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Neighbours Episode 8916 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8916
Australian and UK airdate: 09/10/23
Writer: Jessica Paine
Director: Eugenie Muggleton
Guests: Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
- Byron suggesting to Reece that perhaps Paul is done trying to contact her dad.
- Paul ordering Byron to get Reece talking about her dad.
- Paul deploying his secret weapon!
- Byron revealing that Reece doesn't know he used to be an escort.
- Mackenzie devastated at seeing Haz pashing some woman.
- Haz and Mackenzie clearing the air about overnight guests.
- Remi figuring out why Harold is having memory issues.
- Terese frustrated at the council rejecting her plan... but she has another one up her sleeve.
- Jane telling Susan about the school possibly closing due to a developer trying to buy the site.
- Terese revealing that she is the developer!
Number 28
Jane is utterly shocked at Terese's revelation and asks why she could do that! Terese explains that when Power Road got knocked back, she put feelers out to find an alternative site, which is when she found out that the school was going to be up for sale. Apparently the council wasn't supposed to say anything until Terese had a chance to talk to Jane when she came back from her holiday, but that isn't washing with her!
Susan is shocked to hear that the school might be closing, so Jane explains that the council are deciding which one of 3 schools are to close [EHS, West Warratah and Anson's Corner] and what Terese is planning isn't going to help save EHS! Susan thinks that there might be a glimmer of hope given Terese hasn't put in an offer, so Jane demands that Terese withdraws her interest immediately!
Number 32
We finally see the inside of #32 but it's not a welcome sight as Trevor has destroyed Mackenzie's cushions and there is stuffing all over the place. The boys get their thinking caps on to find replacement cushions and clearing up the mess so Mackenzie doesn't find out what has happened!
Number 28
"I would never betray you in any way," Terese tries to say to Jane after they reach an impasse over the school site - neither side is willing to listen to the other or back down!
After Terese leaves, Susan tries to reassure Jane that Terese isn't "deliberately trying to hurt you" but the look Jane gives back would suggest otherwise! Perhaps insensitively, Jane thinks Susan is relieved to have retired before this came out! Changing tact somewhat, Susan tells Jane that she's something to tell her before she hears it from someone else.
The Waterhole
Paul, Leo and Byron are gossiping about why Reece missing an important conference when the lady in question comes over to where they are sitting. However their theories over why she missed a key conference is proved wrong when she reveals it was food poisoning (and not running away) that caused her absence. With Reece walking away smugly, Paul tells his conspirators to "keep digging" and that Byron needs to "stay close!"
Number 32
Before Mackenzie even notices the cushions on the sofa are missing, Haz comes up with an elaborate excuse (spilt wine) to explain their absence.
It looks like Trevor hasn't just trashed her cushions, he's ruined something of Byron's too. Citing this as a "one off" by Trevor, he buys her silence on the promise of replacing the item before Byron knows what's happened. Although given the item is going to cost $200, maybe confessing might be a better option!
Lassiters hotel, Reece's room
After their morning delight, Byron and Reece discuss how to stay a step ahead of Paul... or it could be interpreted the other way, Byron trying to suss out info to pass onto Paul! Byron doesn't look too comfortable either wearing the gift she's bought for him - a woollen green jumper, so she tries to reassure him with words instead.
REECE: This time here with you is really special. I don't want anything ruining it.
Number 28
While we've been away, Susan has been filling Jane in on how she really didn't want to retire but adds that after discussing it fully with Karl, she's now ready for the next chapter in her life. Jane suggests a possible job option - being one to bulldozing the school but Susan is quick to reply that Jane should stop and wait to see "how all of this plays out."
Karl and Harold arrive back with food and Harold offers Jane his warm congratulations on her engagement. Jane then dishes out some pressies from Mike to them - a baseball hat for Harold (to protect him from the Queensland sun), a tea cosy for Susan and a pluck for Karl along with an invitation to jam when he gets back.
Number 22
Terese rants off to Toadie about what was said at #28 and we hear it was Mackenzie who gave Terese the heads up about the school site. Toadie is sitting on the fence about her plan given he went to the school and of course its now Nell's school too.
TERESE: I'm not going to deny that it's sad.
Toadie asks if her plan is worth jeopardising her friendship with Jane? Terese gets why Jane is upset, and will give her a wide berth, as her plans are "really important too." Unknown to Terese before she mentioned giving Jane a wide berth, Toadie has accepted an offer to have lunch at #28!
Harolds café (exterior)
Given past clients would give him expensive gifts, Byron admits to Haz that after Reece's gift to him, it feels like she is now one of his clients. He begrudgingly does admit, with the help of Haz forcing it from him, that he is indeed starting to fall for her and that perhaps they "could have a future" but knows that he needs to come clean to Reece about his past before that can happen.
Number 32 (back yard)
Holly, Sadie and Mackenzie are chatting about Haz's impending date with Billie when a noise distracts them - Trevor is up to mischief again in the Doug Out. Mackenzie discovers her destroyed cushions with no sign of a "wine mishap" either!
Lassiters Complex
Toadie is hoping the walk to the complex has helped calm Terese down but it hasn't. However, when she spots Reece sitting outside the Brasserie, she can start working on her favour for Paul as a distraction instead.
TERESE: I'm actually kind of curious myself.
Terese makes her way over to Reece and the pair do the official intros. Reece is very much pleased to meet Terese because "any woman who has divorced Paul Robinson is probably a friend of mine!"
TERESE: Well, you'll find six of us scattered all over the world.
REECE: That's quite an achievement! That's even one more than my father.
Terese admits she was intrigued at Reece buying her share of Lassiters but apparent the price was right! Reece knocks back any idea her father will be arriving as he's "too busy to travel" and doesn't respond either to Terese trying to engage her in conversation about her father before curtailing the conversation as she's got a meeting to attend.
As Reece departs, she inadvertently drops the receipt paid for Byron's jumper - a whopping $3299!!!
Lassiters hotel foyer
