Remi and Cara hang out on the couch, JJ is helping Chelsea to move some boxes of perfume that have just been delivered by a courier. She gives one of the bottles a squirt and JJ approves!
CHELSEA: I want to help you too, you know. Guess who hired Sadie to be their assistant at the pop- up?
JJ: Really?
CHELSEA: So now you have the perfect opportunity to talk to her!
JJ: So, she doesn't know that that's what's happening, right?
CHELSEA: As if I'd be that tactless! (...) The art of seduction isn't that complicated. At the beginning, any interaction is a good interaction, yeah? So first, focus on making an impression.
JJ: An impression. Yeah - I mean, she already knows me, though, so...
CHELSEA: So, then maybe you can step it up. Ask her out, if it feels right.
A displeased Remi has relocated into the kitchen during this chat, followed by Cara.
REMI: That's a bit much, isn't it? Didn't I already say not to give him unrealistic expectations?
CARA: There's no harm in asking.
But Remi looks unconvinced.
No 24
Sam has been telling Jane, Nicolette, Aaron and David about her trip, and specifically Mike's wedding plans - it seems he may be planning to wear a kilt.
NICOLETTE: He could upstage you at your own wedding, Mum.
JANE: What else did he say about the ceremony?
SAM (mischievous): I can't say.
Before they can quiz her any further, Sam decides she's ready for bed. Once she's gone, Nicolette thanks the boys for playing nice; David agrees that Sam doesn't need to worry about Veronica. Nicolette then gets a message from one of her contacts at the church, telling her that Sasha is living in Phillip Island. She's provided a phone number and address, but...
NICOLETTE: I think it's better if I go to see him in person.
No 32
Haz is still moping, and scrolling through pictures of Trevor on his phone. Byron has made him a toastie, but Haz isn't hungry. Byron leaps onto the sofa next to him and lays on his shoulder.
BYRON: How about a chat, then? No pressure, but you have to talk eventually. May as well unleash it on me.
HAZ (sulkily): There's nothing to talk about. He was just a dog.
BYRON: Just a dog... Not your best buddy, then?
HAZ: No. Just a dog.
BYRON: Look, you don't have to put up a front for me, Haz. I get it. It was a really tough decision.
HAZ: Just... I'll never wake up with his paws digging into my face again. No more chasing him around trying to get the lead back on, or accidentally stepping in one of his poos.
BYRON: I think there's still a rogue bomb or two out in the back yard, if you want to go for a stomp!
HAZ: No more buddy for life.
Haz decides to go for a walk.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul is enjoying some mutual flirtation with Chelsea, as she and Sadie set up the pop- up perfume stall in the courtyard. Paul wishes Chelsea luck with the venture and goes on his way. Krista then approaches from the other direction, with Leo, and asks Chelsea if she has permission to be conducting business here. Chelsea says that she does, and when Krista queries this, Paul returns, saying he's given permission.
KRISTA: Okay. Well, there's still protocols that we need to follow, Paul.
PAUL: Better get onto them, then, eh?
Krista objects that the council audit's still ongoing, and that she's still to prepare her pitch for the Lassiter's Longest Lie- In event. But Paul tells her that's her problem, and walks off again. Leo reminds Krista not to let Paul push her around, so she follows him, pursued by Leo.
KRISTA: Paul, please - just a little consideration. All you had to do was tell me what you were up to. If I was given some warning, then maybe I could -
PAUL (interrupting): Do you two tell everyone what *you're* up to?
He smirks at Krista and Leo, as they begin to realise he's aware of their relationship...
No 32
Byron is scrolling through a pet adoption website when Mackenzie comes in.
MACKENZIE: That better not be what it looks like.
BYRON: It's exactly what it looks like. Haz needs a new pooch in his life, and I say we sort that out (...) A shiny new dog is exactly what he needs to get over Trevor.
MACKENZIE: Oh, just like that shiny present from Reece was exactly what you needed to get over her (!)
BYRON: ... Look at this one, though! He's got his tongue out! Look at his little face.
MACKENZIE: Byron, Haz is going through the worst breakup of his life. And like someone else we know, he's not ready to start seeing other people.
Haz comes in and Byron closes the laptop. Haz is suspicious, but Mack and Byron pretend they are talking about something else. Mack then takes the laptop and leaves the room.
Lassiter's Complex
Wendy and Andrew call by the pop- up stall, where Chelsea claims trade has been brisk all morning. She also praises Sadie's work ethic, calling her an 'absolute natural'. Wendy remarks that a bottle of 'Unison by Chelsea' is more expensive than she thought; but Chelsea turns on the sales charm, saying they only use authentic, ethically sourced botanicals. Paul grins at Chelsea from across the courtyard, and she waves.
Phillip Island
Nicolette has tracked down Sasha to a beach where he is engaged in a spot of fishing. He's surprised to see her, and asks why she's here and how she found him.
NICOLETTE: I stopped by your new church. They said you'd be here.
SASHA: Thought you never wanted to see me again.
NICOLETTE: I did say that, didn't I?
SASHA: I'm guessing things never worked out with Kiri? She seemed adamant the last time we spoke.
