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Neighbours Episode 8068 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8068
Australian and UK airdate: 27/03/19
Writer: Jo Zantuck
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Dr Dora Dietrich: Kirsty Hillhouse
Shaun Watkins: Brad Moller
Constable Miles Doughty: Lee Ton
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Mark tells Elly he's having their marriage annulled
- But Elly later tells Mark she's pregnant; and he tells her he wants them to start again
- Amy resigns from Robinson Pines
- Paul asks Gary if he had anything to do with Amy's decision; he admits he helped her see the light
- Finn tells Bea he must have genuinely cared for her; Ned angrily disagrees; Bea asks Finn to leave
- Karl tells Susan and Imogen that he suggested to Shaun that Finn should move to another hospital
- Imogen tells Finn that if he stays in Erinsborough, she'll fight to keep him out of jail
- Shaun tells the Kennedys and Ned that Finn wants to stay in town until he's sentenced
- Shaun tells Ned he needs to get used to Finn staying; at which point Ned thumps Shaun in the face
Ramsay Street
Shaun leaps up and rugby-tackles Ned to the ground, while Susan, Bea and Karl watch. Mark gets out of his car and rushes across to break up the fight. Susan explains to Mark who Shaun is, and that they've had some 'very disturbing news'. Mark's prepared to leave it there, but Shaun says Ned attacked him, and threw the first punch. Ned admits this, but says he was provoked.
SHAUN: That's assault. Are you gonna do something?!
Mark reluctantly tells Ned he'll have to take him to the station.
No 28
Later on, Susan and Karl are clearing up after dinner when Bea and Ned come in. Ned apologises to them for punching Shaun, but everyone is sympathetic and agree he was provoked. Ned says he hasn't been charged yet; they have to wait until tomorrow to see what the police will decide to do.
NED: And with my record, I might be facing jail time.
KARL: I feel so responsible. I got everyone's hopes up that Finn was leaving.
NED: No, it's not your fault, Karl.
Susan suggests she could speak to Shaun to get him to see sense, but Karl thinks they should all just stay away from both of the brothers. Bea gets some good news in a text from Elly, saying she's staying at Mark's tonight, for the first time since the wedding.
No 24
Mark is setting up a bed on the sofa. Elly is concerned to have heard that Mark arrested Ned earlier, and asks him if he'll be charged. Mark is noncommittal, and says he only arrested him because Shaun pushed it. Meanwhile, Elly has had another job interview, but didn't have a good vibe from it. Mark assures her something will turn up.
She's also had a blood test, and Mark offers to come in with her to get the results. Elly is heartened by this progress, and says she'd really love that.
ELLY: I wish you'd let me sleep out here - then you could have the bed to yourself.
MARK: No, no - you and the baby need proper rest.
ELLY: We could all sleep in the same bed together?
MARK: ...
ELLY: Nothing more would have to happen... Or I could sleep in the spare room?
MARK: You mean, Chloe's room?
ELLY: No, I didn't mean - I don't want that. I just want you to be comfortable.
Mark gives her a lukewarm smile.
Harold's Café
Leo returns to a table, having ordered coffees for him and Amy. Amy is looking at her phone, smiling.
LEO: Please tell me you're not drooling over photos of Gary?
AMY: I'm not that kind of woman. Although, maybe for Gary I'd make an exception.
But Amy says she's just happy. Leo is glad to hear it; Amy says things will turn around for him soon, too. Leo asks what Amy has planned now she's left Robinson Pines; Amy says she has plans to build up The Handywoman again, and feels like she's under a whole lot less pressure now she's not working for Paul. Leo knows the feeling, and admits he's told Paul and Terese he's moved on.
LEO: ... with Piper. Don't judge me.
A surprised Amy claims she's not judging him, but she visibly is. She asks if he's just doing it to get back at Terese and Paul, but he insists not; he genuinely enjoys Piper's company.
AMY: So, does this mean you guys are serious?
LEO: We're friends with benefits for now, but who knows where it might go?
Erinsborough Hospital
Shaun comes in to see Finn. Finn notices the bruises on his face, but Shaun claims it was a random drunken barfly who attacked him, hiding the truth about it being Ned.
FINN: You've got a habit of walking into random fights.
SHAUN (laughs): You're thinking of that one before I left school. It was ages ago.
FINN: Last year for me.
Susan comes in to see Finn. He asks how Bea is, saying he didn't mean to upset her yesterday. Susan says the situation has been hard for Bea, and that Shaun fighting with Ned hasn't helped. Finn is annoyed that Shaun lied to him; Shaun says he didn't want to worry Finn, but that Ned punched him as he was unhappy that Finn was staying in town.