Terese hands over the receipt to Paul but neither of them (nor Leo) can figure out who she is buying stuff for. Paul seems enthused that Terese thinks she bonded with Reece, until the probing questions started when she probably twigged that Terese had been sent by Paul to "suss her out." Leo suggests that perhaps its time to concede they've "finally met our match!"
PAUL: I'll do no such thing. This is my hotel.
Terese has enjoyed the "fun little interlude" but having passed the info on, she now has to go but not without wishing Paul good luck... because "I think you'll need it!"
Number 32 (back yard)
Having been the one to buy the cushions for Mackenzie, Sadie is the one taken their demise the worst, even when Haz tries to explain Trevor's actions. He promises to help the dog get better although that may take some time and to help that, the lassies (and they will rope Byron in too) agree to help check on the dog regularly to help with the separation anxiety. Haz is over the moon they're all going to help out although isn't getting off buying replacements for what has been destroyed!
Number 28
Jane is telling the K's and Harold about Mike's proposal and Karl reminds Harold about his trip into Lassiters Lake to retrieve Madge's ring when it ended up in there. The happy atmosphere totally dissipates when the luncheon guests arrive! Terese tries to extend the olive branch to Jane by offering to clear the air but from the face Jane has on, she isn't going to have her mind changed quickly! Toadie would rather the conversation is held privately but Jane thinks otherwise so Terese begins.
Terese assures Jane that her "motives are good" and that Jane should know "how important Eirini Rising" is to her. While Jane has "nothing against the idea" in principle, what she is against is Terese targeting the school. As far as Terese is concerned she isn't, she is simply "trying to turn a bad situation into a good one."
TERESE: Look, I agree Erinsborough High has been wonderful for our children, mine included. But if it's going to close, wouldn't it be good if the site became something of equal value to the community?
JANE: (defiantly) The school is not going to close!
Jane sarcastically claps Terese after she tries again to explain the rationale for Eirini Rising more because she helped Terese polish her spiel off! She refuses to listen to Terese any more as her plans are coming "at the expense of our children." Toadie tries to diffuse the situation so they can have lunch but Jane has suddenly lost her appetite and hurriedly exits the house... but not before begrudgingly passing on Mike's pressies to her (and Toadie), two Union Jack flags!
Lassiters hotel
When they run into each other in the lift, Reece tells Byron about sussing out Paul's secret weapon - Terese! He isn't too keen on chatting about that, instead wanting to chat about them over dinner. "You're not having second thoughts?" Reece asks and that idea is quickly dispelled both in words (no way) and actions (pashing her).
However while they pash, the lift descends to the ground floor and thankfully both act normally when the lift pings open and find Paul at the other side. Paul is surprised to see Byron come out of the lift as its his day off, so thinking quickly his response is doing what Paul ordered - staying close to Reece! With smudged lipstick on his shirt, Paul seems happy with the response but adds in that Byron shouldn't make it too obvious!
Number 28
With lunch over, Toadie and Terese head home, the later apologising again for the issue with Jane. The K's look relieved too at peace being restored to #28, but Harold throws in his own bomb - now his health has improved, he's decided that it is time for him to go home [to Queensland] and do a train tour he's always fancied doing (from Brisbane to Cairns) while he is still fit enough to do things before having to move into aged care. The K's don't want Harold to leave but understand him wanting to do this trip.
Lassiters hotel, Paul's office
Paul is checking out the CCTV from the hotel lift and saw exactly what Reece and Byron were up to before he entered and isn't amused!
PAUL: You little...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Haz asking Mackenzie for her thoughts on Billie.
- Byron trying to reassure his mum that the school won't close.
- Susan promising to stand by Jane.
- Holly shocked!
- Paul confronting Byron.
- Byron going to see Reece.
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Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8916
Jane Harris

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8916
Terese Willis

Trevor, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8916
Trevor, Haz Devkar

Jane Harris, Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8916
Jane Harris, Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy

Reece Sinclair, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8916
Reece Sinclair, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Byron Stone, Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8916
Byron Stone, Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Reece Sinclair

Holly Hoyland, Sadie Rodwell in Neighbours Episode 8916
Holly Hoyland, Sadie Rodwell

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar in Neighbours Episode 8916
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8916
Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair

Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8916
Byron Stone, Reece Sinclair

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8916
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8916
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Jane Harris

Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8916
Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Haz Devkar, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8916
Haz Devkar, Byron Stone

Sadie Rodwell, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8916
Sadie Rodwell, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Holly Hoyland

Trevor in Neighbours Episode 8916

Terese Willis, Reece Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8916
Terese Willis, Reece Sinclair

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8916
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Sadie Rodwell, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8916
Sadie Rodwell, Haz Devkar, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Holly Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8916
Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris

Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8916
Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone

Paul Robinson, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8916
Paul Robinson, Byron Stone

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8916
Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8916
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8916
Reece Sinclair, Byron Stone, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8916
Paul Robinson

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