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Neighbours Episode 7332 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7332
Australian and UK airdate: 29/03/16
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Nene Williams: Ally Fowler
Xanthe Canning: Lilly Van Der Meer
Julie Quill: Gail Easdale
Brodie Chaswick: Matt Testro
Tom Quill: Kane Felsinger
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- Brodie tells Piper he can't do this without her.
- Brad learns that Brodie's stuff is all gone and Piper's with him.
- Brodie sends Josh a text from Piper's phone which reads 'tell everyone to chill, back soon.'
- Paul tells Amy that Nene admits to doing something wrong but she is sorry.
- Jimmy wonders why Nene and Paul broke up.
- Aaron accuses Tom of doctoring the original report.
- Sonya is shocked that the decision the council made was based on a false report. She fires Aaron.
- Mark calls Aaron stupid. Aaron thinks he was too trusting, but Mark says no, he's stupid.
- Sonya gets a photo sent to her phone of Nell in day care. Later she realises someone has been in her house and inside Nell's room.
The Waterhole
Aaron marches in to confront Tom, accusing him of making up stories about Aaron to the police. Tom says it's Aaron's word against his. Aaron can't believe he felt sorry for Tom. In the background Sheila watches from the bar, mouth wide open. Toadie arrives, also to confront Tom, and accuses him of breaking into his house last night. Toadie grabs Tom by the collar and threatens Tom to stay away from his family. Tom leaves, while Aaron wonders what is going on.
Cue opening titles.
Robinson's Motel
Paul and Steph are standing by the motel's swimming pool. He thinks they should hold the pre-event by the pool, and runs through his plans for the 'Citizen of the Year' ceremony. Steph doesn't think they have the budget for this, but Paul thinks this event will put them on everyone's radar so it's the time to go all out. Paul asks her to trust him, it will pay for itself.
In Brodie & Piper's motel room, Piper writes a text which reads 'Dad I'm okay. I'll be back home soon.' Xanthe arrives and comments on how romantic it is that they are lovers on the run. Piper says they're not on the run and they slept in separate beds. Brodie arrives from the bathroom wearing only a towel. Xanthe excitedly says they are both so hot right now. Piper explains that she's helping Xanthe with her school project. Brodie was hoping that Piper would help him house hunt, but says it's fine, he'll come with them as he likes spending time with Piper. Piper says they don't need to be together 24/7. Brodie says they were apart for months and he wants to make up for lost time.
The Waterhole
Jimmy catches Nene deep in thought, staring at her coffee. Nene says she's fine, but Jimmy wonders why adults say they're fine when they are not. Nene says she's disappointed about work, being a nurse is part of who she was and she's upset she can't do it anymore. Jimmy tells her not to be sad, she's got him to cheer her up. Nene goes to get Jimmy another orange juice, and while she's away, Jimmy takes Nene's phone.
Terese and Julie lay into Tom about the bribery accusation, as well as being accused of making physical threats, but Tom says the accusations are not true. He can't believe Julie would have to ask if he was involved and walks off. Julie tells Terese there have been more guest complaints about the lack of hot water. Julie wonders if Terese found out why the air conditioning failed during the heat wave. Terese says no, but the air con isn't the problem. Julie says it's located in the same room as the boiler. Julie wonders what the maintenance report said, but Terese didn't get one done. She didn't think it was necessary as the air con started working again. Julie says all the building issues started after the air con blew.
Piper is filming Xanthe for her media project as they enter Harold's. Brad approaches Piper and asks where she was last night. Brodie says she was with him.
XANTHE: Don't worry, it was totally Disney rated.
Brad keeps questioning them until Lauren suggests they sit down to talk about it. Brad accuses Brodie of taking a teenage girl away from her family, but Piper says that Brodie was part of their family and can't believe Brad can turn his back on him like this. Brad doesn't think Brodie is right for her.
PIPER: Just because you dumped him, doesn't mean everyone else has to.
Piper, Brodie and Xanthe leave.
Number 30
Steph asks Sonya if the police found anything. Sonya can't relax until they find out who did this. Steph is sure Mark is doing everything he can. Sonya says he's been texting Sonya every five minutes to check up on her. Sonya asks if Steph and Mark are together now. Steph thinks so and asks if Sonya's okay with that. Sonya says it'll take getting use to but is all good.
Aaron and Toadie arrive, Aaron feels terrible about the threats against Sonya's family and is so sorry. He thinks it's all his fault because he thought Tom was a nice guy, he fell for it. Sonya won't feel safe until Tom is behind bars, and Aaron can't make that happen.
The Waterhole
Julie questions Tom again about the report and breaking into the mayor's house, he assures her that it wasn't him. Paul arrives and watches the argument with a pleased look on his face. Julie gets a text that the boiler is gone and the contractor can't come until tomorrow. Tom leaves, while Paul smugly saunters over. Julie thinks she should get Paul banned from the complex, but Paul says that would only lead to a lawsuit which is the last thing she needs. Julie leaves.
