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Neighbours Episode 8884 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8884
Australian airdate: 18/07/22
UK airdate: 06/07/22
Writer: Holly Tossi
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Hendrix Greyson: Ben Turland
Byron Stone: Joe Klocek
- "Daisies" by Conchúr White
Summary/Images by: Liam
- Toadie asks Melanie to marry him; but she reminds him that he's grieving, so it's a 'not yet'
- Amy gets a message from her escort (unbeknownst to her, Byron) saying he's double- booked and can't make it
- Zara walks in on Toadie giving Amy a hug after an emotional chat, and wonders what's going on
- Byron's client Danielle tells him she's going to an Italian restaurant for lunch
- Later, Clive mentions he's also heading to an Italian, raising Byron's suspicions
- Byron tells Nicolette he's an escort, and he thinks Clive's having an affair with one of his clients
- Mackenzie screams at Grant, saying he doesn't understand, after he keeps Hendrix's video footage from her
- Later, Mackenzie tells Grant she wants him to leave Erinsborough
A dreamscape
Mackenzie is having another dream about Hendrix floating in the pool in Sydney, while she's trapped inside the house. We flicker between the two spaces, until...
No 28
Mackenzie wakes up on the Kennedys' sofa with a start, then puts her head in her hands. Karl and Susan come through the door, back from their trip to see Billy and Anne in Queensland.
SUSAN: Mackenzie, are you alright?
MACKENZIE: Yeah, I'm fine.
SUSAN: No, you're not.
MACKENZIE: I am, truly - I just... dozed off, and had a weird dream.
She immediately changes the subject, lightly asking how their trip was. Karl says it was lovely, but that they've been worried about her.
MACKENZIE: In other words, you spoke to Dad.
SUSAN: Well, he's worried about you, too.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, we head a disagreement. We don't need to get into it (...) I want to hear all about your trip. Don't leave anything out!
Susan and Karl look concerned.
The Waterhole
Toadie, Melanie, Nell, Hugo, Amy and Zara are all out for a family dinner. Nell is hosting a game of 'I Spy', and Amy smiles to herself, in a world of her own until Zara asks her to guess in the game. Amy goes quiet, and looks forlorn.
TOADIE: I spy with my little eye, someone who needs cheering up, hmm?
Toadie sends Nell and Hugo over to give Amy a cuddle, and they duly oblige.
NELL: Dad says we can't let you go until you smile.
AMY: (...) Yeah, well, your dad knows exactly how to make me happy, doesn't he?
Harold's Café
Byron continues to linger around as Nicolette works, desperate to talk to her.
NICOLETTE: Oh, I'm not sure I can afford you. How much do you charge a minute?
BYRON: Nic, this is serious. I'm worried about the Clive stuff.
NICOLETTE: Well, stop worrying.
BYRON: But you honestly believe he would never cheat?
NICOLETTE: (...) Well, he did cheat on Beverly with Sheila.
NICOLETTE: It was a long time ago, though, and I honestly don't think he would do that to Mum.
BYRON: Well, it means he's got form.
Jane comes in with Terese, and asks what they're chatting about. Nicolette makes an excuse, saying Byron was telling her about a ski resort he was working at last winter.
NICOLETTE: *Escorting* me down memory lane.
While Terese and Jane go to order, Byron asks Nicolette to tell him more about Clive.
NICOLETTE: There's nothing else to say - he's boring!
BYRON: Come on, Nic, you can do better than that. Mum's happiness is at stake.
NICOLETTE: I just - I don't believe it, Byron (...) You're gonna need proof before you say anything to Mum (...) Rock solid proof.
No 30
In the sunroom the next morning, Amy is staring into space when Toadie comes in. He mentions he heard her moving about in the night.
TOADIE: Middle of the night munchies, eh?
AMY: More like a... realisation. Actually, it was off the back of something you said. Like, I've had the thought myself, but I've always pushed it to the side, you know, thinking that the timing wasn't really right.
TOADIE: Well, timing is the key to everything.
AMY: And I've also thought... am I being selfish? You know, am I just trying to fill a gap in my life? Because I don't want to do that.
TOADIE: Okay, this is getting harder to guess than 'I Spy'.
AMY: Well, that's when it hit me. At three in the morning. Why am I waiting? I want to have a baby on my own!
