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Neighbours Episode 7849 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7849
Australian and UK airdate: 24/05/18
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Fay Brennan: Zoe Bertram
Liam Barnett: James Beck
- "So Here We Are" by Gordi
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Jimmy telling Amy he won't leave her to go to New York
- Paul learning that Jimmy is interested in New York after all
- Mark telling Mishti he thinks Chloe might be involved with Paul
- Paul and Mark discovering Leo and Chloe together at the Backpackers
Erinsborough Backpackers
A sheepish Leo and Chloe explain to Paul, Mark and Terese that Brandon has been getting preferential treatment at work because he'd been blackmailing them about their hook ups. Terese says she's happy to come back from leave to sort everything out. Leo wants to know what that means for his job, but Paul snarls that Leo doesn't want to be having that conversation right now. Paul leaves for the engagement party while Terese says Leo will have to miss out on the celebration to go through the handover with her at the office. Mark's annoyed that Chloe's bailing on Aaron by following Leo and Terese, but Chloe says she needs to keep her job.
The Waterhole
Mishti asks David if she thinks Mark was being weird earlier with the whole "Elliott Spielberg" ET thing. Aaron, Fay and Piper are soon on hand to explain.
FAY: That was the kids' favourite movie when they were growing up. They named themselves after the characters.
PIPER: Tyler was Gertie.
AARON: And Chloe was Elliott.
Mishti has a moment of realisation just as Mark walks in and gets confirmation from him that Chloe's actually seeing Leo and not Paul.
The Penthouse
Liam commends Jimmy on the big engagement card he's made for David and Aaron in the shape of a heart with a collage of photos on it. Jimmy notices his dad looking at a photo of him and Amy from a few years ago, explaining it was his birthday. Liam sadly says he should have been there.
JIMMY: Then why weren't you? I'm not angry I just want to understand. G-dad paid you, sure, but how could you stay away for so long?
LIAM: I was ashamed. No matter what I tried with my career it just never worked out. I'd just move on to the next thing and hope it would be better, but nothing ever changed. And so I became obsessed. I didn't have time for anyone else like you or your mum. And when I realised that, I knew I couldn't face you again until I had a success.
JIMMY: You have. [Liam scoffs] No, you have. You're back here; you're kicking goals with your new business even without that New York job.
Liam smiles at his son and gives him a pat on the shoulder.
The Waterhole
Amy thanks Liam for helping Jimmy with his collage before heading off to check on him. Paul sidles up to Liam and asks if he has any regrets about knocking back the New York offer, but Liam says they're not here to talk shop. Aaron interrupts to ask if Paul knows when Leo and Chloe are going to turn up because David's itching to give his speech, but Paul says they're in the hands of Terese. David then decides enough of their family and friends are there so he brings Aaron to the front of the crowd and starts his speech.
DAVID: Thank you so much for being here. We know how lucky we are to share this day with the people we love most. Growing up I could never have let myself hope for this. To be engaged to the man I love. A man I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with. A man who picks me up when I'm down, a man who calms me down, well... pretty much all of the rest of the time! I love you so much, Aaron, and I can't wait to call you my husband.
David and Aaron share a kiss.
DAVID: You know I could never have been open enough to do this if it wasn't for my brother, who helped me accept who I am. I'm just sorry he's not here today because we never would have dared to hope for this: a big family, a father. Leo and I felt your absence so much when we were kids, and there's so many life events, birthdays, graduations and heartaches that I wish I could have shared with you. But to be able to share this, along with our wonderful yet dysfunctional tribe, I can't tell you how much it means to me. Please raise your glasses, to the families you're born into and to the families we make together.
All through the speech Liam has been looking downhearted, thinking of his own missed relationship with Jimmy, which hasn't gone unnoticed by Paul and Amy.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul finds Liam outside of the pub and, in an uncharacteristically caring move, wants to know why he looks so downtrodden. Liam admits that his financial backer is going to pull out of their deal if he doesn't go to New York. His backer thinks he's showing weakness by staying in Erinsborough for Jimmy and not growing the business. Paul asks if Liam can survive without the business but Liam says he'll be finished.
LIAM: I just thought I was in the position to be a good role model. Be a decent father and successful at what I do.
PAUL: Yeah it's a difficult juggle.
LIAM: I just hate the idea of having to tell Jimmy I've failed him again.
Jimmy's been eavesdropping on their conversation, however, and he wants to know why Liam thinks he's failed him.
The Waterhole
Amy and David share a small toast of their own and David jokes that Amy might be next. But Amy says she's happy with her life right now, glancing over at Jimmy and Paul as they walk back in. Over by the gifts, Paul asks Jimmy's thoughts on Liam's predicament. Jimmy wants his dad to go to New York and save his business but reiterates that, even though going overseas would be cool, he can't leave his mum behind. Paul still thinks Jimmy should have a talk with Amy to discuss things.
JIMMY: Since when did you like dad?
