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Neighbours Episode 8003 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8003
Australian and UK airdate: 26/12/18
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Liz Conway: Debra Lawrance
Jane Harris: Annie Jones
Delaney Renshaw: Ella Newton
Regina Grundy: Timba
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Liz is upset about not having been invited to Bea's concert at The Waterhole
- Valerie Grundy, the reclusive resident of No 34, has died - survived only by her dog Regina
- Delaney tells Paul that Mannix died in the bush; if he helps her with Leo, no- one will find out
- Paul tells Leo about Delaney's claims, and worries that he may have killed Mannix
- Paul takes a car out to where Delaney says Mannix's body is, skids off the road and bumps his head
- When Paul wakes, his dead father Jim appears in a CGI bauble, saying he can still be a better person
- Paul begins digging in the ground, and is horrified to uncover what appears to be a human foot
No 28
Susan is just about to enter the house, when she finds a parcel sitting on the doorstep. She goes inside, calling out for Liz - but there's no response. She opens the parcel, and is shocked at what she finds inside...
Paul's Penthouse
A bewildered-looking Paul is gazing into the bauble Jane gave him, in which the apparition of Jim appeared to him. Leo is with him, and he asks if he's sure the body in the bush was Mannix's.
PAUL: Well, who else can it be? All the details match.
LEO: Alright. Well, we'll deal with it. We'll shift his body somewhere. Delaney can't get away with blackmailing you like this!
Leo tells Paul to let him fix this - as it wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for Leo ratting out the Renshaws in the first place.
PAUL: It's too risky to move the body - I mean, what happens if we get caught by the police? Or worse, the Renshaws? That's not gonna be good for you, is it? Besides - I am the one who did this.
LEO: But you weren't the one who stabbed him.
PAUL: It doesn't matter! I'm the one who left him out in the middle of the bush without any medical assistance. No, he is dead because of me. So, no matter what happens, that is on me.
Jane comes in, surprised that Paul missed the concert. He says he was away longer than he thought.
JANE: You were with Jim this whole time?
PAUL: Yeah, I... guess I just needed to see him, hey?
Jane notices Paul is holding the bauble and, assuming it fell off the tree, takes it and goes to replace it. Meanwhile, Paul looks sick with guilt.
No 28
Liz asks Susan why she's not her 'usual effusive self' tonight. Susan hesitates, before taking out the package she found on the doorstep and showing it to Liz. The package contains a photo album, full of pictures of Finn Kelly, including as a child.
LIZ: How creepy! So, who would've dropped this off?
SUSAN: I dunno. It was left anonymously. I don't know whether it's meant for me, or the girls, or for all of us.
LIZ: Well, what if it's a warning? That there's gonna be another attack?
SUSAN: Well, that's an overreaction!
LIZ: Well, yeah - tell me when somebody dies! (...) And also, maybe this is a bit more directed at you, cos you were the one that pushed him.
SUSAN: Thanks, Liz (!) Possibly. Yes.
Susan announces that she's going to drop the album into the police station tomorrow so that they can follow it up. She asks Liz not to say anything to Bea and Elly - there's no point worrying them until there's something concrete to go on. Liz agrees.
Paul's Penthouse
Paul fetches Leo a whisky and joins him to sit on the balcony. Leo notices that Paul seems to have a headache; Paul explains about his 'minor accident' in the car, and that he hit his head. At first he insists everything's okay, then...
PAUL: You know what? Something really strange happened, Leo. This is gonna sound crazy, but, for a moment, I thought I saw Dad.
LEO: ...
PAUL: Well, you know, I've been thinking about him a lot lately. About if he'd be proud of me, about the man I've become. You know, I just started to feel like I was getting to a good place.
LEO: Yeah. You're someone who'd do anything for your family.
PAUL: Yeah, those I haven't driven away.
Paul worries that Delaney could turn him in. Leo insists she won't, if they can find a way to get some more leverage.
PAUL: Oh, no, Leo, I am sick to death of scheming my way out of situations. That has been my MO all my life, and look where it's led me.
LEO: Okay, then - what do you want to do?
PAUL: I dunno, I dunno - I just need some time to think.
Lassiter's Lake