Lassiter's Complex
Kiri is at a table when Nicolette comes out of the café with a coffee for her. They get talking about Byron; Nicolette concedes it's nice to have him here 'when he can fit me into his busy schedule'.
KIRI: Is he one of those people that you have to book well in advance?
NICOLETTE: Literally.
Jane turns up, and KIri heads off. Jane remarks that she and Nicolette seem to be getting on well.
NICOLETTE: Yeah, it's nice. I just hope I don't pull a Nicolette and ruin it.
JANE: Very wise.
NICOLETTE: And if something were to happen in the future, great. But... I'm really happy being her friend.
Jane tells Nicolette she's been trying to find a specific vintage pocket watch for Clive, to replace one that his father gave him years ago, which he's lost. Jane says she's been contacting jewellers with a photo, but nobody seems to have the same type of watch.
NICOLETTE: You really think the world of Clive, don't you?
JANE: You know I do. Why would you say that?
NICOLETTE: ... I just - want that, one day.
JANE: You will. You just have to be patient.
Nicolette smiles.
No 28
Susan and Karl are having breakfast, and are surprised when Mackenzie comes out of Hendrix's bedroom, having stayed over. She explains she came in late and didn't want to wake them. The Kennedys fuss over her, trying to get her to eat something, and she correctly guesses that Grant has told them she's off her food.
MACKENZIE: I bet he's told you that I've been sleeping in Hendrix's bed. Which is a major worry, apparently.
KARL: I'm not sure Grant used those words.
SUSAN: Mackenzie, you do whatever you need to do. We're here for you.
There's a knock at the door, and who should be on the doorstep but the one, the only, Harold Bishop!
HAROLD: Haha, only me!
Karl and Susan are delighted, and shortly afterwards they welcome Harold in, and introduce him to Mackenzie.
HAROLD: Ah, Mackenzie, yes. I was so sorry to hear about your loss.
MACKENZIE: Thank you.
HAROLD: Oh - (remembering) - 'Those we hold in our arms for a short while, we hold in our hearts forever.'
This seems to make Mackenzie smile, and says it's nice to meet Harold, before leaving them to catch up. It transpires the Kennedys have only just recently seen Harold in Queensland.
HAROLD: Ah, well, since you told me about Hendrix, I've been thinking about the lot of you.
SUSAN: Well, you're certainly overdue a visit.
KARL: You must stay here with us.
HAROLD: (...) Oh, well, that'd be wonderful. Thank you.
Harold reveals Toadie doesn't know he's here, and he plans to surprise him.
SUSAN: You're gonna be in high demand! Jane and Amy, they'll be thrilled to see you. Even Paul!
HAROLD: Oh, and the feeling is mutual.
SUSAN: And of course Melanie.
HAROLD (flustered): Y-yes. Yes, Melanie!
But there's only a feigned enthusiasm for Melanie in his tone! Karl has to head into work for a bit, so Harold and Susan agree to go out and stretch their legs. She gives him a hug.
SUSAN: I'm so glad you're here!
No 30
In the sunroom, Amy is telling Toadie about her baby plans; she'll be looking into IVF, so it won't happen overnight.
TOADIE: Well, I can give you plenty of advice on that.
AMY: I mean, obviously, I have to choose a donor and all that, but... I think I can do this solo.
TOADIE: I think it's a great idea.
Zara watches from the kitchen window, intrigued, as Toadie takes Amy's hand.
TOADIE: You are taking control of your life. And I think that is very admirable.
Zara makes her presence known.
AMY: Umm... what do you think about me having a baby on my own?
ZARA: I think that's awesome.
AMY: Really?
ZARA: Yeah!
TOADIE: In fact, I'm a little bit jealous. I'd have another baby in a heartbeat.
ZARA: ... Really?
TOADIE: Those baby years are just the best. Ah, the newborn smell, all the firsts. If there is any room for a male influence, I would love to be by your side every step of the way.
Amy smiles at him. Zara looks pensive.
Harold's Café
Susan leads Harold inside.
SUSAN: So, as you can see, there's been a renovation, but the name has stayed the same.
Jane emerges from the bathroom.
JANE: Oh! Mr Bishop! Oh, how wonderful to see you!
Jane introduces Harold to Byron and Nicolette.
NICOLETTE: Mr Bishop! I feel like I should curtsy.
HAROLD: Oh,, first names, everyone, please! (...) Pleased to meet you both.
JANE: Mr B - Harold... is almost like family. He and I used to live together when he boarded with Nan.
