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Neighbours Episode 8610 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8610
Australian airdate: 29/04/21
UK airdate: 27/05/21
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Brent Colefax: Texas Watterston
Jesse Porter: Cameron Robbie
Emmett Donaldson: Ezra Justin (uncredited)
Jenna Donaldson: Anna Lise Phillips (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Nicolette tells Jane to go to Mildura; she'll be fine in her absence
- Roxy tells Kyle about her plans for a beach volleyball tournament
- Jenna gets the news that Emmett is allowed to come with her to New Zealand
- David and Aaron are sad to lose Emmett, but Chloe tells Nicolette it's the best thing for him
- Emmett waves goodbye from the taxi to a forlorn- looking David and Aaron
- With Emmett gone, Aaron and David want Nicolette to move back in with them, but she's happy at No 24
- Aaron asks Chloe to help talk Nicolette into moving back to No 32, but Chloe doesn't want to get involved
- Harlow makes contact with Brent, and admits this to a suspicious Hendrix - Hendrix wants to talk to Brent
- Brent swears to Hendrix that he'll turn himself in once Emmett is safely on the plane to New Zealand
Beaumaris Beach
On a rock overlooking the ocean, Harlow and Brent are watching footage from her phone of Emmett and Jenna waving as they drive away from Ramsay Street in the taxi.
HARLOW: He's got a beautiful smile.
BRENT: Yeah. He'll be halfway to New Zealand by now.
HARLOW: We can stay here as long as you need.
BRENT: ... Nah. I can't avoid this forever.
HARLOW: I'm not really ready to say goodbye. I'm not saying I don't think you should hand yourself in, I'm... I think maybe we should have a few more hours?
BRENT: Yeah, okay - if you like. If we've got time, there's something I've been working on that I wouldn't mind finishing.
Harlow is intrigued. Brent says he'll explain later, but that he could do with her bringing a few supplies to help with this mystery project...
No 24
Nicolette has prepared bagels and coffee for Chloe, Aaron and David. Aaron remarks that he misses having Nic 'on the roster' at No 32.
AARON: There was always a surprise, wasn't there?
NICOLETTE: Whether it was edible or not!
AARON: Well, I was gonna say 'fit for human consumption', but you were close!
Chloe is looking annoyed that Aaron is still pushing to get Nicolette to move back to No 32, and while Nic's in the kitchen fetching the cream cheese, Aaron kicks Chloe on the shin, in a bid to get her to intervene and help persuade Nic to move back too! Chloe looks even more annoyed now, and stamps hard on Aaron's foot, causing him to cry out!
Returning, Nic wonders what they're arguing about, and Chloe loudly spills the beans that Aaron is trying to make her push Nic back to No 32.
NICOLETTE: Here I am thinking I made my own decision (!)
At this point, Jane comes in, back from her trip to Mildura. She fusses over Nic, while Aaron and Chloe give one another the evils. Aaron continues to kick a furious Chloe, while an oblivious Jane sits down for coffee!
Lassiter's Complex
Roxy has roped in Kyle and Jesse to stand on parade in Flamingo Bar team volleyball outfits, while she explains her ideas for the tournament to Paul and Terese. Terese seems keen on the idea, and despite some quibbles, Paul grudgingly agrees to give Roxy the green light. She promises they won't be disappointed, then leaves with Kyle and Jesse.
Harlow turns up. Paul tells her he heard there was a climate change exhibition at the science museum, and that he's booked a couple of tickets for them. He suggests they go today, but Harlow coolly tells him she has uni, so can't. Terese notes with concern that Harlow has somebody covering her hotel shift again today, and says she knows Harlow must be doing it tough with Brent missing.
Terese asks if there's been any sign of Brent; Harlow quickly says no, and abruptly rushes off.
No 24
Jane is regaling Nicolette, Chloe, David and Aaron with tales of her educational fact-finding mission to Mildura, bragging about how their school's Year 13 programme isn't as 'sophisticated' as hers! None of the others look remotely interested, and Jane quickly cottons on that there's an atmosphere between them.
JANE: Something's not quite right - I'd like to know what it is?
AARON: No, look, we're just a little cut up about Emmett leaving. He got the approval to go and live with his mum in New Zealand, so...
DAVID: It all happened really quickly. They only left this morning.
JANE: That must be hard for you both. He's such a lovely boy.
DAVID: Yeah. We really miss him. The house already feels so empty without him.
JANE (laughs): Would it help if we moved back in? We'd be more than happy to!
NICOLETTE (curtly): You mean, you and Nan Mangel? Because I prefer to speak for myself, and I've already told the boys that I'm staying here. With my girlfriend.
There's an awkward silence, so Nic gets up to clear the plates. David and Aaron go to help, while Chloe retreats to the living area - but Jane follows her.
JANE: Chloe, what on earth is going on?
CHLOE: Things got a bit out of hand while you were away (...) Nic started to feel like she wasn't a priority for Aaron and David, and it led to some tension. Now they're trying to convince her to move back in with them now that Emmett's gone, and I am just stuck in the middle.
JANE: Right. Well, we'd best sort this mess out.
The Waterhole
