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Neighbours Episode 7413 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7413
Australian and UK airdate: 20/07/16
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Elly Conway: Jodi Anasta
Belinda Bell: Nikki Shiels
Charlie Hoyland: Alexander McGuire
Dustin Oliver: Kevin Clayette
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Jimmy's accident prompts Karl into a campaign for bike lanes across Erinsborough
- Mayor Sonya tells Karl she can't be seen to push every issue that her friends suggest
- Mark Brennan, meet Elly Conway
- Piper is mortified when she learns Elly is Susan's niece, having just called her a skanky ho
- Jack's mate Dustin reappears, and soon ends up kissing Paige - much to Jack's horror
- Mark is concerned as Steph rekindles her friendship with Belinda over lunch...
- ... and so is Charlie, when he sees Belinda planting a surprise kiss on Steph
No 30
We pick up exactly where we left off. Steph pulls away from Belinda's kiss, mortified.
STEPH: Belinda, no!!
BELINDA: It's okay!
STEPH: Why would you do that?!
BELINDA: I thought you wanted this too?
STEPH: No! We're friends, that's it! Nothing more.
STEPH: I really have moved on! Isn't that what I've just been telling you? This was about lunch. Look, I need your word that you're just gonna back off, or I can't see you again. Seriously, you've got to stop this.
Outside the house, Charlie is sitting on the floor, looking shellshocked at what he's witnessed.
No 24
Mark and Aaron are relaxing by the pool, when Elly arrives unannounced.
MARK: Hey, what can we do for you?
ELLY: So many ways that I could answer that.
She reveals she's brought Tyler's jacket, which he left in the pub the other night. Aaron introduces himself, and Elly seems thrilled to learn there are three Brennan brothers. She suggests they go for a drink together so they can give her a tour of the local attractions. Getting a sense that this is a come-on, Aaron makes clear that he's got other plans, with Tom. But he says Elly can use the pool anytime.
MARK: Although I'm not sure Tyler's bathers are your style.
ELLY: Skinny-dipping out of the question?

Mark smiles awkwardly. A still-shocked Charlie turns up, selling chocolates for charity again, and Elly buys two boxes.
MARK: Is your mum still busy with Belinda?
CHARLIE: ... Erm, yeah, kind of.
MARK: ...?
CHARLIE: I should go.
MARK: Hey, Charlie, wait!

