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Neighbours Episode 8256 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8256 (Harlow asks her father, Robert Robinson, to test to be a kidney donor for David)
Australian and UK airdate: 16/12/19
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Claudia Watkins: Kate Raison
Robert Robinson: Adam Hunter
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Claudia introducing herself to Toadie.
- Finn justifying why he has an album containing pictures of Elly.
- Claudia sure Elly is going to mess up.
- Finn refusing to betray Elly.
- Finn ordering his mum to respect Elly or leave!
- David unable to go back on dialysis until the infection has cleared.
- Paul adamant he will do whatever it takes to help David.
- Harlow urging Roxy to get tested but she isn't a match for David.
- Harlow sure Paul will go ape if she knows she's asked Robert to be tested.
- Robert agreeing to Harlow's visit.
- Paul asking where Harlow and Roxy are off to as he spots them ready to leave the house.
Number 22
The girls think quickly for an answer to Paul's question (where are they off to) and Roxy says to see David. Paul offers them a lift since they are heading there too, so Roxy quickly amends the story to say they're going shopping for a get well pressie for David. "Since when have you two started hanging out?!" a curious Terese asks the pair and Roxy's reply is that they're "practically BFF's!" Paul thinks they are being very thoughtful so hands them some cash to make the pressie extra special.
Terese is still curious about the pair after the pair beat a hasty exit from the house. "They're doing something thoughtful for David," is Paul's simple take on things but then adds that if they are indeed up to something, he doesn't want to be a part of it!!
Road somewhere
In the fake car journey to the prison, Harlow is nervous about finally getting to meet her dad. She is also worried that their whole visit could "be for nothing" if Robert takes the ulterior motive of their trip wrongly. Roxy gets Harlow's nerves, and her best advice is "try to block out the fact that your dad is a psychopath!" and if she feels she will lose it, then her next advice is "to think of David." Harlow is gracious enough to thank Roxy for allowing this meeting to take places, since she wasn't a match after being tested, hence what prompted the visit.
Number 28
Everyone seems to have enjoyed the breakfast pastries Claudia has brought round. She also has a treat for herself, Finn and Bea - tickets to the Nutcracker, which Bea is thrilled to go see.
When Finn is finally alone with his mum (Susan, Bea and Elly have a sudden rush to do laundry!) he wants to know what is behind the gestures and her reply is "making up for last week." Finn isn't won over though, and eventually Claudia admits that she's still "not sure" but does quickly add, to appease Finn, that she won't allow her issues to come between them.
CLAUDIA: Please Finn, just give me a chance.
Aaron (and Terese) are sure that David is looking a bit better today and we find out that has been put on another type of antibiotic to see if this one will work. Aaron volunteers to do a coffee run and asks for a word outside with Paul.
Out in the corridor, Aaron wants to know what Paul is doing to get David a new kidney. "I'm exploring every avenue," Paul says to him but will have to "bear with me." Aaron is distraught at how much weaker David appears to be getting every day and reminds Paul that he said he'd do something!
PAUL: Do you think I like seeing my son lying in there like that eh? Now you know I would give him my kidney if I could. We all have to find a way of being strong for David, especially you. Now, come on.
Number 28
Bea is very puzzled when Finn asks for a favour - to give Elly her Nutcracker ticket to allow Elly and Claudia to bond with each other. "Your mum wants to spend time with us," she reminds him, and he thinks they can do something else with her later on. Eventually she concedes on the promise that they will go in together and make a night of it.
Albury super maximum prison
An officer leads Harlow and Roxy into the visiting area and moments later we see a heavily secured Robert being led into the other side of the visiting area, a screen dividing the two parts.
HARLOW: Hi dad.
HARLOW: This is probably just as weird for you as it is for me. I'm really glad you agreed to meet me.
ROBERT: I'm glad you wanted to.
Harlow seems somewhat surprised to hear that from him and confirms that she is living with Paul. He is taken by Roxy being there too, so Harlow explains who she is, what the connection is and that she lives with them too. Robert seems surprised that Paul has remarried... again!
ROBERT: Pass on my congratulations to the happy couple.
Commercial break later and Harlow is apologising for how her last visit turned out, and after he asks, admits that she was disappointed too with how it turned out but equally she was worried that he wouldn't want to see her again. "I'm here," he almost scoffs in reply before going to on to say, "that day was a challenge" and seems almost confused over why David was there because Paul turned up.
