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Neighbours Episode 8411 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8411
Australian airdate: 21/07/20
UK airdate:
Writer: Keir Wilkins
Director: Iain Pirret and Declan Eames
Guests: Nicolette Stone: Charlotte Chimes
Ollie Sudekis: Ellmir Asipi
Dax Braddock: Dean Kirkright
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Terese advising Jane not to tell Paul about her break- up
- Terese sending Jane's daughter Nicolette a Facebook message
- Nicolette telling Terese her mum won't want to see her
- Nicolette meeting Chloe at The Waterhole
- Mackenzie and Harlow organising their presentation for school
- Hendrix and Pierce agreeing not to buy anything for a month
- Harlow being arrested by Yashvi for drug possession
- Hendrix and Harlow finding a bag of drugs in a bin at school
Erinsborough High
Yashvi interviews Harlow and Hendrix about the drugs they found. Harlow says they let a teacher know "pretty much" straight away, but Harlow was nervous about being associated with drugs again after her wrongful arrest. Yashvi tells her not to worry, drug dealers don't usually dob themselves into the police. Hendrix says he already let Levi know the names of everyone at his birthday, and Yashvi agrees with him that the bag looks the same as the one found at his party. Yashvi tells them the drug squad will handle the bulk of the case but she's keen to get a locker search going. Hendrix thinks that's intense but Yashvi says it's the best way to find out if someone's hiding something.
The Waterhole
Terese is surprised to see Nicolette is still in town but Nic says she was keen to do some sightseeing. Terese is slightly concerned to hear Nicolette is staying at Lassiters, but can't chat for long as she has to take a work call. That call is with Chloe, who just happens to walk in not long after Terese leaves. Nicolette is pleased to see her and they strike up a conversation before she asks Chloe if she has any suggestions about where to sightsee while she's in town. Chloe has a list for her and says they'll catch up after she does her conference call. Nicolette is very pleased and tells her "it's a date".
Erinsborough High
Yashvi searches through Harlow's locker but tells the teen not to worry, she isn't targeting her, she has to check everyone's. Harlow says she's actually more nervous about her presentation now. Yashvi then moves on to Ollie's locker, but he's acting very edgy and doesn't want her to look. Yashvi informs him that the locker is actually the school's property so she's allowed to. He's embarrassed when she finds his prescription deodorant in the locker, but luckily for him he's given the all clear.
Number 30
Dipi's pleased to see Shane look more awake after his shower and Mackenzie's happy to have them there as her presentation cheer squad. Dipi's smile fades, though, when Shane says he wants to head back to uni afterwards to study at the library. She's also frustrated when it appears as though he's forgotten their upcoming 20th anniversary. Shane says he hasn't forgotten, how could he when she's mentioned it to him every day this week? Mackenzie looks uncomfortable as they continue to bicker.
DIPI: Sorry for wanting to celebrate. But I would have thought twenty years of marriage deserved some sort of acknowledgement.
SHANE: It does, it does. It's just all a bit hard right now.
DIPI: I'm not asking for a parade, just a quiet dinner at home will do, Shane.
Shane walks away from the conversation to ask Mackenzie if she needs any tech support for her project, leaving Dipi unhappy.
Erinsborough High
Yashvi chats with Harlow and Hendrix but tries not to give anything away about the case. Harlow mentions how odd Ollie was acting and Hendrix hopes Yashvi found nudie magazines in his locker. Yashvi says Ollie has been cleared of suspicion but Harlow doesn't think Yashvi should be so quick to write him off. Hendrix agrees, saying that Ollie hangs around with a dodgy group of older guys and isn't very smart. Harlow adds that Ollie was at Hendrix's party too, which is news to Yashvi. She's given food for thought as Harlow and Hendrix start to set up for Harlow's presentation.
Lassiters Office
Terese tells Paul they need some testimonials from current guests but is adamant he not gather them - she doesn't want Paul to discover that Nicolette is staying at the hotel. Paul gets a phone call from Harlow, assuming she's pestering them about watching her presentation online. But he's alarmed to hear that drugs have been found at school. He's worried she's been arrested again but sighs in relief when she says she's fine. He hangs up and tells Terese what happened. Terese wonders if someone is dealing at the school and hopes the police get to the bottom of it. Paul doesn't have the same faith in the cops that Terese does, believing that teenagers can be "slippery little fish" when they want to.
Erinsborough High
Ollie looks around suspiciously before taking something from his locker and putting it in his schoolbag. Yashvi watches him covertly from a classroom as he leaves.
The Waterhole
