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Neighbours Episode 7768 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7768
Australian and UK airdate: 31/01/18
Writer: Natalie Medlock
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Adrian Snyder: Michael Vice
Hilary Robinson: Anne Scott-Pendlebury
Rory Zemiro: Ash Williams
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Tyler is furious to learn that Piper's vlogging could have jeopardised his court case
- Amy asks Jack whether he's having feelings for Paige again, but he denies it
- Aaron's obsessive fan Mick turns up in town
- Aaron wants to call the cops after Rory suggested Mick had broken into his room
- But at the backpackers' things seem friendlier between Mick and Rory than we'd been led to believe
- They go for a 'word, in private' in the toilets
- David accidentally lets slip about the Development™ that Paul wants Amy to manage
- Amy visits the project site, and begins to feel positive about the opportunity
- But she's fuming when Paul pre- empts her decision and publicly announces her as project manager
Paul's Penthouse
Paul is showing his guests out after the Robinson Heights launch, and Amy quietly confronts him about announcing her as project manager.
PAUL: Alright, so I took a punt on what you were going to say. Did I get it wrong?
AMY: That is *NOT* the point!
Paul starts celebrating, realising that Amy has decided to take the job. Once he's left with the guests, Amy moans to Leo and David that she doesn't want the job if this is how it's going to be - Paul controlling her every step of the way.
AMY: I understand that he has our best interests at heart, but there is a way to go about including us. We need to teach him a lesson.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Leo is on the phone, promising to 'collect her' and see 'you' back at home. Rory emerges from the toilets, and Leo is surprised to see him there as he's not a guest.
RORY: Just visiting a friend.
LEO: What - in the shower?
RORY: ... I had to wash my hands.
LEO: Well, the bathrooms are for guests only.
Rory smiles and says he'll know for next time, before leaving.
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler is in a bad mood at work. Ben thinks it's because of his row with Piper, and encourages Tyler to call her to make things right; Piper was only trying to help when she made the vlog, he says. Tyler is unresponsive - and when a customer, Adrian Snyder, arrives for an ad hoc service, Tyler is rude to him, saying they're too busy for drive-ins.
Ben intervenes, telling the customer they'll get to his car in half an hour. Adrian heads to Grease Monkeys while he waits, while Ben chastises Tyler for his poor customer service.
TYLER: What? We're busy!
BEN: This has nothing to do with work, and you know it!
The Shed
Aaron is doing something strenuous with long foam cylinders. (There's presumably a proper name for these in the fitness industry, to which this summariser is not privy.) Rory is also working out nearby, and cries out in pain as his shoulder continues to aggravate him - or so he implies to Aaron, at least. Aaron helps by massaging his arm.
Mishti turns up for a workout of her own, and Aaron asks her about intervention orders - explaining his concerns about Mick, his obsessive fan, being in town. Rory is clearly very unwilling to get Mishti involved, and tries to stop Aaron saying any more. But Aaron tells Mishti what Rory told him - that Mick broke into his room at the retreat and trashed it.
Rory says they don't know this is the case, but Aaron reminds him that that's what Mick used to do when he was stalking them on tour. Mishti asks if Mick is a physical threat; Aaron replies not, but that he is an 'absolute psycho'. Mishti says the police can follow up with Mick, but that without proof of the break-in or any evidence of intimidation, an intervention order won't be possible.
Aaron seems disappointed, but Rory looks relieved, and smiles as he turns away.
Lassiter's Lake
Cue a fancy zoomy shot of Paige walking across the footbridge with the pram.
Harold's Café
Paige arrives with the pram, and joins Jack at a table. She moans to him that Mark isn't answering his phone. Jack suggests he's just upset about Louise getting such a light sentence in the Russell case, but Paige is still annoyed at Mark for going off the grid.
PAIGE: I just want to be there for him - but he's *such* an isolationist!
Paige apologises for dropping all her problems on Jack, but he assures her he doesn't mind. As Paige orders food, a soppy song plays over their dialogue, apparently in a bid to remind us how fond of Paige Jack still is...
Paul's Penthouse
Amy has been outlining her plan to teach Paul a lesson to David and Leo. She has apparently cleared said plan with Terese, and says that Paul will now get a taste of his own medicine in terms of decisions being made behind his back. Leo isn't sure the plan will work.
Paul comes in, having taken his guests from the launch on a tour of the Robinson Heights site. He reports that he's already had some off-the-plan sales interest, and reminds them that he meant what he said about family in his speech today.
PAUL: Everything that I do is for my own family's benefit.
LEO: Yeah, I promised myself I wouldn't cry (!)
Paul tells Amy that she'll be an amazing project manager for Robinson Heights, and makes superficially repentant noises about having announced her appointment before she'd told him her decision. At that moment, we hear a cat meowing - it's Clementine!
PAUL: Tell me that's not a real cat?!
Amy explains that Terese has let them 'borrow' Clementine for a few weeks.
