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Neighbours Episode 8845 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8845
Australian airdate: 13/06/22
UK airdate: 12/05/22
Writer: Emma J Steele
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Barbara Durant: Wendy Mocke
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Hendrix telling Karl and Susan his condition was triggered by the fire
- Hendrix getting riled up when Wendy says she left a gift basket for him
- Paul taking great delight in revealing to Kiri that Glen is her dad
- Kiri phoning her mum to find out if Paul was telling the truth
- Nicolette admitting to Kiri and Chloe that she teamed up with Paul
- Glen telling Terese that Paul lashed out because he thinks they're together
- Kiri angrily telling Glen that she wished they'd never met
- Glen feeling distraught and pouring himself an alcoholic drink
Barbara finds Kiri after Chloe told her what church she likes to attend. She asks for permission to sit next to her daughter and then apologises for the truth coming out in such a destructive way. Kiri asks if Barbara was ever going to tell her, then quickly realises she wasn't.
BARBARA: Alan is your dad. That's all he ever wanted.
KIRI: You said you'd answer all my questions. I want the truth.
Number 22 Backyard
Terese finds Glen sitting with the alcohol and quickly chucks it away. She's relieved when Glen admits he hasn't drank any of it, but he's also in a very bad mental state.
GLEN: I saw Kiri. She hates me, I don't blame her. I hate myself even more.
GLEN: I should have just left when I said I was going to.
TERESE: You can't change that now. And drinking isn't going to help either. The only thing that will is talking. (She takes hold of his hands) And that's what I'm here for.
Barbara explains to Kiri that her and Alan wanted a baby so badly, but every time it didn't happen they became more and more disappointed. It then turned into bitterness and anger and they ended up taking it out on each other. They were friends with Glen and Karen at the time and Glen was a good listener.
BARBARA: We ended up having an affair.
KIRI: Mum!
BARBARA: We weren't together for very long, but I ended up getting pregnant with you. Glen and I regretted it and I ended it immediately. We both agreed we wouldn't tell anyone, and it would be best if I told your father I was having his baby. He was thrilled and we were finally happy again.
KIRI: How could you be happy knowing you were lying to him?
BARBARA: The guilt was always there. But every time I saw your father excited I just couldn't break his heart. This doesn't change anything. You're our daughter no matter how it happened.
But Kiri can't take it anymore and leaves.
Number 22
Glen admits to Terese that while he's devastated, he's also relieved he doesn't have to lie to Kiri any more. Terese adds that he doesn't have to stress about people wondering why he's spending so much time with Kiri either, but Glen doesn't see that continuing. "It will eventually," Terese reassures him, so Glen says he'll be there when Kiri's ready. He thanks Terese for all her support, but Terese says she just took her cue from him.
TERESE: You've always known what I've needed, and you've been there for me more times than I can count.
GLEN: Yeah, I always will be.
TERESE: And I will too.
Leaning in close, Glen gently cups Terese's face in his hands and kisses her.
Ramsay Street
Levi puts the rest of his belongings in the car then goes over to chat with Chloe, Hendrix and Mackenzie. He tells them the Rodwells are moving in that afternoon, but he plans on being at his Airbnb well before then. While they talk, Hendrix becomes more and more anxious and has trouble breathing. Mackenzie and Levi try to get him to calm down while Chloe calls Karl for help.
Lassiters Hotel Penthouse
Paul yells at someone on the phone, telling them that Chloe will get back to them soon. He then trips over some fashion week bags and has a go at Karl, but Karl is too busy on the phone with Chloe to stop and chat. "Why is it Chloe will talk to Karl but completely ignores me?" Paul asks Leo as Karl leaves. "I should sack her like I said." Leo just rolls his eyes and tells Paul he's out of his depth as it is. Paul says he's finding it impossible to function in the penthouse with Karl, but Leo retorts that the only reason Karl's there is because of Paul's actions.
PAUL: Thanks for reminding me.
LEO: Well at this stage it's only David and I who care enough to remind you. Have you even apologised to Kiri and Glen yet? You know, you're on the verge of losing a lot of family, dad. Unless you do the right thing.
Number 22
Glen and Terese are dressed in pyjamas and robes after spending some time in bed together. Glen brings Terese close, just because he can, which makes her smile. He'd also like it if they didn't have to hide "whatever this is" if that's what Terese wants too. "Yeah, it's what I want," Terese replies. "Us together." They're about to share another kiss when there's a knock at the door. They hear Paul call out for Glen, so he unabashedly answers while Terese hangs back.
Paul walks in and starts to make a lacklustre apology, saying that the whole "thing" with Kiri wasn't his finest hour. "I really shouldn't have done it," he adds, getting a shock when Terese appears and sidles up to Glen. "No, you shouldn't have," she says, staring Paul right in the eye when Glen puts an arm around her.
PAUL: Are you two sleeping together? You let me make a fool of myself coming in here grovelling for your forgiveness!
TERESE: Your definition of grovelling, Paul, leaves a lot to be desired.
