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Neighbours Episode 8971 from 2024 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8971
Australian and UK airdate: 11/01/24
Writer: Holly Alexander
Director: Grace Feng Fang Juan
Summary/Images by: Clare/Jeremai
- Krista tells Leo David cautioned against Krista dating Leo
- Paul and Leo take Krista outside after her drink is spiked
- Paul thinks Krista spiked her own drink
- Leo thinks the kids spiked her drink
- Toadie admits to Melanie he loved her more than he thought possible
- Melanie is hopeful about the future
- Terese thinks Toadie isn't being honest
- Toadie is worried about what will happen
- A woman thinks that Trevor is her dog who went missing
- Haz thinks the woman is a scammer and blocks her number
- Haz is determined to keep Trevor inside
Haz thinks he has no choice to keep Trevor inside, Mackenzie thinks he's being paranoid. She points out that Trevor needs walks and stimulation outside. Haz will walk him late at night at least for the next few days.
HAZ: Until Alyssa gives up.
MACKENZIE: What if she doesn't? Is hiding him the best option?
Mackenzie understands but is being realistic. She suggests that Haz talks to Alyssa and lets him know Trevor is having a lot of loving care. Haz is refusing as he doesn't know what Alyssa will do next.
HAZ: My dog, my call.
He's determined to keep him inside if it means he can keep hold of Trevor.
Toadie is planning a pancake brekkie ahead of a big day, Nell and Terese aren't so enthusiastic. Toadie gets a text, he needs to sort out stuff to do with the jumble sale before he does anything else. He tells them to go ahead and heads out.
Nell feels bad for requesting the session with Toadie and Melanie. Terese tells her there's more to this than just the session.
No.26 Backyard
Wendy realises something was going on with Toadie and Terese. Terese didn't want to talk about it. Andrew thinks they're arguing about the usual things. Sadie plans to look after Abby this morning and then this afternoon she has a Makeup Course info session. They are pleased for her and look forward to hearing more. Wendy hasn't found the right uni course yet but is determined to find one that is right for her. Andrew knows Wendy will do brilliantly whatever course she chooses.
Drinks Divas Van
Melanie is singing notes as she sorts the van out on the Street. David arrives and notices her good mood.
MELANIE: I feel like some of the bad things are starting to shift.
Good things are starting to come back to her as well. She loved working with Amy and David and going to the events. She realises that David did it as he couldn't work as a doctor. David's memories aren't probably so great. David enjoyed working with her but he's ok about not having to make cocktails anymore. Melanie decides to get him to drive the van as she's not allowed to. They've still got a permit, the van and the equipment. They just need some fruit.
MELANIE: The Drinks Divas are back!
David needs to decline as Krista is returning from hospital this morning. Melanie suggests they drive to the complex and he can do both. David agrees unenthusiastically.
Lassiter's Hotel Reception
Paul isn't happy to see Krista and Leo arrive. Leo gives Krista a get well card that Abby has made for her without being asked. Krista is really touched. Abby suggested that Krista comes round for dinner, Krista agrees.
David arrives, Krista thought he wasn't working today. David wanted to know how things were going. Krista is feeling ok. David reminds Leo that he's meant to be setting up the jumble sale with Toadie so Leo heads off. David offers to help Krista up to her hotel room.
Hotel Room
Krista offers her bag to check Krista hasn't got any drugs she shouldn't have. Krista smiles as she gets a text, David asks who it's from. Leo sent the text, they saw each other a short while ago but just finishing their chat.
KRISTA: We're just friends.
She has got a smile on her face! David looks unconvinced.
Holly isn't very enthusiastic to see Haz. She tells him she doesn't want to hear about his love life. He's not going to rush into anything, he's come to talk about Trevor. He asks Holly to delete any social media photos of Trevor. Haz explains what's happened and doesn't want the photos to be used to find Trevor. Holly seems puzzled but agreeable.
Nell brings a cup of coffee over to Terese as she thinks a caffeine boost will help. An upset Terese is grateful, Nell suggests a walk. Terese agrees and they hug.
Krista is in the lift, Paul manages to get in before the door closes. Krista wants to arrange a meeting for the Lassiter's Lie- in Event. Paul tells her that he isn't convinced that her drink was spiked.
PAUL: I see you and I know who you are.
