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Neighbours Episode 7322 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7322
Australian and UK airdate: 15/03/16
Writer: Kate Bradley
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Xanthe Canning: Lilly Van Der Meek
Nene Williams: Ally Fowler
Brodie Chaswick: Matt Testro
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Piper tells Paige her crush turned into a thing
- Brad tells Piper he's agreed to coach Brodie
- Josh tells Piper Brodie was kicked off his scholarship over a bad breakup
- Steph says the custody hearing for Charlie is next month, Mark says to focus on Charlie
- Amy tells Nene she was initially worried about her turning up
- Nene sends an e- mail from Karl's computer so then Karl gets a glowing reference about Nene
No.26 Backyard
Kyle, Jimmy, Amy and Paul are playing cricket. Jimmy is right next to the fence behind the stumps. Amy scoffs at Kyle's batting and he claims he's at death's door this morning! Nene arrives and Amy invites her to join in. Jimmy tells Nene to field with Paul as he needs all the help he can get! Amy bowls, Kyle hits it and Kyle bats the ball a lot better this time. Jimmy goes to catch the ball and stumbles into the fence.
Cue titles
Everyone is checking over Jimmy who has grazed his arm. He says it hurts and Kyle is really sorry. Jimmy accepts his apology and it was a good hit. Paul suggest they take him to Karl's as Nene watches. Amy says they don't need to bother Karl as Nene is a nurse. Kyle offers to get the first aid kit but Nene is happy to get it.
Harold's Café
Brodie and Piper awkwardly greet each other and Piper asks how lunch went with Brad and Josh. Brodie says it was good and Brad is already telling him what he can and can't eat. They sit at a table and Piper is glad he got what he wanted. Brodie says he's sorry and Piper tells him not to be. She says he never told her what happened in Portland and he was doing so well over there. Brodie says he guesses he's over it. Piper says she was a basket case for a while when Brodie ended things. Brodie apologises for reacting so badly, he just wanted her to stay in Canada. He does understand why she needed to come home but it still sucks. He wants to take it all back and he screwed up a chance of them being friends. He'll stay out of her way. Piper doubts he can do that when he's training with Brad. Brodie doubts they'll see each other as he's staying at the motel and training at the pool. Piper wants to know how he's paying for it. Brodie explains it's the last of his savings.
Xanthe arrives and Brodie leaves. Xanthe wants to know who the hottie was. Piper hesitates and Xanthe asks if he's a bad guy. If so, Xanthe says he's a loser. Piper explains he's not a loser and he was her first boyfriend. Xanthe squeals that she wants Piper to tell her everything.
Mark and Steph are sitting at the table. Mark tells Steph when he asked Susan for a reference letter she typed it on the spot. Steph says Susan is a good woman and Mark agrees. Mark is planning to get some from Tyler and Amy tomorrow. Steph says she'll do it but Mark is happy to do it. He says if they're like Susan and Sonya they'll be happy to help. Steph asks if Sonya has agreed to write a reference letter. Mark tells Steph that Sonya has agreed to speak as a character witness at the mediation so Steph has the mayor on her side! Steph is amazed is everyone is getting involved. Mark says they just want to give her every chance to win this. Steph should concentrate on her personal statement and leave the letters to Mark. Steph thanks him and Mark leaves.
No.26 Backyard
Nene has finished bandaging Jimmy' arm and Amy thanks Nene for doing this. Kyle jumps back over the fence after retrieving the ball. Jimmy asks how long he should wear the bandage, Nene says a few days. Kyle thinks the bandage means Jimmy hurt his arm badly so Nene says it's better to be safe than sorry. Kyle asks Jimmy how he is. He's ok but hot. Amy checks his forehead and realises he's rather warm. Nene says Jimmy's not used to having his arm bandaged but he'll get used to it. Kyle suggests they go and ask Karl's advice. Nene says she's taking care of it but Amy says it won't hurt to ask Karl. Nene says there isn't anything wrong with the treatment and offers to loosen the bandage. Jimmy is wincing as Amy points out Nene's had a long day with Doug so she shouldn't be on duty with Jimmy. Nene agrees for Karl to take a look.
Harold's Café
Xanthe says it's an amazing story and Piper's glad she's enjoying it! Xanthe points out that two young hearts have been torn apart by family and ambition. Brodie is now here to win Piper back. Apparently it's bigger than Carly, Jenning and Tiger. Piper says that Brodie says he's only here for swimming. Xanthe says it's just a front. As Brodie is a boy he can't just declare his feelings outright for Piper. Piper says Brodie admitted he would take the breakup back. Piper thinks Brodie meant how it went and how aggro Brodie got. Xanthe wants to find out for sure. Brodie and Piper will go for coffee. Xanthe will be there and suss out the chemistry between them. Piper isn't so keen as Brodie said he's going to leave her alone. Xanthe points out if Brodie says no she won't feel any worse than she already does and Piper tentatively agrees with this. Xanthe asks if she wants to find out for sure.
