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Neighbours Episode 8072 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8072 (Kyle Canning returns)
Australian and UK airdate: 02/04/19
Writer: Jessica Paine
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Kyle Canning: Chris Milligan
Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Claudia Watkins: Kate Raison
Imogen Willis: Ariel Kaplan
Shaun Watkins: Brad Moller
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- Paul sees Gary with an engagement ring.
- Paul calls someone telling them he has a proposition.
- Claudia avoids visiting Finn. Susan thinks she blames herself for how his life turned out.
- Claudia doesn't want Finn dragging his lawyer down with him.
- Finn lets Imogen go as his lawyer, stating that he's a lost cause. Imogen doesn't think that's true.
- Piper, Imogen, Ned and Bea toast to Josh and Doug.
- Leo sees Shaun leaving Imogen's office.
- Piper tells everyone that Imogen is Finn's lawyer.
Number 22 Back Yard
Bea, Piper and Ned can't believe Imogen is Finn's lawyer. Imogen thinks everyone is entitled to representation. Bea and Ned leave, while Piper asks if Imogen has told Toadie. Imogen says she's doing this pro bono. Piper says the meetings are being held in Toadie's office so it will reflect on the firm. Piper asks why Terese isn't outraged by this. Terese says Imogen is Piper's sister, and she doesn't do things without thinking them through. Piper storms off.
Ramsay Street
Imogen runs after Piper, telling her she's being immature. Piper would rather be immature than defend an attempted mass murderer. Sheila meanwhile is gardening and is shocked when she overhears the conversation. Piper lashes out at Imogen, as Finn tried to kill her best friend. Imogen says she's had a problem with her since she got here.
IMOGEN: Do you know what I think. I think me coming home made you realise that your life is treading water.
PIPER: Oh, don't change the subject.
IMOGEN: I've been gone three years Piper, and what are you doing with yourself? You've deferred uni, you're working in a job that you have zero interest in.
PIPER: That's not true.
IMOGEN: All of your friends have moved away and you're going from one bad relationship to the next.
PIPER: Shut up! You don't know anything about me.
IMOGEN: Okay, so you tell me one thing in your life right now that you actually like.
PIPER: Leo, he's a... he's a nice guy.
IMOGEN: Such passion.
PIPER: Oh, Imogen, at least I'm not directing my passion into defending a psychopath!
IMOGEN: You should lose the chip on your shoulder Piper. You're not angry with me you're just unhappy with yourself.
Piper storms off, while Sheila marches up to Imogen and tells her she should be ashamed of herself.
Erinsborough Hospital Exterior
Finn can't believe Imogen still wants to represent him. He thinks his mum is right, he's dragging them all down. Shaun says she isn't right, she's stripping away Finn's confidence. Finn thinks he's rotten to the core.
Number 26
Yashvi assures Gary that the 'marry me' banner is in position.
GARY: Let's just go through this from the top. I cannot afford for anything to go wrong.
YASHVI: Well maybe you shouldn't have planned such an elaborate prop- based proposal.
As they run through the rest of the plan, Sheila comes in, venting about Imogen representing Finn. Gary doesn't think he can propose today after hearing this.
Number 28 Back Yard
Bea and Ned tell Karl and Susan about the news, Bea feels sick. She wonders why it couldn't have been anyone else, doesn't Finn's rich mum have lawyers? Susan says Claudia isn't going to lift a finger.
Lassiters Penthouse
Amy tells Paul that Gary had arranged to meet up and then cancelled. Paul asks about the groundbreaking event for Robinson Pines, and if they can have a photo of his dad there. Amy sighs, he's not going to make her last few weeks a breeze, but Paul says her replacement will thank him. Terese arrives. Amy tells her that she knows today is a tough day, but she'll be thinking of them all. Terese thanks her as Amy leaves.
Paul says the flowers have arrived and offers to go with her to put them by Josh's plaque before the memorial, although he knows the memorial is just for family. Terese tells him about Imogen defending Finn. Paul says he was in a similar situation to Finn after his brain tumour, and he wished people would look past what he had done and made sure he was treated fairly. Paul says Imogen is being brave, she's putting aside her feelings in the name of justice. Tereses asks him to come to the memorial. Paul would be honoured.
Backpackers Hostel