HARLOW: David's... David is lovely.
Robert wants to know why she is here, given the request was because of "urgent circumstances."
ROBERT: You seem nervous.
HARLOW: It's... it's David. He's really sick.
Lassiters Complex
As they make their way from the carpark to the hotel, Paul tells his wife he's tracked down the contact details of the head of the transplant list and plans on calling to see what it will take to get David moved up the list!
TERESE: Hold on, that's hardly ethical or moral!
PAUL: I don't really care at this point.
Terese tries again to let him see how wrong that is until Claudia interrupts them to discuss having a meeting with Terese regarding the foundation.
The Waterhole (veranda)
Dipi is showing Shane her daily update from Kirsha when they spot Aaron arriving. Naturally he's asked how David is doing and gets a hug from Dipi after replying that "he's not good." In his desperate state, Aaron asks Dipi if she can give him a tarot reading, which she isn't keen to do.
AARON: I need something.
Number 28
"I can't believe I agreed to this," Elly says as she finishes getting ready for a trip to the theatre. Claudia seems confused when she arrives, and Finn explains there's "been a slight change of plans" and Elly is coming instead of Bea. Bea explains to Claudia that she's got TAFE work due and after Finn and his mum headed outside, Elly's pleads to swap places. No deal and instead a request that she gets along with Claudia for the sake of the baby and Finn.
ELLY: Don't worry, I won't be starting anything but Claudia on the other hand... we'll see!
"That was very generous of you," Susan tells Bea when they are alone in the house after Elly heads off. The lass acknowledges she's miffed at not going but knows that Elly and Claudia need to bond. Susan then has an idea - she is going to check to see if there is still tickets available, so they all get to go!
Albury super maximum prison
Back at the prison and Harlow is trying to explain to her dad that she genuinely wanted to see him, there wasn't just the ulterior motive.
HARLOW: Look, I know you don't even know David, but he's so sick, and we're so desperate.
Robert asks if Paul knows she is at the prison, and she replies "no" but thinks he will understand why she came, if he finds out, because "he'll do anything for David." "I'm sorry it's taken a long time for us to get to know each other," he says to her, adding that he wants to get to know Harlow better and much to her delight, he agrees to get himself tested!
The Waterhole (veranda)
Dipi commences the tarot reading and first card Aaron picks is 'the fool' which she interprets as "a new beginning."
DIPI: So, it could be a new job, or an opportunity.
AARON: Or a new kidney!
DIPI: Or an ending. That's when something new begins.
Next card out is 'ten of cups' which she interprets as meaning its "centred around the family or home." Aaron thinks he gets what the two cards mean - babies, since they've always talked about having kids. Dipi puts the kyboshes on it though, as it usually means present not future, but he sees it another way, it's going to happen soon. Aaron is more than happy at the reading and gives her a kiss on the cheek before rushing off.
Harold's Café
The small talk conversation is extremely painful as Claudia, Finn and Elly kill time having something to drink before heading off to the theatre. Thankfully before the conversation gets any worse, Bea and Susan arrive telling them they have tickets too, so everyone gets to go see the Nutcracker! Finn nor his mother seem too enthusiastic at the gate crashers and the re-arranged seating plan - Elly is to sit with Susan, leaving Bea to sit in her original seat!
Paul is surprised to see how brighter Aaron is when he arrives back at the hospital to relieve them. "Everything's going to be okay," he says before sitting down next to the David.
David starts to stir after Aaron kisses him and says that the sleep helped, when asked how he is feeling. To keep David focused on something - Aaron wants him to think of the child they are going to have as soon as he gets out of hospital.
TERESE: We'll put our hand up for babysitting.
PAUL: Yes, anytime.
After Paul said those words, he then heads outside into the corridor to carry through with the call (to Dr Ballard) that he told Terese about earlier.
Harold's Café
When they end up alone in the café, Susan takes the opportunity to let Finn know how disappointed Bea was at not getting to the ballet, adding that he also gave her no choice but to give up her ticket. "How could she say no when she saw how important it was to you that Elly go instead," she bluntly points out to him. Finn tries to justify his plan as wanting Elly and his mum to spend time together. Just at this point, Claudia comes out of the toilets (the sisters have already headed outside) and can hear the pair talking.
FINN: For the sake of the baby, she should be in its life. It's what Shaun would have wanted.
SUSAN: Yes, I understand that, but your mum and Elly can catch up anytime. By putting Elly first, you side-lined Bea yet again. Finn, you need to look at your priorities.
