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Neighbours Episode 8369 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8369
Australian airdate: 22/05/20
UK airdate: 12/06/20
Writer: Holly Alexander
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Andrea Somers / Dee Bliss: Madeleine West
Heather Schilling: Kerry Armstrong
Naomi Canning: Morgana O'Reilly
Olivia Bell: Alyce Platt
- "Pick Up The Pieces" by Josh Auer
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Karl gets defensive when Dee sees him spending time with Olivia, and asks him about it
- Karl admits to Toadie that he and Olivia dated a couple of times when he was divorced
- Toadie confirms to Dee that Heather is now on Andrea's prison wing
- Dee wants to go and visit, but Toadie suggests Karl go instead
- On his visit, Heather tells Karl that she thinks about Dee all the time
- Heather warns Andrea to leave her out of whatever scheme she's cooking up
- Toadie's keen to put Heather behind them, but Dee is left curious after Karl's visit
- Dee calls the prison and arranges to visit Heather
No 30
Toadie is having trouble getting a barking toy dog to shut up when Dee comes in! She immediately finds the toggle and turns it off, receiving a kiss and a declaration of 'smartest woman I know' in return for her efforts!
DEE: I dunno about that. I've... I'm going to see Heather.
TOADIE: Why? Didn't Karl's visit answer all of your questions? (...) Are you worried that she lied to him? Cos there's every chance that she did. Do you want me to go and visit her?
DEE: I just need to see her.
DEE: I dunno. It's hard to explain. I just keep thinking about what she said - that she feels like there's some part of her life that's missing.
TOADIE: Yeah, her morals. Sorry.
DEE: She's my mother. I've got so many questions.
Toadie's visibly annoyed, but composes himself.
TOADIE: We all have questions. There is zero guarantee that she is gonna be able to answer any of them.
DEE: Okay, but what if Karl is right? What if she is better? I need to see her, Toadie. I'm gonna go there this afternoon... I know you would prefer if I didn't, but... please, please try to understand.
TOADIE: Just be careful.
Toadie kisses her, but sits down and sighs as she leaves the room.
No 22
In the garden, Ned is in the middle of applying a plaster cast to Naomi's chest, while Yashvi observes!
YASHVI: Where are you gonna put it? Above your bed?
NAOMI (laughs): What, and give a sneak preview to anyone I bring home? I don't think so!
NED: Please, try not to... try not to jiggle so much!
Naomi tries to chuckle in a more restrained way!
YASHVI: Tell you what. I want to be next. These bazoongas need to be immortalised.
Shane and Dipi turn up! Shane averts his eyes when he sees from behind that Naomi is in a state of undress, but Yashvi assures them she's covered! She asks Dipi if she's next!
DIPI: No, no! Not that you're not doing a good job, Ned.
YASHVI (to Shane): I assume you're here to have another crack at Ned?
SHANE: Uh, no, gonna do the opposite, actually. I'm here to apologise. Ned, do you want to just stop doing that for a second?
NED: Sorry, this has to go on fast.
SHANE: Okay. Umm, I'm sorry that I didn't trust you.
YASHVI: Oh, that sounds genuine (!)
NED: No, it's okay. Thank you, Shane, I appreciate it.
SHANE: Okay. Well, keep it up. I mean, the good work. Keep up the good -
Dipi drags Shane away before he can dig himself into another hole!
NAOMI (shouting after them): Nice to meet you!
No 28
Karl is gardening, when Hendrix appears with a plate of hash browns, and asks where the dill is, for seasoning!
KARL: Hendrix, what are you doing here?
HENDRIX: (...) You don't mind me helping myself, right?
KARL: Err, yes I do mind, as a matter of fact! You can't just bowl into our house every time you get the munchies! Put them back!
HENDRIX: Uh, but they're cooked.
KARL: That's beside the point.
Susan emerges, wondering what the fuss is about. When Karl explains, Susan says that she gave Hendrix the hash browns.
KARL: And of course, you said nothing to me.
SUSAN: You want me to come out here and check with you before I give Hendrix some hash browns?
Karl apologises to Hendrix and tells him to enjoy the hash browns!
KARL: I'm going to work.
SUSAN: Your shift doesn't start for two hours.
KARL: I know.
Hendrix looks worried as Karl goes inside.
HENDRIX: Are you two alright?
SUSAN: Ah, it's just a rough patch. We'll be okay.
But as Hendrix leaves, Susan doesn't look so sure.