PAUL: Why on earth would you want to borrow a cat?
DAVID: It's... a trial! For the kittens, which come next week!
AMY: Yeah. Jimmy's always wanted one (...) We figured you'd say yes, so we just went ahead with it.
Paul immediately senses the point that Amy is making - and rather than demanding Clementine's ejection as she expected, says Amy's right.
PAUL: No family is complete without a pet - so, good decision!
Amy looks annoyed that her plan isn't working...
Fitzgerald Motors
Ben heads off to get some food just as the garage customer, Adrian, returns. He asks Tyler how he got on with the car; Tyler explains it's all ready, and apologises for being rude earlier.
ADRIAN: Don't be - you've got a lot on your plate. With your trial.
TYLER: ... No offence - I don't really want to talk about it.
ADRIAN: Fair enough. Although if I was in your shoes (...) I'd probably want to know, when I was in jail, that I'd have someone looking after me. You ever heard of a guy called Philip Banks?
TYLER: ... No.
ADRIAN: Even though he's inside, he's heard of you - the Garden Gnome Killer. He can look after you when you get there - he wants to. But he needs you to do something for him.
Tyler looks worried.
Harold's Café
Jack and Paige are still chatting; Jack's counselling job at the school is still going well, he says. Paige is still anxious that she hasn't heard from Mark, and Jack suggests she call him - but she wants to wait a little longer.
By the counter, Leo tells David that he doesn't think Amy's plan to teach Paul a lesson will work. Rory comes in, and David awkwardly introduces him to Leo - but Leo recognises him from the backpackers' and, once Rory has moved away, tells David that he was there.
LEO: A couple of people said they saw him with another guy.
DAVID: What guy?
LEO: One of the guests.
DAVID: That makes no sense...
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler is explaining to Ben what Adrian has asked of him - Philip Banks wants to know if his wife is cheating on him, and for Tyler to find out.
TYLER: According to him, if I don't, there's gonna be a nasty welcome party when I get to jail.
Ben queries how Tyler knows Adrian is telling the truth; Tyler doesn't, but has googled Banks and confirmed he's 'hardcore'. Ben encourages Tyler to tell Mark, or Mishti. But Tyler says Adrian has made it clear that no cops are to be involved. He's also given Tyler Banks' wife's details.
TYLER: Actually, there is someone I can talk to...
The Flametree Retreat
Tyler is telling Gary about Adrian Snyder. Gary hasn't heard of him - but he certainly knows Philip Banks from his own days in jail. Tyler begins to explain what Adrian has told him to do.
GARY: Normally I'd say don't compromise yourself if you don't have to.
TYLER: And in this case?
GARY: Banks is dangerous. What he's asked you to do - is it illegal? Could it get you into any kind of trouble?
TYLER: Maybe.
GARY: Then you need to weigh up the risks. But either way, you need to keep Banks on side.
Paul's Penthouse
Paul is not enjoying having Clementine in the penthouse, and Leo teases him about it. Amy comes in with some suitcases - followed by Hilary! Paul looks disconcerted!
PAUL: What are you doing here?
AMY: I asked her to move in!
PAUL: Excuse me?!
AMY: You know that beautiful speech you made about family? It made me realise that we need more family around. Sorry - I didn't think to ask.
Paul catches on again, and immediately turns on the charm.
PAUL: Welcome, Hilary! Mi casa es su casa!
HILARY: I have one sugar in my tea. Quick sticks!
AMY: Quick sticks!
PAUL: ... One sugar it is!
He gets up to make it, smiling. Amy looks worried, while Hilary fawns over Clementine!
No 24
David comes to see Aaron, saying he's found something out that Aaron deserves to know - Rory is seeing someone else.
DAVID: Leo saw him at the backpackers'. Apparently he was with one of the guests.
AARON: So? Why are you telling me this?
DAVID: ...
AARON: I think you still have feelings for me. You wouldn't be here otherwise, would you?
DAVID: ... Of course I do.
AARON: David - I'm not interested in Rory! I love you.
David looks like he's about to respond in kind - but then panics and says he has to go. Aaron tries to stop him, but David refuses to listen.
DAVID: If Rory's seeing someone else, it just means you threw this relationship away for nothing!
David leaves, and Aaron looks sad.
Paul's Penthouse
David rejoins Paul, Leo, Amy and Hilary. Amy steps up her plan another gear, telling Paul that Hilary needs to move into his bedroom. Knowing what Amy's up to, Paul is unfazed by this, but says he can't help as he has an appointment to get to.
AMY: No - Leo's cleared your schedule for today and tomorrow.
Now Paul really starts to panic - his appointments were really important!
AMY: Well, we thought that being with family would be more important to you.
PAUL: Oh, please tell me you are kidding - these took so long to organise!
AMY: I'm sure.
PAUL: Do you realise what you've done?!
AMY: Let me guess - it feels like the rug's been pulled out from underneath you, and, what, you're powerless?!
PAUL: Amy - are my meetings cancelled or not?!
AMY: That is exactly how I felt when you announced my new job!
Paul brusquely tells Amy 'you win', and again demands to know about his meetings. Leo, who has been giggling in the background, tells him that they're not really cancelled. Paul apologises to Amy, telling her he should have waited for her decision before announcing her appointment - and under further pressure from her, promises not to do it again!
PAUL: Now if you don't mind, I really do have to get to these appointments.
HILARY: On reflection, Paul, I might actually *like* to move in...