Aaron is taking Val Grundy's dog Regina ('Reggie') for a walk, accompanied by Piper and David. We learn that Clancy and Reggie have been struggling to get on at the Sharma-Rebecchis', so Aaron and David have taken Reggie off their hands for the time being. Piper also explains there's been no luck finding Val's next of kin; and even if Toadie does find them, they may not want the dog.
AARON: I would take Reggie off your hands in a heartbeat - if only Mark wasn't such a... Mark.
They all fawn over the dog, until Delaney shows up, recognising David from Sydney. He seems surprised and pleased to see her, and they hug. She's surprised Leo hasn't told David that she's in town. David introduces Reggie, Piper, and Aaron as his husband.
DELANEY: Married? Oh my gosh, that is fantastic! I knew there had to be a reason you never hit on me!
Delaney rushes off, but makes David promise to catch up properly before she goes. Piper looks suspicious - and once Delaney's gone, asks how they knew each other. David explains that Leo used to work at one of her dad's clubs.
PIPER: Oh, but you two seem really close?
DAVID: Well, Leo adored her. And they were always together. I couldn't help but get to know her.
Piper looks even more suspicious.
Harold's Café
Terese arrives, and finds Leo ordering a coffee at the counter. She mentions he was tossing and turning last night, wondering aloud if it's anything to do with whatever's going on with Paul. Leo is evasive, and Terese reminds him that he can talk to her, about anything.
LEO: It's just this Delaney stuff. It's just gotten all complicated.
TERESE: What? I thought you said she was leaving?
LEO: I know... and look, I can't go into detail, okay? I just need you to trust me, and I need to figure out how to handle what's come up.
Terese wants to help, but Leo replies that he needs to work it out on his own. Terese grudgingly agrees, and he kisses her, promising to call her later.
No 28
Bea is receiving messages of support from fans after her successful concert at The Waterhole. Susan sings her praises too - but Bea is surprised when Liz then starts gushing about how wonderful she was, given that she asked Liz not to be there!
LIZ: Oh, alright - I listened from inside Harold's. I know you didn't want me to be there, but I just couldn't bear the thought of missing out, that's all.
BEA: And you liked it?
LIZ: You were incredible... And I'm... I'm sorry I made you doubt yourself when you were young.
BEA: Okay.
LIZ: Okay? Is that all I get? I'm trying to say sorry here.
Susan asks if Bea has thought of writing her own songs. Bea says she has been doing ever since she was a kid. Liz is surprised, and says she'd love to hear them. Bea's not sure, saying they're pretty personal, and heads off to get a shower.
Once Bea's gone, Liz complains to Susan that Bea seems hell-bent on keeping her at arm's length - before launching into a criticism of Susan for failing to tell Bea that "some maniac" has left pictures of Finn on the doorstep. Susan looks conflicted.
Lassiter's Complex
In the courtyard, Delaney overhears Terese telling Piper that there's something on Leo's mind, but that he won't tell her what. She sees Terese and Piper hugging before going their separate ways. Delaney saunters over to talk to Piper, who reveals that Terese is her mother.
DELANEY: Wow! Yeah, this is awkward, then. Look, I'm probably the last person you want to talk to right now. But I'm honestly so glad Terese has someone to lean on.
PIPER: Excuse me?
DELANEY: Well, it was never my intention to hurt Terese, okay? Me and Leo have just always had this connection. We've always known we're Meant To Be™.
PIPER: Sorry - do you actually think there's something going on between you and Leo?
DELANEY: Yeah. Well, that's why you were hugging Terese, isn't it?
PIPER: Look, I don't know what you think is going on. But Leo and Terese are very much together. He'd never do anything to hurt her.
Piper walks off, leaving Delaney looking worried.
No 28
Bea is about to head off to see Xanthe, but Liz asks if she wants to play her one of her songs instead.
LIZ: I meant it when I said I'd love to hear one.
BEA: Yeah, I meant it when I said they're personal.
Bea's about to leave, but Liz decides to use the package Susan received as leverage to help her earn Bea's trust.
LIZ: Susan told me not to tell you, but it just doesn't feel right, knowing something when you don't.
She retrieves the package, explaining someone put it on the doorstep last night, and that it's full of photos of Finn. Looking through the album, Bea looks upset, and Liz feigns empathy, comforting her.
LIZ: Oh, darling! Oh, you've gone white as a sheet!
No 24
David has good news for Aaron when he comes in - he's sweet-talked Mark, who is Not In This Episode™, into agreeing that Reggie the dog can live with them! Aaron is thrilled not to be parted from Reggie, and kisses David, declaring him 'the best husband'. Aaron prepares to give the dog a tour of the house, adding...