PAUL: And yet the whole time you two are going at it like rabbits behind my back!
TERESE: Actually we haven't. You see, it only just happened after you and I spoke today.
PAUL: And you. You promised. You promised that you were going to leave Terese alone!
GLEN: After what you told Kiri, all bets are off.
TERESE: So in a way it's thanks to you that we can actually now be together.
Barbara suddenly appears, making her way through the open front door.
BARBARA: I'm gathering this isn't the best time? But we've got a lot to talk about. (To Paul, before he escapes) And I'll talk to you later.
Number 28
Susan, Mackenzie and Chloe hang back while Karl does a check up on Hendrix. Karl says that his breathing sounds much better, and Hendrix admits he feels like a "drama king" now. Mackenzie wonders if they should still go to the hospital, and Chloe offers to drive, but Hendrix pipes up that he's feeling fine. Karl takes that as his cue to leave and Susan looks guilty when Hendrix is disappointed. Karl says Hendrix should pop by the penthouse later to visit.
Number 22
Glen wraps up his story to Barbara, telling her that Paul got the wrong end of the stick about him and Terese and then told Kiri the truth to punish him. "It sounds like you're blaming everyone else except yourself," Barbara replies, but Glen says he never intended to tell Kiri who he was.
BARBARA: But you constantly placed yourself in her life. The trip to River Bend, the job at the vineyard-
GLEN: Yeah I could have stayed away from the getaway, but her getting a job at the vineyard and moving onto the street, that's out of my control.
BARBARA: But you promised you'd keep your distance.
GLEN: Sorry. I know how much of a strain this must be on you and Alan. How's he taking it?
Barbara admits he still doesn't know. He thinks she's in Erinsborough because Kiri broke her leg. Glen asks if Barbara plans on telling him, but she retorts that what she does in her marriage is none of his business.
GLEN: I was just thinking about how Kiri would feel.
BARBARA: Her whole world has turned upside down. And all I want to do is be there for her, but I can't.
GLEN: No matter what's going on between you and me, we both need to be there for Kiri.
BARBARA: Don't talk like that. You know nothing about being a father.
The Waterhole
Chloe gives Leo an update on Kiri and says Kiri's worried about her dad and what it will mean for their relationship. Leo says he couldn't imagine finding out Abi wasn't his, he'd be devastated. Nicolette walks in with Jane and spies the two of them at the counter. "What's the bet they're talking about Kiri," she mutters to her mum. Jane reminds Nic that it's not her concern, but Nicolette just wants to know how Kiri's going. Leo heads out and Chloe isn't impressed when Nicolette approaches her, asking about Kiri.
CHLOE: After what you did to her you don't deserve to know.
NICOLETTE: I had no idea what Glen was hiding. And I'm not the one who blew it up. (She sees Paul emerge from the office) Paul should be the one taking the blame!
But Paul ignores her to inform Chloe that he needs her to do the OHS report. Chloe tells Paul he should have been on it already, and Nic reminds him he's the GM now, unless it's another thing he's not taking responsibility for.
PAUL: (flouncing off) Why are you still talking? Nobody cares.
Vineyard Exterior
Kiri is going through the motions of working, but gets stuck trying to move a heavy barrel. She lets her emotions get the best of her and kicks the barrel in frustration. Everything is heightened further when she notices her dad is trying to call her. Bursting into tears, she sinks onto the ground. Glen finds her and quietly sits down next to her.
The Waterhole
Terese finds Barbara and makes a proper introduction. When Barbara gets a text from Alan, Terese finds out that she hasn't spoken to him yet about Kiri and Glen. Terese sympathises with her, saying it will be a difficult conversation to have. "One I plan on having as soon as possible," Barbara says. "But I wouldn't have to if it wasn't for Glen!" Terese explains to Barbara that Glen didn't do this singlehandedly.
TERESE: I'm not one to judge, but from my experience I know that mistakes happen in marriages.
BARBARA: Did you have an affair that ended in a child?
BARBARA: Then you don't understand.
TERESE: You're right, it's not the same. But I do know how hard it's been for Glen, he's been torturing himself over Kiri.
BARBARA: Obviously not enough considering he keeps showing up in her life!
TERESE: Because she's his daughter. Would you be able to stay away? Barbara, Glen made a promise to you and kept it for many years. Can you imagine the toll it's taken on him not knowing her?
She adds that Glen is trying to do the right thing as they speak - looking out for Kiri at the vineyard. Barbara says she needs to be there too, so Terese offers to drive her.
Vineyard Exterior
Glen tells Kiri he promised Barbara he'd keep his distance, that's why he and Karen moved away. He admits he wasn't the most stable guy back then. It wasn't easy for him to leave, but what kept him going was the great life he thought she'd have with Barbara and Alan.
GLEN: It was everything I couldn't give you.
KIRI: But that life was a lie.
GLEN: It doesn't make it any less real does it? They both love you and they're great parents. And even though you know about me, Alan's still your dad.
KIRI: I don't think we should be talking about him.
GLEN: Fair enough.
KIRI: Why did you come to River Bend?
