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Neighbours Episode 8564 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8564
Australian airdate: 23/02/21
UK airdate:
Writer: Paul Gartside
Director: Tony Gardiner ACS
Guests: Brent Colefax: Texas Watterston
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Karl reacting angrily to Olivia being back in Erinsborough
- Susan hoping that Karl sent Olivia packing when he saw her
- David telling Susan that Olivia's offer of a re- write holds some appeal
- Harlow offering to tutor Brent, and Hendrix not looking pleased
- Jane and Susan feeling confident in their Year 13 initiative
- Hendrix throwing his souffle at Brent
- Jane slipping over the remnants of souffle on the ground
Erinsborough High
Hendrix and Brent rush over to check if Jane is all right. They're concerned when they see her forehead bleeding and suggest she goes to sick bay, but Jane insists that she's okay. She gets frustrated when the boys start bickering about whose fault it was. Jane reminds them that Year 13 is supposed to be about treating them like adults, but they're behaving like toddlers. Hendrix and Brent begin to argue again, which frustrates Jane further. She was hoping to make Year 13 part of the permanent programming but doesn't see how that's going to happen with the two of them setting such a poor precedent. The boys sheepishly apologise to Jane, just as Susan appears in doorway. She takes one look at the mess and demands to know what happened.
Number 22
Harlow informs Paul that Brent is coming over for a tutoring session later. Terese can sense Paul's displeasure and says she approved the catch up. Ned chimes in and wonders why Harlow isn't at uni having fun during orientation week. Paul concurs, saying it would be a much better use of her time than trying to help a "no-hoper" like Brent.
HARLOW: So you'd rather me go out drinking till dawn?
PAUL: That's not what I'm saying, I just think meeting new friends would be a better use of your time.
TERESE: Shockingly he does have a point about meeting new friends.
HARLOW: Well rest assured I'll be going to plenty of events at O Week to meet my new classmates.
Ned says he might tag along with Harlow to some parties while he's on campus too. Harlow's confused, but Ned explains he's been hired to install some murals on the grounds - portraits of notable Eden Hills alumni. Paul and Terese think it's a great opportunity and ask how he scored the job. Ned explains that the Dean of Arts was at his last exhibition and liked what he saw. Harlow offers her congratulations before leaving to sort out her uni timetable.
PAUL: I still don't like the idea of her seeing Brent.
TERESE: She's an adult, Paul. It's her decision, not yours.
Harold's Café
Toadie tells Karl about the deal Melanie struck with Terese about the Lassiters rent. Karl's impressed, "you've got to respect a woman who can wrangle a good bargain!" They bump into David and Toadie asks how Fay's visit is going. David admits that it's not a bed of roses, but Kyle's life drawing modelling certainly livened things up for her. Karl notices the folder David is carrying and thinks he's taking on an extra workload, but is alarmed to discover they're Finn's old case files.
DAVID: I'm trying to decide whether I'll contribute to Olivia Bell's new book.
KARL: She approached you as well?
DAVID: She said she's trying to get the full story.
KARL: This woman's disrespect for people's privacy!
DAVID: Sorry.
KARL: No, it's not your fault, it's hers. She's always crossing the line.
Erinsborough High
While Hendrix and Brent clean up the mess, Jane tries to explain the incident away to Susan as a souffle spillage during a disagreement the boys had. Susan points out that Jane is bleeding, but Jane insists that it was all a "silly accident". Susan understands that Jane is invested in the Year 13 program but if there's a problem, she needs to know. She turns to the boys and reminds them that they're expecting a visit from the Education Department tomorrow and wants to ensure that things will run smoothly. Hendrix says they will, and Jane is sure that things will be on an even keel from now on. Susan tells the boys to clean the room till it's spotless, then steps outside for a word with Jane.
BRENT: You happy?
HENDRIX: Why would I be happy?
BRENT: Now you can go running to Harlow to tell her I started trouble. It's what you wanted, right?
HENDRIX: (ignoring him) You missed a spot.
Brent glares at him before turning around to clean the whiteboard.
Number 32
David checks over the cut on Jane's head and tells her that it doesn't look too bad. Brent arrives home and David says he hopes the teen realises how out of line he was earlier. Brent sighs and says he's already been told off by Jane and Mrs Kennedy, he doesn't need it from David as well. David sternly retorts he's going to anyway. He reminds the teen that he signed up for Year 13 so he could make something of his future, so it's about time Brent proved he was serious about it. But Brent says he is serious - so much so that he's about to head over to Harlow's and collect her old textbooks, then she's tutoring him that evening.
BRENT: What else do you want from me, mate?
DAVID: How about not picking fights with Hendrix?
BRENT: The guy's a tool.
Brent walks out leaving David at a loss.
JANE: Well, we always knew that he could be a handful.