AARON: ... Don't forget, you have to stay out of Uncle Mark's room! That's a no-no.
DAVID: As is drinking out of the toilet bowl.
AARON: Erm, David - Reggie is a *lady*.
Lassiter's Complex
Piper is filling in Terese on what Delaney said to her before. Terese concludes it's a case of wishful thinking on Delaney's part.
TERESE: Leo said he was very direct when he turned her down.
PIPER: Look, don't get me wrong - I really like Leo. But is there any chance that he wasn't completely straightforward with you about Delaney?
TERESE: Look, I'll admit the whole thing is a little strange.
PIPER: Yes, right? Like, before she got here, he said that she was this 'sweet kid'. And from what I've seen, Mum, she's neither of those things. And, like, he completely downplayed how much he knew her. David told me that they were super-close (...)
TERESE: He wouldn't cheat on me, Piper.
PIPER: I didn't say that he would, Mum. But I'm just saying that you shouldn't put up with him keeping secrets from you, either.
TERESE: Yeah, I need to find out what's going on.
No 28
Susan comes in, and is annoyed to find Liz showing Bea the photo album of Finn. Liz claims that the worry of it had been playing on her mind, and it just tumbled out. Susan explains to Bea that she didn't want her to have to face Finn again, even in this form. Bea says it's fine - she was shaken at first, but it's been 'weirdly therapeutic'.
BEA: Seeing him like this, young, makes me realise that... he's just a boy who grew to be a messed-up man. A really messed-up one. But human - he wasn't always a monster.
LIZ: Now, see, I think this is progress! Maybe I did the right thing by showing her.
SUSAN: It's hard to imagine this happy little boy grew up to do such awful things.
BEA: And these photos - they're so normal!
LIZ: Excuse me - there is nothing normal about this at all! Some sicko dropped it on the doorstep to frighten us, so who knows what's gonna happen next?
Susan says it's time to take the photos to the police - they'll all feel safer knowing who left it, and why.
Lassiter's Complex
Leo catches up with Delaney, who challenges him on why he hasn't broken up with Terese yet.
LEO: It's complicated.
DELANEY: It's really not! You end things with her and begin them with me.
LEO: I need more time.
DELANEY: Look, you and your dad might think I'm this kid who won't do what I say I will. But you're wrong. Leo, I love you too much to tell my family what you've done to them. But letting the cops know what your father did to Mannix...
Leo suggests they talk it through over dinner tonight, but Delaney's sick of talking.
DELANEY: I want action.
LEO: Laney, what's going on? These threats, the way you're acting - you never used to be like this.
DELANEY: Well, maybe I wasn't as afraid of my family as I am now. Seeing what they've done. I didn't think they were capable of doing things like that.
LEO: Your dad and uncle would never hurt you.
DELANEY: Leo, I need you. I mean it. Being with you is the only thing that makes me feel safe.
LEO: But it won't make you happy. I don't love you. So you've got to stop trying to force me to.
DELANEY: That's not what I'm doing. I'm trying to make you remember how you used to feel about me. But I can't do that while you're with that woman.
LEO: You mean Terese. Who I do love.
DELANEY: For now. You know what you need to tell her - or you know what will happen to you and your father.
Lassiter's Lake
Aaron thanks David for securing Reggie as the newest member of their family.
DAVID: I know Regina can't make up for your diagnosis. But I hope she helps a little.
AARON: No, she does - she helps a lot. I've always wanted a little fur-baby!
DAVID: And you know, the door's always open when you want to talk about baby-babies as well, right?
AARON: ... Yeah. No, I do, I do. Just not yet.
DAVID: Yeah, that's okay. Take your time. I'm right here when you are ready, though.
Paul's Penthouse
Jane notices the bruise on Paul's forehead; he explains that he had a minor bump in the car. Terese arrives, asking to speak to Paul - so Jane makes herself scarce to get a coffee.
TERESE: I'm worried that Leo's keeping something serious from me. And I had this demented thought that maybe you're the person to ask.
PAUL: Why?
TERESE: Because the two of you were acting cagey yesterday. And because ever since Delaney turned up, things have been weird. You see, she wants to be with him. But he told me that he set her straight. You know what - I hate the fact that I'm having to ask you this. But do you know if there's anything going on with her and Leo?
