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Neighbours Episode 7325 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7325
Australian and UK airdate: 18/03/16
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Josh tells Brad that Doug's miserable about the idea of being put in a care home
- Frustrated by Daniel's lack of physical attention to her...
- ... Imogen flirts shamelessly with Tyler, much to his increasing discomfort
- Tom romances Aaron, while quizzing him for confidential info on objections to The Development™
- Tom tells Julie Quill to stop worrying; he has a plan
No 30
Aaron arrives for a meeting with Sonya. He receives a text from Tom Quill, saying 'Thanks for last night. Miss you already. x' While Sonya rifles around in the fridge, Aaron offers to start on the 'correspondence stuff', and quickly comes across a folder marked 'Lassiter's Development - Community Responses'. Aaron looks conflicted, as Sonya comes to join him. The titles roll.
No 24
Imogen is cooking breakfast as Daniel comes out of his room. He's pleasantly surprised to see her, and they're having a nice moment together, until Tyler emerges from his own room - topless, naturally, and hot on the scent of hash browns. He looks put out when he sees Imogen.
TYLER: You're here early.
We learn that Daniel was too busy yesterday to have lunch or dinner with Imogen, so she thought she'd cook him breakfast instead.
Daniel remarks on how great the pool looks, saying someone's done a good job of cleaning it. Tyler and Imogen look uncomfortable, but don't reveal that Imogen spent the day yesterday helping Tyler to clean it. Tyler goes out for a swim, and Daniel remarks that he seemed to be in a bit of a mood. But Imogen puts a stop to that conversation, and starts kissing Daniel instead.
No 32
Brad and Doug are doing some kind of woodwork on the patio, when Lauren comes out with some good news - Brad has been chosen as one of the finalists for the Erinsborough Citizen of the Year Award, because of his troubled kids' outreach programme. We see in the newspaper that the other finalists are architect Julian Carter, nurse Anne Maitland, and university lecturer Emma Sproule - as well as Karl and Sheila!
DOUG: Three in one street!
Lauren heads inside, and Brad follows her - promising to clear up the mess he and Doug have made. But Lauren tells him it's no problem; it's just good that Doug is still showing interest in his woodwork. Doug calls Brad back out to help him.
No 24
Tyler gets out of the pool and comes to join Daniel on the patio. Daniel explains that Imogen's gone home to study, as she finds it 'easier to concentrate' there. Tyler looks uncomfortable.
TYLER: Must be annoying for you guys. You know, all the house-hopping.
DANIEL: We make it work.
TYLER: Have you ever thought about getting your own place?
DANIEL: You trying to get rid of me, Ty?
TYLER: No, I'm just saying - you and Imogen, together. Not that it's any of my business.
Daniel points out the irony of Tyler encouraging him to shack up with Imogen, after what happened when Courtney moved in at No 24! Tyler argues that's different - he'd only been dating her a couple of weeks when she moved in.
TYLER: Whereas you guys are solid. Soulmates and all that. Plus, you're both earning.
Daniel evidently hadn't thought about it before, but decides living together might be just the thing he and Imogen need to 'get back on track'.
No 30
Aaron and Sonya are still working; she wants to start collating the community submissions about the Lassiter's proposal. Aaron looks uncomfortable, but agrees to get started, while Sonya goes to get Nell ready for a playdate. Once she's out of the room, however, Aaron takes a photo of the list of objectors to the proposal - and sends it to Tom, saying 'hope this helps'...
Lassiter's Complex
Daniel finds Imogen studying outside The Waterhole, and kisses her. She complains that Brodie and Piper were playing cards at home and therefore distracting her, so Daniel suggests she could work at No 24 - there's only Tyler home, so she wouldn't get distracted! Imogen politely declines!
Daniel apologises for being such a workaholic; he just has a lot to do for his hotel management course. Imogen's understanding, but Daniel suggests a solution to their problem of finding time for one another - they should move in together!
DANIEL: It's obvious really. I couldn't see it, but then Tyler made me realise.
IMOGEN: ... Oh.
DANIEL: Yeah. He made some pretty good arguments for it, and it makes sense.
Imogen looks anything but enthusiastic, and Daniel quickly picks up on this. But she insists she'll give it some serious thought.
No 32
Toadie enters the garden, and greets Brad and Doug, who are still busy with the woodwork. He asks what they're building, but Brad doesn't actually know - he's just following Doug's instructions.
However, that's what Toadie is here to discuss; Doug has been planning the construction of a bar in Lauren's shed, and Toadie has run the idea past Sonya, who's confirmed that no liquor licence will be required provided that no money is changing hands. Doug insists the bar will just be for family and friends. However, Brad's worried about how Lauren will feel about them converting her shed!
DOUG: Don't tell me you're under the thumb already?