DAVID: Yeah, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to discipline him. Or even if it's my place.
JANE: Living under your roof...
DAVID: Temporarily.
JANE: You know he's lucky to have your guidance, even if he can't admit it.
DAVID: Do you think we should be stricter with him?
JANE: I don't know that I'm the right person to ask. I've been a teacher for decades and all of a sudden I can't manage two kids.
DAVID: They're not just kids though, they're young adults and both incredibly headstrong.
JANE: Yes and they love pressing each other's buttons. If I can't get them to shape up, and quickly, this whole Year 13 idea might be over before it's even begun.
David is sure that Jane will be able to iron out the kinks soon, but Jane doesn't quite share in his confidence.
Number 28
Karl is venting to Bea about Olivia badgering David over the book. Bea wonders if Olivia has approached anyone else besides David and Susan, but Karl isn't sure. One thing he does know, however, is that having Olivia back in town isn't doing anyone any good. He shuffles around some documents on the table and is troubled when he finds a copy of The Devil You Know tucked underneath. Karl's even more concerned when he realises that all of the post-it notes on the pages are written in Susan's handwriting. Bea looks anxious, asking if it means Susan has accepted Olivia's offer. Karl isn't sure, but it doesn't look promising.
Number 22
Terese and Ned are managing to go about their business normally in the kitchen while Harlow and Brent are in the lounge room, but Paul has taken it upon himself to stare daggers at Brent. Harlow asks Brent how school went this morning. Slightly wide-eyed with panic, Brent explains he was meant to be making oven mitts but he kind of stuffed up. He assures her, though, that he'll get himself together when he heads back to class later. In the kitchen, Terese reminds Paul that Harlow is just helping out a friend, it's nothing to lose sleep over. But when she's out of earshot, Paul has a word with Ned about his promise to keep Brent busy at The Hive. Ned says that Brent was at school, but Paul shoots back that Brent is now in his house, "the last place I want him to be." Taking the hint, Ned interrupts the teens and tells Brent he's got a proposition for him.
Number 28
Hendrix tells Susan and Bea he didn't mean for Jane to get hurt. Susan understands, but points out that it still occurred because he couldn't help fighting with Brent. Bea says Hendrix has to stop letting the other teen get under his skin.
HENDRIX: Everyone's telling me how to react, but no one's telling him how to act.
SUSAN: That is not true, you know very well that he was reprimanded as well.
HENDRIX: He deliberately provoked me.
BEA: Oh come on, aren't you a bit old for the 'he started it' excuse?
HENDRIX: He knows he was in the wrong. That's why he was so keen to make sure Harlow didn't know about it. She needs to know exactly what he's like.
BEA: If you're going to tell Harlow, I don't think it's going to go the way you're hoping.
SUSAN: Bea's right, she's not exactly receptive to you right now.
BEA: Yeah and if you tell her about the fight, chances are she's going to be more mad with you than Brent.
Hendrix takes this on board and knows they're right. Crestfallen, he says he's not hungry for lunch anymore and is going out for a walk instead. He promises Susan that he'll stay away from Harlow. Once he's left, Karl finally joins the conversation. Susan says she could have used his input just then, but Karl had other pressing matters on his mind. He holds up the Finn book and asks what Susan's doing with it.
Eden Hills University
Ned thanks Brent for helping him to tear down all the old posters off the walls outside. He hopes his murals will liven the place up a bit, and Brent compliments Ned on his artistic skills, adding that he's happy to help out whenever he can. Harlow finds them and tells Brent they're about to be spending a lot of time together what with being neighbours, the tutoring and now bumping into each other on campus. At first Brent is worried that Harlow thinks he's trying to monopolise her time, but Harlow smiles and says she was only joking around. Her only concern at the moment is how much waste there is with all the old posters. Ned teases that the semester has barely started and Harlow's already set up an environmental society. "I may have already signed up to one," Harlow sheepishly admits.
Number 28
Susan explains to Karl and Bea that ever since Olivia returned, it's like she's reignited the fury Susan felt about the book all over again. Karl asks what all the post-it notes are about, and Susan says she thought she'd go through everything systematically. "Every lie, every exaggeration, every way that we were unfairly portrayed," she reasons, but Karl doesn't understand what his wife is hoping to achieve.
SUSAN: To be honest I don't know, I just felt compelled to do it, that's all.
KARL: Well then why not tell me? Why keep it secret?
SUSAN: Because I wanted to understand my own feelings before I shared them.
BEA: If this is stirring up what happened between the both of you the first time, then you really shouldn't be dealing with this on your own.
KARL: Yes, exactly. We worked so hard to put the damage Olivia did behind us.
SUSAN: But it's not behind us, is it? Not really. People are reading this book and they think we're the villains of the piece.
