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Neighbours Episode 7335 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7335
Australian and UK airdate: 01/04/16
Writer: Megan Palinkas
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
Nene Williams: Ally Fowler
Julie Quill: Gail Easdale
Xanthe Canning: Lilly Van der Meer
Cecilia Saint: Candice Alley
Ben Kirk: Felix Mallard
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Kyle is furious to discover that Amy has read the letter from Georgia that he threw away
- Kyle tells Amy that her actions change everything
- Nene admits to Brad that she falsely led Doug to believe he was having an Alzheimer's spell
- Nene and Jimmy overhear Kyle telling Amy that he doesn't trust Nene or like her living at No 26
- Ben is back in town to stay with his grandparents - and Xanthe is instantly besotted
- Xanthe and Ben get drunk when she brings round alcohol, and Xanthe throws up on Susan's feet
- There are maintenance issues at the hotel, not least with the boiler, resulting in a lack of hot water
- Tyler goes down to the boiler room to take a look at it, but is followed by an angry- looking Brodie
- Steph reluctantly tells Mark that Jacka was the source of the stolen booze
- Later, Steph finds that the motel has been graffitied with the word 'DOG'
The Waterhole
Paul and Terese are sitting together at a table when Julie Quill comes in. Terese leaps up, reminding Paul she's not supposed to be seen with him.
JULIE: You're looking remarkably smug, Paul.
PAUL: And what is there not to look smug about?
JULIE: The fact that you've just lost your liquor licence.
PAUL: Well whatever you've heard, it's just a rumour.
JULIE: Oh, it's no rumour. I have a source at the Licensing Commission.
Paul looks rattled, and rushes off to investigate, much to Julie's amusement. Then she tells Terese that...
JULIE: We're going to poach that Citizen of the Year Award from right under his nose.
The titles roll.
No 26
Citizen of the Year is also the top item of discussion in the Cannings' garden. Sheila explains to Kyle, Amy and Nene that the prize for the winner is a trip for two to Batemans Bay - and suggests they all go there for Christmas as a family if she wins.
SHEILA: Which is a fair bet.
Kyle is distracted by a text from an unregistered number, asking him, 'Can we meet up?' He looks worried. Sheila interrupts his thoughts, saying he should book accommodation at Batemans Bay for Christmas as soon as possible for him and Amy - and Sheila and Xanthe will use the prize tickets.
KYLE: Well, it's a long way off.
AMY: Yeah, of course. Don't want to make a decision now...
But she looks worried, as if suspecting from the expression on Kyle's face that he doesn't think they'll last till Christmas. Amy suggests they go inside to watch the footie, but Kyle awkwardly claims he has to go to the yard to unload a delivery. Amy offers to help, but he says it's fine, and leaves.
The Waterhole
Julie Quill is still looking pleased with herself, having just come off the phone with Sonya. She explains to Terese that Sonya has told her that the Citizen of the Year event will now be held at Lassiter's after all, provided the council agrees, following the revocation of Robinson's liquor licence.
Terese objects that the ceremony is tomorrow; they don't have time to take it on. But Julie says Paul's already done the groundwork; they just need to advertise the venue change. She wants to host the event on the mezzanine - but also wants to use it as an opportunity to relaunch the second tower development.
TERESE: So you think we can save it?
JULIE: Oh, yeah. We've got a new project manager on the case.
TERESE: It's gonna take more than just replacing Tom.
JULIE: You know, this is a victory for us, Terese. You should be relishing it.
Terese looks worried.
No 28
Sheila has been summoned to collect Xanthe, and makes her apologise to Susan for getting drunk and throwing up on her! Sheila insists it won't happen again.
SUSAN: Oh, I'll make sure of that!
She announces that, since Ben wants to focus on his studies while he's here, she doesn't think he should spend time with Piper or Xanthe - they're leading him astray. Sheila takes umbrage at Susan's 'lumping in' of Xanthe with Piper as a bad influence.
SHEILA: Because after all, she's not the one who dared Ben to burn the school down.
SUSAN: No, but she has just spent all afternoon drinking.
SHEILA: It takes two to tango!
