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Neighbours Episode 7417 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7417
Australian and UK airdate: 26/07/16
Writer: Paul Gartside
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Gary Canning: Damien Richardson
Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Pete Howard: Simon Barbaro
Annie Robinson-Pappas: Gracie Helen Vine
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Terese hands Ryan his resignation letter, Paul tells the reporter to send the information to the West Waratah Star, Amy admits her past to Paul
- Courtney suggests a house party to Paige, everyone has fun, Paige and Tyler kiss
- Ben tells Piper she's acting like a little kid, the behaviour lost her Tyler in the first place
- Tyler and Paige wake up together on the sofa bed
No.32 Backyard
Paige is clearing up after the house party. Paige thinks that people would never know that things were crazy as things look pretty good. Tyler suggests they should go into business, calling themselves 'Team Hangover' or 'Morning After Army'. Paige laughs but is distraught as she realises a wooden stool has got broken. She explains to Tyler that it's the last thing Doug made so Brad will freak. Tyler offers to mend it before anyone else sees it and Paige thanks him. Tyler mentions debriefing what happened last night or writing it off as a moment of madness. Paige cuts him short as she hears Brad and Lauren arrive home. She sends Tyler off with the broken stool and asks them how their trip was.
PAIGE: Miss me? (Brad and Lauren laugh)
BRAD: Not really!
Lauren reassures Paige that they did actually miss her. Lauren asks what's happened, Paige says nothing much has happened.
Cue titles!
Ramsay Street
Tyler comes out of No32 with the broken stool as Piper comes down her driveway. She mentions that Tyler stayed over. Tyler agrees and admits someone busted the stool last night. He knows how much it means to Piper's family so he doesn't want the lecture. Piper won't but makes Tyler promise he will mend it. Piper apologises to Tyler and admits she called the police last night. Tyler admits they deserved to get shot down as the party got out of hand. Piper admits she's been a brat and acting like a jealous boy crazy nightmare. That's not the type of girl Piper wants to be and she's not going to be. She introduces herself as the new mature Piper. She understands they can't be together and is moving on with her life. She wants Tyler's forgiveness for ruining everything. Tyler has also done stupid things so he agrees to forgive her. Piper thought Tyler would hook up with Courtney so that's why she tried to shut down the party. Tyler confirms he didn't and Piper says it isn't her business, she knows Tyler wouldn't do that.
PIPER: You wouldn't be with a girl unless it meant something to you.
Sheila is putting several copies of the newspaper in the bin. Amy asks if she's pinching them from people's letterboxes and tries to take them from her. Sheila claims too many were delivered at the Waterhole. Amy takes the newspaper and sees her picture with the article on the front page. Gary comes over and says he has every copy for the bin, Sheila tries to shush him. Amy tells them they don't need to do this as people will see it and it'll be online. Sheila tells her there's nothing to be ashamed of having a good figure. Gary says she leaves the Victoria's Secret girls for dead! Amy is grateful for their support and leaves. Gary tips the papers into the bin.
Harold's Café
Lauren comments that Amy must be mortified that the paper has aired her past. Terese agrees how Amy makes a living is anyone's business. Tim should be ashamed of himself. Brad is hopeful it will be a one day wonder and then vanish. Lauren points out Amy's business could be affected and Terese reminds them also Lassiter's. Brad points out Tom was the one to hire the cleaning company, not Tom. Terese points out when she dated Ryan she mixed business with pleasure. When the Quill group sell Lassiter's it won't help Terese keep her job. Brad is surprised they're selling and when. Terese has only just found out. Lauren wants to know if the whole complex will be affected. Terese comments it will depend on the new owners if they keep the same businesses and the same staff. Brad reassures Terese the new owners would be crazy to let Terese go. Lauren agrees that no one else could run the place in the same way. Terese hopes they realise that! She doesn't want to have to move away and find another job. Brad doesn't think that will be the case.
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler is fixing the stool. Paige arrives and is amazed he's nearly finished fixing it. Tyler admits there are a few scratches but when he's finished the scratches won't be there. When he's finished he'll put it back in the bar. Tyler asks if Brad and Lauren suspected anything. Paige doesn't think they did and can't get over how crazy the party got. Paige doesn't think it was the smartest idea to hook up. Tyler points out it probably wasn't as they were both on the rebound. Paige enjoyed being with someone whom wasn't always pushing her away. Tyler agrees it was easy and uncomplicated as friends. Paige agrees it's better than hooking up with a random and Tyler agrees. Paige questions whether they need to tell Piper. Tyler isn't too sure about doing that. He ran into her before, Piper apologised about calling the police. Paige is surprised at this. Piper seemed very with it and mature. Paige agrees it's a good sign. Tyler points out it's two different things between doing something and saying something. This will really hurt Piper. Paige isn't so sure as it was just a little crush. It would be better coming from them than anyone else. Tyler points out that no one else knows and it should stay between them. Paige doesn't look so sure!
