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Neighbours Episode 7830 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7830
Australian and UK airdate: 27/04/18
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Kath Hayden
Guests: Monique Hughes: Madeleine Vizard
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Monique overhears Chloe admitting to serving Xanthe alcohol, and blackmails Leo for $1,000
- Leo calls PI John Wong, and asks him to investigate Monique
- John Wong finds evidence that Mishti's late fiancée Zander was being investigated for corruption
- Mark advises Leo to get the whole story before taking further action
- Leo tells Mark he has suspicions about Monique being corrupt too
- Terese and Gary announce their decision to separate to the family
- David and Aaron both pose for photographs for the Face of Lassiter's competition
- Aaron kissing a fluey David after their relationship gets back on track; he says it's worth it
Paul's Penthouse
Xanthe is randomly taking David's temperature, apparently as part of her hospital internship duties (?!) and declares that it's still higher than normal after his bout of the flu. David skips around to demonstrate that he's fine, but Xanthe is concerned that he's flying out to New Zealand in a week for a medical conference.
Aaron joins him on the sofa, saying he's in good hands here until he goes. Xanthe jokes that she doesn't want any PDAs, as she's still in mourning over the end of her relationship with Ben. Aaron gives her a hug. Leo comes in, and David asks him in a whisper if John Wong managed to dig up any dirt in his investigation into Monique.
LEO: Not on her.
Leo heads out to see Mishti, followed by Xanthe.
DAVID: You know, it's not a PDA if no-one's here to witness it.
David and Aaron kiss. But their smooch is interrupted by text notifications - they've each been shortlisted for the Face of Lassiter's competition!
BOTH: So how's this gonna work?
Lassiter's Complex
Leo catches up with Mishti, who's with Monique - she's been giving her a tour of the police station.
MONIQUE: It does what it needs to. Obviously Erinsborough's not in the running for Crime Capital of Victoria.
Mishti shows Monique an email from another nearby police station, reporting the third break-in at an Elliot Park business this month. Leo's a bit concerned as to why they're looking at the other station's emails. Monique looks at the accompanying CCTV footage and recognises the jacket one of the crooks is wearing, as that of a Sydney crime gang.
MONIQUE: There were whispers of these guys expanding to Victoria. This could be proof.
MISHTI: Have you had dealings with them?
MISHTI: Well, lucky you're here, then. You can show me what you know about them.
Leo looks concerned.
Sonya's Nursery
Piper is telling Terese about the mindfulness techniques her psychologist has been teaching her. Piper wonders if she could teach the same techniques to Terese, to take her mind off 'other things'. Terese is more concerned about Piper's health; Piper says that their tyre-changing success the other day was a small win, but felt like a turning point for her, and that she's been feeling stronger since.
Terese is glad, but seems distracted; she asks Piper what she's doing after her shift. Piper is seeing her psychologist again, and Terese seems disappointed, but says there's 'no reason' for her asking. Piper offers to reschedule, but Terese says she should stay on track with the psych appointments. It's clear there's something Terese isn't telling her.
Fitzgerald Motors
Leo is picking up a Lassiter's Corporate Fleet™ car from Mark at the garage. Mark asks if he's learned any more about Zander; Leo admits he's decided not to pursue it, and says that John Wong found nothing on Monique.
LEO: Besides, she's Mishti's best mate. I don't want to ruin that.
MARK: But she's corrupt! There's more important things to consider than ruining Mishti's friendship.
LEO: Do you really think you're the best person to lecture me on corruption?!
MARK: Fair enough. I made a mistake, and I admitted it. But I also know how dangerous corrupt cops can be. I spent two years in Witness Protection™because of it. If you're not gonna follow up on this, maybe you should get someone else to.
LEO: Just forget I said anything.
Harold's Café
Terese has an awkward encounter with Xanthe in the café. The exchange is polite, but little more - the effect of Terese's break-up with Gary. Susan witnesses this and, after Xanthe's left, tells Terese that things will get easier. Terese admits her house seems empty with only her and Piper ever there now. Susan admits the same is true at No 28 since Ben's left and Elly's always out so much.