BYRON: Oh, Toby and Sky's grandpa, right?
Nicolette gives Byron a smug, knowing look as Jane explains that he's a lawyer; and Byron gives Nicolette a smug, knowing look in return when Jane describes how Nic used to be a nurse!
NICOLETTE: So, you lived with Mum? You must have some juicy stories to share?
HAROLD: Juicy?
JANE: Two words spring to my mind. 'Hot Cargo.' Do you remember?
It's a reference that takes us all the way back to Episode 582, when Harold, Mrs Mangel and Eileen Clarke accidentally ended up watching an adult movie together. Harold looks uncomfortable.
JANE: It was a raunchy video that Harold and Nan watched by mistake.
NICOLETTE: Nan Mangel watched an X-rated movie?!
HAROLD: We thought we were watching a documentary.
JANE (laughs): Nan was mortified! I seem to remember that it involved a scantily clad man and a home delivery?
NICOLETTE (smirking at Byron): Now that I *can* imagine.
Lassiter's Lake
Melanie, Toadie, Nell and Hugo are walking by the lake.
NELL: Can I go to Mummy's tree?
TOADIE: Yeah, absolutely. Of course you can.
Nell and Hugo rush off to visit Sonya's tree.
TOADIE: So, how are you feeling about all the Sonya stuff now?
MELANIE: Oh, so much better. Thanks to you being so understanding when I had my big emotional cleanse.
TOADIE: Happy to be of service.
MELANIE: You know, I think that we are working through our issues better (...) Like a good mouldy cheese, we're getting better with age.
They laugh, and sit on a bench together, watching Nell and Hugo in the distance, at Sonya's tree. Toadie remarks that it's good Amy is sorting herself out too. Melanie agrees it's good that she's 'going after what she wants'.
TOADIE: Well, luckily, I've got everything that I want. You.
MELANIE: Aww! You gonna propose again?
TOADIE: ... Well, technically, it wasn't a hard no last time. It was just a 'not right now'.
MELANIE (hinting heavily): Uh-huh.
TOADIE: So, I do need to be ready for when the time comes.
They look across again at Nell and Hugo, who are happily running around Sonya's tree.
MELANIE: You know, I think it'd be nice to have the ceremony here. When the time comes.
TOADIE: Really?
MELANIE: Mm. Be good for Sonya to be a part of it. For the kids.
TOADIE: Well, yeah. I mean, if you're okay with that.
MELANIE: Of course, it's also where we said goodbye to Hendrix. Which makes it meaningful in another way. Just has to be... the right time.
The penny's beginning to drop for Toadie as Melanie continues to hint at her enthusiasm for a second proposal...
No 30
In the sunroom, Amy is researching fertility clinics, and finds one run by doctors who decided to become mums later in life.
AMY: I wonder if Toadie's heard of it.
ZARA: I'm sure he'll help you research it.
AMY: What's that supposed to mean?
ZARA: 'I'll be with you every step.' Seems like he wants in on this.
AMY: He's being supportive.
ZARA: He also said he'd love another kid, which is pretty unlikely to happen with Melanie (...) I think he likes you too, and he just hasn't realised it yet.
AMY: Okay, I am not into him. I mean, you admitted that you were wrong to think I was.
ZARA: Okay, so I was wrong about being wrong! I mean, you made this major life decision, and he's the first person you tell?
AMY: Because I value his opinion!
ZARA: More than anyone else's (...) So you don't think he's ideal father material?
AMY: There is no better father material than Toad.
ZARA: You rely on him, you love hanging out with him - and no matter what's happening with other guys, you always come back to him.
AMY: That is simply not true.
ZARA: Just take a look at your dating profile shopping list. I was there, Mum. You listed everything you wanted in a guy. And then you looked at Toadie, and what did you see?
AMY: He fit the bill.
ZARA: Ticked every box.
AMY: That doesn't mean...
ZARA: Be honest with yourself. Isn't it possible on some level that you have feelings for Toadie?
AMY: Maybe, I don't know. Maybe I do.
Harold has walked in and overheard the end of their conversation.
HAROLD: Ah. Surprise!
Lassiter's Lake
Melanie is having fun playing with Hugo and Nell, then rejoins Toadie on the bench, and they cuddle up together. Melanie goes in Toadie's bag to retrieve some drinks for the kids, but accidentally pulls out a gift bag instead, containing a jewellery box.
MELANIE: Is this... a ring?
TOADIE: I just - I saw it in the window, and I thought it was perfect.