Chloe shows Nicolette a list of restaurants and cocktail bars she's curated for work, but she's also added in some extra fun things Nic might be interested in. Chloe says one of her favourite things to do is go to the Great Hall in the National Gallery, lie on the floor and look up at the stained glass ceiling. Nic says she's been to the gallery too and they bond over a folk band that performed there. Chloe asks how all Nic's family drama is going but Nic says she's just trying to put it all behind her. Chloe takes the hint and changes the subject back to places Nicolette can visit while she's in town.
Erinsborough High/Number 30/Lassiters Office
Harlow does her presentation at school while Mackenzie does her part from home. Terese and Paul watch online from their office, while Dipi and Shane support Mackenzie in the lounge room. The girls talk about ways Lassiters Hotel can make significant changes to reduce their environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the business.
The Waterhole
Nicolette regales Chloe with a story about one of her first dates. The girl she was seeing decided to take her past the exact spot her grandma died and also went into graphic detail. Chloe laughs and says it's a shame Nicolette doesn't live closer as she's enjoying their sarcastic banter. Taking this as a positive sign, Nic decides to ask Chloe out to dinner. Chloe's surprised and says she's enjoyed hanging out but she's married.
NICOLETTE: ... No ring?
CHLOE: I'm having it cleaned, I'm so sorry.
NICOLETTE: No of course someone's already snatched you up. She's a really lucky lady.
Chloe starts to respond when Pierce walks over to them. Nicolette is embarrassed when Chloe introduces him as her husband and she makes a hasty excuse to go, leaving Chloe feeling bad for her.
Lassiters Complex
Dax asks Yashvi how everything went at the school but Yashvi says she'll give him a full briefing after lunch. She sees Ollie sitting by himself and goes over to chat with him. He's quite affronted when she wants to search through his school bag, but Yashvi tells him she has reason to believe he has illegal substances in there, therefore she doesn't need consent. Ollie says she's wasting her time but kicks his bag over to her. Yashvi looks in the bag and finds a roll of blue duct tape - very similar to the one used to tape the drugs to the bin at school. Ollie claims it isn't his but Yashvi says she'll be taking it in for evidence.
Lassiters Office
Harlow thanks Terese and Paul for giving them access to all the Lassiters data for their presentation. They say they're proud of her but Harlow was hoping the message of the presentation wouldn't be lost. She'd really like her granddad and Terese to implement some of the changes they researched. Paul isn't very keen on the idea, reminding Harlow that they're a luxury hotel and guests wouldn't really want things like compost bins in their room. Besides, Lassiters is a worldwide chain and any changes would have to be run past Lucy first. Terese throws Harlow a bone and says maybe they could look into implementing some smaller changes. Paul thinks he's doing Harlow a good deal by promising to eliminate plastic straws from the hotel, but the teen isn't too pleased she's being placated.
Lassiters Complex
Terese tells Paul that maybe they should look into some of Harlow's smaller ideas, but Paul doesn't think it'd be very business savvy. Terese freezes when Nicolette sees her, asking for advice about where to find the best cake as she's in dire need of comfort food. Terese quickly directs her to Harold's, but she's not quick enough as Paul recognises Nic from photos. He introduces himself to her as one of Jane's oldest friends.
PAUL: It's strange that Jane never mentioned you were in town.
NICOLETTE: Oh, she doesn't know. I'm only here because Terese messaged me.
PAUL: Excuse me?
NICOLETTE: (awkward) Well, I best be... thank you!
She scurries away as Paul turns to Terese for some answers.
Harold's Café
Dipi tells Pierce that the girls' presentation went well at school, but it was a pity about the drug bust. This is news to Pierce as his phone has been out of action for a few hours. Hendrix saunters in, immediately on Pierce's case about the new phone he's holding. Pierce tries to say that it doesn't count because he ordered it before their bet but Hendrix keeps gloating that his dad lost. Pierce gets him to drop the smirk, though, when he asks what happened at school with the drugs.
Lassiters Office
Paul is ropeable that Terese didn't tell him Jane and Des broke up. He reminds her that they're his friends and can't believe she kept it secret from him. Paul adds that if it were the other way around Terese would be mad as well. They fight for a while about keeping secrets and whose secret-keeping tally is higher (Paul's of course), but when Paul wants to call Jane, Terese tries to snatch the phone out of his hand.
PAUL: What makes you think you're in a position to tell me what to do?
TERESE: She doesn't want your help, Paul! That's why I didn't tell you in the first place. Jane knows as well as I do that you'd dive straight in and try and fix everything. And she doesn't want that.
PAUL: Oh yeah, and you've handled the situation so much better than I would have, haven't you? By calling in the daughter that she barely speaks to.
TERESE: I wasn't aware! I'll call Jane, I'll explain what happened.
PAUL: No, I'll do it.
TERESE: No, I will do it. I messaged Nicolette, I'll own it.
Harold's Café
Nicolette is embarrassed when Chloe finds her and Nic jokingly asks if she's stalking her.