Harold's Café
Toadie is telling Dipi, Shane, Mackenzie and Harlow about Dee's decision to visit Heather in prison. He admits the idea has taken him some getting used to, but says it's Dee's decision. Dipi says she would've thought Dee would be more cautious given how Andrea conned her last time. Toadie says Karl thinks Heather's therapy has made a difference.
TOADIE: But I still feel like Dee's walking into a lion's den.
HARLOW: You may just need to let her do it. You know, being there for her, not making a big deal out of it - it's a lot better than how Grandad reacted to me visiting my dad in prison.
TOADIE: Well, you know my personal rule in life is to do everything opposite to Paul Robinson, so...
MACKENZIE (to Harlow): It's kind of ironic that you've got a better relationship with your dad in jail, than I do with my law-abiding one.
Shane's ears prick up.
HARLOW: I thought you were okay with not having a relationship with your dad?
MACKENZIE: I was fine with him not being at my birthday. But it'd be nice to know that he wanted to see me.
TOADIE: Sorry to stir all that up.
MACKENZIE: No, it's fine. I'm just saying that Dee's lucky she's got a choice.
Shane looks worried.
Lassiter's Complex
As they leave the hotel, Chloe is updating Pierce, Paul and Terese on the Cancer Council's input on the Morning Tea event; she promises to run through their brief with them and Naomi tomorrow. Paul makes a quip about Naomi and Pierce.
PAUL: Make sure the door's open if you leave them alone, won't you?
CHLOE: Thank you for your concern, but you can relax. We are all completely comfortable with the situation. In fact, Pierce and I have invited Naomi to have dinner with us tonight.
Paul continues to stir, but Terese drags him away.
PIERCE: You don't need to pander to his high school games.
CHLOE: I'm not pandering. I'm just sick of him trying to get to you with this.
PIERCE: Well, I'm fine, okay? I'm happy to let it slide.
CHLOE: When have I ever let anything slide? Now we just have to make sure Naomi is free for dinner tonight!
Goodwood Prison
Dee looks nervous as she waits in the visiting area. Soon, a guard comes in with Heather, who approaches the table where Dee is sitting.
HEATHER: Wow. I... I can't believe it. You're here! You... you do want to see me. Did Karl tell you he came?
DEE: Yeah, he did.
HEATHER: Did he tell you I spoke about you? How much I've been thinking about you?
Dee nods.
DEE: I've been thinking about you too.
The Waterhole
Chloe is with Pierce and Naomi at a table. Naomi thanks them for the invite to dinner, but is worried it might be awkward. Chloe insists not.
CHLOE: Oh, please! Awkward is falling in love with your brother's fiancée and sleeping with her the night before the wedding!
CHLOE: This is not awkward. This is the story of how we surprised everyone and became the best of friends!
Pierce raises a toast to 'a new chapter', and they all say 'cheers'. Chloe says that Paul is the problem here, not Naomi. Chloe is keen to hit the tequila, but Pierce suggests they have dinner first! Chloe says Naomi reminds her of a girl she knew in Sydney. They bond over their common knowledge of an obscure tequila bar.
Pierce looks briefly left out, before they all share a joke about Naomi sleeping with the bartender.
Goodwood Prison
An awkward silence has descended, until Heather tells Dee she looks well.
DEE: They're treating you well here?
HEATHER: Oh, yeah. Probably a lot better than I deserve.
DEE: Right. Karl told me that you're in the same cell block as Andrea.
HEATHER: Yeah! It was good of the governor to do that. Even with Andie up to her old antics. I heard what happened on your last visit. I'm so sorry.
DEE: It's not your fault. She makes her own choices.
HEATHER: She didn't have a good life. I wasn't a good mother. There was no white picket fence. There was no money. And she had this deadbeat dad who just bailed the moment he could, so, I mean, she had it tough. So, no wonder she turned out the way she did. I mean... I'm not making any excuses. I'm just saying that I'll keep an eye on her -
DEE: Yeah, no, I just - I think I've heard enough about Andrea.
Heather apologises. Dee says it's fine, and asks how Heather's therapy is going.
HEATHER: It's hard work. It's very confronting. Cos when you... once you start the deep dive, it's just, I dunno, it's just like, dig, dig, dig. Till you get to the bottom. And, anyway... I'm - that's enough about that.
