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Neighbours Episode 7827 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7827
Australian and UK airdate: 24/04/18
Writer: Wendy Hanna
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jane Harris: Annie Jones
Liam Barnett: James Beck

Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Chloe works hard after being given a second chance, Leo says he's not firing her
- During tutoring, Jane suggests to Kirsha about studying Kirsha's house
- Jane tells someone on the phone some things in the house are the same, some different
- Terese tells Piper it's time to see a medical professional
- Terese tells Gary that Paul didn't influence her decision
- Gary and Terese have a night in a hotel bedroom
- During the same night Gary is annoyed to find Paul and Terese on a conference call to Lucy
- Gary tells Terese it's over
Terese is sorting out the table when Gary comes in with some food, Terese says it smells good. Sheila comes in, she could hear the lovebirds! She wants to know why they have returned earlier than expected as Xanthe and Piper come in their pjs. Terese asks them all to sit down, they do with Gary at the head of the table. Sheila jokes that Gary and Terese look very tired! Terese announces they are no longer engaged, they are separating. The others are stunned, Gary wanted to tell them all at the same time. Piper doesn't understand what's going on. Sheila is convinced that Paul is behind this! Gary insists things aren't the same as before. They realised they can't change about themselves, they can't pretend they can change anymore.
The Waterhole
Paul apologises for the photoshoot, Jane hopes he's not hoping for her to reconsider. Chloe arrives and is excited when she sees the photo entries of the contestants. She starts enthusing about Aaron and his ability to work the camera will help with publicity. Paul is more keen on David who is a fresh faced doctor. Jane tells them she won't allow nepotism though she appreciates the family loyalty. She wants him to be totally impartial which Paul agrees to. Jane heads off to an appointment and Chloe sits at the table.
CHLOE: Have you thought about glamming things up in the bathroom?
Paul is surprised by this question. Chloe tells him that one of her favourite brands of skincare has been in touch about supplying Lassiter's. Lassiter's will be getting some samples to try. Paul wants to know why they can't keep using the same stuff as usual. Chloe thinks they're okish but Paul disagrees and points out Terese would have got the best deal possible. Chloe is convinced she's got a better deal. Paul agrees to try the samples.
Harold's café
Shane and Toadie are looking at a laptop on a table. Jane and Kirsha are sitting at the table, Dipi has brought over some snacks to help with the tutoring. Jane appreciates the way the family are supportive of Kirsha's schooling. Dipi says they are so proud of Kirsha. Shane says that Kirsha is on her way to being a historian, Kirsha half heartedly laughs. Jane points out it's not to be ashamed of.
JANE: Your curiosity and attention to details is all qualities that will serve you well.
Jane asks if Kirsha knows when the renovations took place. Toadie who has been listening comes and asks if she's Jane Harris. Jane wonders if they've met. Toadie explains that he has seen her photo in Harold's scrapbook. Jane is pleased to hear about Harold and Toadie introduces himself. Jane has heard of him! Toadie explains that Sonya's ex Troy did the renovations. Jane realises that Sonya is Toadie's wife, Toadie is impressed at Jane's research! Toadie doesn't know the exact details but Sonya does. Toadie invites Jane for a chat. Jane suggests now and Toadie agrees.
Sonya and Jane are sitting at the table. Sonya tells Jane that the renovations happened about 5 or 6 years ago. Jane wants to know about renovations before that, Sonya can't help Jane. Sonya confirms there was a lot of structural changes. Sonya says that she didn't think there were any contractors but her son Callum helped. Jane wants to speak to Callum, Sonya explains he lives in the US. Jane suggests they skype or e-mail to help with the assignment. Toadie arrives with Nell and they introduce her to Jane and Jane notes the name. Sonya suddenly clicks that Nell is Jane's grandmother. They explain they saw Nell Mangel's name in the scrapbook and they thought it was a beautiful name.
JANE: Well to think that Nan's name is living on in Ramsay Street.
Jane asks if she can take photos to send to her grandmother, Toadie and Sonya are happy to do this. Toadie suggests taking some selfies and Sonya goes to make some tea. Toadie follows her out to the kitchen and Sonya wants to know where Toadie found Jane. Toadie explains that Jane is tutoring Kirsha and seems full on. Sonya thinks that Jane is eccentric. Sonya thinks it's ok to e-mail Callum as Jane has history on the Street.
Terese and Piper arrive home. Terese sees some things boxed up and realises Gary is already packing. Piper tries to comfort Terese but she brushes Piper off. Terese says Piper needs her but Piper points out Terese just split up from Gary. Terese asks how Piper is and if there are any side effects. Piper tells Terese to stop and wants to stop talking about herself.
PIPER: It's ok to be emotional about this. You love Gary and Gary loves -
Terese refuses to crumble over what's happened. Terese tells Piper that she's the most important person in her life (Imogen?) During her leave Terese wants to focus on Piper and help with her recovery, Piper agrees. Terese promises not to shove her needs to one side. Terese suggests they play boules and have a Mother Daughter Day, Piper agrees.