MELANIE: So you're just... carrying it around?
TOADIE (nervous): Well, you know, just in case the time is right. Which... may or may not be now?
Mackenzie appears, and quickly realises she's interrupted. Melanie plays it down and hides the ring box.
MACKENZIE: This really is a lovely spot, isn't it?
MACKENZIE: Hendrix always loved it... Was that a ring in there?
MELANIE: Apparently.
TOADIE: Sorry.
MACKENZIE: No. No, if you two are at all thinking about getting married, then you should do it. Life is short. Be together. Celebrate your love while you still can (...) If he were here, Hendrix would say the same thing.
Mackenzie walks off, leaving them to it.
TOADIE: Mel, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Nothing would make me happier.
He gets on one knee and opens the ring box.
TOADIE: Melanie Pearson, will you marry me?
He puts the ring on her finger, and they hug excitedly, then look into one another's eyes.
TOADIE: You're so beautiful.
Harold's Café
Nicolette asks Byron why he's working for Toadie given his escort work. Byron says he's passionate about law too, and wants the best of both worlds.
NICOLETTE: Well, no judgement here. There'll be jokes, obviously. But no judgement. But... you do know that Mum's not gonna get it? This is gonna seriously affect your golden child status. I mean, I'm the troubled one; you're the saint.
BYRON: Does that stuff seriously bother you?
NICOLETTE: It's annoying more than upsetting. But now that you're not so perfect, maybe I'll be less of a screw-up in Mum's eyes.
BYRON: What if you get mad at me? You're not gonna blab, are you?
NICOLETTE: I wouldn't do that. It's way more fun holding it over you.
Byron agrees that Jane wouldn't like it if she knew he was an escort; he says he hates lying to her, but doesn't see another option.
No 30
Amy is really pleased to see Harold.
AMY: All these memories are flooding back, like Hannah, and Tad - Lance. I mean, what a time! Do you still see Lou?
ZARA: I think he might be tripping out over what he just overheard.
AMY: Harold, you walked in at a really weird time. So... I was just about to mention to this one here that Melanie and Toadie are really committed to each other. So whatever you heard, just... forget it?
ZARA: Mum...
AMY: No. (to Harold) Promise me you won't say anything.
HAROLD: Well... I'm sure it's not my place.
AMY: (...) It's so good to see you. I love the nineties!
Amy goes off to make tea, and Harold notices one of the ceramic pigs on the counter, correctly surmising that Melanie has moved in. He explains to Zara that Melanie used to be married to his former son-in-law. He then glances warily at the pig!
The Waterhole
Karl and Susan are having a coffee. Susan is glad Harold's back, especially now Mackenzie's spending so much time at their house.
SUSAN: He was always so good with the young ones.
KARL: He might be a better judge of how she's coping.
SUSAN: Grief is so individual, isn't it? I can't get a gauge on how worried we should be.
Mackenzie appears, and Susan tells her Harold will be staying with them for a little while. Susan then gets a text from Grant, asking how Mackenzie is. Karl suggests Mack should talk to Grant and sort things out.
MACKENZIE: I'm not ready.
SUSAN: I know you're still angry, but maybe you'd feel better if you tried to patch things up.
MACKENZIE: I love you guys, but please don't try and control how I'm dealing with this. It's why I'm so angry at Dad. I... I just want people to be themselves around me, go about their lives. Be happy if they want to be. That's it.
Susan nods in acknowledgement, but looks worried.
No 30
Harold is in the living room while Zara helps Amy with the tea. Zara's trying to convince Amy to be honest with Toadie about what she said before.
AMY: I'm not sure that I admitted to anything, actually, Zara. You've just got me all confused up here.
ZARA: Because you're trying to fight it. Look, I'm only banging on about it because I don't want you to miss your chance.
AMY: Look, even if I did agree with you - and I don't - what about Melanie? As if I could do anything like that to hurt her.
ZARA: If they're not meant to be together, they're not meant to be together.
Harold has been looking for the Ramsay Street history book, of which Toadie is the guardian, and soon finds what he's looking for. We see him looking fondly at some old photos - one of Lou Carpenter and his one-time love interest Mishka Schneiderova; one of Max Hoyland with the late Gus Cleary. He then finds a page dedicated to photos from Melanie's wedding to Joe Mangel.
