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Neighbours Episode 8946 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8946
Australian and UK airdate: 29/11/23
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Harry Lloyd
Guests: Guests:Chloe Brennan: April Rose Pengilly
Trevor: Bodhi
- "Love Is" by Leo Aram-Downs
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Byron tries to convince Krista to check into rehab, but she's more concerned about seeing her dad
- Paul doesn't want Krista staying at the hotel, but Leo says she needs their help
- With the mood still frosty between Cara and Remi, JJ and Dex concoct a plan to help fix things
- The boys tell their mums that they'll be taking care of dinner tonight
- Mackenzie is disturbed to learn that Haz and Holly are now seeing one another
- Sadie tells Holly that Mackenzie has feelings for Haz
- But Mackenzie tells Holly to go for it with Haz, as Mack isn't in the right headspace to date anyone
- Paul tells an incredulous David he'll keep his distance if the family moves back to Erinsborough
- When Aaron tells David that he wants to go home, David issues an ultimatum - it's him or Erinsborough
Out in the sticks
We pick up exactly where we left off, outside David and Aaron's rural home, where Aaron is not best pleased about David's ultimatum.
AARON: Are you serious right now?
DAVID (yelling): Yeah, I told you over, and over, and over. I'm not going back.
AARON (yelling): Yes, I know that! But you are not listening to what I want or what Nic wants! And I don't even think you're being honest with yourself, either. Okay, you know what - fine. If you want this lifestyle so much, go and do the cleaning yourself. And for the record, I would *never* give you an ultimatum like that. Never!
Aaron walks away. David looks upset.
Paul is telling Leo about his visit to Aaron and David's place, which Leo thinks was a bad idea. But Paul insists he wants David back home 'where he belongs', even if it means they never speak to one another again. At this point, Chloe comes in, looking sombre.
CHLOE: I just spoke with Reece. Her father died a few hours ago.
LEO: How is she?
CHLOE: She asked if we could keep it quiet.
LEO: What, so it's not public yet?
PAUL: Yeah, that's gonna last five minutes. Conrad Sinclair dying - come on, the implications for the shareholders alone...
CHLOE: She knows it'll get out. She mainly wanted us to keep it quiet from Krista.
LEO: What, she doesn't want her own sister knowing their father just died?
CHLOE: She's worried the shock will make her relapse.
PAUL: So what does Reece expect us to do - cut the internet, disconnect the TV? What?
CHLOE: We can control that from her room.
PAUL: Yeah, but for how long?
CHLOE: Reece will tell her when the time is right. When she's less fragile.
PAUL: No, better to rip the Band- Aid off, I say.
CHLOE: I promised Reece we would do this.
Paul shrugs in acquiescence.
Lassiter's Hotel
In Krista's room, she's shivering beneath the duvet, clearly still deep in her withdrawal symptoms. Her mobile phone is ringing, but she's ignoring it - it's Byron, who's also at the door outside, trying to get her to open it. But she tells him to go away. Her room service meal has been left outside untouched.
BYRON: Reece will want to know how you are.
KRISTA: Tell her I'm trying to sleep.
She groans in pain. Byron rushes off elsewhere.
No 32
Mackenzie is on the phone discussing work matters, when Holly comes in and startles her, causing her to spill her drink. She promises to call whoever it is back, and hangs up.
HOLLY: You are super jumpy.
MACKENZIE: You literally came out of nowhere!
HOLLY: I literally came out of Haz's room.
MACKENZIE: Isn't he at work?
HOLLY: Yeah, but he's coming by later to see Trev. We're waiting for him, right, Trev?
Trevor pants in assent. Holly asks if this is okay with Mackenzie, and she says it is, but she is visibly put out. However, Mack does point out all the food and drink that Holly is in the process of appropriating for herself, gently reminding her that she'll need to replace it. Holly promises she will, and hugs Mack, before heading back with Trevor towards Haz's room.
HOLLY: Come on, Trev - let's go and wait for Daddy!
Mackenzie breathes deeply as they go.
No 30
Dex is making preparations for the special dinner he and JJ have planned for their mums. He starts by putting a throw over Cara's favourite chair which Remi hates, and then joins JJ who is setting up in the sunroom. Dex isn't convinced their idea will work, but JJ says it will be fine - they just need to bedeck their environs with 'Italian restaurant stuff', such as candles. Dex suggests a chalkboard menu.
JJ: Yeah, exactly. Bottles of olive oil, tins of tomatoes. We could chuck in a Vespa.
DEX: Maybe not a Vespa. Might remind them of your stupid motorbike stunt.
JJ: Yeah, good point.
JJ says the main courses will be delivered in an hour, and he's heading out now to pick up the dessert, so asks Dex to start decorating while he's gone. Dex looks unconvinced that it will all work, but JJ lays a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
JJ: Hey, most of your ideas are idiotic. This one isn't (...) It's a good plan, and it's worth trying, alright?