Susan explains that Ben didn't know the drink was alcoholic, and Sheila changes her tune - demanding to know whether Xanthe is a regular drinker! She admits she got it from Sheila's cupboard, and insists it's the first time she's ever tried it. Sheila asks why today.
XANTHE: I, erm... well, I just wanted to hang out with Ben.
Everyone looks embarrassed, and Sheila takes Xanthe home. Ben promptly rushes to the bathroom to throw up himself, and Susan sighs and goes to help him!
No 22
Doug is with Imogen, and asks her where Daniel's been lately. She explains they're On A Break™. Josh comes in.
DOUG (to Josh): I haven't heard anything back yet - have you?
IMOGEN: About what?
JOSH: Nothing you need to concern yourself with.
Josh mysteriously says he's going to hang out with Doug now, and tells Imogen to take a break, giving her another chance to sound off.
IMOGEN: I'm already On A Break™. A frustrating, torturous, unnecessary break.
JOSH: You know, this whiny, lovesick thing really isn't working for you.
He suggests Imogen go and talk to Daniel, but she dismisses this as contrary to the principles of being On A Break™.
JOSH: Well, what if you just bumped into him. Then you could casually Segway from 'how's the weather' to 'what's going on with our relationship'.
But Imogen's convinced it's a waste of time. She says she wants to be with Daniel; she just needs him to believe that. Imogen asks Doug to show her his progress with the shed/bar at No 32...
Lassiter's Boiler Room
Given yesterday's cliffhanger, it feels necessary to mention that there is no sign of Tyler or Brodie in the boiler room or anywhere else in this episode - and nor are their absences commented on.
Instead, Daniel is on the phone to technicians, telling them about the 'intermittent banging' noise the boiler is making. Josh turns up to lecture Daniel about Imogen and their Break™, while he's still on the phone to the boiler people. Daniel says he's giving Imogen a chance to figure out what she wants; Josh says she has, pointing out that she never acted on her attraction to Tyler.
JOSH: Unlike some people we know. Which proves that she's completely in love with you.
Daniel tells Josh he's too busy, and carries on talking to the boiler technicians. But Josh keeps ranting on about how Daniel and Imogen should talk it through. Daniel's had enough.
DANIEL: You care about Matilda more than anything, but you guys don't even live in the same state. I don't really need advice from someone with a long list of failed relationships.
No 26
In the garden, Nene asks Amy what's going on between her and Kyle. Amy grudgingly admits she's scared that Kyle might be thinking again about whether he wants to be with Georgia, since he learned that she still had feelings for him.
NENE: Darling, rip the band-aid off. Ask him straight out.
AMY: I can't. I just need to get a grip, and trust that if Kyle has something to tell me, he will.
Robinson's Motel
Nene enters the storeroom to find a despondent Paul moping around. She's dug out an old portrait of the infamous Ramsay Street busybody Mrs Mangel, which Paul's grandmother Helen Daniels painted all the way back in 1987 (as unveiled in Episode 466), and for some reason thinks that this is an appropriate decorative item for the Citizen of the Year Award ceremony.
But Paul tells Nene to forget it - the motel has just lost its liquor licence. Nene suggests they hold a 'dry event', but at that moment Julie Quill waltzes in and gleefully informs Paul that the council has now handed the hosting of the ceremony back to Lassiter's.
PAUL: Oh. And you just had to come over here personally and deliver the news, did you?
JULIE: I'm not that petty, Paul. But I did want to see what the council funds had paid for.
She eyes the Mrs Mangel portrait, and says she'll be recouping all goods Robinson's has purchased for the event with the council's investment. 'A truck will be on the way soon,' she adds - informing Paul that Terese is already working on managing the change of venue for the ceremony. Paul looks upset.
Lassiter's Complex
We're utside The Waterhole, where Kyle has summoned Toadie to meet him for a drink. He seems agitated, and says he needed some time out. But before they can say any more, Amy approaches, expressing surprise that Kyle isn't at work like he said.
Toadie covers for Kyle, badly, saying he strong-armed Kyle into coming for a drink with him. But Amy can tell it's not true, and looking annoyed, leaves them to it.