No.26 Backyard
Paul claims he tried to kill the story. Sheila points out he miserably failed at it! Gary points out for Terese it's not great either. Paul thinks Terese deserved it after she was involved with Ryan. Amy points out that Terese got rid of Ryan though. Sheila declares they'll ride this out together whatever the gossipmongers say. Amy doesn't care about anyone else but she doesn't want 'that person' to find out! Gary says he realises she means Jimmy as he turns up. Jimmy asks what they're talking about as there's an awkward silence. Amy says they were talking about the phone ban but she can see Jimmy has found it. Jimmy found it in the back of the laundry cupboard and it's always there. Amy demands it so Jimmy has to hand it over. Jimmy pleads to use it for another minute as he hasn't talked to his friends in a long time. Amy reminds him the deal was no phone or internet. Jimmy points out the internet wasn't responsible for the car hitting him. Amy points out he was too busy on his phone instead of the road. When he goes back to school he will be allowed the phone. Sheila thinks it's the same as telling Jimmy he can't have oxygen! Jimmy watches Amy put the phone in a box. Amy thinks it's better than Jimmy reading the article. Paul's phone beeps and tells them whatever it is will cheer them up!
Harold's Café
Lucy walks in with the pram and also on the phone telling the person she'll update them when she can. Lauren, Brad and Terese Hore over and agrees Lucy. They all gush over how adorable Annie is whom smiles at them (probably at someone off camera.) Apparently Annie wasn't so adorable on the flight over! The nanny is now taking an emergency nap. Terese comments they didn't know Lucy was coming and asks if it's for business or pleasure. Lucy says she is there for a bit of both.
Paige arrives and asks to speak to Piper before she has to head back to school. Piper explains she has a free period. Paige mentions she found out from Tyler that Piper called the police. Paige reassures Piper that it's ok and she knows Piper apologised. Paige thinks she and Tyler should be apologising. Piper tells Paige it's unnecessary as having a party is not a crime. After all the Jack stuff it makes sense for Paige to let her hair down. Paige explains that's not why she's saying sorry. Tyler wasn't in a fit state to go home after the party so he stayed at Paige's. Piper already knows that.
PAIGE: I mean he stayed over with me.
Piper looks devastated. Paige pleads for her to say something and Piper starts crying. Paige asks her to stop crying and Paige is really sorry. Tyler was just there and it happened. Both of them needed each other, their history just bubbled over. Paige reassures Piper it isn't serious. Paige is stuck on what else needs to be said and asks if she can make things better. Piper leaves the room.
Harold's Café
Paul hugs Lucy and Lucy is glad to be back. Paul asks Lucy if she remembers Amy and they hug as well. Lucy doesn't think Amy will remember her though. Amy was a little girl when they last met. Amy comments that she's heard all about Lucy from Daniel and Imogen. Paul wants an update on Lucy and why there has been radio silence for a few months. Lucy is sorry for everything that Paul went through, Paul asks if that's all he's getting. (Lauren and Terese are cooing over Annie by the counter.) Lucy points out that Paul didn't help himself. Paul is thankful for the tough love! Lucy isn't so heartless as she came to the rescue when Paul broke bail. Paul is grateful but wonders why Lucy couldn't manage to get over here. Lucy points out it's chaos with a new baby. It was a whirlwind coming back from maternity leave. Terese asks if Lucy is back fulltime at work. Lucy confirms she is and is here to oversee the sale of the hotel. Amy is surprised about that. Lucy explains the Quill Group have decided to cut their losses and Lucy needs to approve the new buyer. Terese hopes the existing staff management will be taken into consideration. Lucy promises everything will be taken into account. Paul says that can be done later as he's hungry. Lucy sees the newspaper article and realises it's Amy. Amy says she has to go. Lucy tries to reassure her but Amy still leaves.
The Handy Woman
Amy is working when a man walks up. Amy realises he's the Dad of one of Jimmy's friends, Lachlan. Pete heard about Jimmy's accident and asks if he's getting better. Amy agrees Jimmy is. There's an awkward silence. Amy asks Pete to say what he came here to say and why he's here. Pete mentions the garden arch which confuses Amy. Pete explains it's meant to be ready. Amy realises that's why he's here and feels embarrassed. She promises it will be ready by the end of today. Pete thanks her and leaves.
Amy tells herself to get it together. Tyler appears over the fence and tells her to go easy on herself. Amy explains she bit Pete's head off for nothing. Tyler comments that Amy jumping at shadows is understandable. It's pretty unfair what is happening. Amy agrees with this as she's worked hard for what she's got. They hadn't got the right to publish the article. Tyler reminds Amy that her friends respect her and know she's a good person so she shouldn't worry about it. It will all blow over and it will be forgotten soon. Amy asks if it's best to laugh it off. Tyler says that you can't always do something about it when things go pear shaped. Amy should ride it out and hope it all works out the way it's meant to do so.
Harold's Café
