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Neighbours Episode 8834 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8834
Australian airdate: 25/05/22
UK airdate: 27/04/22
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Barbara Durant: Wendy Mocke
Georgia McNamara: Jude Beaumont
John Wong: Harry Tseng
Isla Tanaka-Brennan: Mary Finn
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- David admits to the police he let Gareth die, and Freya volunteers that she made him keep quiet about it
- Freya tries to explain her actions to Levi, but he's not interested in listening
- David's lawyer Georgia tells David and Freya they should plead impaired judgement due to mental trauma
- Chloe and Nicolette are concerned about Glen's friendship with Kiri, and tell Leo he should look into it
- When Leo brings it up with Glen, Glen says he doesn't want Kiri to feel obligated to hang out with him
- Kiri overhears and asks what they are talking about
- Chloe later tries to clear the air with Kiri, but she's annoyed Chloe went to Leo without talking to her
- Kiri's mum Barbara makes a surprise visit, forcing Glen to hide from her to avoid his secret being blown
Leo's Winery
Glen is still hiding behind one of the outbuildings as he watches Kiri and Barbara walking through the vines. Chloe turns up in her car, and tries to apologise for having jumped to conclusions about his relationship with Kiri. Glen's keen for the conversation to end so he can make a getaway, but he agrees to Chloe's peace offering, and excuses himself - saying he has to pick up some supplies for Fashion Week.
Glen rushes off and Chloe looks perplexed, just as Kiri and Barbara approach across the courtyard.
No 32
Jane, Nicolette, Aaron and Isla are gathered around the kitchen, while David is looking distracted at the table. Aaron asks how David would feel if Aaron went back to work. It would mean they save the money they're spending on having 'Django' manage The Shed, while David would get to spend more time with Isla. David agrees, but without any enthusiasm.
We learn that they're waiting for the legal team to arrive, and Aaron convinces David to have a coffee to help him focus when they're here. Nicolette goes to put Isla down for a nap before heading to work. Jane rushes out with her, seemingly keen not to be left in the house without Nicolette given the atmosphere. Aaron looks worried about David.
Leo's Winery
Kiri is giving Barbara a tour of the interior of the winery, and invites her to dinner tonight so she can meet her new housemates. Barbara agrees, and at this point, Chloe comes in with a picnic basket. Kiri introduces her mum to Chloe. Chloe explains she was hoping that she and Kiri could talk over a picnic lunch, but doesn't want to interrupt Kiri's time with her mum - so gives them the picnic hamper instead.
While Barbara's in the bathroom, Kiri thanks Chloe for the gesture - but things are still awkward between them and they struggle for words.
KIRI: Have you seen Glen around? I wanted them to meet; I think they'd get on.
CHLOE: He had to go.
KIRI: Okay, great, yeah. I'll catch him around.
No 32
Georgia, David's lawyer, has arrived with Toadie and Freya, to talk through the details of the case with David and Aaron.
GEORGIA: A mental impairment defence is your best chance of a reduced sentence.
TOADIE: Which means that you'll both need a psych eval.
GEORGIA: (...) I've made an appointment for you with one of the top specialists in the state. It's tomorrow afternoon.
TOADIE: (...) It will show that David's ability to distinguish between right and wrong was impaired by his shock in the moment.
But it's clear from David's expression that he hates everything about this plan.
DAVID: I can't do tomorrow. I'm busy.
GEORGIA: Okay; I'll see if we can sort out another time. David, this is very important for your defence.
TOADIE: Especially since you're on the more serious charge.
But David just sits there in silence.
FREYA: I mean, I could take the appointment? You know, just so you don't have to cancel it?
GEORGIA: Maybe that's a good idea.
This all having been agreed, David exits the room immediately without another word. Freya and Aaron look at one another, both concerned for David.
Ramsay Street
Toadie chats to Levi, who's been shopping. The mention of microwave meals for one prompts Toadie to invite Levi to come over to their place for dinner one night soon. Levi says that sounds amazing, but doesn't entirely commit and says he'll let Toadie know. Toadie looks mildly concerned as Levi walks off.
Harold's Café
Nicolette is not thrilled to see that Glen is her next customer. But Glen is distracted and doesn't answer straight away when she asks what he wants. Nicolette assumes he's giving her the silent treatment after her complaint to Leo about him.
NICOLETTE (impatient): The other server's busy, Glen, it's me or nothing.
GLEN: ... Sorry. Um, just a long black. Takeaway.
NICOLETTE: ... If you're waiting for an apology, you'll be waiting a while.
GLEN: I'm not.
NICOLETTE: Good. Because, you know, you started it, with your creeping, or whatever it is that you were doing, and I was just looking out for Kiri.
GLEN: My relationship with Kiri is none of your business.
NICOLETTE: So, you're allowed to stick your nose in *my* relationship with Kiri, but I'm not allowed to do the same?
GLEN: It's not the same.
NICOLETTE: It is. You're a hypocrite.
Kiri then comes in, and tells Glen her mum's in town. She asks if he'd like to join them for dinner. Rattled, Glen claims he's having dinner with Paul, so can't. Nicolette coolly hands Glen his coffee, and he leaves.
NICOLETTE: Would you like your favourite cheesecake for tonight?
KIRI: Sure, why not?
NICOLETTE: Great. We'll have to make it, but I can drop it over to your house later.
KIRI: Ah, no, that's okay. I'll just grab whatever you've got ready.
Nicolette looks disappointed that she won't get the chance to go round to Kiri's later.
No 32
Aaron is sitting at the breakfast bar when David comes back in from the garden. Aaron challenges David on why he turned down the appointment for the psych evaluation, saying he isn't busy tomorrow.