TOADIE: Alright - what's going on?
No 22
Doug is on the phone to someone when Imogen calls him - and he quickly says he has to go, hanging up. Imogen comes in, and reminds Doug he was fetching them some water.
Josh comes in, and starts ranting to Imogen about Daniel - and how he thinks he's just using the excuse of being On A Break™ to weasel out of their relationship. Josh admits he tried to 'talk sense' into Daniel, and Imogen shrieks at him for interfering. Their petty squabble is thrown into sharp relief, however, when Doug suddenly has a confused spell, and cries out.
Josh and Imogen realise that Doug has wet himself. He's deeply embarrassed and very apologetic, but Josh takes it in his stride, taking Doug upstairs to get changed. Imogen looks worried.
Harold's Café
Xanthe is moaning to Lauren about how she embarrassed herself in front of Ben, and really likes him. Lauren says Ben just needs a chance to get to know her better, and that Xanthe will find a way to make it happen.
As if by magic, Ben and Karl walk in. Karl sends a still-worse-for-wear Ben to buy some (soft) drinks while he talks to Nene, congratulating her on her new job at the motel. A frustrated Nene explains it's fallen through, but is keen to point out that she wasn't fired - she's just no longer needed.
Nene asks Karl if he'd like to join her for her coffee, but as he's with Ben he suggests they meet up for a drink later instead. She agrees.
Meanwhile, Ben buys the drinks from Xanthe without saying much, so she calls him back.
XANTHE: I'm sorry about getting you into trouble.
BEN: That stunt you pulled was pretty immature.
She invites him over to her place so they can study together, but Ben's not interested, and walks off. Xanthe looks sad.
Lassiter's Complex
Kyle and Toadie are still outside The Waterhole drinking. Kyle's told Toadie about the letter from Georgia, admitting he's angry at her for sending it, and at Amy for reading it.
TOADIE: Why did she read it?
KYLE: Insecure, I guess.
TOADIE: Has she got any reason to be?
KYLE: ...
Toadie advises Kyle to talk to Amy about it - that is, if he wants to fix things between them. Kyle looks unsure.
No 22
Josh apologises to Doug for having argued with Imogen before, admitting Daniel struck a nerve with what he said to him.
JOSH: He's right about one thing, though. I love Matilda more than anything, and - when I see how well she and Amber are doing, it just reminds me how aimless my life is by comparison.
Doug insists that Josh's life isn't aimless, but that he needs to stop putting others first - such as by working at the motel to protect Doug's investment - and work out what he wants to do. Josh says he can't even be a proper dad to Matilda.
DOUG: You can fix that. Move to Brisbane.
JOSH: No - no, I told you I'd be here for you. And I meant it.
DOUG: That's good of you, Josh. But I couldn't have more support around me. I want you to go. I had to watch Brad's relationship with Ned slipping away. I don't want history repeating itself with you and Matilda. I've had my life. It's time for you to get out there and live yours.
Harold's Café
Daniel appears to have just bought a sandwich, and Lauren and Xanthe are talking about Tom Quill, as Xanthe makes up a box of food, apparently for Tom.
XANTHE: I dunno why we're still delivering food to him. Isn't he a crook?
LAUREN: Well, Tom hasn't been charged with anything.
XANTHE: But we all know he's guilty - he's still sitting up there in his fancy hotel room.
LAUREN: Well, just think of it as one final delivery. He's heading off to Sydney tomorrow.
XANTHE: Oh, for good?
LAUREN: No, no, his assistant didn't say.
Lauren walks off, and Xanthe appears to have an idea. She goes into the kitchen, where she calls Daniel from her mobile. Back in the café seating area, he answers his phone.
XANTHE: Hi, this is Lara - Tom Quill's assistant.
DANIEL: Hey, what can I do for you?
XANTHE: There's been a change of plans - Tom won't be going to Sydney till tomorrow evening, so he'll need his room until then.
DANIEL: Yeah. Yeah, not a problem.
XANTHE: Oh, and he will be having a guest over. So he will need his usual Harold's catering box delivered to the room.
DANIEL: Okay, yeah, I'll have that organised for you.
XANTHE: Awesome! Err, I mean, thank you.
Xanthe ends the call, and looks over at Daniel from the kitchen, smiling at the success of her plan.
The Waterhole