SUSAN: I'm hoping I can convince you not to pursue charges against Ned.
SHAUN: Why shouldn't I?
SUSAN: I'm not condoning what he did, and I'm truly sorry that you got hurt. But you have to understand, emotions are running very high. We've all been through so much.
SHAUN: Yeah, but you and Bea and Karl weren't throwing punches.
FINN: You've had the police onto him - maybe that's enough?
SHAUN: This is the second time this guy's heavied me. He's out of line. All I've tried to do is help my brother.
SUSAN: I understand that, but still -
SHAUN: Finn's ready to be accountable for his actions. Ned should be as well. I want him charged.
Harold's Café
Mark runs into Amy. She tells him that she hopes he and Elly can work things out. Mark thanks her but clearly doesn't want to get into it, and rushes off to work. Paul appears, and starts talking to her about his plans for the businesses on Power Road which he now owns. Amy reminds him she's leaving her role in the next few weeks; she doesn't need to be involved in long-term decisions.
Paul continues trying to persuade her, and floats the idea of her changing her mind about resigning; but Amy assures him this isn't going to happen. She gets a message from Gary, telling her that Xanthe got a distinction on her assignment. Paul is utterly uninterested.
PAUL: Power Road isn't even a part of Robinson Pines anymore, so there's no reason we can't chat about it, hey? And I see a lot of potential there.
Increasingly frustrated with Paul (and the lack of service at the counter), Amy tells him he should think about doing something positive for the community. Paul says that's why he needs Amy, but she again tells him she won't get involved.
PAUL: We'll see.
He leaves.
No 28
Susan is chatting to Karl, Bea and Elly about her visit with Finn. Bea is creeped out to learn that Finn has been asking about her, and Karl is annoyed that she went at all. Susan supposes that Ned will ask Imogen to represent him if charges are brought. Karl goes to text Mark to ask if there are any updates, while Susan heads off to work.
Elly apologises to Bea for not being there for her yesterday; but Bea understands she has a lot else going on. Bea asks how are things are going with Mark; Elly says it's just baby steps for now. She's more concerned about how Bea is coping; Bea says it just isn't fair.
BEA: How is Ned facing charges, when they still haven't charged Finn with anything?
ELLY: Mark said they're looking into it really soon, if that helps? Now that they know what Finn's official diagnosis is.
BEA: Yeah. I'm more worried about Ned going to jail. It could easily happen.
Elly says there's not much they can do about it now; but Bea has had an idea...
Lassiter's Complex
Elly is filling in Amy on the fact that Mark now knows about the pregnancy. Leo is with them, and hadn't even realised Elly was pregnant - but Elly tells him they're keeping it quiet for now. Leo promises not to tell anyone, and congratulates Elly. Amy seems less enthusiastic.
ELLY: I know you warned me not to use it to try and fix things with Mark. But to be honest, it's kind of bringing us back together.
AMY: Well, that's good then.
ELLY: And I stayed at his house last night. Not in the same bed - but it's progress (...)
AMY: As long as there are more reasons than just the baby keeping you guys together... it'll all work out in the end.
Conversation moves on to Leo and Piper, which is news to Elly! However, she says they'll have to talk about it later, as she has to rush off to meet Bea.
The Handywoman
Gary is waiting at the yard for Amy to arrive, with a bunch of flowers for her. Amy is touched by the gesture, and kisses him; she says she needed a pick-me-up, as she's had a bad morning trying to fend off Paul and his agenda.
GARY: Putting Robinson Swines ahead of everything else?
AMY: Yeah, that about covers it.
Gary says he's proud of Amy sticking to her guns, and that anyway, she looks 'darn hot' working with tools in the yard instead. She drags him towards the office to TITTNL™, but Gary says he has to dash off for a coffee hut suppliers' meeting. He kisses her on the forehead and rushes off, leaving Amy looking perplexed.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark is talking to Ned and Karl outside the police station. He explains that Shaun is giving a formal statement this afternoon, after which Ned will very likely be charged with assault - which could mean as much as three months in jail for Ned. Ned thanks Mark for the heads-up; and Ned and Karl walk away from the station.
Karl is blaming himself for what has happened, telling Ned it was a mistake to take Finn out of the hospital. He also admits he's worried about Susan getting too drawn in by Finn.