Bea doesn't think it matters what strangers think as long as their friends and family know the truth. But Susan feels helpless that she's got no way to set people straight who are reading the lies.
SUSAN: Except now maybe I do.
KARL: Okay, I understand you think it's unfair. But getting involved with Olivia is not the answer. We can't afford to let ourselves get dragged back there, right? Susan?
SUSAN: Darling I understand your point of view, of course I do.
But while Susan understands it, it doesn't appear as though she's going to go along with it.
Lassiters Complex
Paul and Terese are having a coffee outside Harold's and chatting to Jane, but Paul's concerned when he hears how Jane got the cut on her forehead. Jane knows that the boys were out of line, but perhaps her classroom control skills are also rusty. Terese says Jane can't blame herself when there were two "testosterone-fuelled boys trying to wind each other up". Jane still feels disheartened, though, since Year 13 was her idea and it's not going to plan.
TERESE: Well you're like a manager heading up a brand new department. There's always going to be challenges. Perhaps there's some training or professional development you can do?
JANE: You know what, I think the department has resources. I'm going to look into that, thanks Terese.
PAUL: That's all well and good, but no extra certificate is going to protect you if you get caught between two aggressive teenagers.
JANE: What are you suggesting, kung-fu? I can't abandon the whole idea.
PAUL: Well maybe you're working with the wrong students.
TERESE: Paul, let's not do this with Jane.
PAUL: No, Harlow may have rose-coloured glasses on but the school shouldn't.
TERESE: (to Jane) I'm so sorry about this.
PAUL: Brent gets people hurt and you're not the first example. What about when Emmett fell off the roof? Or when Brent was sneaking around with that blade of his?
JANE: There was a very good explanation for that, and he doesn't have it anymore.
PAUL: Jane I'm not interested in explanations or excuses. That kid is a ticking time bomb and I for the life of me can't understand why I am the only person that sees that.
Number 28
David pops over to apologise to Karl about their conversation earlier, he thought Karl would have already been aware that Olivia approached him. Holding the book, Karl admits he's not comfortable with the entire topic. Susan wonders if David has decided whether or not he's going to take part in the rewrite. David knows he can't say too much on Finn, given the doctor/patient confidentiality. Karl figures that'll be David's way of getting out of things, but then David says he was thinking about sitting down with Olivia for a chat to get the truth out there.
DAVID: But I don't want to cause any stress for either of you or Bea, so I won't do it unless you're all okay.
KARL: (unhappy) Well thank you for being upfront. I need to think, I'll be outside.
They watch him leave. David was hoping his visit would smooth things over, but Susan reassures him that Karl's mood isn't directed solely at him, it's just the whole situation leaving him unsettled. Susan says she's weighing up whether or not she wants to work with Olivia, but it's very tempting to have her own POV out there.
DAVID: I've been going over the original book as well as my case notes. The story she tells is so skewed.
SUSAN: Because she wasn't interested in facts! She just wanted to portray us as naive and stupid for welcoming Finn back into the community.
DAVID: It was shameless. But I keep coming back to the thought that if more people knew the truth, then it would be easier for me to make peace with it.
SUSAN: Yes, that's exactly how I feel. And I know it won't change anything but it would be such a relief to know that people were finally reading the truth in our words with our sign off.
DAVID: I agree, but I won't do anything unless I get the green light from both of you.
Eden Hills University
Harlow, Brent and Ned contemplate the old posters and wonder how they could be recycled. Brent has an idea and thinks he could make blankets out of the thin canvas-like material. Harlow doesn't understand how that would be warm, but Brent says they'd be waterproof and he could sew something soft on the inside, "like material from old, donated clothes". Harlow thinks it's a really clever idea, and Brent replies that he knows what it's like to sleep rough on a cold, wet night. They come up with some more ideas for the material and Brent teases Harlow about being more creative than she first thought. "I guess you bring it out in me," she grins.
Number 32 Backyard
Bea's concerned that David is thinking about talking to Olivia, but he says he made it clear to Susan that he wouldn't go ahead with anything without their consent. Bea can't believe that David would even give Olivia the time of day, pointing out how untrustworthy she is and how she exploited everyone's pain for profit. David appreciates how difficult it must be, but there are so many people out there who have read Olivia's lies, so getting the truth out there matters.
BEA: You don't need Olivia to tell the truth. Why don't you write your own book?
DAVID: How many people would read that? And then it becomes a 'he said, she said' situation where nothing's certain, and that doesn't help us. If Olivia takes back her original story and publishes our side, that carries a lot more weight.