Number 22
Roxy and Harlow are home from their prison visit and while Harlow isn't sure Robert will be a match, Roxy is pretty certain he will be! Both agree that for the moment, they won't tell Paul and Terese about their visit although Harlow is still on a high after finally getting to see her dad.
Roxy passes Paul and Terese on the way out as she rushes off to work and Terese asks how the shopping trip was. Harlow replies that they didn't find anything suitable. After Terese leaves them to it, Paul tells Harlow that if she wants to cover her tracks, it is better to let Roxy do the talking! "What do you mean?" Harlow tries to say innocently back, and Paul demands to know what they were really up to and sticking to her original cover story, she replies "honestly, we were just finding a perfect gift for David."
The Waterhole (veranda)
"You're cutting it fine," Shane says to Roxy as she rushes to the pub for her shift, adding that its lucky Sheila isn't on! She then spots what he has in his hands (the tarot cards Dipi accidentally left behind) and asks him to give her a reading. "It's not really my thing," he tells her, but she insists, so he sits down and spreads the cards out.
The first Roxy picks is 'five of cups' and he declares that "a mysterious man will come into your life and you will fall deeply in love!" "Tell me something that I don't know," she jokes back with him! She picks again, but we don't see what the card is, however Shane then says that she has a "deep dark guilty secret." Rather than joke this one off, Roxy grabs her stuff and decrees that tarot cards are "stupid" anyone who believes this "is a loon-bag." "I was only joking," he says to her and she replies that she was too before heading into the pub to start working.
Number 28
Everyone is back from the ballet, with the sisters having a wonderful time... even bubs too from what Elly says! Bea sincerely thanks Claudia for her suggestion and she accepts Bea's offer to stay for supper.
This time its Finn and his mum left alone after the others head outside to prepare supper (having pizza) and she brings up that she knows why he keeps forcing Elly to be with her and singing her praises. Claudia also makes it known about asking Bea to give her ticket up to Elly and he explains it was to help her see what Elly is really like.
CLAUDIA: No, it goes deeper than that. How do you really feel about her?
FINN: We're just friends. I love Bea! I'm just trying to do the right thing by Shaun and the baby.
CLAUDIA: But mainly by Elly. Finn, you need to be honest with yourself.
FINN: Okay, fine. I've got feelings for her.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Pierce trying to get his family bonded together.
- Karl explaining that Hendrix is isolating himself.
- Finn spelling things out to his mum's real reason for being in town.
- Paul giving Claudia some advice after she unloads on him.
- Claudia telling Finn of her plan.
<<8255 - 8257>>
Harlow Robinson, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Harlow Robinson, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Roxy Willis, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Roxy Willis, Harlow Robinson

Elly Conway, Bea Nilsson, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8256
Elly Conway, Bea Nilsson, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly

Paul Robinson, Aaron Brennan, Terese Willis, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8256
Paul Robinson, Aaron Brennan, Terese Willis, David Tanaka

Paul Robinson, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8256
Paul Robinson, Aaron Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8256
Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Robert Robinson, Harlow Robinson

Claudia Watkins, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Claudia Watkins, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Aaron Brennan, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8256
Aaron Brennan, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8256
Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly

Harlow Robinson, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8256
Harlow Robinson, Roxy Willis

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Robert Robinson

Dipi Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8256
Dipi Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8256
Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly, Elly Conway

Aaron Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Aaron Brennan, Paul Robinson

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8256
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8256
Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly

Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8256
Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson

Roxy Willis, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8256
Roxy Willis, Shane Rebecchi

Claudia Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8256
Claudia Watkins

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8256
Finn Kelly

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