Steph is reading through some papers on the sofa when there's a knock at the door. Paul lets himself in and he's brought round the contracts to sign as Mohammed won't come to the mountains. Steph doesn't say anything so Paul asks what's up. Steph denies anything is up and asks for a pen. Paul says if spending time at the business is affected by her mediation he would rather know. Steph repeats nothing has happened and the motel will be fine. Paul asks why she's upset. Steph says she's been reading her personal statement and everything that's happened in her life is listed there.
STEPH: I know I wouldn't give me access..
Paul points out Max is hardly an angel. Steph says the mediator knows about Max's past but she doesn't think it will make a difference. Max has been on the straight and narrow longer than Steph and he's in a stable relationship. Paul asks about Philippa so Steph explains she's a squeaky clean lawyer. Paul checks Steph would do anything for Charlie, the same he would for his kids. Steph says it's not enough when you're fighting the law, even when you have all these character references. Steph says he's lucky to get a second chance with Amy and imagine if he never got the chance to see Amy again.
Harold's Café
Xanthe says to Brodie it must be an adjustment settling back into Australia. Brodie says America and North America are similar places. Brodie says the coffee in Australia is much better as he hasn't had a mocha this good in a long time. Piper and Brodie start laughing about a mocha story as Xanthe looks blankly at them. Piper explains they pronounce mocha differently over there which they didn't know when they went over there. Brodie asked the girl for a mocha and the girl looked at him blankly. They thought the girl couldn't hear Brodie so they said it louder. They got louder and had to leave the shop for harrassing the staff. Piper and Brodie are laughing throughout the story. Xanthe says she needs to get back to the kitchen but they can keep on talking.
Brodie asks if Xanthe is doing the cooking and Piper explains Xanthe is a scatterbrain. Piper says Brodie can leave if he wants. Brodie says he wouldn't mind hanging out and was glad when he got her text. Brodie wants to know more about Erinsborough but Piper says there isn't much to tell. Brodie says that Lauren owns the Café and Piper realises Brad has filled Brodie in on the love triangle mess. Brodie actually saw it on her blog. Piper points out she posted it right after they broke up. Brodie says he never broke the habit of checking her blog but comments she hasn't posted anything in a while. He comments about the video with the muscly dude doing the talking. Piper explains about the technology ban. It's a long story but Brodie says he has time.
Susan asks how Jimmy's doing as Karl rolls up the bandage. Karl says Jimmy will be feeling a little more comfortable. Amy realises Jimmy didn't need the bandage and Karl agrees it was unnecessary. Karl will apply antiseptics, band aids and a sling. Kyle notes Jimmy was feeling warm earlier so Karl recommends paracetamol. Susan goes to find some and Karl asks for a bowl of warm water. Amy thanks Karl and Karl shakes off her thanks. Kyle questions why Nene bandaged Jimmy's arm. Karl isn't sure as it's not the most instinctual approach. Amy checks if it was wrong to do that. Karl admits a compression can reduce swelling. Kyle suggests it's overkill. Karl suggests Nene was being over cautious as it's own grandson.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark comes out of the police station as Amy leaves Harold's with a white box. Amy says Mark looks like he's won the lottery. Mark reveals the Sarge has said he can start back at work so Amy congratulates him. Mark was going stir crazy at home! He leaves as he has a lot to do before he clocks back on.
Amy sees Paul and invites him to join them as she's just bought carrot cake for the wounded soldier! Paul asks after Jimmy. Amy says Jimmy will live and Paul says Jimmy's lucky to have Amy to look after him. Amy asks where else she would be as she's Jimmy's parent. There's an awkward moment so Amy starts to explain herself. Paul says it's ok. He often thinks about Amy getting bumps and scrapes as a child and he wasn't there to make her feel better. Amy points out he's here now. Amy repeats her invite and Paul says he'll catch her up.
Harold's Café
Brodie and Piper are bantering as Terese watches from the counter. Josh arrives and reminds Brodie he was meant to meet him half an hour ago for a run. Brodie checks his watch and apologises to Josh. He says goodbye to Piper and leaves.