BEA: I guess if people believed it the first time they're going to have to know it's the truth.
DAVID: Exactly. I owe it to myself to consider it. And I think Susan does too, don't you?
Erinsborough High
Susan and Jane are quite pleased to hear about Brent's blanket-making idea. Brent says that Ned thinks they could get a company to donate the thread for free too. Hendrix returns to class and asks what's going on. Brent takes great delight in telling him about his waterproof blanket concept. Hendrix becomes more glum when Susan and Jane gush about how well Brent is applying himself to his task and taking initiative with his work. Jane tells Brent to keep up the good work, but Brent says he got a lot of help from Harlow. This is a further dagger in Hendrix's heart.
Later that day, Susan is walking through the corridor with the Finn book in her hands. She opens it up and takes out pages of notes she'd been compiling during her re-read titled 'What she got wrong'. Susan looks over what she's written.
Lassiters Complex
Ned and Paul trail behind as Harlow gushes to Terese about the wonderful blanket idea Brent had. Harlow can't wait to help him out, but Terese reminds her to only take on new things if she's got time. There's no point in stretching herself too thin during her first year of uni. Harlow promises she won't, but believes this idea is worth prioritising. When they walk ahead, Paul stops Ned to talk, annoyed once more that he failed to keep Brent away from Harlow. Ned is unruffled.
NED: No, you asked me to get him out of the house and keep him busy. I did both.
PAUL: And you threw him straight back in to Harlow's orbit again.
NED: She was there, he had an idea, she was impressed. It had nothing to do with me. I was just helping the kid out, and I'm going to keep doing so.
PAUL: Even though he's obviously bad news?
NED: No, I'm not playing your games, Paul.
Ned walks off. Hendrix, who has been observing their conversation, takes Ned's place and tells Paul they might actually be on the same page for once. Rolling his eyes, Paul says he's not interested in whatever Hendrix is selling, but Hendrix begs to differ.
HENDRIX: You hate me and the feeling is basically mutual. But no matter what you think about me, Brent's worse and you know it.
PAUL: It's like asking me to choose my favourite infectious disease. But please, go on.
HENDRIX: For Harlow's sake, we need him out of the picture.
PAUL: (smirking) Oh, and there's no selfish motive on your part, is there?
HENDRIX: She's made it clear she's done with me and I've accepted it. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to stand back and watch her get together with him. Everyone else seems to have forgotten he threatened her. I haven't, and I know you haven't.
PAUL: (this finally clicks with Paul) All right, what exactly are you proposing?
HENDRIX: We need to get rid of him. It's time for you and me to team up.
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Jane Harris, Hendrix Greyson, Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8564
Jane Harris, Hendrix Greyson, Brent Colefax

Ned Willis, Harlow Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8564
Ned Willis, Harlow Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8564
Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, David Tanaka

Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Brent Colefax, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8564
Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Brent Colefax, Jane Harris

David Tanaka, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8564
David Tanaka, Jane Harris

David Tanaka, Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8564
David Tanaka, Brent Colefax

Bea Nilsson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8564
Bea Nilsson, Karl Kennedy

Harlow Robinson, Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8564
Harlow Robinson, Brent Colefax

Ned Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Ned Willis, Paul Robinson

Hendrix Greyson, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Hendrix Greyson, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson

Harlow Robinson, Ned Willis, Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8564
Harlow Robinson, Ned Willis, Brent Colefax

Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8564
Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8564
Terese Willis

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

David Tanaka, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8564
David Tanaka, Susan Kennedy

Ned Willis, Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Ned Willis, Brent Colefax, Harlow Robinson

Bea Nilsson, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8564
Bea Nilsson, David Tanaka

Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8564
Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Brent Colefax

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8564
Susan Kennedy

Harlow Robinson, Ned Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Harlow Robinson, Ned Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Hendrix Greyson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Hendrix Greyson, Paul Robinson

Hendrix Greyson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8564
Hendrix Greyson, Paul Robinson

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