Heather asks after Willow; Dee confirms she's doing well, and is still doing her flying course, having aced her last exams. Heather's pleased but unsurprised, remarking that Willow is a 'clever cookie'. Dee jokes that she doesn't know where she gets it from. Heather laughs, and Dee wipes a tear from her eye.
The Waterhole
Terese and Paul come in; Terese is telling Paul off for his 'constant jibes' at Pierce.
PAUL: Oh, come on, I'm just having a bit of fun.
TERESE: Looks like you're not the only one.
They look over to the table where Naomi, Chloe and Pierce are all creased up with laughter, having a great time together. Terese remarks that Paul's fun may have backfired. Pierce invites them over to join; Terese is keen, but Paul holds her back and says they're fine as they are.
CHLOE: Paul's loss is our gain.
NAOMI: Look, there is nothing that he can do to bring me down.
Chloe goes to the bar to get some menus, and uses the opportunity to wind up Paul, thanking him for pushing her and Pierce together with Naomi.
CHLOE: She is an awesome chick! I can see why you and Pierce were into her.
PAUL: Is that right?
CHLOE: Absolutely. You know, she's actually kind of my type, so, uh, well done!
Paul looks curious as Chloe walks away.
No 30
Mackenzie is thrilled that Dipi's bought her favourite brand of peanut butter, saying that she now really feels like part of the family! Shane broaches the topic of Grant, and asks Mackenzie how she's feeling about all that at the moment.
MACKENZIE: ... If it's alright, I think I've talked enough about Dad for today.
SHANE: Oh, yeah, sure. No problem.
Mackenzie's mood has changed completely, and she excuses herself to go and do homework. Dee comes in; and Toadie, who's been working at the table, asks how her visit went.
DEE: Yeah, not bad. She was different. Calmer. She seemed more, I dunno, self-aware.
TOADIE: What did you talk about?
DEE: Oh, a bit about Andie... umm, Andrea. And she asked about Willow. She just talked about herself, mostly.
TOADIE: Did she ask you for anything?
DEE: No. Just wanted to talk.
Toadie's glad it went well, but is also glad that it's over. However...
DEE: I'm gonna see her again.
TOADIE: ... Okay.
DEE: She talked about my father. It was the first time I've ever heard him mentioned, and I wanted to ask more about him today, but it just didn't seem like the right time.
TOADIE: No. I get it.
DEE: No, you know what? If you don't want me to, I won't - I won't see her.
TOADIE: It's not up to me. She's your mum, and, uh, if you want to get to know her, I can't argue with that.
DEE: That means so much.
Dee hugs Toadie, but he's looking worried.
Harold's Café
Karl is chatting to Olivia Bell at a table. Karl admits he had another fight with Susan, and that he can't get it out of his mind.
OLIVIA: It's all still fallout from Finn?
KARL: Well, essentially, I suppose so. Well, yes. I mean, in any marriage, there's years of pain and hurt that can surface at any time.
OLIVIA: Yeah. Sometimes all it takes is just one incident to bring it up again. Do you think that you two can get past this?
KARL: I don't know. I mean, we can't even have a civil conversation at the moment, so how can we address our issues?
OLIVIA: You begin by talking to a friend who might be able to give you some perspective on things.
She touches his hand, just as Susan walks through the door and sees them!
KARL (oblivious): You know, I don't know how I would've got through the past few weeks without your help.
SUSAN: ... Karl?
Karl finally turns and sees Susan standing there...
No 30
Shane admits to Dipi that he feels bad hassling Toadie about Grant's case, while he has so much going on. Shane suggests that they throw Grant some money, keen to cover the fact that he already has without Dipi's knowledge! But Dipi insists she's not worried about Grant; Toadie will sort it all out.
DIPI: Mackenzie's the one we have to consider in all this. I mean, you saw how quickly she shut you down before.
SHANE: Yeah, but she just didn't want to talk about him. That doesn't mean she'd want to see him suffer. And anything we can do to help Grant can only help her and us in the long run.
DIPI: We're already doing more than enough.
Yashvi and Ned come in. Yashvi tells her parents that Naomi's plaster cast turned out really well, and aware it will wind up Shane, repeats that she wants Ned to do her cast next.
NED: We can talk about that later.
YASHVI: Mum! You should do one. Yours would raise heaps of money, and it's for a good cause!
