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Neighbours Episode 8944 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8944
Australian and UK airdate: 27/11/23
Writer: Matthew Bon
Director: Harry Lloyd
Guests: Chloe Brennan: April Rose Pengilly
Katrina Marshall: Farah Mak
- "Green Lights" by Walden
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
- Nicolette talking about the 'Save Erinsborough High' page.
- Paul admitting he's still in love with Terese and being told to back off by Toadie.
- Melanie shocked to hear Krista is alive and that she could be released soon.
- Jane giving Toadie some advice.
- Reece having to return home after hearing her dad has had a stroke.
- Krista being told to stay in Erinsborough to get better.
- Reece asking Chloe for updates as she's unsure when she will be back.
- Byron and Reece declaring their love for each other before she departs.
As the titles begin, there are some changes. Krista joins the shot of Byron and Haz at the beach. Nicolette, Isla, David, Aaron, Jane and Sam having a picnic at Lassiters replaces the previous bench shot of Jane and Sam. And in the final pool scene, Melanie replaces Reece there but Nicolette, Isla, David and Aaron aren't in it.
Having just been released from prison, Melanie stops by to see Krista and despite what happened, their reunion is warm. Melanie is surprised with Krista saying "sorry" given for the past year, Melanie thought she'd killed her!
MELANIE: I thought about you ever day and now, here you are.
KRISTA: Ta- da!
Melanie feels sorry for leaving Krista on the rooftop when she was after Mel's help. In turn, Krista is sure Melanie was really scared, but doesn't remember anything from that night
MELANIE: I was stupid and I ruined everything.
Krista didn't realise either that Eden lied and the whole mess started because of her asking Melanie to cover for the drugs.
KRISTA: It's time that I make that right now.
The Waterhole
Byron checks with Chloe about getting some time off - to get Krista checked into rehab and to visit the USA should Reece invite him over. She is sure Paul will approve his leave and checks how serious things are between him and Reece. "We love each other," is his reply but Chloe has a worried look on her face after he leaves the table she's at.
Krista is determined to get better so she can make things right with not just Melanie but her sister and dad too. She isn't too sure her dad will appreciate it admitting that it's been hard living up to Conrad's expectations. Unlike Reece who has found a good way to do that, her way "hasn't been so healthy."
MELANIE: I am so proud of you for realising that. It's such an important step.
KRISTA: I just want to get better now.
MELANIE: You're not alone.
Number 22
Toadie and Terese are turning the house into Santa's grotto when Nell interrupts to check if there is a cake mix - she's intending making Melanie a cake saying 'Yah, no prison'. Turns out there isn't one, so she plans on going to the shop to get one... and some groceries too for Melanie. Nell spots the look Toadie is giving off and says he doesn't have to help; she'll use her own money and take the bus too. Guilt gets to Toadie and he offers to be Nell's chauffeur when she goes shopping in the morning.
Number 24
Susan is overcome with emotion on reading Jane's intended speech for the last day of school.
JANE: These will be the last words ever spoken at Erinsborough High. I just want it to be perfect.
Nicolette asks Jane to read it so she can give her comments, and so Jane begins.
JANE: A school isn't just a place of learning, or lunch time or a Principal telling you off for not wearing your uniform correctly. The school is a community and that is what Erinsborough High has been for generations. And as sad as it is to be saying goodbye, I know that we will be what this school has made us.
Jane is getting overwhelmed reading it and is forced to stop. Nicolette loves what has been said so far and Susan backs her up by adding it's a "beautiful tribute." Jane apologises for Susan getting caught up in the middle of her war with Terese and describes what she's written as "a love letter to you as it is to the school." Susan is very touched by the gesture,
SUSAN: End of an era.
JANE: End of an era.
Byron has all the paperwork ready for Krista to sign to be transferred to the rehab clinic. She's not doing so great so asks that he leaves the paperwork and she'll go over it later. Byron asks if she needs anything from him, which she describes as "weird" - she can't see how her sister can be into this nice guy. Byron points out that she's not seen Reece in a while so perhaps she has changed? Krista doesn't think so and points out too that he isn't Reece's type either! Realising that she's overstepped the mark, she apologises for what she's said, blaming the withdrawal on making her "wacky."
The pair are interrupted by Chloe bring an update from Reece - Conrad is a bit better and she brings a care package for her too. Byron looks peeved that its Chloe getting the updates and asks when she last spoke to Reece and the reply is "wasn't that long ago."
Number 22
Toadie is after advice from Terese on how Nell is handling things better than he is! She does point out that it is a little more complicated for him.
TOADIE: You know when Mel was gone and we didn't have any answers, everything was stressful and was messy.
TERESE: And now she's back, and we do have answers.
TOADIE: And everything's even messier!
While Nell might be doing a nice thing, he just wants to cut all ties with Melanie. Terese asks if he wants her to come along, but he turns the offer down, planning on staying in the car while Nell hands the groceries over.
Harold's café (exterior, next day)