Terese comes over and comments that Piper seems to be getting along with Brodie. Piper points out Brodie used to live with them so she does know him. Terese says it's strange with the way have gone back to the way they were so quickly with Brad coaching, Brodie and Josh training together and all the kids being friendly together. Piper says it's a good thing. Terese agrees but hope it continues to run smoothly as the family can't afford any more pressure. Piper says Brodie seems to be in a good place and seems genuinely sorry. Terese agrees but questions whether they should trust him. Piper points out they trusted her when she apologised over the school fire and when Josh hit that guy. Terese says that was different because they're family. Piper says Brodie might as well be as he lived with them and he doesn't have anyone else. Piper says that one of the things you do for family is forgive them when they've been an idiot. Terese comments that Piper makes it easy to forget she's only sixteen and they laugh together.
Paul is on the phone to someone. He tells them that she lives in Fiji. Her name is Philippa Hoyland. Paul wants to know any information they have on Philippa, he wants to find any skeletons in her closet.
It is the evening and Piper and Xanthe arrive home. Xanthe is asking Piper what else they talked about. Piper says they were just catching up. Xanthe says it seemed more than that and the sparks were flying. Piper realises Terese is making up the couch and asks if someone is staying over. Terese confirms this is true and Xanthe asks if it it's her. Terese points out Xanthe has a perfectly good bed two doors down the street. Piper asks who the guest is. Josh and Brodie walk into the room and Brodie confirms he's the guest and Piper asks what happened to the motel. Josh points out it makes sense to live together if they're training together. Terese couldn't let Brodie waste his money when they've got enough space here. As Piper said Brodie is family. Brodie thanks Terese.
Susan is preparing the dinner. Karl receives a text from Amy thanking him for looking after Jimmy. Jimmy has challenged Kyle to a rematch tomorrow. Karl thinks it's sweet of Amy to send the text. Susan says Amy's grateful for his help, especially after Nene did a strange job treating Jimmy. Karl says it didn't call for a compression bandage. Susan asks Karl how confident he is of Nene's abilities. Karl says that she's doing a good job with Doug, according to her CV she is a capable nurse and you never know till you work alongside somebody. Karl doesn't think Susan trusts Nene. Susan doesn't think something's quite right. Karl asks if this is to do with the flirting. Susan tells him to get over himself. It's just a feeling as they're asking Nene to look after a dear friend based on blind faith. Karl says he'll keep an eye on Nene and Susan doesn't think it will hurt.
Jimmy is looking at his arm and asks if the cuts will scar. Nene says Karl will be able to answer that. Jimmy asks what the matter is. Nene says everyone thinks she's a bad nurse and Jimmy denies this. Nene still thinks this and Amy and Kyle didn't trust her to look after Jimmy. Jimmy points out Amy stresses about stuff. Nene suggests she gives up her job as a carer and try something different. Jimmy tells her not to quit as she's a great nurse. Nene gave him jelly beans whereas Karl only gave him paracetamol. Nene points out there's more to nursing than handing out lollies! Jimmy points out she's doing a good job with Doug. Doug loves Nene and so does Jimmy. Jimmy says they're her patients and they're the ones that matter. Nene gives him a hug and Jimmy winces, Nene apologises.
It's now night-time. Brodie is still awake as Piper comes down for a drink. Brodie thanks her for convincing Terese to let him stay, he really appreciates it. Piper says it was Terese's idea, not hers. Brodie apologises, he figured it was Piper's idea as they were getting along before. Piper says he shouldn't expect it to continue and Brodie asks if she's upset. Piper says she's a bit confused. She asked him for months to make amends so she could tell her family about them and he wouldn't. The minute her swimming career is in trouble he's able to ask for their forgiveness. It seems she never mattered to him, he says she did. He says he was an idiot and stupid and asks her to try and understand. She reminds him he was going to leave her alone but he can't leave her alone. He doesn't think he wants to. They go to kiss as Josh arrives downstairs.