NICOLETTE: Well, she was right to break up with me. I crossed a line.
SASHA: *We* crossed a line. I think about you all the time.
He steps closer; Nicolette looks conflicted, but doesn't move.
SASHA: The fact you're here... maybe you've been thinking about me too?
NICOLETTE: I'm here about Veronica.
No 32
Haz is still moping, as he and Mackenzie watch TV, while Byron lingers in the background. Mackenzie asks Haz if there's anything he wants to watch.
HAZ: Not really.
BYRON: One Way Street's back on?
There's a noise at the back door, and Byron goes to check what it is. It's Trevor! He runs in and makes a beeline for Haz, who's thrilled to see him, but at the same time knows he must have run away from Alyssa's place - so asks if someone can call her and let her know he's here, so she doesn't worry. Mackenzie looks sad for Haz having to lose Trevor a second time...
Lassiter's Complex
Chelsea and Sadie continue their sales operation, as Remi and JJ turn up - he's on his lunch break from school. Chelsea quietly encourages JJ to go and talk to Sadie, so he steels himself and takes her advice. But he's visibly pretty nervous.
SADIE: How's school going? Is it different this year?
JJ: Uhh, yeah, you know - but it's no fun.
SADIE: Oh, that's too bad, I always loved the first week back.
JJ: Oh, yeah, no, me too. I'm just, like... it's no fun it's already lunchtime.
SADIE: Oh, you're having lunch with your mum?
JJ: Uh, yeah, yeah - that's today. But, you know, things could be different tomorrow.
SADIE: Oh. What've you got on for tomorrow.
JJ: Depends. What's happening with you tomorrow?
SADIE: I think I'm just catching up with a few friends. That's it.
JJ: So, you're sure you don't wanna, maybe, like, do something else tomorrow?
SADIE: Like what?
JJ: Lunch, maybe. Or a smoothie, you know?
SADIE: ... JJ, are you asking me out?
JJ: Uh, no. Uhh... I mean, yes?
SADIE: ... Well, I... I'm flattered. It's just, it's a... no. I mean, you're really cool and everything. It's just there's an... age gap.
JJ: Yeah, yeah. No, absolutely - I totally get that, yeah.
SADIE: Yeah. But I still hope to see you around, yeah?
JJ agrees, and is relieved when Remi comes over to rescue him for lunch. Meanwhile Krista has returned with Leo, and tells Chelsea that she doesn't have any public liability insurance, so will need to close the stall.
Chelsea appeals to Paul, who turns up behind them, and tells Krista it's his call whether Chelsea continues to trade or not. But Krista reminds him they're mid- audit, so can't flout the rules - so Paul gestures to Chelsea to indicate that she will have to close up, after all. Krista tells Paul it isn't personal.
PAUL: You've got some nerve, you know that?
LEO: She's just doing her job!
PAUL: And since when were you her lackey, Leo? Just stay out of it, will you?
No 32
Haz is chatting to Trevor on the floor. Mackenzie brings Trevor some water. Byron comes in, having just spoken to Alyssa and her husband George, who are on their way to collect Trevor again.
BYRON: They're pretty surprised he got out. Apparently, their front gate doesn't always close properly.
HAZ: Yeah, well, they're lucky he didn't get hit by a car.
Mackenzie suggests using this as an opportunity to talk about Haz getting to 'dog- sit' for Trevor from time to time, but Haz shuts her down quickly, telling her not to worry about it. He takes Trevor into the garden to play before his owners get here.
MACKENZIE (to Byron): Okay, this is torture.
No 30
Chelsea is counting up her stock when JJ comes in, looking forlorn. She gives him a hug.
CHELSEA: She wasn't worthy of you.
JJ: I'm just gonna hang out in my room.
CHELSEA: Okay. Let me know when you want cheering up.
Remi and Cara come in and, prompted by Remi's annoyance over what happened with JJ and Sadie, Cara decides it's time to have a word with Chelsea.
CARA: Hey, so I know you meant well - but maybe pushing him at Sadie was a bit much?
CHELSEA: Don't be such a helicopter parent! Kids have to try things - a bit of disappointment builds resilience.
CARA: Chels!
CHELSEA: That was the buzzword when mine were at school not that long ago.
CARA: Yeah, I know. But living across the road from the girl that turned you down...
CHELSEA: Cara, life is hard! We all have a few failures once in a while. It's hardly the end of the world.
Cara says she's sorry that Chelsea's pop- up got closed down prematurely.
CHELSEA: I'm not. When one door closes, another one always opens. How about I shout you both a drink? A combined 'sorry' and 'onwards and upwards'?
Remi forces a smile and agrees, so Cara says that sounds good.
Phillip Island
Sasha and Nicolette walk along the beach; she's been telling him about everything Veronica's been up to, and Sasha expresses regret.
NICOLETTE: I think the hardest thing for Veronica is that you left her without an explanation.
SASHA: I thought it'd be worse if I told her about us.
NICOLETTE: Sasha, there was never an us. Nothing actually happened... Okay, I pursued you. You were getting in Kiri's head, saying I was wrong for her, but at the same time giving me a vibe.
SASHA: I wanted her to end it, so I wouldn't have to see you. Every time I did, I... I wanted you more. And one day you told me you wanted me too.
NICOLETTE: I was playing games.
SASHA: It was more than that. We had a connection.
NICOLETTE: Veronica is convinced that we had an affair based on the correspondence she found. You need to tell her we didn't.
SASHA: I can tell her we never slept together, but... I can't deny the attraction.