Harold's Café
Paige has found some leftover produce and asks if Lauren minds if she donates it to the church community food programme. Lauren agrees, but suggests that Paige might be doing the donation in the hope of bumping into Jack. Paige claims that, on the contrary, she's avoiding Jack to give him space to make his decision.
Jack comes in, and offers to carry the box out for Paige, but she says she's fine, and makes an awkward exit.
Rebecchi Law
Aaron asks Toadie if he can take a break, as he needs to assist with an interview Karl is doing with the West Waratah Star about the bike lane campaign.
KARL: The community's really getting behind this thing here. They've been tweeting and Facebooking, and posting on Grumblr...
AARON and TOADIE: Tumblr.
Toadie says he can't spare Aaron as he really needs some documents proofread, but Karl says he can handle the interview himself. Charlie comes in with more chocolates, which Toadie says he has pre-ordered on behalf of his 'good lady wife', after Aaron reminds him he's cutting down on his sugar! Toadie leads Charlie into his office.
AARON: You have an addiction! Sugar is not your friend!
Karl gets a call from the journalist who's arranged to interview him, and goes outside to take it.
Meanwhile, in Toadie's office, Charlie has told Toadie about the kiss he witnessed between Steph and Belinda.
TOADIE: Erm... Any chance it was a goodbye kiss?
CHARLIE: ... Maybe. But it was kind of intense. Does this mean Mum and Mark aren't together now?
TOADIE: You need to speak with your mum.
CHARLIE: I can't talk to Mum about this stuff.
TOADIE: I could talk to her if you like? If you were cool with it?
CHARLIE: Yeah. Yeah, thanks.
Toadie starts eating the chocolate.
CHARLIE: I thought the chocolate was for Sonya?
TOADIE: ... It is.
No 24
Mark and Elly are by the pool. Mark is on his phone, leaving a message for Steph - he says he thinks something might be wrong with Charlie, and asks her to call him back.
ELLY: So, Mark, tell me your story. Come on, I won't bite - unless you want me too.
Mark awkwardly says there's nothing to tell; he's a police officer. Elly interrupts and asks him to pose for a photo of them together, so she can show off her 'hot new life in Melbourne' to her Facebook friends.
MARK: I'm not great in photos...
ELLY: Shh. Smile.
She takes the photo anyway.
ELLY: So, romantic meal for two, or flashy bar and cocktails?
MARK: Sorry?
ELLY: Where are you taking me tonight?
MARK (laughs): Erm, I've already got plans. With my girlfriend.
Elly barely bats an eyelid.
ELLY: Oh, right. Worth a try.
MARK: Actually, you two might know each other. Steph Scully.
ELLY: No way! Michelle's older sister?
MARK: Yeah.
ELLY: Michelle and I used to be besties! Isn't there a little bit of an age gap between you guys, though? No offence.
MARK: Steph's great. Age doesn't really come into it.
ELLY: Well, if she makes you happy...
MARK: Yeah. She's got a few things going on with her ex. But apart from that, yeah, she makes me happy.
Elly tells Mark he looks good in the photo!
Rebecchi Law
Karl comes in, and asks Aaron if the journalist's article is online yet. Aaron confirms it is, and starts reading out parts of it.
AARON (reading): Dr Lycra clearly only wants bike lanes so he can gad about with his latte-sipping mates on Sundays...
A worried Steph comes in, saying Toadie's asked to see her, but they're too busy reading the article to acknowledge her.
KARL: ... 'Bicycult'? ... Greenie superiority complex? Really?
STEPH: Okay. I'll just see myself in.
KARL: Oh, well that's lovely, that is. 'Clearly, I could lose a few pounds while gadding about in my bicycle gear...' What are we gonna do?
AARON: We take control here, alright? They want a story, we make our own story.
In Toadie's office, Toadie has filled Steph in on Charlie seeing her kiss with Belinda. Steph's upset that Charlie didn't come to her; Toadie says Charlie was confused, and thinks Steph might be seeing Belinda.
TOADIE: What have you told him about her?
STEPH: Just that we're friends. I would've waited for that sort of conversation until he was a bit older. Plus we're still rebuilding our relationship.
TOADIE: Hmm. It's gonna be a tough conversation to have with Mark too, isn't it?
STEPH: Yeah. Mark doesn't trust Belinda as it is.
TOADIE: He trusts you though, doesn't he?
STEPH: Says he does.
TOADIE: You don't believe him?
STEPH: I guess I'm about to find that out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Outside the hospital, Paige is donating the produce to the extras running St Vinnie's mobile soup kitchen. She spots Dustin nearby, and rushes over to talk to him. She apologises for not being more upfront about the situation with her and Jack, but Dustin says it's too late - Jack probably hates him. Paige insists Jack's angry at her, not Dustin - and that she's taken responsibility for what happened.
DUSTIN: You seem like a cool chick.
PAIGE: Trying to be.
DUSTIN: Well, J obviously likes you.
PAIGE: We're hardly talking. But, you're right. He's always gonna put his faith first.
Dustin goes to leave, but Paige offers him money as he looks like he's been sleeping rough. He refuses it.
PAIGE: Hey, well then, contact Jack. He just wants to help you. You guys are good friends, and don't ruin that because of me.
Dustin looks thoughtful, and leaves.
Rebecchi Law
Karl comes in, in some kind of horrific biking outfit. Aaron tells Toadie that he and Karl need to 'duck out for an hour', despite Toadie's protests.
TOADIE: Why do I feel like I'm missing out on something?
AARON: We're going to go grassroots on the bike lane campaign.
TOADIE: What does that even mean?
AARON: You'll find out soon enough.
KARL: Everyone will!
TOADIE: Okay, don't get arrested!
Belinda has come in, giving Aaron and Karl their chance to escape without further questioning! Toadie explains he's been meaning to call her; the nursing board has made the decision that they aren't going to consider renewing her nursing registration until she completes a refresher course.
TOADIE: Their position is that you overstepped the mark getting involved with a patient.
BELINDA: I've moved on from that.
TOADIE: That's not what Steph says.
BELINDA: Excuse me?
Belinda accuses Toadie of not doing his job properly, but he insists the board made their decision yesterday. He suggests she find another lawyer, but she says she can't, as she's given Paul back the money he paid for her fees. Belinda then gets a message from Steph, asking to meet up. Belinda rushes out of the door!
No 24
Steph arrives to find Elly still by the pool with Mark. Steph and Elly hug and promise to catch up soon.
ELLY: She really hasn't changed one bit.
STEPH: You have!
ELLY: I've grown up!
STEPH: Yeah, I can see that!