Harlow has picked up two coffees to go, and runs into Toadie, who asks how she's doing. She says she's just focusing on uni to take her mind off things.
HARLOW (innocently): I was meaning to ask you - so if the police do find Brent, does that mean he'll be charged with burglary?
TOADIE: Burglary and theft. And quite possibly, possession of stolen goods for hiding the motorcycle in the first place. Has he been in contact with you?
HARLOW: No, I, umm... I just really hope he hands himself in before he gets caught.
Toadie looks as if he might have an inkling that Harlow knows more than she's letting on, and pointedly tells her that Brent handing himself in would be his best chance of a lenient sentence.
TOADIE: It's no guarantee, but there's really no other hope of him avoiding jail.
Paul, returning from the bathroom, overhears this, unseen by Harlow. Harlow thanks Toadie, and leaves. Paul then approaches Toadie, and asks where Harlow's going - 'uni', Toadie replies.
PAUL: With two coffees? Huh. Did she say anything else at all?
TOADIE: Paul, as much as I'd love to help you keep tabs on your granddaughter - you have a good day.
Toadie walks off, and Paul looks suspicious.
Lassiter's Complex
Harlow is waiting at a table with her takeaway coffees, when Hendrix turns up. It turns out he's swiped some mystery supplies from the Year 13 classroom for Brent. Harlow thanks Hendrix for his help.
HENDRIX: Just so we're clear, I don't feel good about keeping quiet about this. Especially with Mackenzie.
Harlow assures him it won't be for much longer. Paul has now emerged from the pub, and looks suspicious again as he sees Harlow and Hendrix talking.
HARLOW (to Hendrix): I'm really sorry that I dragged you into this. But I really appreciate your help.
She promises him that in a few hours, Brent will hand himself in to the police, then leaves with the coffees. Paul immediately accosts Hendrix, and asks what he was talking to Harlow about. Hendrix bluffs, saying he just asked Harlow to pass something on to Mackenzie, as she's on her way to catch up with her now - at uni, over coffee. Paul isn't buying it.
PAUL: She knows something about Brent, doesn't she, and you're in on it.
HENDRIX: Paul, if Harlow knew where Brent was, the last person she would tell is her ex-boyfriend she's barely talking to.
Hendrix walks off, but despite a convincing performance, Paul still looks suspicious.
No 24
Jane is presiding over a mediation session between Nicolette, Chloe, David and Aaron. She asks to hear everyone's perspective, but Nicolette and Aaron start talking simultaneously, so Jane goes to the kitchen to retrieve a wooden spoon... or as she calls it, the talking stick!
JANE: Now, only the person holding the stick is allowed to speak.
AARON: Are you serious?! We're not in high school!
JANE: It's funny you should mention that, because it worked a treat in Mildura!
David is first to receive the talking stick from Jane!
DAVID (to Nicolette): Aaron and I are frustrated that you didn't even consider it when we suggested that you move back in. We always try to take into consideration what's best for you when we make decisions, but we don't feel like we get much back.
JANE: Can you give an example, David?
DAVID: You used our baby to blackmail us into choosing between you and Emmett.
NICOLETTE: Blackmail - are you serious?!
AARON: It was definitely an ultimatum!
JANE: I'm sorry, but neither of you have the talking stick.
So Nicolette grabs the talking stick from Aaron!
NICOLETTE: I don't know why you're reading so much into this, because I saw a problem, and offered a solution.
AARON: No, hold on! You demanded the solution that worked for you, instead of working with us to find a compromise!
JANE: The stick...!
Aaron goes to grab it from Nicolette, but she pulls it away from him!
AARON: Come on, Nic, what are you, twelve?
NICOLETTE: I'm not finished!
An almighty row breaks out, so Chloe, who has been looking increasingly frustrated, grabs the stick from Nic.
CHLOE: Alright, everyone, just stop! You need to give this a rest, cos you're doing my head in.
Beaumaris Beach
Brent seems pleased with the supplies Harlow has brought via Hendrix. We see that he's been making a stuffed bunny, which he explains is for David and Aaron's baby; he began it before the Holden situation kicked off.
BRENT: I stopped working on it when I thought Aaron and David wanted to kick us out. I dunno, I just kind of want to get it done before I hand myself in to the cops, you know?
HARLOW: It's lovely.
BRENT: Thanks.
He smiles nostalgically.
BRENT: You know, I had one just like this when I was a kid. My mum, she couldn't afford many presents when we were young for our birthdays. So the neighbours made one for me.
HARLOW: You're kind of carrying on the tradition?
BRENT: Yeah. Look, I know the baby's gonna get tonnes of presents and stuff like that, but... I dunno, I just... want this to mean something, you know?
HARLOW: ... You have the kindest heart. With everything you've been through, it really blows me away.
BRENT: You're the only person that sees the best in me.
No 32
David and Aaron return home, dissecting their disastrous mediation session with Nicolette. Aaron wonders if they did the right thing asking her to move back in, given they've only just moved past the drama with Emmett and Brent.
DAVID: It's only a drama because she's making it one. Emmett doesn't live here anymore, and the fostering rules were the only reason she moved out. We agreed, we'd all live here together so we could support her - we're supposed to be a team.