NICOLETTE: It wasn't mutual, Sasha. I was messing with you the same way you'd been messing with me.
SASHA: You don't honestly believe that.
NICOLETTE: Look, however we did or didn't feel, it's irrelevant now. I've moved on with my life; so have you. That's a good thing. But Veronica hasn't, and that's on both of us.
SASHA: I did encourage her to get professional help.
NICOLETTE: Well, she hasn't. And she's spiralled further and further, to the point where I feel that my daughter's in danger.
No 32
Mackenzie and Haz are fussing over Trevor, when Byron comes in - he tells them that Alyssa and George are outside. Sombrely, Haz takes Trevor out to return him to them - but becomes so upset that he decides he can't, so Byron offers to take Trevor out instead. Haz thanks him, and Byron heads out with Trevor.
MACKENZIE (to Haz): This is the worst. So you're allowed to cry, okay?
They're both now crying, and Mackenzie goes over to give Haz a hug.
Phillip Island
Nicolette and Sasha are now sitting on the sand. Nic tells Sasha to be 'gentle but firm' when he tells Veronica the truth.
SASHA: I'll make sure she knows we never had an affair.
NICOLETTE: Give her as much closure as possible.
SASHA: Alright. But I can't do it in person.
NICOLETTE: However you do it, I'll leave that to you; but just do it quickly. I'm really scared of what might happen next. Thanks for your help. I wish you the best; I really do.
Nicolette gets up and leaves.
The Waterhole
Chelsea returns from the bar with a round of drinks for herself, Cara and Remi. She raises a toast to the 'two very best mama bears I know'. Paul comes in and greets them, before telling Chelsea that unfortunately he has to turn down her perfume collaboration proposal for the hotel; he loves the product and idea, but says the business is focusing on events this quarter.
PAUL: You know, for what it's worth, you were very impressive this morning. I hope you didn't think it was a waste.
CHELSEA: Not at all. Never a waste to get yourself or your product into the marketplace.
PAUL: Well, I'm glad to hear that. Hope to see you again soon.
CHELSEA: I'm sure you will.
Cara and Remi tell Chelsea they're sorry her proposal didn't work out. But she seems only mildly fazed.
CHELSEA: Never mind. I have a feeling it'll all work out.
No 24
Nicolette comes home, emotionally exhausted. But she's immediately on her guard when a figure in a hoodie emerges into the kitchen and begins fumbling with things by the sink. Nicolette calls out Veronica's name three times, but the figure ignores her - so she rushes over and shoves the person to the floor...
NICOLETTE: Stop following me!!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Mackenzie gets a phone call from the café, which she tells Byron is odd as Haz is at home
- Leo tells Paul he and Krista like each other, 'end of story' - but Paul says she's not good enough for Leo
- Aaron comes home to find Nicolette crying in the kitchen
- Andrew tells David, Aaron and Nicolette that he doesn't think Veronica will hurt Isla
- 'But what about the rest of us?' David asks
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Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8977
Haz Devkar

Jane Harris, Sam Young, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8977
Jane Harris, Sam Young, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Chelsea Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8977
Chelsea Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy

Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8977
Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka

Haz Devkar, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8977
Haz Devkar, Byron Stone

Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8977
Chelsea Murphy, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8977
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone

Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8977
Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell

Chelsea Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8977
Chelsea Murphy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8977
Paul Robinson

Sasha McLain, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8977
Sasha McLain, Nicolette Stone

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone, Haz Devkar, Trevor in Neighbours Episode 8977
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone, Haz Devkar, Trevor

Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8977
Sadie Rodwell

JJ Varga-Murphy, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8977
JJ Varga-Murphy, Sadie Rodwell

Paul Robinson, Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8977
Paul Robinson, Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka

Haz Devkar, Trevor in Neighbours Episode 8977
Haz Devkar, Trevor

Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8977
Remi Varga-Murphy

Chelsea Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8977
Chelsea Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8977
Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Nicolette Stone, Sasha McLain in Neighbours Episode 8977
Nicolette Stone, Sasha McLain

Paul Robinson, Chelsea Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8977
Paul Robinson, Chelsea Murphy

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8977
Nicolette Stone

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8977
Nicolette Stone

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