Terese asks whether Susan isn't relishing the time along with Karl following the whole Izzy saga. Susan says it's been good, but admits that the side effects of Karl's DVT drugs means things are remaining 'pretty low-key' between them.
Terese asks if Susan would be able to get away from work later; she says she's busy with a meeting about a school camping expedition, but asks why. Terese admits she has a scheduled check-up with her oncologist to monitor whether her cancer is still at bay. Susan offers to reschedule the meeting to accompany her. Terese is clearly anxious, but says she'll be fine on her own.
The Waterhole
Gary comes in to deliver some of the expensive desserts from The Flametree to The Waterhole - Sheila's revenge on Paul for splitting up Gary and Terese! Gary thanks Sheila for the extra business, but makes it clear he doesn't want to talk about Paul for a while.
As Gary leaves to put the desserts in the kitchen, Mishti arrives - she's on duty and warning local businesses about a recent spate of robberies. Sheila hopes that police presence will be increased as a result. Mishti says they have some leads, but advises Sheila to take extra care when locking up - and shows her the picture of the suspect from the CCTV, telling her to get in touch if she sees him.
Mark has been earwigging from a table nearby throughout this conversation. He also overhears Mishti tell Sheila that her friend is visiting from Sydney, and that she's about to take her for a tour of The Shed.
The Shed
Mark turns up in his gym gear, ostensibly for a workout - but really to start his own unofficial investigation into Monique. On the way in, he passes Elly, and asks how her date went. She replies that it went well, but that she won't be seeing the guy again. Mark looks confused as she leaves.
Mishti and Monique turn up as expected, and Mishti introduces her to Mark, explaining that they were at the academy together. Mark pretends he doesn't already know who Monique is, and offers to be her workout buddy while Mishti heads back to work. Mark and Monique get talking, and he admits he used to be a cop - adding that he was thrown out for evidence-tampering.
Monique looks intrigued as they head indoors for a workout. Mark looks purposeful.
Paul's Penthouse
David and Aaron are talking about the Face of Lassiter's competition - they need to prepare a pitch for the judges by tomorrow morning. David wonders whether they should both pull out, as it's a tall order - but he wants to win so he can donate his fee to the hospital, while Aaron wants to use his win as a means of cross-promoting The Shed.
DAVID: I pretty much only entered to get close to you (...)
AARON: Aww. Well, now that you've got me, you could always pull out.
DAVID: Nah. It's not in my nature - once I start something I've got to see it through.
AARON: I am going to crush you like a bug, just so I can win that crown.
DAVID: Not if I crush you first.
AARON: I love you.
DAVID: I love you too.
They kiss.
Erinsborough Hospital
Terese arrives alone for her oncologist appointment - and is surprised to see Gary in the waiting area. He explains that he's here to support her at the appointment, having still had the date written in his calendar.
TERESE: That's unbelievably kind - but you don't have to do this.
GARY: I wanted to. I mean, we might not've made it as a couple - but I'll always care about you, Terese.
They go to find the doctor, Terese looking much less anxious than before.
Lassiter's Complex
Elly congratulates Aaron on being shortlisted for the competition, and asks how he's planning to wow the judges with his pitch. Elly makes out to be bored by his initial suggestions of just chatting to the judges, or performing a dance routine.
ELLY: Come on, you can do better than that. Think outside the square!
AARON: What, like a flashmob?
ELLY: Now we're talking.
So Aaron concocts a plan involving customers at The Shed, an impromptu strip-off in The Waterhole, and 'fluoro workout gear'. Elly is duly impressed, saying the judges will love it. David overhears the very end of their conversation, and is worried that his own pitch won't be up to scratch...
Erinsborough Hospital
David seeks out Xanthe outside the hospital, and asks for her help in concocting his own pitch.
DAVID: I don't know what Aaron's got planned, but I know it's something big. And if I want to have any chance of winning, then I really need to shine - no, sparkle! No-one's sparklier than you.
XANTHE: True. My mum did enter me in lots of pageants when I was little.
DAVID: Can you coach me?
XANTHE: I'm surprised that you're into all of this. You're usually very... serious. Not that that's a bad thing. This could be fun for you. Like a journey - like Elle from Legally Blonde, except in reverse! (...) She was all about the fun, and then she realised that she wanted to be taken seriously - whereas you, well... I know exactly what we can do with you. Yes - okay, we can make a movie, and give it to the judges. It'll be just like when Elle wanted to become a lawyer.