AARON: I know (...) Look, at the end of the day, we have to get her on-board. And I dunno how we're gonna do that.
The Waterhole
Chloe is with Hendrix for drinks, venting about her difficult situation being stuck between Nicolette and the boys. Chloe asks what's going on with Hendrix; he mentions he's had to keep a secret from Mackenzie for another friend.
CHLOE: Crappiola to the max! You guys are so close.
HENDRIX: Yeah, we tell each other everything. Well, almost everything.
CHLOE: Are we still riding the 'just good friends' train, or, uh...
HENDRIX: I really like her.
CHLOE: Finally!
HENDRIX: Yeah, I've been trying to talk myself out of it, because I know that she's not into me (...) She made it clear.
At another table, Terese is working, while Paul ruminates over Harlow's mysterious behaviour.
PAUL: You know, none of this makes sense.
TERESE: Tell me about it. These insurance quotes are impossible to compare!
PAUL: No, no - Harlow. I mean, she's missed how many shifts? And after going on and on about Brent, when we ask her about it, suddenly she just clams up (...) And what about the two coffees - the talk with Toadie? Hendrix giving me the runaround?
TERESE: Well, it sounds like nothing out of the ordinary.
But Paul still suspects that Harlow knows where Brent is, and is in contact with him. Terese says his evidence is 'flimsy'. Terese points out that Hendrix wants Brent gone just as much as Paul does; she doesn't think he'd be a part of it. Terese tells Paul to forget about it and help her decrypt the insurance quotes for the volleyball tournament!
No 32
David, Aaron and Nicolette are having another mediation session - this time, with Chloe presiding over the talking stick! She tells them that their collective goal of providing a best possible home for the baby should outweigh everything else. Chloe passes the stick to David.
NICOLETTE: We don't need that. We're all adults, and Mum's not here.
David casually flings the spoon over his shoulder and it clatters to the floor, breaking the ice!
DAVID: We agree with you, Chloe.
AARON: Yeah. Absolutely.
NICOLETTE: Me three. I just want to get back on the same page for Bub.
CHLOE: Good. And I have to say, I can't stay caught in the middle anymore. I love all of you, and I will not be used as a go-between.
Aaron apologises for Chloe getting caught up in it all, and asks how they should resolve things.
NICOLETTE: It really spun me out knowing you guys thought I was holding the baby hostage; that hit me hard. But I see your point of view. I'm literally having your baby, and sometimes I make decisions that make you anxious.
AARON: We know it's not deliberate.
NICOLETTE: No, it's not. But I will be more conscious of it from now on.
AARON: And you know what? You should be free to live wherever you want. It's your choice.
NICOLETTE: Thank you. And I'm gonna stay with Chlo - until the baby's born. And really, your house and our house, they're practically one. And I'll see you guys all the time, and you'll be with me and Bub for all the major milestones, and the little moments. And then when I have the baby, I'll move back in for as long as we all need.
David and Aaron seem satisfied with this compromise, and everyone smiles.
The Waterhole
Kyle is still in his volleyball outfit, and assisting Roxy by putting up posters for the tournament, though he's desperate to go home.
ROXY: Well, Jesse's not complaining about doing Power Road and the Community Centre.
KYLE: Yeah, well, Jesse's on the payroll.
ROXY: How about you just lean into the fact that you look so hot putting the posters up? It's great advertisement for the tournament. Everything is so perfect!
Kyle wearily continues.
Meanwhile, Jane has joined Paul and Terese for a chat at their table. She's moaning about the tension she walked into at home earlier, and Paul remarks that if David and Aaron have concerns about Nicolette, they're probably justified!
TERESE: No-one's asking for your input, Paul.
Jane moves on to moaning about Curtis at school, who is still not 'following the handbook properly' as regards Year 13.
JANE: Even worse, someone - a stranger - has accessed the senior school portal. And d'you think Curtis or Susan have looked into it? This user has downloaded Year 13 material - and considering there's only ever been two Year 13 students, each with their own access - well, it warrants looking into.
Paul is looking increasingly curious.
PAUL: Hang on, did this happen after Brent disappeared?
Jane says it did, so Paul makes space for Jane and her laptop, and asks her to show them how this portal works...
Beaumaris Beach
Brent has finished making the bunny for David and Aaron's baby. Harlow thinks it's adorable, and that the boys will love it.
BRENT: You know that stuff we were talking about - how you're the only person that sees the best in me? It's because you give people chances, and you don't give up on them. I dunno - it just seems like you've given up on Paul lately.
HARLOW: You out of all people shouldn't be defending Paul.
BRENT: It's not what I think of him. I... I know what it's like not to have a relationship with your family. You shouldn't let that happen to you too.
HARLOW: I wish it was that easy.
BRENT: Look, Harlow, I know I've screwed up so many times. Of course it's what Paul sees in me.
HARLOW: Yeah, but, he focused on that. He didn't even consider that there'd be another side to you.