The Waterhole
Sheila is telling Xanthe that she thought Gary and Terese would sort everything out, Xanthe agrees. Sheila is thinking that two people who are genuinely in love would only not be able to work it out if someone else interferes. Xanthe reminds Sheila what Gary said! Sheila wants to know why they're giving up now. Xanthe doesn't know the actual reason. She comments that Gary has felt threatened by Paul's presence, even though Terese reassured Gary.
Paul walks across the bar and Sheila has a go at him for ruining Gary's life again. Sheila says that Gary was too polite to blame Paul but she's convinced they're the reason they split up! This surprises Paul whilst Xanthe tries to quieten Sheila. Xanthe points out this isn't the way to behave and it will also get back to Gary and Terese. Sheila says that seeing Paul set off a switch inside her! Xanthe reminds Sheila she shouldn't go down to Paul's level.
XANTHE: If you really want to get revenge for Dad then at least keep it classy.
Near Lassiter's Complex
Terese and Piper are playing boules but Terese seems distracted. Terese says that they're in the same place that she told Gary about Paul on their wedding day which is ironic. Piper suggests they go if Terese would prefer, Terese says it's fine, she was just pondering. She thinks Gary was right to end things. Piper is surprised it wasn't a mutual decision. Terese says that she emotionally cheated with Paul.
TERESE: When I argue with Paul it's enlivening. It, um, kind of gives me a buzz.
PIPER: Mum that sounds like love.
Terese tells her that this isn't love and it's unhealthy. Piper questions why Terese returns to Paul. Terese thinks Paul is like chocolate. You want the whole of it but not so sure when you get into the actual block. It can make you feel ill, Piper understands that. Terese thinks Paul and chocolate are fine in small doses. She is convinced Paul would hurt her if they got involved, he couldn't help it. It wouldn't be an equal relationship. Piper asks if Terese would give up Paul, Terese wants to know if Piper could quit chocolate.
Flametree Retreat
Sheila arrives and Steph jokes that she wants to start yoga! Sheila is here officially on behalf of The Waterhole. She orders 100 raw refined sugar free desserts, Gary agrees and writes it down. She wants something that is fudgy and exclusive as well. Gary points out it's a big order and wants to know if Paul has agreed to it. Sheila tells them that as the Executive Manager she is responsible for the menu. She wants to up The Waterhole's game if Lassiter's is doing the same. Gary doubts that it's not a way to stick it at Paul on Gary's behalf. Sheila tells him that her business decisions are not all connected to him or Paul. She just wants to try new dining experiences. Gary thanks and hugs her.
Toadie, Jane, Nell and Sonya are sitting around the table. Jane is showing Nell photos of her Nan. She turns the page to find a picture of Bouncer and says he was a lovely dog. Toadie mentions the photo of Bossy and comments they need to add a photo of Clancy. Sonya has received an urgent e-mail, Lassiter's say the office rent is overdue. Toadie promises to sort it out later. Callum has sent an e-mail, there were lots of changes. They added a kitchen and got rid of the fireplace. Troy was too cheap to pay for tip fees so he buried the rubble in the garden. Jane notices the time and says she has to go. She thanks them for being kind and helpful and leaves.
Penthouse Suite
Jimmy, Paul and Chloe are sitting around the table. Chloe is enthusing about the samples. Paul is sceptical until he has a sniff and is impressed. Chloe discovered this brand when she was backpacking in Prague. She cried as she was really reminded of home. Jimmy asks for a spare bottle to give to his girlfriend. Chloe is happy to do so but advises Jimmy not to tell Poppy it's a freebie! Paul agrees to a meeting with the supplier. Chloe is pleased and tells them it will be a boost for Lassiter's.
Chloe heads off as Paul comments that women get excited about things that smell nice. Paul then tells Jimmy it's checkmate in chess in Paul's favour! Paul is going to find Terese. Jimmy wants to know if he's putting some of the cream on for Terese! Paul wants to see how Terese is after splitting up from Gary. Jimmy wants to know if Paul is the reason they split up, Paul denies this. Jimmy realises Paul likes Terese but Paul explains it's not as easy as that.
JIMMY: But don't you think if you and Terese were supposed to be together it would have already happened?
Jimmy points out they've been pitting against each other for a long time and it might not reach checkmate.
Near Lassiter's Complex
Piper and Terese have just returned their equipment. Piper tells Terese she understands what she said about Paul earlier. Piper admits she's still in love with Tyler even though he ended things and refuses to let her visit. She doesn't expect her love for Tyler will end. Terese agrees that a first love will do that. Piper thinks all the other men in her life will have to live up to Tyler! She's not ready for that stage though as Tyler is all she thinks about.
PIPER: How is anyone going to fill that space in my life?
Terese reminds her that time heals though it's a cliche! Terese realises that Hermione has a flat tyre. Terese thinks that Piper knows how to change a tyre but Piper exclaims that Tyler always did that. Piper thinks Terese should know how to do it as she's been driving for longer. Terese claims she has always been too busy.
The Waterhole
Toadie and Paul are sitting at the bar. Paul hasn't heard anything from his contacts about Andrea but will tell Toadie when he does get some information.