Lucy, Annie and Paul are sitting at a table. Lucy promises she will say sorry to Amy when she next sees her. Paul advises Lucy it's best not to mention it. Lucy wouldn't have mentioned it if she'd realised it was a sore point. She wishes Paul would have warned her. Paul points out if she'd called or visited he could have updated her. Lucy points out after he broke bail she wasn't feeling very sympathetic. Paul points out he felt the walls were closing in so he couldn't see another way. She should have been here and she's sorry he went to prison. Paul is pleased now he's picking himself up she's here to see him. She's very proud of him and he wants her to start showing it.
Erinsborough High
Piper comes into the classroom where Brad is writing on the blackboard. She is upset and says everything is a disaster.
PIPER: Paige has no respect for anyone including her family!
Brad asks Piper to explain what she's talking about and asks her to slow down and explain what happened. Piper asks if Brad knew about the crazy party that Paige threw yesterday. Brad didn't know about it but he would have agreed if he'd known about it. He asks why Paige didn't mention it. Piper explains it was totally chaotic, people were drinking, shouting and jumping in the pool with their clothes on. Piper had to call the police as it was so loud. Brad promises to speak to Paige. Piper admits that someone broke one of the stools that Doug made. Brad isn't so impressed by this! Tyler fixed it in secret hoping that Brad wouldn't find out. Brad realises Tyler was there and asks what else happened as he can see that isn't all. Piper who is in tears tells Brad that Paige slept with Tyler even though she knows Piper still loves Tyler. Brad reassures Piper that they didn't do it to hurt Piper. Piper points out that Paige knew it would hurt Piper and she still did it. Brad says he will talk to Paige and hugs Piper.
No.26 Backyard
Terese tells Sheila that she wants things to run smoothly as possible at the Waterhole whilst Lucy is here. She wants everything to be under control. Sheila points out she's squeaky clean so Terese doesn't need to worry about her. Jimmy grabs the phone from the laundry room as Terese comments that Sheila is having a laugh at her expense. Sheila points out they wouldn't be feeling the heat if it wasn't for Terese's boyfriend Ryan and his smutty business. Terese hopes they both won't lose their jobs.
Sheila discovers Jimmy on his phone and reminds him he's meant to be banned. Jimmy shows Sheila what one of his friends sent him.
JIMMY: Why have they got a picture of my Mum dressed like that?
Time has moved on and Amy is outside sitting at the bench with Jimmy. Amy wants Jimmy to understand it was a very long time ago. Jimmy asks if it was before he was born. Amy admits Jimmy was very little, Liam had just left and Nene was unwell. There was no money, Amy needed to look after them all. Amy made a choice. Jimmy asks if it being in the paper upsets Amy and everyone is talking about it. Amy says that isn't true but because it's upset Jimmy it's upset Amy. Jimmy explains that the kids from school have been texting him mean things. Amy tells him that will happen to him in life but he needs to be brave. Jimmy needs to be responsible for the way he reacts and the choices he makes. Jimmy points out he's not at school so they can't say it to him face to face. Amy reassures him they'll have forgotten about it when he returns to school. They share a hug.
Harold's Café
Brad, Lauren and Paige are standing in the kitchen. Brad tells Paige he would expect this from a teenager but she's too old for this. Paige knows this and admits the party shouldn't have got so crazy. Brad points out she should have told them about the party plus the stool. Paige says she wanted to get it mended before they found out about it. (A member of staff comes in, sees them talking and goes out again.) She didn't want them to be upset. Brad reminds her it didn't need to happen in the first place. Lauren understands that parties get out of control but she doesn't understand what happened with Piper. Paige tells her it wasn't malicious. Paige knew Piper liked Tyler but she didn't know how intense she was about him. Also they're not together. Lauren points out that Piper loves Tyler, Paige knows how that feels. Paige would be devastated if Jack took up with her sister, even if Paige isn't with Jack right now. Paige reminds them that due to Jack making a choice she'll never be with him. Lauren realises that Jack is going back to the priesthood. Paige explains that the sign Jack needed was Father Vincent dying apparently. Lauren wonders why Paige didn't talk about this before now. Brad reminds Paige she can't trash a house and hook up with the nearest guy when she's dealing with a broken heart. Lauren reminds her there are more constructive ways. Paige knows that and promises to do better. Starting now she'll make things right. She apologises to them before leaving.
Lauren says they brought this on themselves, gloating about the fact their parenting days were getting easier. Brad wryly comments they thought it would be smooth sailing!
Robinson's Motel
Paul is telling someone on the phone that this is their opportunity to get in on the ground floor, he doesn't want them to miss out. Paul will discuss details, turns around and ends the call when he sees Gary has arrived. He wants to know when Gary arrived and Gary promises he just arrived. Paul warns Gary he shouldn't creep up on others. Gary tells Paul that Room 26 is now set up for the meeting as arranged. Paul checks the conference call is set up, Gary wasn't sure how many places would be needed. He went with four. Paul agrees that is fine. Gary asks if he should ring Steph and update her what is happening. Paul tells Gary she doesn't need to be told about this. Gary reminds Paul that Steph is also his boss so she should know about meetings. Paul tells Gary that this isn't part of his regular job, it's a personal favour to Paul as Paul has done a few favours for Gary lately. Gary doesn't think it seems right. Paul asks Gary if he wants to hand back the money Paul lent him so Xanthe won't get the tutoring.