Jimmy invites Paul over to sit with him and Nene, apparently Jimmy asked Paul over for a game of chess. Paul looks to the model of the proposed second tower for Lassiters. Paul says he likes looking at this monstrosity, knowing it won't ever see the light of day. Jimmy challenges Nene and Paul to team up against him in chess. Jimmy leaves to set it up. Nene says it's her fault, Jimmy wants to cheer her up as she's been a bit miserable this morning. Paul says he's having an excellent day and hopes a bit of it will rub off on her. Nene smiles.
Lassiter's Boiler Room
Aaron comes to talk to Tom, who he's been told is down in the boiler room. Aaron asks if Tom is qualified to be touching the boiler, but Tom can get it started. Aaron tells Tom he still cares about him. Tom coldly tells him to 'build a bridge and get over it.' Aaron asks if Tom ever really cared for him. Tom wants Aaron to understand the pressure he is under. Aaron gets it and knows the way Julie treats him is awful.
TOM: I've invested so much in this. It's on my head if it fails.
AARON: I can almost understand why you doctored the report in your favour but, Tom, to send someone after Sonya.
TOM: I had to, okay. I've got to get that council approval, if the development doesn't go ahead the whole company will go under.
AARON: You have to come clean, tell the police what you did!
TOM: Then the whole business is finished.
AARON: Is that all you care about?
Tom walks off, saying he has work to do. Tom tells Aaron he is sorry and leaves. Aaron pulls out his phone, revealing he's been recording the conversation.
The Waterhole
As Paul orders from the bar, Terese tells him that Julie was asking questions about the time the air con failed. She assures him she didn't mention that Paul was responsible but it was awkward. She should have done a report but didn't want Julie to realise it was foul play. She asks if he touched anything else while he was in the boiler room. Paul says it was unlikely he damaged anything else, he knew what he was doing. Paul apologises for the position he put her in.
Paul rejoins Jimmy and Nene. Nene thanks Jimmy for trying to cheer her up, but she tells him he doesn't need to worry about her. Paul offers Nene a job at his motel, he needs a creative director for the 'Citizen of the Year' award. He suggests he take her over to the motel for a tour. Jimmy would rather go home to play Dragon Prophecies, but tells Nene to go with Paul. Nene looks very keen to take up Paul's offer.
Piper comes in to get some drinks, when Lauren sits down to chat with her. Lauren knows what it is like to be young and in love, but tells Piper not to forget about her family. Piper says Brodie doesn't have anybody else, so he needs her. She tells Lauren she loves Brodie.
LAUREN: First love, it can be fun and exciting but in most cases it doesn't last forever.
PIPER: Well you and dad, you guys got together when you were young. Things could be a lot easier if you'd just stayed together.
LAUREN: Yeah but then we wouldn't have you or Amber or Imogen or Josh or Mason or Bailey or...
PIPER: Okay, I get the picture.
LAUREN: Just don't rush into it and don't turn your back on the people that love you the most. Don't let a boy get in between you and your family.
The Waterhole
Tom and Julie arrive to meet Terese, who is with Sonya and Aaron. Aaron plays the recording he made of Tom admitting to sending someone after Sonya.
JULIE: I trusted you Tom. You are nothing but a disappointment. You're a business amateur! Your father would be ashamed.
Sonya says the police are waiting for Tom at the station and he should go now. Tom thinks this is entrapment, but Aaron tells Tom to man up and take some responsibility. Julie tells Tom to get to the station and she'll meet him there. As Tom leaves, Paul comes over, quick to gloat about Tom being bad. Julie assures Sonya that she didn't know anything about this.
PAUL: Too little too late.
JULIE: Just shut up Paul!
Sonya tells Julie that Tom was representing the Quill group when he did these things and she can't ignore that. Sonya, Aaron and Terese leave.
PAUL: I'd be happy to dismantle the model for you, I don't think you'll be needing it anymore.
JULIE: This development is not over.
PAUL: Oh yes it is Julie. It's done and dusted.
Julie angrily walks away.
Robinson's Motel
Brodie tells Piper that they don't have to go. Piper says she needs to use her laptop to edit Xanthe's video and it's at home. Brodie wonders who got to her. Piper admits she spoke to Lauren and she doesn't want to forget about her family. Piper needs to spend time with them. Brodie says he never told her to keep away from them, he's just a bit sensitive about them because they were like his own family and they pushed him away. Brodie asks her to stay here. Piper says she loves spending time with him, but she needs to go home.
Robinson's Motel Exterior
Paul finishes showing Nene one of the rooms. Nene can see the potential, she suggests they put some artwork in the function room. She could contact the council to loan some local works, get some Erinsborough History on the walls. Paul says that's a brilliant idea. Paul's pleased that he's beaten Julie Quill. Nene hopes she can bounce back like he did. He says she just needs faith in herself. Nene kisses Paul.
PAUL: What was that?
NENE: Me being daring. I wanted to remember what it felt like.
PAUL: And?
NENE: And now I remember.
The Waterhole