Piper tells Leo that Imogen doesn't think there is anything wrong in defending Finn, and she doesn't want to see Imogen at the memorial. Leo offers to go with her, but she says it's a family thing. Piper leaves awkwardly, but assures Leo she's fine.
Paul and Terese look at the plaque for Josh and Doug. Claudia arrives to say she's checking out. Terese apologises, it's the anniversary of her son's death.
CLAUDIA: I'm sure he was a wonderful young man.
TERESE: Josh did have his fair share of trouble but he was my boy and I always knew he had a good heart. You have to hold on to them while you can, don't you?
Lassiters Lake
Imogen tells Susan that Ramsay Street is quite hostile right now. Susan asks why she took the case. Imogen says it is fascinating, and Finn has the right to a trial even if it means she doesn't get paid. Shaun's money is tied up with Claudia, and Finn tried to fire Imogen after Claudia visited him.
Harold's Café
Imogen enters to find Gary, Shane and Dipi talking about her. Imogen asks Gary if there is anything he'd like to say to her, to her face. Gary says it's probably better he doesn't. Gary leaves. As Imogen takes a seat, Dipi asks Shane if they should let Toadie know, as Imogen is working at his firm. Shane doesn't want to bother Toadie until they have to.
Paul approaches Imogen. Imogen is expecting another telling off, but Paul says he told Terese she should be very proud of her, as everyone deserves representation. Imogen thinks if Susan can see good in him then that has to count for something. Paul knows that this case will make a big splash, and she can't deny there is an element of ego there. Imogen says this case could put her on the map. Paul says that isn't always what it is cracked up to be, but wishes her luck.
The Waterhole Exterior
Gary and Sheila moan about Imogen. Sheila tells Gary to focus on Amy today, but Gary thinks it would be a betrayal to Xanthe to be happy after news like this.
Meanwhile Piper is watching an old 'Pipe Up' of hers where she talked about being ready for the next chapter. Ned joins her. She tells him she filmed it after Cassius went to prison. She tells Ned that Imogen told her stuff which was hard to hear but she had some points. Imogen admits she had a problem with her since she arrived, she rolled in with a law degree and a happy marriage and it highlights that Piper's life is going nowhere. She tells Ned that she likes Leo but its not love. She had that with Tyler and thought she had it with Cassius. She asks herself what is she doing.
Claudia makes a call for a cab and stops to look at the plaque for Josh. Susan approaches with the photo album that Shaun gave her. She says Finn sent it to Claudia when he was a teenager but she wouldn't look at it. Susan says there is a letter in it that he wrote from South America, begging her for help, but Claudia didn't look at that either. Claudia had her reasons. Susan says that boy is completely different from the man he turned into and she has an opportunity to heal this relationship. Susan tells her that Imogen is going to make a case that Finn's experiences in captivity altered his behaviour but they were the catalyst for his crimes. Imogen could use Claudia's help. Claudia looks over to Josh's plaque again.
SUSAN: You left him for dead in South America, are you really going to do the same thing now?
Susan asks, giving Claudia the photo album.
The Waterhole
Amy joins Gary. She says she was looking forward to seeing him at the yard earlier but he cancelled, although she understands having heard about Imogen. Gary says Finn is going to prison anyway, so no lawyer will make a difference. Amy knows that a while ago Gary would have lost it at Imogen. The man he's become, there's no one she could rely on more, its why she fell for him. Amy gets a text from Leo, Gary encourages her to go, they have plenty of time.
As Amy leaves, Sheila comes over to find Gary smiling. He says he was being a doofus, it's too late to go through with the plan now because he's told Yashvi to cancel everything, so he's just going to have to go old school.
Erinsborough Hospital Exterior
Claudia visits Finn who is walking outside with his walking frame. Claudia asks if Finn's lawyer is any good. He says she's committed. Finn is resolved that he's going to jail, at least he'll be out of her hair. Claudia passes Finn the photo album that Susan gave her. Claudia remembers when it arrived, Errol was furious and threw it in the bin. Shaun retrieved it. She's kept a photo. Finn offers for her to keep the whole thing, but she walks off saying she has to go.
Harold's Café