After chastising Haz for getting rid of nachos from the menu (they don't go well with coffee!) Chloe sits back for a catch up with Nicolette beginning with Elly is too busy with work to come visit. Nicolette decides to end the awkwardness starting to develop by talking about a safer topic - Byron and Reece! She is worried about her brother getting super invested in Reece and wants Chloe's opinion. The hesitation (and the face) gives Chloe away so she's forced to admit that she feels they are on different pages - Byron is sure if Conrad gets better, Reece will return to Australia but Chloe seems to think Reece won't be, she's gone for good.
CHLOE: You know, you can tell when someone's disconnected.
Being in a protect the family mood just now, Nicolette wants to warn her brother but Chloe isn't sure just in case her feeling is wrong, suggesting instead that they keep an eye on the situation. Being in this protective mood, Chloe asks if Nicolette wants to move back.
NICOLETTE: I would give anything to come back permanently with Isla but I can't without the boys. And there is a slight problem in the way for David.
Chloe already knows what that is but is sure Nicolette won't "let a problem stand in her way."
Penthouse suite
With Chloe's words still ringing in her ears, Nicolette pays Paul a visit to ask that he stays away from David. Paul scoffs at that, because it won't improve his relationship with David. Nicolette has a cunning plan - over time she will convince David to soften his stance. It originally sounds like a 'no- deal' from Paul but she offers him sending daily videos of Isla to sweeten the deal (he liked the ones she has been sending him while living in the countryside) and that convinces him to 'deal' and agree to her proposal.
The Waterhole
Nicolette shows Wendy that the school Facebook page has now over 11,000 comments and thinks that the school still might have a chance of staying open. Wendy reminds her that its too late as the land has been sold.
NICOLETTE: Decisions can be undone.
Wendy doesn't think there is anything left for them to try and keep the school open, so Nicolette asks if that included "a very loud public protest?"
NICOLETTE: Think about it, even if only a tenth of these people turned up, we could still make some serious noise. Protests would draw a lot of attention and attention gets contracts ripped up.
Wendy wants to know what Jane is thinking, but Nicolette plans on keeping quiet until she's seen if by contacting those online, she's got a level of interest, then she will say something.
NICOLETTE: I just don't want to get our hopes up in case it all falls over.
The newly arrived Susan catches the tail end of their conversation and they are forced to lie over what they were really talking about to try and fool her, but she knows that they are lying!
After Susan picks up some menu's and heads over to where Terese is sitting (they are meeting for lunch), Nicolette declares that Susan must not find out what they are up to because she's "too close to the enemy!"
Lassiters hotel reception
Chloe is blaming dodgy airline Wi- Fi for why Byron can't get hold of Reece after she checks in with him. His day gets worse when Paul arrives to turn down his leave request - Paul is putting an end to his gallivanting especially with Reece no longer around to protect him.
BYRON: You are such a sadist!
Naturally Paul doesn't like that remark, so Byron continues to have a go by suggesting that his leave was turned down so Paul "can stick it to Reece." In the end its Chloe who intervenes to suggest that they talk somewhere privately but Byron ignores that request and tells Paul he needs "to be there for Krista and the woman I love."
BYRON: Are you going to stand there and tell me I can't do that?!
Before Paul even has a chance to reply, Byron pulls off his Lassiters suit jacket and forcefully hands it to Paul alongside saying "I quit!"
PAUL: Oh yeah, very unprofessional!
The pair are getting ready to publicly squabble when Byron's phone starts ringing - whoever it is, Byron heads off to go and see them. "Good riddance, I say," Paul mutters after throwing Byron's jacket to Chloe.
Lassiters car park
Nell has arranged to meet Melanie at Lassiters rather than her house, but Toadie rejects the offer to accompany Nell, instead letting her carry the messages alone.
Melanie is thrilled at getting the shopping from Nell but asks her not to do this again. She can't but stare over at Toadie, who to be fair is staring at them and Nell adds in that Toadie doesn't hate her, he simply needs time "to get over this whole thing." Melanie reminds Nell that he can feel what he feels, she's happy that he's allowing them to see each other.
NELL: Just so you know, I'm never going to stop. I really missed you.
The feeling is more than mutual and Toadie watches on as the pair of them hug each other into the commercial break.
Krista is refusing to sign the paperwork for the rehab clinic as it entails her having to stay for 30 days and she's fearful that her dad might not be alive in a months' time. Even though Reece picked the best facility in the country, given the conditions, Krista plans on getting clean on her own.
BYRON: I can't let you do that. Reece trusted me to look after you and make sure...
KRISTA: I don't care what you think Byron. Its my decision and I've made it.
Lassiters Complex
Paul is confused when he spots Terese removing the signs from the unit he is renting and asks her about it. She announces that she is moving out, citing it as a "grubby lease" and no longer wishes to be part of it. He tries to persuade her to stay but Terese is more than determined she wants out and to rub his face in it a bit more, cites that walking out of the vow renewal has done her a favour.
TERESE: Because getting together with Toadie, who I actually love, was the best thing that ever happened to me.