PAUL: Jimmy I care about you. And maybe I've come to realise that your father and I have more in common than I originally thought.
JIMMY: It'd hurt mum too much.
PAUL: Yeah it would. It would be confronting. But then if you explain your reasons...
Jimmy says that he can't put her through that though, and heads over to David and his mum to give his uncle the card he made.
Lassiter's Office
Leo assures Terese he was going to reimburse Lassiter's for Brandon's wages, but Terese says that his word doesn't mean much these days. Leo then says he'll cop any repercussions coming his way but vouches for Chloe, saying things weren't her fault. Chloe arrives to drop off files and to make sure her mum's job is still safe at the pub, but Terese says she'll have to look into it. Chloe then admits she was the one who pushed Leo into keeping Brandon quiet because she was desperate to keep her job, but she promises she'll work hard if Terese gives her a second chance. Terese just says she'll be in touch. Once Chloe leaves, Terese tells Leo that they're going to go through every decision he made whilst he's been in charge.
The Waterhole
Mishti gives Aaron and David a hug goodbye before she heads to work, and the boys apologise for their siblings being idiots. When Mishti collects her handbag she spies some of Chloe's mail sticking out of Fay's purse, in particular an urgent one from Los Feliz Medical Clinic in California. Mishti goes to walk out, but then turns back to memorise the clinic name.
Outside, Paul has just explained Liam's predicament to Amy, but Amy wants to know why Liam didn't tell her himself. Paul explains Liam didn't want to pressure her or Jimmy into anything, and the story about his backer checks out because Paul rang her. Amy's then stunned when Paul says Jimmy should go with Liam to New York. It's a firm no from her, but Paul tells her to think about what Jimmy might want.
PAUL: He's reached an age in his life now where he needs the mentoring of a father in his life.
AMY: Yeah, but the US? That's just too far away!
PAUL: Darling it's only for six months. Besides, he'll have Lucy and Elle there to keep an eye on him.
AMY: I cannot believe you're supporting this!
PAUL: I know it is a complete backflip on my part, but believe me I have thought hard about this. You see, I was in Liam's shoes once and... [Amy starts to interrupt but Paul stops her] No, and I chose work over family. And you and the other kids paid for it.
AMY: I'm sorry but this is a completely different situation.
PAUL: I know but you have done all the heavy lifting for Jimmy up until now and I think maybe it's time Liam shared some of that responsibility.
AMY: I want to do the heavy lifting. He's my son.
PAUL: There is one more thing.
AMY: What?
PAUL: Jimmy wants to go. He's just scared that you're not going to cope without him, and that's what's stopping him.
AMY: No, Liam decided to stay here. We need to respect that.
Paul just nods, but knows that Amy's stubbornness is from her fear of losing Jimmy. And by the troubled look on Amy's face, she's fully aware of that too.
Lassiter's Complex
Chloe emerges from Harold's with a bunch of flowers for Aaron and David and runs into Mishti, now dressed in her police uniform. Chloe guesses the unimpressed look on Mishti's face is from finding out about her and Leo and tells Mishti she might as well lecture her since everyone else has. But Mishti just shakes her head and walks off.
Amy's still sitting by herself outside the pub when she sees Liam and Jimmy across the complex, mucking around with a football. She can't help but smile a little at the fun they're having.
Police Station
Mishti has written the name of the medical clinic on a post-it note and only hesitates for a second before she starts searching for more information on the computer. She gets as far as writing down a phone number when Chloe walks in. Mishti covers the note with her hand while Chloe apologises for her attitude before. But when another cop walks in to get something from Mishti, she moves her hand, which allows Chloe to see the note. Mishti tries to pass it off as a random case she's working on but Chloe demands to know if Mishti's looking into her.
Mishti has ushered Chloe into another room and admits she saw the envelope with the clinic name on it in Fay's bag. Mishti says she gets the feeling Chloe's hiding something, not that it excuses her from prying of course. Chloe's like, 'damn right it doesn't!' She then asks Mishti if she did it out of jealousy, but Mishti says no. Dipi suddenly walks in to tell Mishti how much she loves the new police HQ then realises she's stumbled upon something between the girls. Dipi's stunned to learn what Mishti did and promptly takes the post-it from Chloe to rip up. She asks Chloe if they can let the incident drop and Chloe replies she will, "as long as Mishti stays out of my business."
Lassiter's Office
Mishti finds Leo packing up his belongings and tells him she knows about him and Chloe. She's annoyed he jumped into bed with the first person that came along, but Leo says it has nothing to do with her.
LEO: You dumped me. Or did you forget that part?
MISHTI: I know, but it wasn't because I don't care about you.
LEO: You found out your ex was corrupt and you took it out on me so you didn't have to face it.
MISHTI: OK that is a massive oversimplification.
LEO: I loved you. I wanted to have a baby with you. I've made some mistakes myself but you're the one person I refuse to apologise to.
The Penthouse
David sees Leo walk in with his box of belongings and asks if he's been fired, but Leo says he isn't sure yet. Leo then says he's truly sorry for not being at the engagement party, but David says the bottom line is Leo chose to have fun with Chloe today over supporting him and Aaron. He heads off to work just as Paul walks in. Paul says he took care of the Brandon situation so he won't be bothering anyone anymore, and he has an idea in mind for Leo's fate with the business too.