DEX: If it'll make our mums like each other again, I will try anything.
Lassiter's Hotel
Byron emerges from the lift into the lobby, and finds Chloe and Leo there. They break the news to him that Conrad Sinclair has died, though explain that it isn't common knowledge yet.
BYRON: How do you two know?
CHLOE: Reece asked us to keep it from Krista until she's in a better state to handle it.
BYRON: ... So you spoke to Reece again?
CHLOE: Yeah. I managed to get a hold of her at LAX.
Byron looks concerned, the subtext seemingly being that Reece still isn't responding to his own calls or messages. He tells Chloe that he just went to check on Krista, but she wouldn't or couldn't let him in.
BYRON: She needs professional help. I don't know what to do.
But Leo thinks he has an idea.
Out in the sticks / Penthouse
Aaron is on the veranda, deep in contemplation, when David emerges to join him.
DAVID: You were right... about everything. Giving you that ultimatum, that was...
AARON: It was cruel.
DAVID: Yeah. Our marriage and our family, they mean everything to me. I was stupid to use it as a bargaining chip. You were also right about my motives. Being back there, it just reminds me that I'm not a doctor anymore.
AARON: I thought that you had come to terms with that a long time ago.
David gets a phone call, but cancels it.
DAVID: When we were living back there, that feeling of failure was still always present. It was only when we got here that... it finally went away.
AARON: So scrubbing toilets and changing people's bedsheets...
DAVID: At least it helps me forget. But you and Nic shouldn't have to stay here and be unhappy, just because I can't face my demons.
AARON: So does this mean we could consider going back, or maybe even just keep it in the realm of possibilities?
DAVID: I'd be willing to have a conversation.
Aaron looks somewhat placated. David's phone rings again - it's Leo, who's in the penthouse with Byron.
LEO: I have a medical question, time- sensitive (...) Krista Sinclair, day two of withdrawal, and still recovering from pneumonia.
DAVID: Is she running a temperature?
LEO: That's the problem. We can't get into her room.
BYRON: (...) She's not eating, and she won't pick up her phone.
Leo asks David if he'll come and see her. David suggests they call the hospital instead, but Leo says it's a privacy issue.
LEO: Look, I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't urgent.
DAVID: Well, I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
But Aaron hands David his car keys and goes to open the gate.
DAVID: Just keep trying to communicate with her. I'll be there as soon as I can.
Lassiter's Hotel
Krista is still shivering in bed, and looks to be in a bad way.
No 30
Darkness has fallen; and in the sunroom, JJ is impressed with Dex's decoration skills. The boys are dressed up smartly as waiting staff.
DEX: We've set the scene. The rest is up to them.
Cara and Remi are in the kitchen with blindfolds on, waiting to be shown to their table.
CARA: Can we please come and eat already?
REMI: We didn't have lunch. We're very, very hungry!
JJ: Uh, we said to dress up.
CARA: JJ, I appreciate you making us dinner, but I don't understand why we have to jump through hoops for it?
DEX: It will not work if you two aren't dressed up properly.
CARA: We are! These are my best work pants!
DEX: (...) If you two were at a fancy restaurant, you'd be kicked out!
CARA: Yeah - we're not at a fancy restaurant, though. We're at home.
REMI: Please don't chuck us out, we're starving!
But the mums are ordered away by JJ to change into something more appropriate, complaining as they go!
CARA (to Remi): This is your influence.
REMI: Well, at least they have taste.
CARA: How fancy do I have to be?!
Lassiter's Hotel
David has arrived, and meets Leo and Byron outside Krista's room. David asks whether Krista still doesn't know about her dad's death - Byron says no, not that he's aware of.
DAVID (knocking): Krista? I'm David, I'm a friend of Byron's, and I'm... and I *used* to be a doctor. I'm here to help with some of your symptoms... but you'll need to unlock the door for me.
There's no response from inside the room.
DAVID: I know you want to detox quickly, but that won't happen if we don't stay on top of the pneumonia. You'll just end up back in hospital, in a much worse state.
This seems to have the desired effect, and Krista unlocks the door. David goes inside as she crawls back under her duvet.
DAVID: I'm just here to help you stay on track. Do you remember if you've taken your medicine for the pneumonia?
KRISTA: No, I don't want to put anything else in my body. I've got to get clean.
DAVID: I understand. But the antibiotics are just to help you fight the infection. And if you worry about relying on painkillers, there's lot of ways you can manage that to. The aim is safe withdrawal.
Harold's Café
Mackenzie is working here rather than from home as originally intended. Haz is surprised, as he thought she liked working from home.
MACKENZIE: I do, usually... It's just that Holly's there.
HAZ: At ours? Why?
MACKENZIE: She's waiting for you. You said that you were going to swing home on your break, and visit Trevor.
HAZ: Yeah, I said I *might*. It wasn't, like, a plan.