Chloe arrives and Toadie goes to talk to her about her e-mail about the rent. Toadie doesn't have the money but explains that he and Terese have an arrangement as he's a long term tenant. It's ok if he is a couple of weeks late. Toadie explains that the last payment was used to pay the mortgage and asks for leeway for a fortnight. Chloe tells him that Leo is in charge and won't be so lenient. Toadie asks for at least a week and Chloe agrees, that's his limit.
Toadie heads off and Paul congratulates her on her holding firm skills. Chloe tells Paul that the CEO wants to meet Paul this afternoon. Paul is impressed as it is personal service. Paul will be in Sydney for a couple of days but the CEO can work around it. Paul agrees that Leo can handle it.
PAUL: I see why Leo gave you a second chance as you show real potential.
Near Lassiter's Complex
Terese is on the phone and isn't impressed with the amount of time it will take for the person to arrive. She tells them not to worry and rings off. Piper wants to return in the morning, Terese suggests they call Gary. Piper doesn't want to ring anyone. Piper is determined they can do this themselves and looks it up on her phone. Piper finds out the first instruction is for the handbrake to be on. They find the spare tyre and tools. Piper tells her to find the jacking point, she has to explain it's the point nearest to where you jack up the car. Piper suggests Terese looks for it under the car. (Piper seems to be doing more supervising than helping!) Terese admits she is unsure what she is searching for. Piper tries to show Terese on her phone. Terese gets fed up and tells Piper to find it herself. Piper goes to search for it.
Harold's café
Jane is sitting at a table. Paul wanders in with a suitcase and Jane asks if it is a business trip. Paul explains he's going to Sydney for a couple of days. He suggests they have a proper drink when he returns, Jane agrees which pleases Paul. (Jane has removed her glasses during this conversation.)
Jane rings Joe Mangel. She tells him she has looked everywhere but can't find it in the house. Jane was told by Nell Mangel that they were hidden in the cigar box in the fireplace. The fireplace was buried in the garden by a previous owner. Jane hopes to get the family to vacate the house temporarily so she can do some digging. She explains about Clancy and wants to blame Clancy for the digging!
Near Lassiter's Complex
Terese and Piper are pleased they have managed to change a tyre and high five. They laugh about getting excited about a stupid task! Terese thinks it's a great achievement in a long time for them!
TERESE: I never thought that life would turn out the way it has. I never thought I would get a divorce or get cancer or outlive one of my children. And I never believed I would cheat on one of the most wonderful men I've ever known. Love's funny like that.
PIPER: The love of my life got jail while I'm having a mental breakdown. Sounds like we're both fairly tied on that one Mum.
They tell each other they love the other and share a hug.
Lassiter's Reception
Jimmy arrives and asks Chloe if she's ok. Chloe's nervous about meeting the supplier though she's trying to be professional. She is invested in making this succeed. She hopes nothing will go wrong! She is not happy when she snaps a heel. She asks Jimmy to stay there till she returns which is fine with Jimmy. She tells Jimmy to send the guy straight to Chloe if he arrives.
Liam arrives, introduces himself to the receptionist and says he's here to see Chloe.
LIAM: Jimmy? Wow look at you.
JIMMY: What are you doing here?
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Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7827
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Piper Willis

Jane Harris, Chloe Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7827
Jane Harris, Chloe Brennan, Paul Robinson

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris, Kirsha Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7827
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris, Kirsha Rebecchi

Jane Harris, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7827
Jane Harris, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7827
Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Paul Robinson, Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7827
Paul Robinson, Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning

Terese Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7827
Terese Willis, Piper Willis

Gary Canning, Steph Scully, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7827
Gary Canning, Steph Scully, Sheila Canning

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 7827
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 7827

Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7827
Toadie Rebecchi, Jane Harris, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Jimmy Williams, Chloe Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7827
Jimmy Williams, Chloe Brennan, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7827
Terese Willis, Piper Willis

Chloe Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7827
Chloe Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi

Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7827
Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 7827
Jane Harris

Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7827
Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7827
Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams, Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7827
Jimmy Williams, Liam Barnett

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