Gary agrees to keep quiet. Lucy arrives for the conference call.
Harold's Café
Paige is sitting at a table when Tyler arrives. He says that the stool is back and Brad and Lauren won't know anything about it. Paige tells him they know everything.
PAIGE: They talked through me and slammed me down.
Paige tells Tyler it was 100 times better than what she went through with Piper. Tyler is surprised as he thought they came to an agreement not to tell Piper. Paige confesses she had to and Tyler asks if Piper lost it. Paige explains that Piper was devastated. Tyler offers to check on Piper. Paige thinks best not as it would send mixed messages. It would also make it worse. Tyler agrees to give some space to Piper. Paige states that last night was a one off and Tyler agrees. Paige is pleased because she doesn't want to hurt Piper anymore. They agree it was a one night stand. Tyler states he's not usually a one night stand guy, he wouldn't do that with just anybody. Paige agrees it was wrong and they won't be doing it again. Tyler thinks they're better as friends.
The Waterhole
Terese is using the mirror in her phone to check her appearance when Lucy arrives to see her. Terese is grateful for Lucy's time. Paul wanders over and Terese says she thought it was a private discussion about the Lassiter's sale, Lucy agrees it is. Paul announces he's putting in a bid for the hotel. Terese is not impressed! She can't believe Paul would do that as he's still making his way out of bankruptcy. She asks how Paul could afford it. Paul tells her that some people still have faith in him. He has got a few investors and arranged some loans. Terese reminds him he's still borrowing. He claims his financial plan is viable and above board! Terese asks what's next. Lucy tells Terese that the board of Lassiter's will consider Paul's offer. Terese realises that means Lucy. Lucy agrees the board will follow her recommendations when they approve the sale. Terese doesn't think Lucy will reject her own brother, this is a done deal. Lucy reassures Terese that nothing is set in concrete. Paul is confident that it will happen though.
PAUL: I set up your back Terese but you underestimated me along with a lot of other people.
Lucy tells Paul to stop gloating. Lucy has to take a call that comes in. Terese realises Paul will be her boss again.
TERESE: So you'll be my boss again. I suppose you're already cooking up ways to make my life hell. Force me to jump through endless hoops.
PAUL: No, don't be silly, not at all. I've no intention of keeping you on. The second I'm in charge you're fired. If I were you I'd start packing.
Terese is not impressed!
- Terese tells Madison she should have been prepared for something like this, he's going to fire her
- Lucy says she can't help Terese
- Terese doesn't know what to do
- Piper makes a snide comment to Elly, Elly runs off, Ben isn't impressed
- A car narrowly misses Steph and Charlie
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Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7417
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7417
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner

Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7417
Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7417
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams

 in Neighbours Episode 7417

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7417
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Paul Robinson, Gary Canning, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7417
Paul Robinson, Gary Canning, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning

Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7417
Jimmy Williams

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Annie Robinson-Pappas, Lucy Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Annie Robinson-Pappas, Lucy Robinson, Terese Willis

Annie Robinson-Pappas in Neighbours Episode 7417
Annie Robinson-Pappas

Paige Smith, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Paige Smith, Piper Willis

Paige Smith, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Paige Smith, Piper Willis

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7417
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Amy Williams

Amy Williams, Pete Howard in Neighbours Episode 7417
Amy Williams, Pete Howard

Lucy Robinson, Annie Robinson-Pappas, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7417
Lucy Robinson, Annie Robinson-Pappas, Paul Robinson

Brad Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Brad Willis, Piper Willis

Sheila Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Sheila Canning, Terese Willis

Jimmy Williams, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7417
Jimmy Williams, Sheila Canning

Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7417
Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7417
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Gary Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7417
Gary Canning, Paul Robinson

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7417
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7417
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7417
Terese Willis

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