KARL: She feels if she can make him a good person, her actions will be justified.
NED: What about Bea? Is she getting drawn in as well?
KARL: She was very uncomfortable around him yesterday. I doubt she'll want to see him again.
Erinsborough Hospital
But Bea is at the hospital, looking pensive. Elly arrives; we soon realise that Bea is psyching herself up to go and see Finn, and that Elly is accompanying her for support.
BEA: Listen - Finn is... he's different. And also not. It's just - it's really weird and disturbing.
But Elly says they just need to get in, say what Bea needs to say, and then get out again. Bea agrees.
BEA: No blow is too low, because he deserves it.
ELLY: The lower the blow, the better, I reckon.
Finn is reading a book when Bea and Elly enter his room. He hasn't met Elly since his amnesia struck, but correctly guesses that it's her.
FINN: Can I just say - I totally understand why you didn't want to see me yesterday.
ELLY: I'm not here for your apologies. I don't care.
FINN: So you're just here to see if my amnesia is real?
ELLY: I'm simply here to support Bea. Apart from that, I am not interested in you one bit.
FINN: Fair enough.
BEA: The reason we're here is not for Elly to see you. It's for you to see Elly. I want you to look into as many people's eyes that you hurt as possible.
FINN: ... Okay.
BEA: I want you to understand the full extent of the lives that you've damaged. It just seems like you're not taking responsibility.
FINN: I am! I swear! Just because I can't remember -
BEA: If you fully accepted what you did, there is no way that you would let Shaun press charges against Ned!
FINN: This is Shaun's decision.
BEA: The person that deserves to pay is you! Not Ned.
FINN: I know! But Shaun was the one who was hit. This is what he wants to do.
BEA: If there's any part of you that cares about fairness, or wants to make up for you did, you will make him withdraw the complaint. And if you don't, I'll know that you still want to cause us pain.
The Waterhole
Sheila and Gary are discussing something that he has 'all planned out'. Sheila tells him that he can't stuff this up, as there's no coming back from it. Paul has come in, and overheard some of this. When Gary's gone, Paul saunters over to Sheila and accuses her of planning dodgy dealings in his pub.
SHEILA: Bags, stay out of Gary's business.
Sheila starts taunting Paul about Amy quitting from Robinson Pines, because she didn't want to be tarnished by his reputation!
PAUL: The only reason she quit is because she's too tied up with that buffoon of a son of yours to know what's good for her. It's only a matter of time before she dumps his sorry carcass, and comes running back to work for me where she belongs.
SHEILA: We'll have to wait and see, then, won't we?
PAUL: And in the meantime, I'll have a macchiato.
SHEILA: Coffee machine's just there. If you're such an expert on everything else, maybe you can make it yourself.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark comes across Elly in the courtyard. He tells her he's not going to be able to make it to the hospital later for her test results, as he hasn't been able to rearrange his shift. Elly says it's no problem - the blood tests will only tell them something they already know (that she's pregnant).
Elly tells Mark about her trip to the hospital with Bea, to get Finn to persuade Shaun to drop the charges against Ned. Mark isn't thrilled with the idea of 'you and the baby' being anywhere near Finn, regardless of what the doctors say. Elly says there was a guard there; she'd never put the baby in harm's way. Elly heads off to tell Susan about the pregnancy, as she doesn't know yet.
Erinsborough High School
Susan is thrilled about Elly's pregnancy news; Elly says she's planning to tell Bea and Karl later tonight. She's looking forward to being a mum, she says, and she and Mark are a work in progress.
SUSAN: Is this why he was okay with you staying there last night?
ELLY: Yeah, it's not that I'm using the baby to smooth things over. Only to speed up the process of him forgiving me.
Umm, aren't they the same things, Elly? Anyhow, Susan thinks it sounds positive, so that's the main thing. Susan gets a phone call from Shaun, who wants her to go to the hospital; Finn is upset and is asking to see her.
ELLY: I'd let him stew on it.
SUSAN: ... Yeah, I suppose so.
Elly leaves to meet Leo, who's accompanying her for the test results. Susan then checks her watch, and makes a hasty exit herself!
Lassiter's Complex
Bea is telling Ned about her visit with Finn. He's concerned, saying it'd be worth him going to jail if it stopped Bea getting hurt again. However, Mark appears with some good news - Shaun has withdrawn his complaint, so Ned won't be charged.