DAVID (tersely): I'm tired.
AARON: But are you too tired to make maybe the most important appointment of your life?
DAVID: Can we talk about this later?
AARON: No, David, we can't. You heard what Toadie said. This is your best chance at a strong defence.
DAVID: I don't *want* a strong defence. Not that kind.
AARON: What does that even mean?!
DAVID: It means I don't want to keep lying!
AARON: But you're not lying. You're gonna be backed up by a psych eval.
DAVID: It's using a legal loophole to minimise my responsibility.
AARON: But that's what people do, every day. That's how the law works. And you know what - it's not even a loophole. You and Freya were traumatised by what happened.
DAVID: It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is I killed someone!
AARON: No, you didn't -
DAVID: Okay, I let him die. It's the same thing. I knew what would happen if I didn't treat him. I wasn't mentally impaired, and I am sick of trying to defend it.
AARON: No, David - David, please don't do this.
DAVID: I am doing what I should've done in the first place. I am taking responsibility for the kind of person I really am.
The Waterhole
Levi is drinking at the bar on his own. He's leaving a message on the voicemail of Yashvi, his former colleague and Toadie's niece, who now lives in Sydney.
LEVI: You're probably on shift right now giving all the rookies a hard time, but... yeah, I was just calling to have a chat, so, when you're free, give me a buzz, yeah?
Freya turns up as he ends the message, to pick up a bottle of wine to take out. She notices Levi is drinking alone.
FREYA: Your day going that well, is it?
LEVI: ...
FREYA: Sorry. Don't mind me.
She pays for her wine and leaves. Levi doesn't say a word, except to ask the bartender for a refill.
Harold's Café
Jane is asking Nicolette if she's heard from Aaron about David's legal meeting, but Nicolette rather irritably tells her she hasn't been checking her phone.
JANE: Oh, well, I know that tone. What's wrong?
NICOLETTE: Oh, Glen! He had the nerve to come in here and be salty with me about telling Kiri to be careful of him (...)
JANE: Well, maybe you would be less upset if you just tried to avoid him? (...)
NICOLETTE: Right, so he's gonna come into my place of work, but I'm the one who has to avoid him?
JANE: Alright, don't lose it with me! I'm on your side. And because I *am* on your side, I'm gonna tell you a little something that I think you know, but you don't want to hear. This isn't really about Glen. It's about Kiri.
JANE: Well, you only ever argue with him about her.
NICOLETTE: Oh, that's not true. Mum, there's something off about him.
JANE: You have to let her go eventually.
NICOLETTE: I have! I will. But it doesn't mean that I'm wrong about Glen.
No 32
Aaron is with Isla when Freya calls round. She wanted to double-check it was okay that she volunteered to take the psych evaluation that David said he couldn't make - as she noticed a 'weird vibe' with David earlier. Aaron admits that David doesn't want the appointment.
AARON: I think he's given up. For David, something is either right or it's wrong. There's no grey area.
FREYA: Yeah, I don't get that. Like, surely it's not about the degree of right and wrong, it's about the circumstance.
AARON: I know, I know. But David doesn't see it that way. As far as he's concerned, taking the mental impairment defence is just cheating. The only way out for him is to take the full blame.
No 24
Barbara has joined Kiri, Chloe and Freya for dinner - Kiri explains that Mackenzie isn't in this episode, so can't make it. Chloe asks Barbara what she and Kiri's dad have planned now they've sold the River Bend retreat, at which mention Freya looks uncomfortable. Barbara explains she and her husband are thinking of going away on a holiday - that's partly why she's here, to make sure Kiri's okay before they leave.
KIRI: Your baby's fine. I love it here.
CHLOE (trying too hard): And we love having you here!
Barbara reveals that their plan is to go away for six months, maybe twelve. Kiri encourages her, pointing out that she and her dad have always talked about travelling. Chloe begins regaling Barbara with tales from her own travelling days, but Freya is looking increasingly upset.
The Waterhole
Levi is knocking back his latest whisky at the bar, when Jane and Nicolette come in. Nicolette makes it clear to Jane she's still a bit annoyed with her for her input over the Glen/Kiri situation, but Levi breaks the ice by slurringly asking the pair to hit the town with him! Jane makes the excuse that they have to get back to David and Aaron. Levi says they should come as well, and leave Isla with Toadie! He then makes a call.
LEVI (slurring): Hey, Gran - it's your favourite grandson, Levi. Can you call me back, please? Thank you.
NICOLETTE: You know what? I've got a better idea.
LEVI: Luna Park?
NICOLETTE: We're gonna give you a lift home.
LEVI: Guys, I'm a policeman! I can walk home, and nobody can stop me!
JANE: Why don't you come with us? You can have some chicken wings.
LEVI: Chicken wings? Alright! Guys, you know, on a scale of one to ten, I'm an eight. You know, 'urinate'? I need to pee.
While Levi goes to relieve himself, Nicolette spots Glen sitting at a table behind them. She tells Jane that Glen excused himself from dinner with Kiri on the basis that he was eating with Paul.
NICOLETTE: He lied! I am right about him.
But Jane shakes her head incredulously.
No 24
Chloe's travel tales continue.
CHLOE: So, if you do go to Cuba, make sure your hammock is tied up properly before you lie back with a drink in it.
Barbara's grateful for Chloe's tips, but ready to call it a night - saying she's already had too much wine. Kiri offers Barbara her room if she wants to stay the night.
BARBARA: Okay, pour me another glass!
Kiri asks Barbara if she's heard anything about what's happening with River Bend under the new owners.
BARBARA (sentimental): No, I don't think I want to. We built that place up as a family, you know? It meant a lot to us.
KIRI: Aww, Mum...
BARBARA: I told you I'd drank enough wine!
Kiri notices Freya is now on the brink of tears, and asks her what's wrong.