PAUL: No - no! And get rid of that cat!
Paul leaves, and Amy thanks Hilary for being a good sport.
No 24
Rory has come to see Aaron, who mentions that he's heard he's seeing someone from the backpackers'. Rory tells Aaron that he was there to see Mick, claiming that he wanted to warn him off as he's been calling Rory. Aaron demands to know why Rory didn't mention this to Mishti earlier; Rory says the police can't do anything, and he didn't want to add to Aaron's stress.
RORY: Anyway, the calls weren't about me - he's still obsessed with you!
AARON: Yeah, right!
RORY: I tried to put him in his place, but I think he followed me after I left.
AARON: Are you serious?!
RORY: I lost him. I think. But there's a chance he could've figured out you live here.
Aaron is concerned. Rory asks if Tyler is coming back here tonight - Aaron says he won't be in till his curfew starts at 10pm. Feigning concern for Aaron's wellbeing with Mark away and Mick on the prowl, Rory offers to stick around and keep him company till Tyler comes back. Aaron says it's not necessary, but Rory says he can't relax knowing Aaron will be here by himself.
AARON: Yeah. Okay. Thanks.
Evil smirk from Rory.
No 22
Paige is leaving a voicemail on Mark's phone - she still hasn't been able to get hold of him. Jack comes downstairs from having put Gabe to bed, and Paige complains that Mark always shuts her out when things get tough.
Jack comes out with a surprising suggestion - that he and Paige should go to Fay's place in Adelaide tomorrow and find Mark. Paige says that's a bit extreme, but Jack says that the flights will be cheap enough and that they could be over and back in a day. He argues that Mark would do the same for Paige if he thought she needed him. Paige hesitates, then agrees to the plan...
Paul's Penthouse
Amy and David are on the balcony, discussing David's visit to Aaron.
DAVID: It's so hard to be around him (...) Part of me just wanted to hold him. Is that pathetic?
AMY: No. It's human.
DAVID: But I can't trust him. I was right to break it off.
Paul and Leo join them on the balcony. Leo confirms he's taken Hilary away!
PAUL: So - all's well that ends well, then, hey?
AMY: Actually, I'm not quite ready to wrap this whole day up in a nice, neat little bow.
PAUL: Alright. Again, I am sorry. You know what? To tell you the truth, being on the receiving end, having my life controlled - even though I was pretty much one step ahead of you most of the time - it was frustrating (...) You guys are smart, and you know you own minds. And I do respect that. And yes - I do have control issues. But I think that comes from fear.
AMY: I thought you weren't scared of anything?
PAUL: You'd be surprised. No, I... I've lost a lot of people in my life. So I suppose my need to control is my way of keeping you guys close, and making sure that I'm involved and irreplaceable in your lives.
DAVID: I think I speak for all of us when I say no-one could replace you.
PAUL: I'll take that as a compliment.
LEO: Yeah, we're not going anywhere. It might have taken us a while to connect, but you're our dad.
AMY: We love you.
PAUL: ... So, does that mean you're gonna take the job.
AMY: I will. But I have terms and conditions.
PAUL: I'd be disappointed if you didn't!
No 24
Rory and Aaron emerge from the back yard in their swimming trunks, reminiscing about their fun times together in the dance troupe - in particular an incident when Aaron pulled his trousers off having forgotten to wear a G-string.
AARON: The ladies got some serious bang for their buck that day!
But Aaron is still moping over David. Rory tells Aaron not to feel guilty for having enjoyed himself this evening. Rory asks to borrow a t-shirt - Aaron says he can do one better, and brings out an old t-shirt of Rory's that he kept from their time together.
AARON: That was one of the perks of dating you - sharing clothes. I used to try the same with David, but it didn't work. I dunno - different styles or something, I guess...
RORY: Hey - breaking up sucks. But tonight's about pizza and bad telly, alright?
Aaron smiles, and they touch hands.
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler is at the garage after hours, when Adrian Snyder arrives, closing the door behind him - we learn Tyler has called him here.
TYLER: I'm not gonna do it.
Adrian picks up a hammer, and starts swinging it around ominously as they talk.
ADRIAN: Not the decision I was hoping for.
TYLER: I'm not gonna change my mind.
ADRIAN: I think you probably will.
TYLER: What happens to this woman if I find out something Banks doesn't like? I'm not gonna be responsible for that!
ADRIAN: Piper... She's your girlfriend, right? 22 Ramsay Street. Has she started at the local nursery yet, or is that next week?
TYLER: Why are you talking about Piper?
ADRIAN: Because we know how much you care about her. How much you want to keep her safe.
Adrian gets up close to Tyler.
ADRIAN: Banks needs to know whether his wife's being unfaithful or not. Here's your chance to find out. Otherwise, your girlfriend will pay the price.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Tyler tells Ben what Adrian has said; Ben asks if Piper's in danger right now
- Tyler asks Piper if she's noticed anyone hanging around - she wants to know why he's asking
- Paige and Jack search for Mark in Adelaide; she wonders why he's freezing her out
- Xanthe is furious with school bully Tia, telling her she's the only one laughing
- 'Unmissable drama'
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Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7768
Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