The Flametree Restaurant
Liam and Jimmy are watching videos on Liam's phone when Amy comes by to see them. She wanted to ask Jimmy again if he was keen to go to New York with his dad. Jimmy looks conflicted and asks if Amy would be OK if he went. Amy smiles and puts on a brave face, saying she'll be fine with it if it's still an option. Liam says he'll get onto the people in NY right away, but more importantly, he'll look after Jimmy. Amy says she'll miss Jimmy like crazy but she can see now what a great opportunity it'll be for both him and Liam. Jimmy grins and high fives his dad.
Number 24
Chloe arrives home and apologises to Aaron for not being at the party, but she needed to make sure her job was secure after everything that happened. She then gets a text from Terese confirming she can remain employed. Fay says it's good she's getting a second chance and Chloe says she won't let Terese regret it, but the looks on her brothers faces suggests they don't believe her.
CHLOE: I'm so sorry I put Leo first.
MARK: It's not just Aaron you let down, you lied to me and Paul. You hurt Mishti.
CHLOE: I'm sorry it wasn't my intention. No one was ever supposed to find out. And they probably wouldn't have if you hadn't kept pushing!
MARK: Right, so this is my fault?
AARON: Chloe the problem is you just keep lying to us.
CHLOE: I'll tell the truth from now on.
AARON: How are we ever meant to know the difference?
The boys leave and Fay tells Chloe she's going to have to work hard to earn back their trust. She then hands Chloe the mail that Mishti saw earlier. Fay mentions there have been a few from Los Feliz and wonders if there's a reason they're so keen to contact Chloe. But Chloe just brushes off her mum's concern and says it's a bill she has to pay.
Lassiter's Office
Paul listens in while Terese tells Leo that while she doesn't agree with all the decisions Leo made as manager, there's nothing that gives her pause "besides the obvious exception." Leo's relieved and thanks Terese for giving Chloe a break. Terese says Chloe's still on notice and reminds him he's in a position of power and he overstepped the mark.
LEO: I can learn from this and I can do so much better.
PAUL: Yes, which is why I've decided to keep you on as my head of business affairs.
LEO: You're kidding!
TERESE: What?! But Leo could seriously tarnish the hotel's reputation. I'm sorry but he's a liability!
PAUL: Yeah at present I agree with you, but he needs guidance and support. Clearly he didn't get that from me, so I want you to be his mentor.
TERESE: Mentor?
PAUL: Yeah. Teach him everything from the ground up. I can assure you that Leo will be a willing and dedicated student. Well he will if he wants to keep his job anyway.
Leo and Terese both look decidedly unimpressed with Paul's decision.
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Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7849
Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan

Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan, Piper Willis, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7849
Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan, Piper Willis, Mishti Sharma

Liam Barnett, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7849
Liam Barnett, Jimmy Williams

Mishti Sharma, Amy Williams, Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7849
Mishti Sharma, Amy Williams, Liam Barnett

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7849
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Fay Brennan, Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Piper Willis, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7849
Fay Brennan, Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Piper Willis, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Liam Barnett

Paul Robinson, Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7849
Paul Robinson, Liam Barnett

Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7849
Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson

Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7849
Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7849
Terese Willis

David Tanaka, Fay Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7849
David Tanaka, Fay Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mishti Sharma

Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7849
Mishti Sharma

Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7849
Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

Mishti Sharma, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7849
Mishti Sharma, Chloe Brennan

Liam Barnett, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7849
Liam Barnett, Jimmy Williams

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7849
Amy Williams

Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7849
Mishti Sharma

Chloe Brennan, Dipi Rebecchi, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7849
Chloe Brennan, Dipi Rebecchi, Mishti Sharma

Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7849
Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka

David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7849
David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka

Amy Williams, Liam Barnett, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7849
Amy Williams, Liam Barnett, Jimmy Williams

Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7849
Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7849
Chloe Brennan

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7849
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7849
Leo Tanaka

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