FREYA: Barbara, I'm so sorry (...) You only sold your business because of me.
CHLOE: ... Is that why you've been so quiet tonight?
FREYA: I've wrecked everything (...) for your family, and for David's family. I've wrecked it.
KIRI: Hey. You haven't wrecked anything.
BARBARA: We don't blame you for what happened.
FREYA: Yeah, well, I, umm... I convinced David to lie about what we did, and now things are really bad.
CHLOE: You were under as much stress as he was. Freya, listen to me. The only person to blame for any of this is Gareth.
FREYA: No. He was only there because of me.
KIRI: But you're just as much a victim as any of us.
BARBARA: Kiri's right. We've all fallen for the wrong person at some point.
Freya smiles, somewhat reassured by everyone's support.
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Barbara is leaving No 24 with Kiri.
BARBARA: Tell poor Freya, if she ever needs to talk, I'm happy to give her a call.
KIRI: Thanks, Mum. And thank you for staying last night - it was really fun!
BARBARA: It really was. They're both lovely girls. Chloe seemed to be making quite the effort.
KIRI: Meaning?
BARBARA: You tell me. Are you two...?
KIRI: No, it's complicated at the moment.
BARBARA: You know that offer to talk includes you, too?
KIRI: Yeah, I don't know what it is with Chloe. I dunno - I'll talk to you about it another time.
Barbara is distracted by the sight of Glen putting something in the recycling bin next door. She only sees him from the back, but it looks as if there's a fleeting sense of recognition there - and Barbara looks troubled as Kiri hugs her goodbye...
No 30
Freya is having a legal meeting with Toadie.
FREYA: I want to change my statement. About Gareth's death.
TOADIE: Change it how?
FREYA: I was the one who threw the OPA in the bush, not David.
TOADIE: ... Freya, you've just gone to the police to tell them the truth about what happened. Why would you keep lying about who threw away the airways tube?
FREYA: ... Well, David's been really confused because of his stress, and he's misremembered.
TOADIE (incredulous): And you didn't correct him?
FREYA (shrugs): I've been scared. I've been really scared, so I've let him take the blame, but... I want to do what's right now.
TOADIE: By lying again?
FREYA: I'm not lying.
TOADIE: Freya, you've already been charged with perverting the course of justice. This isn't gonna help David, because the police won't believe you.
FREYA: It's the truth.
TOADIE: And this is only gonna make things worse -
FREYA (shouting): No, I don't care! I don't care! You know, what's happening with David right now, he doesn't deserve it. And this is my fault, so I have to fix it. (tearful) I have to fix it.
TOADIE: Okay. Taking the blame isn't the answer here.
FREYA (tearful): Okay, well, fine. Fine, I'll... I'll go to the police by myself.
TOADIE: Can you... just, you know, give it 24 hours, okay? If you feel this way this time tomorrow, well, then, I'll help you do it.
FREYA: I'm not gonna change my mind.
TOADIE: Okay, well... then there's no harm in waiting, then, is there?
Freya wipes her tears from her face and says she'll wait. She thanks Toadie, and leaves.
Harold's Lakeside
Kiri is having a coffee when Glen turns up. She tells him he missed a fun night last night; he apologises again for not being able to make it. Nicolette comes out on waiting duty, and Kiri orders a muffin. She asks Glen if he wants to share it, but at this moment, John Wong walks past. Glen claims he's left something at home and has to go and get it, then swiftly follows John. Nicolette looks suspicious.
In the courtyard...
GLEN: John.
JOHN: Glen... that girl back there, is she who I think she is?
GLEN: ...
JOHN: I recognise her from the research I did for Harlow. What's her name?
GLEN: Kiri.
JOHN: You haven't told her, have you?
GLEN: That I'm her dad? No.
JOHN: Can I give you some advice? I've seen these sorts of situations before. Hanging around in public with your secret daughter is the quickest way for someone to find out.
GLEN: Yeah, well, thanks, but this is none of your business.
JOHN: I backstabbed my biggest client and lied to his granddaughter about this.
GLEN: But Paul's not gonna find out, is he?
JOHN: You can guarantee that, can you?
Unseen by the men, Nicolette has appeared at the bins nearby, and listens to what's to come. John wonders if he should be honest with Paul about Glen's secret.
GLEN: No, you are not going to do that!
JOHN: If I lose his business, that's gonna cost me a lot of money! Now I've got everything I need to save me from that headache.
GLEN (agitated): Look, you need to back off and stay out of this!
Glen walks away, leaving Nicolette wondering what he and John were talking about.
No 32
David comes into the lounge, and Aaron remarks that he's slept late. David doesn't reply, just drops silently onto the couch. Aaron suggests they take Isla for a walk and get a smoothie. David tells Aaron that he can go if he wants. Aaron adds that Leo called, asking if they're still okay to help with the gin launch. David says he'll text Leo, but has nothing more to offer. Aaron looks worried.
Lassiter's Complex
Nicolette is cleaning a table outside Harold's when Glen walks by.
NICOLETTE: Find what you were looking for?
GLEN: What?
NICOLETTE (provocative): That thing you forgot. Seemed important, the way you rushed off before.
Glen claims it was his wallet he'd left at home, and makes a joke of it. But as he walks off, Nicolette smiles - aware she's caught him in a lie, and wondering what he's really up to...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Freya has something to tell her brother Zane
- David tells Aaron, 'I give up'; Aaron replies, 'You do not get to give up'
- Terese advises Glen to get on the front foot and tell Kiri the truth
- Nicolette mockingly tells Paul that Glen's in love with Terese, and suggests Paul ask him about it
- Paul looks annoyed to see Glen and Terese hugging in the pub
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Glen Donnelly, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8834
Glen Donnelly, Chloe Brennan