Rory Zemiro, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7768
Rory Zemiro, Leo Tanaka

Adrian Snyder, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7768
Adrian Snyder, Ben Kirk

Aaron Brennan, Rory Zemiro, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7768
Aaron Brennan, Rory Zemiro, Mishti Sharma

Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7768
Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Clementine, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7768
Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Clementine, David Tanaka

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7768
Paul Robinson

Adrian Snyder in Neighbours Episode 7768
Adrian Snyder

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7768
Tyler Brennan

Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7768
Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Rory Zemiro in Neighbours Episode 7768
David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Rory Zemiro

Tyler Brennan, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7768
Tyler Brennan, Ben Kirk

Gary Canning, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7768
Gary Canning, Tyler Brennan

Leo Tanaka, Hilary Robinson, Amy Williams, Paul Robinson, Clementine in Neighbours Episode 7768
Leo Tanaka, Hilary Robinson, Amy Williams, Paul Robinson, Clementine

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7768
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Hilary Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7768
David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Hilary Robinson, Paul Robinson

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7768
Hilary Robinson

Rory Zemiro, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7768
Rory Zemiro, Aaron Brennan

Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7768
Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

Amy Williams, David Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7768
Amy Williams, David Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Aaron Brennan, Rory Zemiro in Neighbours Episode 7768
Aaron Brennan, Rory Zemiro

Tyler Brennan, Adrian Snyder in Neighbours Episode 7768
Tyler Brennan, Adrian Snyder

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7768
Tyler Brennan

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