BRAD: I should probably run it past her first.
DOUG: It'd spoil the surprise! This is my thank-you gift to you all - for putting up with me! I didn't let you know because I knew you'd try to talk me out of it.
BRAD: And why would you just assume that?
DOUG: You're not much fun!
Toadie snorts with amusement; but Brad declares the shed is a good idea. Doug says it will be a retreat for the blokes, away from the kids and the ladies. Toadie likes the sound of that, and decides to stick around and help them with the construction.
Harold's Café
Aaron is talking to Lauren as he picks up a coffee. During the conversation, Lauren happens to mention that she was thinking of turning her garden shed into an art studio, so she could keep up with her drawing! She also tells him she's just had a massive catering order from Lassiter's - and after the food poisoning from Harold's ruined the Quills' launch party, Aaron is surprised.
LAUREN: No-one was more surprised than me. But Tom Quill actually came in here himself and placed the order. You just missed him.
AARON: Maybe it's a goodwill gesture. You know, to show that there's no hard feelings anymore.
But Lauren's suspicious that Tom may be buttering her up because of the Development™. She's dead against it, saying that even if her rent does stay the same afterwards as Tom claims, the move would still be detrimental to her business after all the money she's spent renovating. That's why, she explains, she submitted a complaint to Sonya about the Quills' proposals.
Aaron looks worried as the penny drops.
LAUREN: But he wouldn't have access to my complaint, would he?
AARON: No, no - it's all confidential.
LAUREN: Yeah. That's what I thought.
Aaron makes a swift exit.
The Waterhole
Tyler comes in for a drink, and finds Imogen there. She's in a bad mood, and has a go at Tyler for advising Daniel on his and Imogen's living arrangements. Tyler says he was just talking to Daniel as a friend, but Imogen demands to know why he made the suggestion of their living together.
TYLER: What's with you? You still love him, don't you?
IMOGEN: Of course.
TYLER: He's the guy you wanted to be with forever?
TYLER: So follow through!
IMOGEN: After the way I've been acting lately, I'm pretty sure Daniel deserves better.
TYLER: So, you're stressing about some little weird moment that we had together.
IMOGEN: There were other things.
TYLER: If they weren't cheating, and you still love the guy, then my advice is forget it. Come on, you're only human! Your brain's not something you can control all of the time. Especially when you're in denial about your needs!
IMOGEN: Oh, I'm not in denial!
TYLER: Have you taken care of the physical stuff? Like I suggested?
IMOGEN: I've been trying! He is always busy.
TYLER: But if you lived together...
Imogen tells Tyler that it will be her and Daniel's decision when and if they move in together, and not Tyler's! Tyler wishes her luck, and walks off!
No 32
Brad's chatting to Toadie on the patio, while Doug gets increasingly agitated with a piece of wood he's working on - it's for one of the stools they're making for the new shed bar. Brad goes to help him, but Doug's too frustrated to continue and he goes inside to lie down. Brad tells Toadie he'll be better once he's had a rest.
Toadie heaps praise on Brad for being so patient with Doug, but Brad transfers said praise to Lauren, whom he says has been an absolute rock in helping him through it.
BRAD: She's been really understanding, but things might get hard as he gets worse.
Brad decides to finish making the stool before Doug reappears, in the hope that it'll spur him on to keep going.
Lassiter's Complex
Daniel and Terese are having a meeting outside The Waterhole, to the always-welcome accompaniment of 'I've Never Been To Cuba'. Terese is impressed with Daniel's measured response to the food poisoning crisis, and wishes out loud that all her staff showed such initiative.
Terese says Daniel should take a day off, to catch up on some rest and spend time with Imogen. Daniel goes quiet at this, then on prompting, admits that he raised the topic of he and Imogen moving in together - but that Imogen didn't seem enthusiastic.
DANIEL: She said she'd think about it. But in the way you'd think about getting elective surgery.
TERESE: Look, I'm sure it's no reflection on you. Imogen adores you. She always has. And you're an exceptional man, Daniel. I can see that, just by working with you.
DANIEL: You're a kind person.
TERESE: No - no, I'm a protective mother. And even though I'm not looking forward to the idea of Imogen moving out of home - if it's gonna be with you, I couldn't be happier.
DANIEL: Thank you. I wish my girlfriend felt the same way.
TERESE: Ah, come on. Imogen's a cautious little soul. When she gets used to the idea, she'll be shouting yes with all her heart. You'll be fine.
I've never been to Cuba - BAM BAM BAM!
No 32
Brad and Toadie are bonding on the patio; Toadie has been talking about his and Sonya's counselling sessions, which he says have really helped them to be 'kinder to each other'. Meanwhile, Brad has finished making his stool, and they look forward to the grand opening of the shed bar.
TOADIE: I feel the dawn of a new era. With this shed, we men reclaim Saturday arvos. The Ramsay Retreat!
