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Neighbours Episode 7320 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7320
Australian and UK airdate: 11/03/16
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Xanthe Canning: Lilly Van der Meer
Julie Quill: Gail Easdale
Brodie Chaswick: Matt Testro
Cameron McPhee: Alexander Adams
Summary/Images by: Liam
- Xanthe proves a walking disaster zone at Harold's, but Sheila bribes Lauren into giving her a job
- Lauren breaks the news to Xanthe and Piper that Xanthe will be getting the job
- Paul is humiliated when Steph's biker friends pull his leg off and trash his motel room
- Terese and Daniel arrive to help Paul clean up
- Terese tells Piper that 'Brodie' is coming to town. Piper asks why
- Tyler clocks that Imogen is frustrated by lack of TITTNL- time with Daniel
- During a night in with Daniel, Imogen dreams of Tyler coming round in his kilt and kissing her
Harold's Café
Paige is eating a carrot. In comes Imogen, and orders a protein shake. Paige quickly gathers that Imogen's even more hyper than usual, and hurries away to make the shake. Tyler creeps up on Imogen, giving her a fright. He's bought her a present, to say thank you for getting his ban from The Waterhole rescinded after he flashed his genitals to the entire pub.
Imogen seems unwilling to take the gift. He says they're just chocolates, but she replies that it wouldn't be right, and huffs off.
PAIGE: What was that all about?
TYLER: I've no idea.
Cue titles.
Lassiter's Park
Brad is putting some of the troubled kids from his Blaze Outreach Programme™ through their paces on the outdoor gym equipment. He tells Cameron, the kid who got caught stealing flowers from Lassiter's for Paul last week, that he's impressed with his progress.
Brad tells Cameron to grab an equipment list before he goes, presumably for the mountain hike he's been planning for the troubled kids. Cameron says he doesn't have a sleeping bag, but Brad says they'll work something out. Cameron looks eternally grateful.
Lauren shows up, presumably to heap praise on Brad for all his good work, but their chat is interrupted by Brad's mobile ringing. He answers it, and receives some eyebrow-raising news.
BRAD: This is unexpected.
No 22
The Willises, minus Doug and Imogen, have convened for an emergency conference.
JOSH: Brodie?
BRAD: He's on his way here now. He wants to talk to the whole family.
Terese reveals that a friend of hers from Perth had tipped her off that Brodie was coming to town.
JOSH: We're not going to listen to him, surely?
BRAD: Well, it's been three years, mate.
JOSH: Time doesn't change what he did, Dad.
BRAD: Well it might've changed him.
PIPER: Did he say why he wants to see us?
BRAD: No. Just that it affects the whole family.
JOSH: He singlehandedly tried to ruin your coaching career. Not to mention getting me nearly blacklisted.
Brad's in a caring, sharing mood, so reminds Josh that it was 'a tense time', and that Brodie was young then and didn't have a lot of support.
JOSH: He was obsessed with our family! it was totally weird!
BRAD: I think he deserves a chance to apologise. If that's what this is all about.
TERESE: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to listen.
Josh grudgingly agrees. Piper claims that she doesn't mind either, but has gone quiet and worried-looking.
Robinsons Motel
Paul is showing off his motel room to Sonya in her capacity as mayor, and trying to convince her it's the best venue to host the upcoming Citizen of the Year Awards. Julie Quill randomly shows up.
JULIE: I would've asked your staff at the front desk, but I couldn't find any.
PAUL: Julie, how odd. I can normally hear your broom landing.
JULIE: That's exactly what this place needs, a broom.
PAUL: Why are you here?
JULIE: Curiosity. I've always wondered what one-star accommodation looks like.
SONYA: Okay, perhaps I'll leave you guys to it!
Julie asks Sonya if she has any questions regarding Lassiter's own bid for the awards ceremony. Sonya says not, but Paul is furious that Lassiter's is bidding for the event in competition with him.
JULIE: It only seems fair to celebrate our most civic-minded in a truly first-class establishment.
Julie highlights the motel's recent trouble with bikies to Sonya. Paul says Julie's 'crude attempts at manipulation' will bear no fruit, but Sonya says she can speak for herself.
Julie reveals that The Waterhole is already hosting the launch event for the awards later today, before swanning out. Sonya confirms this to an irate Paul - and explains that she'll be announcing the result of the tender for the ceremony at the launch later.