Piper goes and hides in the room by the fridge. Josh asks why Brodie's standing in the dark like a creep. Brodie couldn't find the light switch so Josh finds it for him, where all the other light switches are. Josh asks how it's going. Brodie says it's going great. Josh says it was good training with Brodie again, it felt like old times. Brodie agrees and says it must be tough knowing he won't be competing again. It helped Josh realise that coaching might be a career choice down the track. Josh has asked Brad if he can help train Brodie and Brodie agrees to this. Brodie says he's really appreciative of this and Josh says it's fine. It helps balance things out in the house with the girls! Brodie says he's really enjoying it here and Josh goes back to bed. Piper comes out of her hiding place.
Brodie and Piper say how much they missed each other. Brodie says he was a complete mess when Piper left and moved on. Piper calls him a complete idiot. He suggests they get back together and she considers the idea. He says they shouldn't tell her family and she says they can't do the secrecy thing again. Brodie says Brad won't coach him if he knows and Piper realises this is about swimming. Brodie says he's taking this last chance seriously and he wants Brad on his side. Piper says everything's different now. He's apologised and they're friends again. Brodie points out he only just got back in her parents' good books and he doesn't want to risk that. They can tell them everything once he's settled in. Piper agrees to this and they share a kiss. Brodie confirms this when the time's right. Brodie says he's got to be up at 5am so he'd better get some sleep. Piper's going to clean up.
Robinsons Motel
Paul finds Steph working in the room and asks what she's doing here. Steph explains she felt like being alone. If he's here to have another go about being a lazy business partner she hopes he can wait until morning. He wants to talk about what he has to say now. He did some digging on Philippa and she has a squeaky clean record. Philippa does have a bitter ex husband and he's quite prepared to embellish a few details on what Philippa is really like. Paul will e-mail Steph the ex husband's details. Paul really thinks Steph should talk to this man. This could win Charlie back. Paul leaves.
Unmissable Drama
- Amy and Nene find the letter from Georgia
- Amy confesses to Sheila that she read the letter
- Toadie tells Steph they are going to be just fine
- Lucas arrives with Philippa
- Susan advises Karl to keep an eye on Nene
- Doug thinks Nene is Pam and Nene confirms this
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Kyle Canning, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Nina Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7322
Kyle Canning, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Nina Williams, Paul Robinson

Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7322
Jimmy Williams

Karl Kennedy, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson, Nina Williams in Neighbours Episode 7322
Karl Kennedy, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson, Nina Williams

Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis

Mark Brennan, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7322
Mark Brennan, Steph Scully

Nina Williams, Kyle Canning, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7322
Nina Williams, Kyle Canning, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis

Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7322
Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Brodie Chaswick, Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Brodie Chaswick, Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis

Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7322
Brodie Chaswick

Susan Kennedy, Kyle Canning, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7322
Susan Kennedy, Kyle Canning, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Karl Kennedy

Mark Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7322
Mark Brennan, Amy Williams

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7322
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Brodie Chaswick, Josh Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Brodie Chaswick, Josh Willis, Piper Willis

Terese Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Terese Willis, Piper Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7322
Paul Robinson

Josh Willis, Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7322
Josh Willis, Brodie Chaswick

Terese Willis, Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7322
Terese Willis, Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7322
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Jimmy Williams, Nina Williams in Neighbours Episode 7322
Jimmy Williams, Nina Williams

Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis

Josh Willis, Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7322
Josh Willis, Brodie Chaswick

Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7322
Brodie Chaswick, Piper Willis

Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7322
Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7322
Steph Scully

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