MACKENZIE: Okay. Well, she heard you say, 'I'm definitely coming back so don't go anywhere, and please eat all our snacks.' It's nice that she's so keen to see you.
HAZ: Yeah. I'm sorry that it's mucked up your day, though. I'll definitely take that break, and I'll go and have a word to her.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, it might be good. Clear boundaries are never a bad thing.
Lassiter's Hotel
David brings in some soup and water for Krista. She visibly isn't keen, but David explains the importance of staying hydrated. He asks if the hospital gave her a treatment plan before they discharged her, but Krista says not, as they thought she was headed to rehab.
KRISTA: You must think I'm an idiot.
DAVID: I think you're incredibly brave, not only for what you survived, but trying to get clean on your own. That's not easy.
KRISTA: I just want to get better.
DAVID: Then have some soup.
She tries a spoonful.
DAVID (teasing): Come on. I've got a four- year- old who takes bigger sips than that.
KRISTA: Maybe they could come and help me.
DAVID: Well, I can bring out the 'here comes the aeroplane' trick if you like?
KRISTA (smiling): Please don't.
She keeps eating, while David watches, smiling.
No 30
Italian- style music plays as we linger on the decorations that Dex and JJ have used to turn the sunroom into a makeshift restaurant - complete with an ornamental ceramic chef, candles, a specials board, and 'Mum' and 'Ma' place cards, as well as a photo of Cara and Remi from more carefree times. Cara and Remi are now in more restaurant- appropriate outfits, and are led to their table, still blindfold, by JJ and Dex.
The mums are very impressed when they're finally allowed to take off their blindfolds.
REMI: Wow. This looks amazing. (to Cara) Your hair's out.
CARA: You look... beautiful.
Cara asks where JJ and Dex are sitting, but Dex says they already ate.
JJ: Uh, what he meant to say was, umm... (puts on gruff voice) Do you two wanna see the wine list?
CARA and REMI: (laugh nervously)
JJ: Right, too ignorant to understand wine. I'll choose for ya. (to Dex) Two house reds for the peasants, please.
Dex brings over two very full wine glasses and plonks them down clumsily, so they splash onto the table.
DEX: No point letting you taste it. You wouldn't know the difference.
JJ: So, got you spoons cos that's how the amateurs eat their pasta.
CARA: Okay, guys, we're not appreciating the tone.
JJ: If you don't like it, get out!
CARA: JJ, why are you being like this? Can one of you at least get a cloth?
Meanwhile, Remi has been sampling the pasta they've been served with, and is taken aback by how good it is. She gives Cara a spoonful, and she's equally impressed.
CARA: I haven't had pasta this good since...
REMI: ... our first date.
JJ and Dex exchange a knowing glance.
CARA: You recreated Ciao Apetito for us?
REMI: The rudest service...
CARA: ... with the best food.
JJ: It was all Dex's idea.
DEX: And you've told us the story a million times, so we knew exactly how to recreate it. We just wanted to remind you of a happy time.
JJ: So, uhh, eat up, peasants.
They leave their mums to it. Cara smiles, and Remi looks emotional.
Lassiter's Hotel
Having finished her soup, Krista asks David what she should do next, saying she needs a plan. David tells her to concentrate on getting healthy first.
KRISTA: Yeah, but when I see my dad again I want to be able to face him. Tell him that I'm not just a screw- up. That I can be something worthwhile.
She groans in pain, and David helps her back into bed. He says he's going to call a former colleague and addiction specialist to get his advice, but takes a key card so that he can get back in when he returns. Krista doesn't seem keen to be left alone, but David tells her he won't be long.
Harold's Café
Byron is finally talking to Reece, and asks if there's anything he can do, before telling her he loves her as they end the call. Leo sits down opposite with coffees for them.
LEO: How was she?
BYRON: Yeah, uh... good, I guess. Just got a lot going on.
Aaron comes in, and Leo welcomes him with a hug. Aaron's been at Jane's for dinner, and Leo guesses Jane's been trying to convince Aaron that he, David and Nicolette should move back to Erinsborough.
AARON: Well, Nic and I are sold.
But he says David might be starting to come round to the idea. As Leo rejoins Byron, Mackenzie has spotted Aaron and rushes over to give him a hug. She suggests they get a coffee together, but Aaron says that now she's here, he can think of a much better way to perk himself up...
No 32
In the garden, Aaron is doing laps of the pool, while Haz and Mackenzie watch from the patio.
HAZ: Better him than me. It's freezing tonight.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, he did it all the time when he used to live here.
Mackenzie mentions there's a possibility that Aaron and his family will move back to Erinsborough - and since Leo owns the house, and they're his relatives...
HAZ: We might get the boot.
MACKENZIE: I mean, as I said, it's just a possibility.
Holly comes out of the house and is pleased to see Haz his home, telling him she's been waiting for him all day. He looks awkward.
HAZ: Oh, you didn't have to do that.
HOLLY: I wanted to. Who's that?