Yashvi interrupts Leo and Amy. She says Amy has to come with her right now, something needs to be fixed at Sheila and Gary's urgently. Amy refuses, but says she'll pop past later. Yashvi leaves defeated.
Piper and Ned arrive. Piper tells Terese she had to sort some things out in her head, while Ned tells Imogen that he will be civil. Terese gives a speech about Josh, and says they should say something about Josh that they all admired.
IMOGEN: Josh was brave, he was just about to leave Erinsborough to move half way across the country to be close to Amber and Matilda. He wanted love, he wanted a big life, and he was willing to risk anything for a chance at that.
PIPER: I admire... Josh really listened to his heart, didn't he? He never wanted any regrets and never wanted to wonder what if. I think that's a lesson we could all live by. I need to leave Erinsborough.
Terese and Imogen look shocked.
Lassiters Exterior
Claudia is getting into her taxi. Shaun assumes Claudia wants her to join him in Switzerland as soon as possible. Claudia tells him he can stay as long as necessary, and he can tell that lawyer to send Finn's bills to her secretary. Shaun thanks her, and they hug. In the taxi, Claudia looks at a childhood photo of Finn.
Number 26
Gary is in a suit with a bow tie, and rose petals scattered all over the floor, while Amy arrives with her toolkit. Gary gets on one knee. He tells Amy she's perfect and she fixed him. She's kind, strong and beautiful and his best friend. She makes him happy and he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy too. Gary takes out the ring and holds it out in front of Amy.
GARY: Amy Williams, will you do me the honour of marrying me?
Amy laughs happily, about to answer when the door opens. In walks Kyle, Gary's son and Amy's ex.
KYLE (awkwardly): Surprise.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Piper tells Leo it was a mistake to take things further.
- Aaron is worried about Chloe, he thinks something is going on.
- Sheila tells Kyle she's missed him.
- Gary hopes Kyle hasn't come back to have another crack at Amy.
- Shane and Dipi consider trying to find the real Dee themselves.
<<8071 - 8073>>
Bea Nilsson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Bea Nilsson, Terese Willis

Bea Nilsson, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Bea Nilsson, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Ned Willis

Piper Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Piper Willis, Imogen Willis

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8072
Sheila Canning

Finn Kelly, Shaun Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8072
Finn Kelly, Shaun Watkins

Yashvi Rebecchi, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 8072
Yashvi Rebecchi, Gary Canning

Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8072
Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8072
Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis

Claudia Watkins, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8072
Claudia Watkins, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis

Gary Canning, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8072
Gary Canning, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Paul Robinson, Imogen Willis

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8072
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Ned Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Ned Willis, Piper Willis

Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8072
Susan Kennedy, Claudia Watkins

Gary Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8072
Gary Canning, Amy Williams

Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8072
Claudia Watkins, Finn Kelly

Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8072
Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka

Yashvi Rebecchi, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8072
Yashvi Rebecchi, Amy Williams

Ned Willis, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8072
Ned Willis, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis  Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8072
Terese Willis Paul Robinson

Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 8072
Piper Willis

Shaun Watkins, Claudia Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8072
Shaun Watkins, Claudia Watkins

Gary Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8072
Gary Canning, Amy Williams

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8072
Kyle Canning

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8072
Amy Williams

<<8071 - 8073>>
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