Terese has summoned two minions to move Julie Quill's scale model, presumably up to the mezzanine, in preparation for the awards ceremony/development relaunch. Paul storms in and tears strips off Terese for helping Julie to poach the awards ceremony from Robinson's.
PAUL: You of all people know what this means to me! But instead, you decide to be sharpening the knives behind my back!
TERESE: Listen - I let you live under my roof, knowing that Julie would fire me if she found out.
PAUL: Yeah. And for that, I am grateful.
TERESE: And I covered up your sabotage over the air conditioning! For all I know, you're responsible for all the problems in the boiler room!
PAUL: I've already told you I didn't touch anything else!
TERESE: Well, I only have your word for that. In the meantime, Julie's holding me responsible for all the maintenance issues. You know, I can't keep covering up for you, Paul. Not at the expense of my own livelihood.
Paul calms down a bit, saying that at least Julie's 'vanity project' - the second tower development - is dead and buried. So Terese is forced to admit that Julie is relaunching it at the ceremony tomorrow.
PAUL: She's what?! Oh, come on Terese - you've got to do something to stop her!
TERESE: Didn't you hear what I just said?! I am in an impossible position!
PAUL: Oh, I see - so your loyalty lies with Julie?!
TERESE: You know, I think you should spend a couple of nights at the motel.
PAUL: What, you're kicking me out?
TERESE: Yes! Because I'm tired of being in the middle of this war that you have with Julie Quill. So tonight, I'm choosing my job.
Paul looks taken aback as Terese storms off.
No 26
Kyle comes into the garden to find Amy, and apologises to her about pretending he was going to work before. He admits he needed time to himself, since things have been so weird between them - ever since he learned that Amy read Georgia's letter.
KYLE: I thought I knew you. And you go and do something like that, even though I told you it didn't matter what was written in that letter - I loved you, regardless.
AMY: Does it matter now? Now that you know how Georgia feels?
KYLE: It's not about that. It's about our trust, which you broke.
AMY: I am so sorry. I wish I'd never read it.
KYLE: Me too. But... we have to move past it.
Amy admits she was worried Kyle would break things off after he avoided making Christmas plans earlier. But Kyle tells Amy she should go ahead and book the place in Batemans Bay for them - even if Sheila doesn't win the award! Amy hugs him.
AMY: This means so much to me. And Jimmy'll be stoked.
She goes inside to book the accommodation. Kyle gets another message on his mobile from the mystery number, asking if he received the first message asking to meet up. He looks conflicted, then replies, saying, 'Yes, when and where?' - and goes to press send.
No 28
Ben is playing his guitar. Xanthe peers at him from the other side of the front door, until Ben notices and goes out to shoo her away! But again she says she wants to make it up to him.
XANTHE: So, Angus Young is coming to town tomorrow.
BEN: What?! How do you know that?
XANTHE: Well, he wants everything to be secretive - but I can arrange a meet-and-greet for you.
BEN: Are you serious?
XANTHE: Yeah. I have a contact in the hotel.
Ben's torn between respecting Susan's instructions not to spend time with Xanthe, and meeting his idol, the lead guitarist of AC/DC. He decides it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and says he'll come. Xanthe's thrilled, but says Ben must promise not to tell anyone. He agrees. They agree to meet at Lassiter's at around 10.30.
BEN: Thanks heaps, Xanthe.
He smiles at her as she walks away.
No 22
Imogen apologises to Josh for having a go at him earlier, but he says it's okay - she was right, and he needs to start focusing on his own life.
JOSH: Ever since my accident I've just kind of been in limbo. Searching for that one thing that's gonna fulfil me as much as swimming did.
IMOGEN: You'll find it.
JOSH: I already have. Matilda. Which is why... I've decided I'm moving to Brisbane.
No 28
Nene has come round for her drink with Karl. He's talking about his Citizen of the Year nomination, and admits he's prepared a little speech, just in case! Nene wants to hear it, and Karl doesn't take much persuading. Nene makes him stand up and act out the scenario, hugging him as if she's introducing him on stage as the award winner! Of course, that's the moment Susan walks in.
KARL: Hey! We were just, erm...
NENE: Speech practice!
SUSAN (unimpressed): Oh! Don't let me stop you (!)