PAUL: Why do you do that?
TERESE: Do what?
PAUL: Well you keep banging on about how much in love with Toadie you are. In fact, come to think of it, you do it all the time!
TERESE: No I don't!
PAUL: I'm beginning to wonder who you're actually really trying to convince.
Terese tries to find a response but gives up and walks away instead!
Since she won't go into rehab, as a compromise, Byron suggests that subject to the housemates agreeing, she moves into #32 even going so far as offering her his bed and he'll take the couch. Krista thanks but rejects the offer as she does have somewhere else to go.
Number 26
The work Nicolette has put in has paid off - everyone is willing to turn up for a protest and as long as they stay outside the gates its all above board. Wendy thinks this has the potential to be huge and is chuffed at who else Nicolette plans on getting involved to help - Summer Hoyland, the former RSR who is now "an award winning radio journalist and podcaster!" Nicolette plans on using Holly's connection to Summer (they're cousins) as a way in should it be required.
Wendy wants Nicolette to tell her mum what she is up to and she agrees... but plans on waiting until the night before so she has less time to worry and get stressed. Likewise, Nicolette wants to make sure Wendy doesn't tell Andrew just in case the police shut the plans down before they've got started. Wendy is uncomfortable about it as she usually tells her hubby everything but agrees this time to keep it quiet from him.
Lassiters hotel
Byron is demanding that Katrina comp a room at the hotel for Krista. Katrina is reluctant to do so, especially since Byron is no longer an employee, so he pulls out the trump card by reminding her what family owns half of Lassiters! She is just about to do the computer work when Paul discovers what they are up to and puts the kybosh on the plans, reminding Byron he can "do what the hell I like" since it is his hotel. "Its also half hers," Byron counters with and threatens to call Reece so she can order him to book the room.
Paul eventually concedes and agrees to Krista getting a room but it comes with a warning - Byron can't come running when Krista gets in trouble!
Bus stop
Melanie sits waiting for the bus to arrive. While she waits, she pulls out from her wallet a photo of herself and Toadie together and stares at it.
Penthouse suite
Leo isn't amused at his dad's behaviour, not just with Krista but everyone he comes into contact with. "I'm doing nothing of the sort," Paul replies and when Leo pulls up what happened with Terese, Paul thinks that it proves she still loves him.
LEO: Now you've got to be kidding me!
PAUL: Leo, the only reason I left Terese is because I was trying to protect her. Well, she now knows that.
LEO: She's also now married to someone else.
PAUL: Yes well, that'll last, won't it?!
Leo is fearful that he's planning on doing something to split Toadie and Terese up, reminding him that "you know well that never ends well for you!"
PAUL: Leo, Terese still loves me. Now when she accepts that, we can try and get back to where we were. And I know we will.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Andrew questioning Toadie.
- Nell singing Melanie's praises.
- Paul asking David to listen to him.
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Krista Sinclair, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8944
Krista Sinclair, Melanie Pearson

Chloe Brennan, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8944
Chloe Brennan, Byron Stone

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8944
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8944
Nell Rebecchi

Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8944
Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy

Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8944
Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy

Krista Sinclair, Byron Stone, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8944
Krista Sinclair, Byron Stone, Chloe Brennan

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8944
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Chloe Brennan, Haz Devkar, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8944
Chloe Brennan, Haz Devkar, Nicolette Stone

Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8944
Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson

Nicolette Stone, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8944
Nicolette Stone, Wendy Rodwell

Nicolette Stone, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8944
Nicolette Stone, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8944
Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan, Byron Stone

Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8944
Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi

Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8944
Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8944
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Byron Stone, Krista Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8944
Byron Stone, Krista Sinclair

Nicolette Stone, Wendy Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8944
Nicolette Stone, Wendy Rodwell

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8944
Summer Hoyland

Byron Stone, Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Katrina Marshall in Neighbours Episode 8944
Byron Stone, Krista Sinclair, Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Katrina Marshall

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8944
Melanie Pearson

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8944
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8944
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

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