XANTHE: Okay, so we can have you walking through the hotel, in the spa - maybe, like, have a fluffy robe. We could even find you a Chihuahua!
DAVID: I'm not as familiar with this film as you are.
XANTHE: Okay, trust me - it will be a big hit with the judges.
DAVID: Big enough to beat Aaron?
XANTHE: Even bigger!
The Shed
Monique is prodding Mark for more information about his ejection from the police force. He implies that there's more to his bad behaviour as a police officer than he's so far admitted to her, which his superiors never found out about. He pretends to be worried that Monique will report him if he tells her the whole truth. She says she's on holiday, and not interested in kickstarting an investigation.
MARK: See, I would love to believe you. But you're a cop. Cops are always interested. Plus, you're Mishti's friend - you're probably as straight as she is.
MONIQUE: Yeah, well, no-one is as straight as Mishti. I was always the black sheep compared to her. Still am.
MARK: Well, the world does need black sheep. Trust me, there's plenty of people in this town that use them.
MONIQUE: That's hard to believe. The place seems so tame.
MARK: Well, yeah - appearances can be deceiving. Suited me just fine. Kind of wish I still had some bargaining power. The manager at The Waterhole is always very generous, in exchange for protection...
Monique looks intrigued.
Harold's Café
Aaron and David continue to exchange banter about which of them will win the Face of Lassiter's contest, as they keep their pitching plans secret from one another. Shane overhears, and tells them that his family, including Clancy the dog, are entering as a unit - they've been shortlisted too, and will be going in to pitch to the judges themselves in a few minutes.
Shane isn't hopeful of the Rebecchis' chances, but once he's gone, it's clear that Aaron and David are worried by news of this additional competition for them.
DAVE: A cute, camera-loving dog.
AARON: Those gorgeous little kids.
DAVID: We don't have a chance, do we?
Erinsborough Hospital
Terese and Gary come out of her appointment - it's good news, and she's very relieved. Terese thanks Gary for being here with her.
TERESE: You've got no idea how much it means to me.
GARY: Call me whenever you need.
TERESE: Would you like a coffee, just as a thank you?
Gary looks excited, but at that moment Piper turns up; she's realised that Terese had her appointment, and apologises for having missed it. Terese tells Piper she's been given the all-clear, with a follow-up appointment due in July. She didn't tell Piper as she wanted her to keep her psychologist's appointment.
Piper announces that she's taking Terese home for lunch. Terese seems keen not to miss out on the coffee with Gary, but he insists she should go with Piper, saying they can have coffee another time. Terese seems disappointed as he leaves.
The Waterhole
Monique is at the bar, attempting to scaremonger Sheila with tales of the local robberies that have been going on. Sheila says that if she sees the suspect lingering around, she'll call Mishti "so fast his head'll spin", but Monique tries to persuade her that the cops won't necessarily respond quickly enough, as it's a small police station - and deliberately lets slip that there may be gang involvement.
MONIQUE: They're a unit just outside of Sydney. Not the nicest blokes.
SHEILA: You're from Sydney, aren't you?
MONIQUE: Yeah, that's right.
SHEILA: Well, can you tell me anything about them? You know, to help me protect myself better?
MONIQUE: ... I actually know the leader. I could try talking to him. See if he'll agree to leave you alone.
SHEILA: Are you serious?
MONIQUE: The thing is, he doesn't do anything for free. He'd expect payment.
SHEILA: Money?
MONIQUE: Well, unfortunately, it's the only thing people like him understand.
SHEILA: Is this some sort of shakedown?
SHEILA: Well, you just asked me to pay for protection!
MONIQUE: No, I think you misunderstood.
SHEILA: I didn't come down in the last shower, girlie! I know extortion when I see it.
Before Monique can say any more, Sheila rushes off to report her!
Lassiter's Complex
Sheila and Mark are telling Mishti about Monique's dodgy ways. Mark explains that he got a sense she was corrupt when they were working out earlier, so enlisted Sheila to help him prove it.
MARK: This isn't the first time she's done something like this. She's also blackmailed Leo.
MISHTI: Okay, don't be ridiculous.
MARK: He didn't want to tell you until he was sure. But Mishti - Monique is corrupt.
Mishti heads off to The Waterhole to find Monique, telling them to wait for her here.