MACKENZIE: It's Aaron. Aqua therapy.
Mackenzie silently gestures at Haz to suggest that now is the time to 'set boundaries' with Holly.
HAZ: Hey, Holly, umm... when I want you to hang out and wait, I'll let you know that it's a *plan* plan. Yeah?
HOLLY (misunderstanding): It's okay, I didn't mind. I'm just glad you're here now.
Mackenzie shakes her head in despair, but Holly has found some news online - unverified reports that Krista and Reece's dad Conrad has died.
HOLLY: Krista must be devastated (...) I really want to go over there. Let her know she's not alone. Could you drop me on your way back to work?
Haz agrees, and they head off, while Mackenzie continues to watch Aaron doing laps!
Lassiter's Hotel
Krista opens the door of her room to be greeted by a hug from Holly.
HOLLY: Oh, you poor thing.
KRISTA: Definitely been better.
HOLLY: Are you kidding? I'd be a wreck. I mean, it was so important to you to see him before he died, and now...
KRISTA: What are you talking about?
HOLLY: ... Your dad. It's all over the news, I thought... Reece didn't call you? Krista, I'm so sorry.
Reece sits down on the bed, totally blindsided by the news.
Ciao Apetito (formerly known as No 30)
Still at the table drinking wine, Remi and Cara are reminiscing about their first date.
CARA: I guess it was pretty lucky the waiter spilled wine all over my pants.
REMI (laughs): Oh, well I guess it was pretty lucky I invited you back to mine to borrow a new pair.
CARA: Well, I guess we both got lucky then, hey?
REMI: Do you remember looking up and realising the sun had come up?
CARA: What did we even talk about that night?
REMI: Nothing... everything. We talked for hours; it felt like five minutes. I knew right away that was rare. That spark. I never felt like that about anyone.
Cara holds her hand.
REMI: Can you believe the boys did all this? I mean, it's gorgeous. But the fact they were so worried about us...
CARA: Yeah, I know. It's nice to see them working as a team, though.
REMI: We used to work like that.
CARA: We can again. I want to rekindle the spark. Unless... you no longer feel it.
REMI: ... I do. But honestly? My trust has taken a knock.
CARA: Yeah, and I want to earn it back, Rem, I do. If you'll let me.
Cara asks for permission to lean in for a kiss. Remi responds by kissing Cara, then smiles at her tenderly.
Lassiter's Hotel
David returns to Krista's room, but there's no answer when he knocks on the door. He lets himself in with the key card, but is concerned to find the room empty...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Susan's pleasantly surprised to find Summer Hoyland back in town, but soon decides she's up to something
- David searches the lake area for Krista, telling Leo on the phone that she can't be alone overnight
- An angry Haz rants at an upset Holly for being 'always here, all the time'
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David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8946
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8946
Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8946
Byron Stone

Trevor, Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8946
Trevor, Holly Hoyland, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8946
Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy

Byron Stone, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8946
Byron Stone, Chloe Brennan

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8946
Aaron Brennan

David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8946
David Tanaka

Leo Tanaka, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8946
Leo Tanaka, Byron Stone

Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8946
Krista Sinclair

Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8946
Remi Varga-Murphy, Cara Varga-Murphy

Krista Sinclair, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8946
Krista Sinclair, David Tanaka

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8946
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Krista Sinclair, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8946
Krista Sinclair, David Tanaka

Cara Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8946
Cara Varga-Murphy, Dex Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy

Leo Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8946
Leo Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Aaron Brennan, Haz Devkar, Leo Tanaka, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8946
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Aaron Brennan, Haz Devkar, Leo Tanaka, Byron Stone

Aaron Brennan, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8946
Aaron Brennan, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8946
Holly Hoyland, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Krista Sinclair, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8946
Krista Sinclair, Holly Hoyland

Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8946
Krista Sinclair

Cara Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy in Neighbours Episode 8946
Cara Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy

David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8946
David Tanaka

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