Sadie is looking after Abby as Leo arrives. Leo asks Sadie to stay longer than planned as there is a lot to do to set up the jumble sale. They agree to an extra hour due to the info session. Sadie offers to take Abby to the lake and meet there.
LEO: I'd be so lost without you, Sadie.
Harold's Cafe
Haz tells Toadie that he has adoption papers, Trevor is registered at the vets and microchipped. Haz wants Toadie to say that Trevor is his whatever happens. Toadie cautiously tells him that he hasn't read up on all of this. He suggests that Haz asks Mackenzie for help. Haz isn't sure that Mackenzie would agree to do this, and use council contacts.
HAZ: I don't want her involved.
Haz admits that things have got awkward lately. Toadie agrees to help.
TOADIE: We've got to keep Ramsay Street's greatest pair together.
The Waterhole
Holly arrives and asks to join Mackenzie. Mackenzie tentatively asks how Holly is finding things. Holly admits it hurts but will eventually get over Haz. She knows her decision was the right one. They both agree they want their friendship to suffer. Holly gives Mackenzie and Haz the go ahead if they want to start dating. Mackenzie admits they haven't managed to do anything about it after what happened with Trevor. Mackenzie thinks it might work out better as they're housemates as well. Holly wants to know what's going on with Trevor.
Lassiter's Lake
Sadie and Abby are sitting on a blanket as Krista arrives. Krista admires Abby's fairy garden, she used to make the same when she was younger. Abby hands Krista a spinning flower, Krista thanks her for the card. Sadie is looking worried, Leo is running 10 minutes late. He hasn't replied to her messages. Sadie suggests taking Abby with her, Krista suggests she stays with Abby. Sadie thanks her and heads off.
Drinks Divas Van
David and Melanie are messing around as Toadie walks past. Melanie comes over and offers him a fruit mocktail, he refuses.
MELANIE: That counselling session yesterday packed a wallop.
TOADIE: I would rather not talk about it at all.
Melanie realises it must have been hard on Toadie to talk through it all. Toadie wouldn't have said yes to the session if he'd known they would talk through it all. He is trying to get past and Melanie is in his way.
MELANIE: If we don't talk about it how do we deal with it?
TOADIE: There's nothing to deal with. What has happened has happened. I don't want to dredge up that stuff again.
MELANIE: I broke your heart, I broke my own at the same time. I really underestimated you and your love for me. I am so sorry.
TOADIE: I'm sorry too.
Toadie feels sad about the place they're in at this moment, she is as well. Nell and Terese are coming towards them and stop when they spot them. She wants to give him a hug and he agrees. Melanie heads off.
As Toadie spots Terese and Nell, Terese heads off. Toadie heads after her.
TOADIE: It wasn't how it looked.
TERESE: You weren't having cocktails and hugs with Melanie?
Terese wants to know what they were talking about. She guesses it was about the counselling session and wants to know why Toadie isn't telling her what was discussed instead. He tells her he was a mess when Melanie left him. He pushed everything down.
TOADIE: Yesterday something came out and I was terrified that it meant that in some way I might still love her.
He needed to work things out himself before he talked to Terese. He knows the past is coming to the forefront again. Terese wants to know if Toadie loves Melanie. He promises her that part is gone. Instead of anger he needs a new emotion for Melanie. By this time they are staying by Sonya's Wall and Nell is listening in. Terese has been working out the same as Toadie and thinks it's ok not to have arrived at an answer yet. She appreciates his honesty.
TERESE: Whatever you're feeling you don't have to do this by yourself.
He thanks her and they hug.
Lassiter's Lake
Krista is talking to Abby as Leo arrives. Krista explains that Sadie had to leave a few minutes ago. Krista suggests heading to see the stuff he's sorted for the jumble sale. Leo needs to sort out other stuff so is going to pack up the toys Krista and Abby have there. Krista heads off. Leo starts to pack away but looks distractedly after Krista.
Mackenzie and Holly arrive home. Holly knows that Trevor is an inside dog. Haz explains that they've only just come in from the backyard. He claims Trevor is ok about it and refuses to change his mind. Mackenzie tells him they're worried about Haz but he tells them he's ok. Toadie is going to help him with the legal stuff. He knows Mackenzie would have advised him to talk to Alyssa but he's not doing that. He doesn't want to make things awkward between them. Mackenzie wants Trevor and Haz to stay together.
HAZ: I'm just really scared that he's gonna get snatched away from me.