Elly remarks on how good it is to be back in Erinsborough, and leaves them to it. Steph explains to Mark what was wrong with Charlie when he saw him - he saw Belinda kissing her, which took Steph completely by surprise.
STEPH: I totally shut her down; this will not be an issue. She just misread the signals...
MARK: What signals were you giving her?
STEPH: But then Charlie walked in and saw the kiss and left again. I didn't even know he was there!
MARK: Well, no wonder he was upset.
STEPH: Well, I have to find him and talk to him!
MARK: And tell him what?
STEPH: Tell him... Just tell him everything! The truth!
MARK: Okay. Well, can I help?
STEPH: Well, it depends. Can we agree to put this behind us?
Mark looks worried.
Power Street
Jack is walking past Grease Monkeys, when he sees Dustin coming the other way. Jack apologises for overreacting when he saw Dustin kissing Paige, and explains he wasn't mad at Dustin. He suggests they grab some drinks, then head over to Blaze Outreach for a catch-up.
Meanwhile, Aaron is filming (and live-streaming) Karl's grassroots bike lane campaign - which consists of painting an unauthorised white line down the road!
KARL (to camera): Normally, I would not condone guerrilla action! But the cyclists of Erinsborough both old and young deserve to be safe. And in taking this action, I'm confident I have the support of Mayor Rebecchi.
Susan appears from nowhere!
SUSAN: Well, that's plainly a lie! What are you doing?
KARL: The little guy is fighting back, Susan!
SUSAN: Nothing little about you.
Aaron points the camera at Karl's belly, and Karl shoos him away! Susan protests that Karl should have consulted Sonya before using her name in his protest; and he'll set his cause back if he doesn't have the community's support. She turns to Aaron, telling him he should have known better than to get involved. Susan grabs the paintbrush and walks off, but Karl takes it back off her!
No 30
Steph is explaining the truth about her past with Belinda to Charlie.
CHARLIE: So, Belinda was, like, your girlfriend?
STEPH: We were in a relationship. We cared a lot about each other. And then we both realised that it was time to move on.
CHARLIE: Does that mean you're a lesbian?
STEPH: I was in love with her.
CHARLIE: And now you love Mark?
STEPH: Mark and I are a good match.
CHARLIE: Then why were you kissing Belinda?
STEPH: No, Belinda was kissing me. She got confused. But it's all sorted now - nothing like that is ever gonna happen again. You must have questions.
CHARLIE: No, I get it. You were with Belinda, and now you're with Mark. Can I still go to Jimmy's?
Charlie leaves, still looking a little confused. Mark says it's a lot to take in; it might take him some time to absorb it. Steph thanks Mark for being there as it showed Charlie things were stable between them.
MARK: Yeah. We're a good match.
STEPH: I thought I should keep it simple.
Steph says she has to go - there's somewhere she needs to be. Mark looks frustrated as she leaves.
Harold's Café
Steph is meeting with Belinda. She explains that Charlie saw them kissing; Belinda is apologetic, but Steph says she can't see Belinda again.
BELINDA: You're upset...
STEPH: No. I've made a choice.
BELINDA: You still have feelings for me. When we kissed, you didn't pull away.
STEPH: You caught me off-guard!
BELINDA: Does Mark believe that? He can't make you happy; he doesn't know how.
STEPH: You don't know him.
BELINDA: I know you. I've been there when you were scared; I was there when you were suffering. I've never walked away from you. I never would. I made you happy, didn't I?
STEPH: Just don't.
BELINDA: I love you. I'm not ashamed of that.
Elly comes out of the toilet, and sees Belinda and Steph talking.
STEPH: This has nothing to do with shame.
BELINDA: You can keep denying who you really are, but the truth is it's gonna catch up with you.
STEPH: Just stay away from now on, alright?
Steph goes, leaving Belinda looking forlorn. Elly wonders what she's just witnessed.
Power Street
Karl appears to have slipped a disc while painting a white line down the road, and Aaron takes a break from parking a row of bikes within the new 'cycle lane' to massage Karl's back back into life with his elbow! Sonya arrives with Nell, and she's furious to see what they've been up to - and that they used her name in their campaign.
Sonya's even more annoyed when she notices Toadie's bike among those parked in the lane. Karl explains they borrowed it without asking! Having sent Karl to clean the brushes, Aaron begs Sonya to work with them to make cycle safety a reality. Sonya looks conflicted...
The Waterhole
Susan is whingeing to Elly about the 'male ego'.
ELLY: In my experience they can be surprisingly fragile.