CHLOE: I would, but...
NICOLETTE: I might get the wrong impression and make a pass at you only to realise that you're straight... and have a very large husband.
CHLOE: I'm bi so your radar's not totally off.
Chloe tells her that she really did enjoy hanging out so she hopes there's no hard feelings. Nicolette smiles and says just a bruised ego. She tells Chloe that she's heading back to Canberra for work soon.
Lassiters Complex
Yashvi chats with Dax outside the police station, filling him in about the school visit. She says she followed his instructions to the letter, then she saw a really suspicious student on her way back to the station and went through his bag because she had a gut feeling he was hiding something.
DAX: On what grounds?
YASHVI: The combination of his behaviour and a tip-off that he was at the party where the first lot of drugs were discovered. I felt that that amounted to a reasonable cause. (She holds up the blue tape in a plastic bag) This hasn't been analysed yet but it looks like the same tape that was used to attach the drugs to the bin at school.
DAX: So, you ignored orders, you conducted a search of a suspect on a 'gut feeling', and all you found is tape?
Yashvi looks concerned until Dax breaks into a smile.
DAX: Good job. You used your initiative, you assessed the situation and you acted with protocol.
YASHVI: You had me worried there for a second.
DAX: I'm just keeping you on your toes.
Yashvi is quite pleased with herself.
Number 30
Harlow vents to Mackenzie about how frustrated she is with Paul not wanting to listen about their environmental endeavour. Mackenzie sympathises, as does Shane, who tells them that he'd be more likely to book a hotel that was environmentally friendly. Harlow says she doesn't want to give up and Mackenzie is on board with a rebellion too. Shane wonders what the 'rebellion' would entail. Harlow isn't sure, but no change comes without a fight. "Yeah," Mackenzie nods, "we have to make a stand."
Lassiters Hotel
Terese visits Nicolette in her hotel room and apologises for what she stumbled into earlier with Paul. Terese says the only reason she contacted Nicolette in the first place was because she didn't want to tell Paul about Jane's break-up. Nicolette thinks that's some pretty strange reasoning, but Terese says it's complicated.
NICOLETTE: It doesn't matter anyways, I'm on my way to the airport.
TERESE: Oh, I thought you were going to stick around a little longer?
NICOLETTE: I changed my mind. I'm keen to get back to Canberra.
TERESE: Right. Well, you see, I just got off the phone to Jane... When Paul found out I felt like I owed her an explanation. But when she learnt that I'd been in touch with you, and that you were in Erinsborough, she was pleased.
NICOLETTE: I think you might have misinterpreted.
TERESE: No I definitely didn't. She got straight off the phone and bought a ticket to Melbourne.
NICOLETTE: She what? For when?
TERESE: She's arriving tomorrow.
Nicolette looks astonished.
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Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8411
Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson, Yashvi Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Terese Willis, Nicolette Stone

Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone

Harlow Robinson, Yashvi Rebecchi, Ollie Sudekis in Neighbours Episode 8411
Harlow Robinson, Yashvi Rebecchi, Ollie Sudekis

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8411
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8411
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8411
Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson, Yashvi Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8411
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Ollie Sudekis in Neighbours Episode 8411
Ollie Sudekis

Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone

Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8411
Harlow Robinson

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8411
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8411
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson, Nicolette Stone

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Nicolette Stone

Ollie Sudekis, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8411
Ollie Sudekis, Yashvi Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8411
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Harlow Robinson

Terese Willis, Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8411
Terese Willis, Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson

Dipi Rebecchi, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8411
Dipi Rebecchi, Pierce Greyson

Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8411
Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson, Dipi Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8411
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone

Yashvi Rebecchi, Dax Braddock in Neighbours Episode 8411
Yashvi Rebecchi, Dax Braddock

Harlow Robinson, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8411
Harlow Robinson, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8411
Terese Willis

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8411
Nicolette Stone

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