SONYA: Now, what did she mean by bikies?
PAUL: Oh, err...
Harold's Café
Lauren is instructing Xanthe on how to use the coffee machine, including cleaning it. Xanthe suggests she could use bleach; Lauren patiently explains that's a no-no around food. Xanthe advocates being put in the kitchen, as cookery is her specialty. Lauren doesn't seem keen, but says she might be able to help with some sandwich-making later.
Paige brings Imogen her protein shake, and asks why she was so uptight earlier with Tyler.
IMOGEN: I had a dream, and... Tyler was in it.
PAIGE: What kind of dream?
IMOGEN: What kind of dream do you think?! Let's just say the kilt featured very prominently.
PAIGE: I am officially shocked!

Paige tries to keep from laughing, and concludes that Imogen has the hots for Tyler.
IMOGEN: No - I have the hots for my boyfriend!
PAIGE: You can deny it all you like, but your subconscious has spoken!
IMOGEN: Read my lips, Paige. I love Daniel.
PAIGE: Love is just a bourgeois construct. A cosmic imbalance. According to ŽIžek, we are all just animals acting on instincts. The rest is made up.
IMOGEN: Coming from the girl who was getting married a few weeks ago.
Imogen says she must be dreaming of 'Ty' because they've been hanging out a lot while Daniel's been busy working.
PAIGE: Ty? (!)
IMOGEN: Shut up.
No 22
The mysterious Brodie has arrived, and joins Josh, Brad, Terese and Piper at the dining table. Josh looks uncomfortable. Brad says he heard Brodie got a swimming scholarship in the States; Brodie claims he got homesick, hence his return to Australia. He adds that he's been training on his own and getting ready for the Olympic trials.
BRODIE (to Josh): Sorry, I heard about your shoulder injury. It's every swimmer's worst nightmare. Guess you've got more important things to focus on, now you're a father.
JOSH: How did you hear about that?
BRODIE: Uh, just... popped up on my feed, I think. A few mutual friends still, so...
Brodie says he's grateful they all agreed to talk to him.
BRODIE: You had every right to shut the door in my face.
JOSH: We know that.
JOSH: He accused me of taking steroids, Mum. I don't have to play nice.
BRODIE: That was the biggest mistake of my life.
BRAD: We only ever wanted what was best for you, Brodie.
Brodie doesn't attempt to excuse his past behaviour, saying that he got jealous when Brad said he wanted to start focusing on training Josh.
BRODIE: Training with you both was the highlight of my career. I'm sorry for what I did. More than you'll ever know.
Terese says she appreciates the apology, but Piper says it's Josh and Brad he hurt. Josh, however, says he accepts the apology.
JOSH: Will that be all?
But Brodie has something else to ask and, as Terese leaves for the Citizen of the Year launch, he asks to speak to Brad in private.
JOSH: Surprise, surprise.
The Waterhole
The model of the new Lassiter's tower has been set up in The Waterhole, presumably because this affords the Quills more gloating opportunities. Paul whinges to Daniel about Julie finding out about the bikies trashing the motel, and Daniel admits he may have mentioned it to Julie. Paul accuses him of only helping to clear up at the motel to gather intel for the Quills.
Daniel denies this, saying he had no idea Julie would go after the awards ceremony contract. Paul correctly guesses that Daniel told her Paul was going for it, which was obviously why she did too. Terese arrives and tells Paul to give Daniel a break; he couldn't lie to his boss.
TERESE: This all stems from your hatred of Julie Quill, and it has got to stop! It's becoming an obsession.
But Paul continues to whinge about how Julie is apparently using the awards launch to simultaneously launch her new hotel expansion - hence the model. Sonya comes in, and Paul tries to pester her about the tender to influence her decision, but she says she needs 'space to deliberate' - adding that she's received lots of new info and is 'taking it under advisement'.
No 22
Piper listens in from the stairway as Brodie flatters Brad, telling him his opinion means more to him than anyone's.
BRODIE: You've been more of a father to me in a lot of ways than my own dad has. I'm not sure how to ask this.
BRAD: Just spit it out, mate. That's usually the easiest way.
Brodie explains that he wants Brad to consider coaching him again, for the Olympics. Piper rolls her eyes and walks off upstairs. Brad is surprised at Brodie's request, and explains he now teaches full-time at the school. But Brodie says his swimming has never been as good since his time with Brad.