GLEN: I always wondered where you were, what you were doing. The only thing I knew about you was the night you were born. Your mum called me. She was lying on the bed with you in her arms and she looked out the window and saw the moon. That's where Hua came from, that's why I got that tattoo. It wasn't enough. After all those years I had to see you. I know there's a lot of hurt and distrust at the moment, but I want to get back to a point where we can go for a ride in the car and you can rib me about messing up the lyrics of whatever song is playing on the radio.
Kiri doesn't say anything but Glen tries to look hopeful.
Lassiters Hotel Penthouse
Paul finds Karl rummaging through the fashion week bags and says he thought Karl was selling them. Karl confirms he is, but he also had a great idea about making them into collector's items.
KARL: I'm sure you're dying to know how. You see, some will have chocolate and some won't.
PAUL: (deadpan) Genius.
KARL: Thank you!
Susan appears from the elevator and joins them.
KARL: Susan, I've come up with an idea that Paul's acknowledged is genius to increase the value of these bags. I am determined to make a dent in the money I owe you, so hopefully I can come home because I miss you so much.
PAUL: (attempting sincerity) It really was genius.
SUSAN: (witheringly) I'm sure.
She then surprises Karl by saying she wants him to come back home because she thinks it would be the best thing for Hendrix right now. "Yes, you have to think of the children," Paul quickly adds, thinking nowt about the children. He then says he'll give housekeeping a call and they can help Karl pack. Susan leaves and Karl grabs Paul's face, planting a big kiss on his forehead. "I'm back, baby!" he exclaims.
Vineyard Exterior
Kiri and Chloe join Barbara in the car park. Kiri tells her mum she's okay - she didn't have to come and check on her, but she's glad she did. "Glen filled me in on some things, but I want to hear it from you," Kiri says. Chloe tells Kiri she has to head back to work, but she'll catch up with her later.
KIRI: I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything but I want to know when you're going to tell dad.
BARBARA: I should head off soon. I can't leave him on the cruise not knowing. I'm going to have to tell him face to face.
KIRI: If it helps I can come with you. Dad's going to be devastated and I don't want the two of you to break up over this.
BARBARA: Neither do I. Thank you.
But Barbara gets a call from Alan and things turn from bad to worse when she realises that someone at the vineyard has already told him the truth.
Number 28
Hendrix and Mackenzie are in the kitchen when Karl makes a surprise return home. Hendrix is delighted by the news. Karl then hands Susan a big bouquet of flowers he got her. But while things have thawed slightly, Karl soon learns that he'll be sleeping in the spare room for the time being.
Vineyard Exterior
Barbara leaves a voicemail for Alan, begging him to call her back. Kiri can't believe it was someone from the vineyard and then storms over to Glen and Leo. She yells at Glen for talking a big game about "doing the right thing", but then going behind her back and blowing up her life again. Glen doesn't know what she's talking about, but Kiri doesn't believe him.
KIRI: After you were honest with me I thought maybe, maybe we can have some kind of relationship. But you're selfish and pathetic! You had to go and tell my dad the truth and now you've destroyed my family!
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Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant

Glen Donnelly, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8845
Glen Donnelly, Terese Willis

Kiri Durant, Barbara Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Kiri Durant, Barbara Durant

Glen Donnelly, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8845
Glen Donnelly, Terese Willis

Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8845
Levi Canning

Chloe Brennan, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8845
Chloe Brennan, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8845
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8845
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Paul Robinson, Glen Donnelly, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8845
Paul Robinson, Glen Donnelly, Terese Willis

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8845
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Chloe Brennan

Glen Donnelly, Barbara Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Glen Donnelly, Barbara Durant

Leo Tanaka, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8845
Leo Tanaka, Chloe Brennan

Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8845
Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris

Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8845
Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan

Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Kiri Durant

Terese Willis, Barbara Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Terese Willis, Barbara Durant

Kiri Durant, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8845
Kiri Durant, Glen Donnelly

Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8845
Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8845
Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8845
Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant, Chloe Brennan

Hendrix Greyson, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8845
Hendrix Greyson, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8845
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant

Kiri Durant, Glen Donnelly, Barbara Durant in Neighbours Episode 8845
Kiri Durant, Glen Donnelly, Barbara Durant

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