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Jane Harris, Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8834
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Jane Harris, Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Nicolette Stone

Barbara Durant, Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Barbara Durant, Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant

Georgia McNamara, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Freya Wozniak, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8834
Georgia McNamara, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Freya Wozniak, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8834
Toadie Rebecchi, Levi Canning

Nicolette Stone, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8834
Nicolette Stone, Glen Donnelly

Glen Donnelly, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Glen Donnelly, Kiri Durant

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8834
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Levi Canning, Freya Wozniak in Neighbours Episode 8834
Levi Canning, Freya Wozniak

Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8834
Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris

Aaron Brennan, Freya Wozniak in Neighbours Episode 8834
Aaron Brennan, Freya Wozniak

Freya Wozniak, Chloe Brennan, Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Freya Wozniak, Chloe Brennan, Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant

Levi Canning, Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8834
Levi Canning, Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Freya Wozniak, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Freya Wozniak, Kiri Durant

Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Barbara Durant, Kiri Durant

Kiri Durant, Barbara Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Kiri Durant, Barbara Durant

Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8834
Glen Donnelly

Toadie Rebecchi, Freya Wozniak in Neighbours Episode 8834
Toadie Rebecchi, Freya Wozniak

Nicolette Stone, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8834
Nicolette Stone, Kiri Durant

Glen Donnelly, John Wong in Neighbours Episode 8834
Glen Donnelly, John Wong

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8834
Nicolette Stone

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8834
Aaron Brennan

David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8834
David Tanaka

Nicolette Stone, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8834
Nicolette Stone, Glen Donnelly

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8834
Nicolette Stone

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