NED: Uh, yeah, yeah - I'm happy for anyone to be involved.
YASHVI: And Dad, you wouldn't mind if Ned and Mum got up close and personal?
DIPI: Leave your dad alone!
SHANE: I think you've got a big heart, Vee. And if it's for charity, the more the merrier. Maybe you should see if Bea would be into it, too?
Ned nods, but Yashvi gives him a disapproving look - not liking the thought of him sculpting his ex!
Harold's Café
Olivia is still at the table, while at the counter, Susan is demanding an explanation from Karl. He explains that he dated Olivia a few times while he and Susan were divorced.
SUSAN: So you're having coffee with an ex that you've never mentioned to me, and you're telling her what a wonderful support she's been!
KARL: You're taking this out of context!
SUSAN: How long's it been going on?
KARL: Just a few weeks, that's all. Olivia is just a friend, nothing more.
Toadie has come in, and overhears this.
SUSAN: Don't you think the fact that you have to even say that is a problem?!
TOADIE: Is everything alright, guys?
KARL: Yes, we're fine.
SUSAN: No, we're not fine! What I just found out is anything but fine!
TOADIE: Look, maybe you guys should take this home.
Susan glances at Olivia, and then at Toadie.
SUSAN: You know! So everyone knows our business now?
KARL: Oh, come on! Toadie's hardly an outsider.
SUSAN: *She* is!
TOADIE: I did try to warn you, Karl.
SUSAN: Oh, did you? What did you warn him - 'don't have another affair, Karl?'
KARL: Come on, Susan, you know that's not what this is about. Olivia is a good listener, that's all!
SUSAN: I understand that you need someone to talk to, but why her?! There are so many people that we know and trust, that you could've reached out to.
KARL: You just accused me of airing our dirty linen to Toadie! What is it to be here? I talk to someone we know, you accuse me of betrayal. I talk to someone outside our circle, you accuse me of cheating!
SUSAN: You should be talking to *me*!
KARL: But I *can't* talk to you! You shut me out!
Susan can't take any more, and walks out. Olivia looks sheepish, and Karl frustrated.
The Waterhole
Paul and Terese are finishing a meal. Paul is still distracted by how well Naomi, Pierce and Chloe all seem to be getting on at the other table. As Pierce goes to the bar, Paul sidles up for another stir. Chloe and Naomi are in fits of laughter back at the table.
PAUL: Seem to be hitting it off quite well, aren't they?
PIERCE: No reason why they shouldn't.
PAUL: Yeah, well. Just make sure they don't get too close.
PIERCE: I didn't ask for your advice.
PAUL: Well, a message from a friend, then. You know, you can stick your head in the sand, or you can keep an eye on your wife and her... interest in Naomi. PIERCE: You really will try every angle, won't you?
PAUL: It's not an angle. Your wife said it to my face. Naomi is her type. Her words exactly.
From the table, the sounds of...
CHLOE: You're awesome!
NAOMI: You're awesome!
... can be heard! Chloe and Naomi hug, then Chloe notices some food that has dropped down Naomi's cleavage and picks it out! Pierce looks worried, and Paul smirks.
Goodwood Prison
Heather is doing a jigsaw, when Andrea approaches.
ANDREA: Aren't you Little Miss Popular, eh? Two visitors in one day! Karl again?
ANDREA: ... I know it was Dee.
HEATHER: So why did you ask?
ANDREA: Why are you hiding it?
HEATHER: Because I know you've got some kind of scheme planned. I don't want to be a part of it.
ANDREA: Shut up. What did she want?
HEATHER: (...) Dee wouldn't say 'shut up'. She wanted to talk to her mother. It was lovely.
ANDREA: Oh, please.
Andrea starts throwing pieces of Heather's jigsaw about, before eventually wrecking the whole thing! Heather groans in frustration as Andrea walks out.
Harold's Café
Karl is still with Olivia. He says it's been wonderful talking to her over the last few weeks.
KARL: But if I'm honest with myself, I've been avoiding facing the real issue.
OLIVIA: You know, you haven't done anything wrong.
KARL: Yeah. It doesn't feel completely right, either. I think we both know that I can't see you anymore. Susan's right; I have to lean on other people, not you.
OLIVIA: I really hope you and Susan work things out (...) I didn't want to cause any problems.
KARL: Oh, no, it's not about you. It's about me taking responsibility.
OLIVIA: Well, what's your next step?
KARL: ... I don't know. But I do know I have to save my marriage.
No 30