They celebrate with bottles of Lou's home brew!
Lassiter's Complex
Terese finds Imogen working outside Harold's, and sits down to join her. Terese asks about Daniel's suggestion that he and Imogen move in together, and expresses surprise that Imogen wasn't keener.
IMOGEN: Mum, Daniel is my dream guy. He is all I've ever wanted. And now I have him, my dumb imagination keeps putting things in my way and making me second-guess myself.
TERESE: Okay - are we talking FOMO or YOLO?
TERESE: What?! I do read the Internet!
Imogen admits somebody else has been stealing her attention lately - and that it's Tyler.
TERESE: Okay. Yes, well - he does have a certain effect on the Willis women. Well, me being the exception, of course.
IMOGEN: I don't know if it is a crush, or curiosity, or what - but it is there, and it is driving me crazy.
TERESE: Okay, look - being attracted to other people is normal. But it's no reason to throw your relationship with Daniel away.
Terese tells Imogen to keep reminding herself what drew her to Daniel in the first place, and to sit him down and be honest with him - she's sure he'll understand.
No 30
Aaron comes in with some stationery supplies for Sonya's paperwork, but she seems surprised by some emails she's received. Several of the objectors to the Quill development proposals have suddenly retracted their complaints, she explains - and she's starting to think the development might be a good idea after all, now it suddenly has more support.
Looking shifty, Aaron hands her the Quill proposal document so she can have another look. He then glances at his phone to see a 'thank you' message from Tom, for having sent him the list of complainants. Aaron looks guilty.
No 32
Brad and Toadie are still enjoying Lou's home-brew, when Lauren emerges. Brad shows her Doug's shed bar plans, and explains it was supposed to be a surprise - but says he wanted to check it with her first. Lauren admits she was thinking of using the shed as an art studio, but says they weren't concrete plans - and encourages Brad to go ahead with the bar instead.
Doug emerges and Brad is keen to show him the bar stool he's made. But Doug simply looks confused.
DOUG: I'm sorry. I don't know who you are...
Brad glances sadly at Lauren, as Doug looks upset.
Lassiter's Park
Imogen and Daniel are sitting on the steps, having a heart-to-heart. Daniel's apologetic about springing the cohabitation idea on Imogen, but she now says he's right - they should be taking the next step in their relationship.
DANIEL: So you agree?
DANIEL: But...
IMOGEN: Mum said I should be honest with you.
DANIEL: Of course.
IMOGEN: So when you started working so much, it put a strain on our relationship. Physically.
DANIEL: Yeah, I know, I know. We've got to make time for that too. It's important.
IMOGEN: Yeah. Anyway, as a result of that, something happened. And that's why I hesitated in saying yes to moving in together.
DANIEL: Okay...
IMOGEN: When I say something happened, it was all totally in my head...
DANIEL: Right...
IMOGEN: Tyler and I have history. I was attracted to him once, and I don't know why, but...
DANIEL: Hang on. Are you saying you're attracted to him now?
Unmissable Drama
- Tyler insists nothing happened, but that doesn't stop Daniel bawling at him and Imogen
- Daniel is hanging out with Paige's eco- hippie friend Aurora
- Paige questions whether Daniel is trying to get revenge on Imogen for her feelings for Tyler
- Tyler says to Imogen, 'So how about it? You and me?'
- Charlie's back in town - and he quizzes Steph as to whether she wants Mark to be her boyfriend
- Amy tells Kyle that Georgia still loves him, and he's furious with her and Sheila for hiding the fact
<<7324 - 7326>>
Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7325
Aaron Brennan

Tyler Brennan, Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Tyler Brennan, Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Brad Willis, Doug Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7325
Brad Willis, Doug Willis, Lauren Turner

Daniel Robinson, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7325
Daniel Robinson, Tyler Brennan

Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7325
Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Doug Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Doug Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Brad Willis

Lauren Turner, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7325
Lauren Turner, Aaron Brennan

Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7325
Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan

Toadie Rebecchi, Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Toadie Rebecchi, Brad Willis, Doug Willis

Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Toadie Rebecchi, Brad Willis

Imogen Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Imogen Willis, Terese Willis

Sonya Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7325
Sonya Rebecchi, Aaron Brennan

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7325
Lauren Turner

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Doug Willis

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7325
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7325
Imogen Willis

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