At this point, Karl and Susan turn up. Toadie's been in touch to invite them over for a celebratory drink; and Toadie, Mel and the kids soon arrive too. Toadie's thrilled to see Harold.
TOADIE: Hey, who let this guy in?!
HAROLD: Jarrod, hello!
They hug enthusiastically.
MELANIE: Oh, my goodness - Jelly Belly!
HAROLD: Ah. Melanie.
Harold, far less enthusiastically, accepts a hug from Mel too! Toadie explains why he invited the Kennedys to celebrate.
TOADIE: We're engaged!
Susan and Karl are immediately thrilled and rush over to congratulate them, but amidst all the chatter, Zara, Amy and Harold all look decidedly less excited...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Upset, Paul tells Terese he should be able to stop his son from being beaten
- Zara correctly surmises that Harold isn't keen on Toadie's engagement to Melanie
- Harold feigns ignorance, but Zara tells him he hasn't looked happy about the relationship since he arrived
- Upset, Amy tells Zara she feels like she's losing her friendship with Toadie
<<8883 - 8885>>
Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8884
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8884
Hendrix Greyson

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8884
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8884
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn, Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8884
Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn, Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Hugo Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8884
Hugo Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood, Nell Rebecchi

Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone in Neighbours Episode 8884
Nicolette Stone, Byron Stone

Terese Willis, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8884
Terese Willis, Jane Harris

Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8884
Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi

Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8884
Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Kiri Durant

Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8884
Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8884
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8884
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8884
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8884
Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn, Toadie Rebecchi

Byron Stone, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8884
Byron Stone, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8884
Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8884
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi

Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn in Neighbours Episode 8884
Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8884
Harold Bishop

Hugo Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8884
Hugo Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8884
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8884
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi

Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8884
Byron Stone, Nicolette Stone

Harold Bishop, Zara Selwyn, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8884
Harold Bishop, Zara Selwyn, Amy Greenwood

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8884
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8884
Harold Bishop

Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 8884
Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter

Gus Cleary, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 8884
Gus Cleary, Max Hoyland

Joe Mangel, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8884
Joe Mangel, Melanie Pearson

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8884
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop

Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 8884
Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8884
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Zara Selwyn, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8884
Zara Selwyn, Amy Greenwood

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