PAUL: No, of course there's not!
TERESE: Don't lie to me.
PAUL: Look, it's not what you think. I promise you that. Truly. Believe it or not, I want what's best for you two.
No 22
We cut to the garden, where Leo is looking upset while reading a Christmas card from Terese. 'So excited to spend many more special occasions with you. All my love, Terese.' Paul continues speaking in voiceover.
PAUL: I'm sure that he will tell you everything when he can. You've got to trust me on that.
Paul's Penthouse
Terese replies that Leo told her to trust him, too.
TERESE: Let's just hope it's not a case of like father, like son.
PAUL: Leo's a far better man than I'll ever be.
No 22
More of Leo looking upset in the garden.
No 28
Bea offers to come with Susan to the police station to take the photo album, but Susan tells her just to enjoy her day. Xanthe turns up looking for Bea - on her way in, she's found an envelope in the bushes, addressed to Susan.
SUSAN (reading): Please call me - we need to talk about... Finn Kelly.
There is a name in the card, Shaun Watkins, with a phone number. Bea wonders if it was the same guy who left the album - Susan realises the card must have blown off in the wind. They show Xanthe the photos, who suggests they call Shaun Watkins to find out what's going on. Susan thinks there's no harm in doing that before they go to the police.
SUSAN (on the phone): Hello, this is Susan Kennedy, you wanted me to call you?
Ramsay Street
Leo is loading his cases into a taxi when Terese arrives home. She again implores him to tell her what's going on, but then sees the cases - he's moving out.
LEO: I can't do this.
TERESE: Do what?
LEO: This. Us. I thought I could make it work, but, well, Delaney being back, it's changed things.
TERESE: Are you serious?!
LEO: I've been trying to fight it. But we had this Moment™ in the sauna. It was minor, but it showed me that her and I, we...
TERESE: You told me you loved me yesterday!
LEO: And I do... in a way. But, what her and I have, it's different.
TERESE: What you have? A moment? Leo, this is ridiculous!
LEO: ... Truthfully, I've always been attracted to her, and her being back, well, it's brought back all those Feelings™ for me, so...
TERESE: I don't believe you.
LEO: I love her, Terese. I have for a while, and... I want to be with her. And I'm sorry I've hurt you, and I've been dishonest, but... it's just the way it is.
Terese shakes her head in disbelief as Leo drives away.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Liz tells Elly she's just trying to help, but Elly makes it clear she doesn't want it
- Chloe tells Mark she's worried she'll never find someone who looks at her like Elly looks at him
- Chloe looks jealous as Elly and Mark dance at a party
- Terese tells Leo that what they had doesn't just disappear
- Terese and Ned see Leo kissing Delaney on the lips.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8003
Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Susan Kennedy, Liz Conway in Neighbours Episode 8003
Susan Kennedy, Liz Conway

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8003
Finn Kelly

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Piper Willis, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Piper Willis, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Delaney Renshaw in Neighbours Episode 8003
Delaney Renshaw

Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8003
Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis

Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Liz Conway in Neighbours Episode 8003
Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy, Liz Conway

Piper Willis, Delaney Renshaw in Neighbours Episode 8003
Piper Willis, Delaney Renshaw

Liz Conway, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8003
Liz Conway, Bea Nilsson

Aaron Brennan, Regina Grundy, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Aaron Brennan, Regina Grundy, David Tanaka

Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8003
Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8003
Bea Nilsson, Susan Kennedy

Leo Tanaka, Delaney Renshaw in Neighbours Episode 8003
Leo Tanaka, Delaney Renshaw

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8003
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8003
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Leo Tanaka

Bea Nilsson, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 8003
Bea Nilsson, Xanthe Canning

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8003
Susan Kennedy

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8003
Leo Tanaka

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8003
Terese Willis

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