Mackenzie has been struggling to concentrate on her homework, so has summoned Harlow and Hendrix so they can all go for a walk. Harlow admits that she's been thinking a lot about her mum today, after all the talk about Dee visiting Heather, and asks if Mackenzie's been the same. She nods, quietly.
HARLOW: Even though she kept letting me down, I would give anything to have a second chance like Dee's getting.
MACKENZIE: I absolutely agree.
Toadie, who's been listening while clearing the table, looks affected by this. The three teens leave, and Shane, who's been in the kitchen, asks if Toadie's still worried about Karl and Susan. But Toadie's more worried about what the kids were saying.
TOADIE: Do you reckon that's what Dee's thinking? That this is a second chance for her and Heather?
No 28
Dipi is with Dee at the Kennedys'.
DEE: I don't know what I want. I just don't feel like I can talk to Toadie about it.
DIPI: It's hard for him to hear what you need from Heather. But it is natural you want to learn more about her.
DEE: Yeah. I just worry that exploring things with my mother is gonna hurt my relationship with him.
No 30
Shane and Toadie are still talking; Shane suggests Toadie should set some boundaries. Toadie thinks it won't matter; Heather will just try to weasel her way back in.
SHANE: So where does that leave you?
No 28
Dee admits to Dipi that she doesn't know where to begin.
DEE: Closing the door on my mother just doesn't feel right. Not now. I feel like I'm only just starting to discover who I really am.
No 30
Toadie tells Shane...
TOADIE: The idea of Dee spending time with Heather just makes my skin crawl.
SHANE: This is a deal-breaker?
TOADIE: Yeah, I think it is.
Coming up on Neighbours
- The foster agency lady Leila asks Aaron what type of dancing he used to do!
- Toadie admits to the Kennedys that he went to see Heather to ask her to cut ties with Dee
- Dee tells Toadie that she's going to get to know her mother
- Shaun asks Bea why he's just finding out about this; Bea replies, 'they're disturbing'
- We see Shaun holding a USB stick, and his phone with a picture of Finn and Aster on it
- Paul tells Pierce it's interesting that Chloe latched onto Naomi so fast
- Pierce comes into the No 26 garden to find Naomi doing a plaster cast of Chloe's chest!
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Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 8369
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Naomi Canning, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8369
Naomi Canning, Ned Willis

Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8369
Hendrix Greyson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8369
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Harlow Robinson, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8369
Harlow Robinson, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8369
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Dee Bliss, Heather Schilling in Neighbours Episode 8369
Dee Bliss, Heather Schilling

Naomi Canning, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8369
Naomi Canning, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Dee Bliss, Heather Schilling in Neighbours Episode 8369
Dee Bliss, Heather Schilling

Chloe Brennan, Naomi Canning, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8369
Chloe Brennan, Naomi Canning, Pierce Greyson

Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8369
Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8369
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Dee Bliss, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Olivia Bell in Neighbours Episode 8369
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Olivia Bell

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8369
Karl Kennedy

Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Ned Willis, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Ned Willis, Yashvi Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8369
Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8369
Paul Robinson, Pierce Greyson

Andrea Somers, Heather Schilling in Neighbours Episode 8369
Andrea Somers, Heather Schilling

Olivia Bell, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8369
Olivia Bell, Karl Kennedy

Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Dee Bliss, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Dee Bliss, Dipi Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8369
Toadie Rebecchi

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