NED (to Bea): This is all because of you. You saved me.
MARK: Yeah, well - you're no Chuck Norris, so just think before you fight next time, yeah?
BEA: Finally, some justice! Hey, it does feel good to be the hero, though!
NED: Pretty damn sexy hero at that.
Bea laughs and kisses him.
Erinsborough Hospital
Susan and Shaun are with Finn as a policeman - specifically, Constable Miles Doughty - reads out a list of offences he's being charged with. Finn looks distraught.
DOUGHTY: Finn Kelly, you are charged with fraud, theft of a motor vehicle, grievous bodily harm, three counts of false imprisonment, multiple counts of conduct endangering life, four counts of attempted murder. Do you understand?
Finn nods tearfully, and Doughty says the police will be in touch about his bail hearing, before leaving. Susan looks at Finn sympathetically; Shaun explains that the police visit was why Finn wanted Susan to come.
FINN (sobbing): I don't want to go to prison. I don't know what to do.
Upset, he grabs Susan's hands and she strokes his, reassuringly. Karl, who is lingering outside watching, looks concerned, before walking away.
At the reception desk, Karl asks the nurse on duty if he can see Finn Kelly's file - and specifically, anything that might have his mother, Claudia Watkins', phone number on it...
In another part of the hospital, Elly is with Leo, teasing him about his fling with Piper as they wait for her test results. Her doctor, Dora Dietrich, comes in with her results.
DR DIETRICH: Medically, there's no reason for concern. But I read here that you recently took some kind of sedative.
ELLY: Yeah, yeah, I did. I had a few issues on my wedding day.
LEO: That wouldn't hurt the baby, though, would it?
DR DIETRICH: The problem is, those types of medication in your system can give a false positive on home pregnancy tests. I'm afraid you're not pregnant.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Gary is on the phone, looking shifty, asking 'did it come through?'
- Paul demands details from Sheila of whatever dodgy scheme Gary is pursuing
- Yashvi is surprised to see Piper and Leo 'just hanging out'
- Mark and Elly kiss
- Elly hits the booze again
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Ned Willis, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Ned Willis, Mark Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Shaun Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8068
Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Shaun Watkins

Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8068
Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Elly Brennan

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Mark Brennan

Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8068
Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams

Shaun Watkins, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8068
Shaun Watkins, Susan Kennedy

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8068
Finn Kelly

Mark Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8068
Mark Brennan, Amy Williams

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8068
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Bea Nilsson, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Bea Nilsson, Elly Brennan

Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8068
Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams

Amy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8068
Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

Ned Willis, Karl Kennedy, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Ned Willis, Karl Kennedy, Mark Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Bea Nilsson, Elly Brennan

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8068
Finn Kelly

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8068
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8068
Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan

Elly Brennan, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8068
Elly Brennan, Susan Kennedy

Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis, Mark Brennan

Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8068
Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson

Constable Miles Doughty in Neighbours Episode 8068
Constable Miles Doughty

Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly, Shaun Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8068
Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly, Shaun Watkins

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8068
Karl Kennedy

Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8068
Elly Brennan, Leo Tanaka

Dr Dora Dietrich in Neighbours Episode 8068
Dr Dora Dietrich

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8068
Elly Brennan

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