Mackenzie tells them that she's planning an indoor canine activity centre so needs help moving the furniture.
Drinks Divas Van
Nell arrives and Melanie offers her a fruit drink. Nell is ok and Melanie realises something is up. Andrew and Wendy need to head to work so head off. Melanie leaves David in charge of the van.
Nell awkwardly confirms this is connected to the counselling session. It hurt Melanie to hear that she'd hurt Nell, she thought it was good they could discuss it. She thinks they'll now be able to discuss anything. Nell has come to talk about Terese. Nell realises she didn't have a great start with Terese, Terese put up with this as she loves Toadie.
NELL: Now I really like her. So I don't want you upsetting her.
Melanie is puzzled, Nell explains it was the way Melanie acted earlier around Toadie. Melanie tries to explain they were debriefing. Nell thinks Melanie could have left out the hug. Melanie realises it wasn't a good idea. Nell suggests they keep their friendship but Melanie backs off from Toadie. Melanie agrees but looks sad. Nell heads off.
The Waterhole
Sadie is telling Wendy that it's $8000 for the course and $1500 for the makeup kit which is more than she was expecting. Wendy offers to help, Sadie tells her she has savings but appreciates the offer. She knows it's the right course for her. Wendy needs to head to work.
Leo arrives and tells Sadie that Paul is looking after Abby.
LEO: Someone I trust to look after her. When I leave you with my daughter, I expect you to stay with her.
Sadie points out she had told him about her course, he was unavoidably delayed. He reminds Sadie about her duty of care as Abby's nanny. She doesn't see why he's so worked up. She left Abby with Krista who Leo knows and Abby was safe. Krista walks in to overhear the chat.
LEO: Krista is not a safe person. She's emotionally and physically unwell. She's the last person I trust to look after Abby.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Aaron suggests livening up a cocktail game
- Krista says things with Leo have gone from safe to messed up
- Byron is surprised to see Veronica
- Veronica wants to stay around to watch the excitement
- Nicolette looks for Isla
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Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar, Trevor in Neighbours Episode 8971
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar, Trevor

Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8971
Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Sadie Rodwell, Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8971
Sadie Rodwell, Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell

Melanie Pearson, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8971
Melanie Pearson, David Tanaka

David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8971
David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8971
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar

Terese Willis, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8971
Terese Willis, Nell Rebecchi

Krista Sinclair, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8971
Krista Sinclair, Paul Robinson

Abigail Tanaka, Sadie Rodwell, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8971
Abigail Tanaka, Sadie Rodwell, Leo Tanaka

Haz Devkar, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8971
Haz Devkar, Toadie Rebecchi

Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8971
Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Sadie Rodwell, Abigail Tanaka, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8971
Sadie Rodwell, Abigail Tanaka, Krista Sinclair

David Tanaka, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8971
David Tanaka, Melanie Pearson

Toadie Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8971
Toadie Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson

Terese Willis, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8971
Terese Willis, Nell Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8971
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8971
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Sonya Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair, Abigail Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8971
Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair, Abigail Tanaka

Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8971
Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Nell Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8971
Nell Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8971
Leo Tanaka

Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8971
Sadie Rodwell

Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8971
Krista Sinclair

<<8970 - 8972>>
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