Harold's Café
Aaron and David are now talking about their chances of winning the competition in the past tense, assuming that the Rebecchis will win easily - and openly discussing their respective pitch ideas.
AARON: I suppose we could always join forces. Hey - if they can enter as a family, surely we can enter as a couple.
DAVID: Do you think we'd have a chance as a team?
AARON: Yeah, absolutely!
Aaron recalls the time that he and Nate Kinski were the models in Naomi Canning's promotion for the hotel, where they had to play a loving couple in a glass showroom in the courtyard. The hotel loved it, he said.
DAVID: So they know the power of the pink dollar?
AARON: Oh, yeah!
DAVID: But a Perspex box - I'm not so good in confined spaces.
AARON: We'll think of something else - something even better. But I think the key is, we have to do it as a couple. And we can even impress that celebrity judge, too.
David declares them unstoppable, and they kiss.
AARON: The Rebecchis aren't gonna know what hit them!
Mishti turns up at Leo's office to speak to him. She explains that Monique has packed her things from the house and fled town.
LEO: Is it right for Mark to have set her up like that?
MISHTI: I don't know, Leo. But maybe he wouldn't have had to if my boyfriend told me what he knew! Why didn't you say anything? And don't tell me it's because you wanted to protect me!
LEO: I did want to protect you.
MISHTI: I'm a cop, Leo! Not some delicate little flower! If my friend's corrupt, I deserve to know.
LEO: ... It wasn't only your friend. Zander was under investigation by internal affairs when he died. They think he was being paid off by some drug gang.
MISHTI: There's no way.
LEO: They dropped the case when he passed away.
MISHTI: Because there was no truth to it!
Leo tells her about PI John Wong's investigation, admitting he enlisted him because he was worried about Monique.
MISHTI: I knew Zander like I know myself. He was a good man! The best person that I ever met! Is that why you're doing this? Because you're jealous?
LEO: Look, I know how hard this must be for you to hear, okay? You guys were gonna get married, and -
MISHTI: Stop! It's pathetic!
LEO: Look, I wish I was wrong, babe. But... Zander was crooked.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Paul shouts at Leo, telling him to fix this - adding he's regretting ever putting him in charge
- Mishti tells Leo not to lie to her. She says she never asked why, but is asking now
- Paul is furious that Liam is back, and asks Amy to tell him she's not still in love with him
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Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
Xanthe Canning

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7830
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Monique Hughes, Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7830
Monique Hughes, Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka

Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7830
Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7830
Leo Tanaka, Mark Brennan

Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7830
Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Mishti Sharma, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
Mishti Sharma, Sheila Canning

Mark Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7830
Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Mark Brennan, Monique Hughes, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7830
Mark Brennan, Monique Hughes, Mishti Sharma

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7830
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Terese Willis, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
Terese Willis, Gary Canning

Aaron Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7830
Aaron Brennan, Elly Conway

David Tanaka, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
David Tanaka, Xanthe Canning

Mark Brennan, Monique Hughes in Neighbours Episode 7830
Mark Brennan, Monique Hughes

Monique Hughes in Neighbours Episode 7830
Monique Hughes

Shane Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7830
Shane Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Gary Canning, Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7830
Gary Canning, Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Monique Hughes, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
Monique Hughes, Sheila Canning

Mishti Sharma, Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7830
Mishti Sharma, Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7830
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7830
Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka

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