Aaron asks Sonya if she thinks he's stupid, but she says no, instead calling him a bit na´ve. He asks if he could work for her again, he was aimless after Nate left him and now for once he was doing a job that made him feel smart. He'd do anything to get that job back. Sonya realises that Tom manipulated him, but he was careless and it got them into a lot of trouble. She tells him that working for the council isn't right for him. She goes to buy Aaron a coffee.
Terese is on the phone saying they need to find Piper. Steph overhears and tells Terese she knows where Piper is.
Robinson's Motel
Piper has finished packing her bag. Brodie kisses her goodbye, when they hear Brad banging at the door. Piper opens the door as Brad and Terese angrily walk in and tell Piper to come home. Brodie tells Piper she can stay here, she doesn't have to do what they say.
BRAD: Don't listen to him.
BRODIE: Why not? Why am I the enemy? All I've ever done is look out for her, and what have you done? Apart from abandoning her in Canada?
TERESE: Excuse me? She wanted to be there!
BRODIE: Does that not tell you something?
Piper refuses to go, they can't tell her what to do. She's staying with Brodie. Terese tells Brad to go, they're making the situation worse.
Brad tells Lauren he knows what Brodie is like, he'll be manipulating Piper and turning her against them. Lauren says that Piper is smart and she won't let that happen. Lauren says he shouldn't make a teenage girl choose sides as it's asking for trouble. Brad will let Piper calm down and call her tomorrow. He kisses Lauren goodbye. On the way out he takes out his phone and looks at Piper's name on his contact list, before leaving.
Robinson's Motel
Piper wonders if she should call her parents. Brodie tells her to let them sweat. Piper can't live in a motel for the rest of her life. Brodie suggests they skip town, his friend has a share house in Perth that they could go to for a week. They'd be together and no one could tell them what to do. Piper agrees and hugs Brodie. Brodie says they'll leave first thing tomorrow morning. Piper goes to the bathroom, leaving Brodie alone. Brodie takes out his phone and calls his friend, asking if the room is still available. Brodie tells his friend that he and his girlfriend are moving to Perth, for good.
- Brodie thinks it will be good for him and Piper to get out of Erinsborough.
- Piper says if you love someone, you wouldn't force them to do something they don't want to do. Brodie thinks Piper is accusing him of being a bully.
- Mark and Steph kiss.
- Mark tells Steph some goods of hers are stolen.
- Jacka tells Steph she had better not dog on him.
A shot of someone picking up a hammer.
A shot of Paul looking worried.
A shot of two hands holding in rubble.
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Aaron Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7332
Aaron Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Tom Quill

Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7332
Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Xanthe Canning, Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7332
Xanthe Canning, Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis

Nina Williams, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7332
Nina Williams, Jimmy Williams

Julie Quill, Tom Quill, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7332
Julie Quill, Tom Quill, Terese Willis

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7332
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner

Brad Willis, Xanthe Canning, Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7332
Brad Willis, Xanthe Canning, Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7332
Sonya Rebecchi

Aaron Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7332
Aaron Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi

Julie Quill, Paul Robinson, Tom Quill in Neighbours Episode 7332
Julie Quill, Paul Robinson, Tom Quill

Nina Williams, Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7332
Nina Williams, Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams

Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7332
Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7332
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Nina Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7332
Nina Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson

Piper Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7332
Piper Willis, Lauren Turner

Tom Quill, Julie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7332
Tom Quill, Julie Quill

Terese Willis, Sonya Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7332
Terese Willis, Sonya Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan

Piper Willis, Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7332
Piper Willis, Brodie Chaswick

Nina Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7332
Nina Williams, Paul Robinson

Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7332
Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7332
Steph Scully, Terese Willis

Piper Willis, Brodie Chaswick, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7332
Piper Willis, Brodie Chaswick, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7332
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner

Piper Willis, Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7332
Piper Willis, Brodie Chaswick

Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7332
Brodie Chaswick

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