BRENT: It's because he was looking out for you. You know, I reckon he's done that since you guys met. Especially when your mum passed. All I mean is, I can see where he's coming from. Whatever happens after I turn myself into the cops - you need to fix things with Paul.
The Waterhole
Paul is trying to convince Jane to look at the Year 13 portal logs to see if the unauthorised access might have anything to do with Brent. Jane argues that Brent has his own login, but Paul points out he wouldn't be silly enough to use it while on the run. Jane admits that the students have a personal chat function within the portal, but doesn't want to access the messages as it would be a breach of privacy.
Paul is frustrated by Jane's determination to stick to protocol. He reminds Jane that Brent was responsible for stealing school property, and for Nicolette getting hurt, and putting their unborn grandchild in danger. Terese agrees that it can't hurt to look at the chat activity, so Jane logs on to do so.
She sees the coded messages between Harlow and Brent - using the codenames Silver Tiger and Brass Mule. But it's clear it's them, because Emmett is mentioned among the messages. Paul takes a look, and sees a message alluding to Brent and Harlow's arrangement to meet up at Beaumaris Beach.
JANE: What do we do?
PAUL: Just leave it with me. But don't say anything yet, alright? (...) Please, I need to protect my family - so as friend to friend, just forget you ever saw this.
Jane reluctantly accedes to Paul's request, and he tells her he owes her.
Beaumaris Beach
In the beach hut, Brent puts the bunny he's made in a rucksack, and gives it to Harlow, asking her to keep it safe while he hands himself in. She hopes he'll soon have a chance to give it to David and Aaron himself.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul leaves the pub, followed swiftly by Terese, who tells him to slow down. But he's on his way to tell the police about Brent's whereabouts, and says he needs to move quickly so Brent doesn't get away again.
Beaumaris Beach
Brent is psyching himself up to hand himself in.
BRENT: Time to bite the bullet, then.
HARLOW: Hey, you're not gonna be alone, okay? I'm with you no matter what. And you're doing the right thing. Handing yourself in is the best chance you've got.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul and Terese have arrived outside the police station. Terese tells Paul she thinks they should call Harlow first, to find out what's going on from her.
PAUL: I am not gonna risk him doing a runner if he's there when we call!
TERESE: You do realise that if the police find out that she was helping him, they'll treat her as an accessory?
PAUL: Yes, but that's a big 'if'. And Jane's not gonna say anything.
PAUL: No - I am doing this!
He walks into the station...
Beaumaris Beach
Brent prepares to say goodbye to Harlow.
BRENT: This is it, then.
HARLOW: Everything's gonna be okay.
Little does she know...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Mackenzie asks Hendrix, 'How did this even happen?' as Chloe watches
- We hear Hendrix say, 'I didn't want to hurt you'
- Yashvi begins to realise that Mackenzie may want more than friendship with Hendrix
- Susan asks Bea if Levi's heard her podcast or if he knows what's on it
- We see Levi leaving a gift for Bea at the Hive
- Bea is frantic about something at the Hive, and rushes over to the laptop by the sound desk
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Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson

Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8610
Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka

Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8610
Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Jesse Porter, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8610
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Jesse Porter, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis

Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Harlow Robinson

Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8610
Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Jane Harris

Toadie Rebecchi, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Toadie Rebecchi, Harlow Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson

Paul Robinson, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Paul Robinson, Hendrix Greyson

Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8610
Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan

Harlow Robinson, Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8610
Harlow Robinson, Brent Colefax

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8610
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Chloe Brennan, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Chloe Brennan, Hendrix Greyson

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8610
Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8610
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8610
Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis

Terese Willis, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Terese Willis, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8610
Brent Colefax

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson

Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8610
Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson

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