SUSAN: Oh no, not Karl's. His is very robust. In fact, I think it might be completely out of control.
ELLY: You remind me of Mum, you know that? You just say exactly what you think.
SUSAN: She's very proud of you, you know.
ELLY: Not always.
SUSAN: She's very pleased you took this job.
Elly says it was just good timing, and goes to grab some drinks. Susan asks for a soda water, but at the bar, Elly asks for two chardonnays! Mark is sitting there nursing a pint, which he says he's hoping will improve his mood.
ELLY: What's the deal with Steph? I saw her having an argument with a blonde chick? Oh, wow - now you look really unhappy. You said Steph was having problems with her ex. Is Steph's ex a woman?
Mark nods.
ELLY: Wow. She always had problems in the relationship department. Hey, do you want to join us?
MARK: Yeah, maybe another time.
Erinsborough Hospital
Jack finds Paige working at the mobile soup kitchen; he explains that Dustin told him she'd volunteered. Jack says he's also sorted out some emergency accommodation for Dustin.
JACK: Paige, I, erm... I still need some time.
PAIGE: Yeah, I know that.
He takes her hands, and they have a bit of a Moment™. Then he pulls them away, and Paige gets back to work. Jack looks conflicted as she walks away.
Fitzgerald Motors
Sonya, Aaron, Karl and Nell are inside the garage, discussing the bike lane situation.
SONYA: It's just not the right time, Karl.
KARL: So, what, we'll wait for another child to be hurt?
SONYA: Come on!
KARL: No, there are some drivers out there who absolutely hate cyclists.
SONYA: And you're playing into their hands!
KARL: I don't think we are!
SONYA: Look, if you do not remove that paint then I'm gonna have to get the police to charge you with damaging public property.
Karl and Aaron protest, but as they continue to argue, there's a loud crash from outside. Everyone rushes out to see what's happened - only to see a car speeding away, and a bunch of crumpled bikes (including Nell's tricycle!) lying on the forecourt, where it's ploughed into them.
AARON: Did you get the number plate?
KARL: It looked like an 'H'...
They quickly realise that it was deliberate, since the car would have had to veer from the other side of the road. Sonya and Nell look sadly at the trike.
NELL: I can't ride it, because it's broken now.
SONYA: It is broken now. I'm so sorry, my darling.
- Sonya tells Mark that she wants the perpetrator of the bike smash found
- Toadie tells Sonya that 'they are lining up against you'
- Jack talks to Father Vincent about his feelings for Paige
- Jack wakes up in bed in a cold sweat
- Jack prays for a sign from God
- Jack tells Paige that he wants to be with her
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Steph Scully, Belinda Bell in Neighbours Episode 7413
Steph Scully, Belinda Bell

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 7413
Charlie Hoyland

Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7413
Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Elly Conway

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7413
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Karl Kennedy, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7413
Karl Kennedy, Aaron Brennan

Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7413
Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7413
Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Dustin Oliver, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7413
Dustin Oliver, Paige Smith

Karl Kennedy, Aaron Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Karl Kennedy, Aaron Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi

Belinda Bell, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Belinda Bell, Toadie Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7413
Mark Brennan, Steph Scully

Jack Callahan, Dustin Oliver in Neighbours Episode 7413
Jack Callahan, Dustin Oliver

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7413
Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7413
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7413
Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully

Belinda Bell, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7413
Belinda Bell, Steph Scully

Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7413
Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Elly Conway, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7413
Elly Conway, Mark Brennan

Jack Callahan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7413
Jack Callahan, Amy Williams

Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7413
Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi

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