Realising Susan's annoyed, Nene rushes off home for dinner, leaving Karl to face Susan's wrath!
KARL: How was your day?
SUSAN: After everything that happened with Doug, I would've thought you'd give Nene a wide berth!
KARL: She was just feeling a bit down, so I thought I'd cheer her up!
SUSAN: ...
KARL: What?!
SUSAN: Do you really not see how inappropriate that was?
KARL: Nothing untoward happened!
SUSAN: Oh, Karl - honestly! Your inability to say no to a pair of fluttering eyelashes is, is - it's nauseating!
She marches off into the bedroom, leaving Karl looking surprised!
Robinson's Motel
A really creepy underscore plays, as Paul enters the storeroom with a woman we've seen before. It's Cecilia Saint, whose help he enlisted last year (in Episode 7253) to make Steph think she was losing her mind.
PAUL: I need you to do a job for me, urgently. There's a bit of cash in it for you.
CECILIA: More than last time?
PAUL: Well, if the job's done right, yeah.
CECILIA: Keep talking.
PAUL: Okay. You're familiar with Lassiter's Hotel.
CECILIA: Of course.
PAUL: Alright. I want you to make sure that the Citizen of the Year event that they're hosting is a complete disaster. Hmm?
- Amy thinks there's something going on with Kyle at Lassiter's
- 'FIVE ROOMS', screams some on- screen text
- Amy looking upset
- Some gloved hands fiddling with a hammer
- Kyle rushes towards the lift in the hotel
- 'FIVE DAYS', says the next text
- Karl knocking on a hotel room door
- 'ONE HOTEL', says the text
- In the lobby, Daniel tells Josh to get out of his face
- Some hissing pipes blasting out steam
- A pressure gauge
- 'Why don't we put our heads together and make sure she really suffers?' says a male voice
- A woman touching a man's arm with an envelope
- Paige runs into an unknown man outside the hotel
- Paul saying, 'How do you know I'm not a step ahead of you already?'
- The hotel entrance explodes, sending Paige and the unknown man flying forwards
- 'Neighbours - HOTEL HORROR', reads the text, over the sound of the explosion
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Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Julie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7335
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Julie Quill

Nina Williams, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7335
Nina Williams, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7335
Kyle Canning

Julie Quill, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Julie Quill, Terese Willis

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7335
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7335
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Doug Willis

Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7335
Daniel Robinson

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Josh Willis

Nina Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7335
Nina Williams, Amy Williams

Julie Quill, Paul Robinson, Nina Williams, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 7335
Julie Quill, Paul Robinson, Nina Williams, Nell Mangel

Toadie Rebecchi, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7335
Toadie Rebecchi, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7335
Toadie Rebecchi

Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Doug Willis

Xanthe Canning, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7335
Xanthe Canning, Lauren Turner

Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7335
Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Doug Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Doug Willis, Josh Willis

Xanthe Canning, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7335
Xanthe Canning, Daniel Robinson

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Kyle Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7335
Kyle Canning, Amy Williams

Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7335
Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Josh Willis

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7335
Imogen Willis

Nina Williams, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7335
Nina Williams, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7335
Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Cecilia Saint in Neighbours Episode 7335
Paul Robinson, Cecilia Saint

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7335
Paul Robinson

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