BRODIE: You remember how you used to make us visualise standing on the Olympic podium, anthem playing?
BRAD: Yeah, they were big dreams.
BRODIE: I wanna stand on that podium. And this is my last chance. So what do you say? Will you go for the gold with me - give it one last shot?
Lassiter's Lake
Daniel is on the phone, on stressful-sounding work-related business, when Paul approaches. Having overheard, he asks Daniel if has staffing problems; Daniel explains the Lassiter's chef has walked out, having had a better offer. It soon becomes clear that Paul is enjoying this, and that in fact he tipped the chef off about a job opportunity elsewhere, in an attempt to ruin the Quills' launch event.
DANIEL: Are you done gloating?
PAUL: I'm not gloating.
He is gloating.
PAUL: It's called karma. What goes around comes around.
DANIEL: Haha, yeah - if I was you, I'd be pretty worried about that!
As Paul saunters off, Imogen turns up, and suggests that Daniel let them into one of the hotel rooms for some afternoon delight. He's too busy and stressed to indulge her, though.
IMOGEN: You know, there's only so many times a girl can hear 'no' before she starts to take it personally.
Daniel tells her to come back after six, and he'll make it worth her while. She tells him that you can't schedule spontaneity, but he has to rush off and call Lauren to ask her to handle the catering for the launch - leaving Imogen looking frustrated again.
Fitzgerald Motors
Imogen pays Tyler a visit at the garage, and apologises for being grumpy with him before when he tried to give her the present. He says it's no biggie.
IMOGEN: So are we good?
TYLER: Yeah, sure. Except I should probably tell you that I ate all the chocolates.
Tyler says that Imogen shouldn't get so wound up by things.
TYLER (gesturing to bike): Whenever I need to decompress, I jump on my girl and hit the road.
IMOGEN: I can see why that would do it. Putting your life at risk definitely puts things into perspective.
TYLER: I could not agree more!
He offers her a ride, but she reminds him that her parents almost killed him the last time she got on his bike (when they first met).
IMOGEN: And I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion.
TYLER: Last time, you were in a toga.
IMOGEN: I remember.
TYLER: Come on, live a little! Walk on the wild side!
He puts on a Scottish accent, and shouts, 'don't let your stress take your freedom!' This wins Imogen over, and she puts a helmet on...
The Waterhole
Sonya is having a laugh with Julie Quill about Tyler's flashing antics the other day, when Lauren and Xanthe come in with platters of food for the launch. Sonya's surprised as she thought Lassiter's was doing the catering; Daniel explains the chef walked out, but Julie insists it's all under control. At that moment Xanthe drops some crockery on the floor!
Sonya is a bit put out that they hadn't let her know about the altered catering arrangements, but Daniel says it was a last-minute thing. Paul shows up to gloat again.
PAUL: What's this? Not an unexpected issue, I hope.
DANIEL: Oh, don't start.

Lauren brings a trayful of her 'special egg sandwiches' over; Xanthe boasts that she helped make them. Julie and Sonya are quick to dig in, but Paul declines - and Sonya and Julie go back to discussing The Development™.
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler and Imogen arrive back from their bike ride. Imogen has lost one of her shoes, but is otherwise unscathed. She complains at how disgusting the garage floor is, so Tyler carries her barefoot and giggling to the desk, where he sits her down.
IMOGEN: You have been watching way too many superhero movies!
There's a Moment™, during which they seem about to kiss. They then both look worried.
IMOGEN: Thank you, for the ride.
TYLER: Yeah, don't worry. I'll go... get your shoe.
Imogen sits there looking worried, while Tyler leaves.
The Waterhole
Sonya's preparing to make the announcement of who will host the Citizen of the Year awards ceremony. Kyle has randomly turned up, and is talking to Sonya. Daniel comes over, and Sonya comments on how he and Paul have been clashing today. Daniel says he doesn't like being in direct competition with his uncle.
Lauren shows up with another plate of egg sandwiches, and Kyle takes one and wolfs it down. Sonya refuses, however, saying her stomach doesn't feel right, as she's already eaten one too many. Xanthe goes to get her a glass of water, while Kyle grabs another sandwich.
No 22
In the garden, Terese, Josh, Imogen and Piper are discussing Brodie's request to Brad. Imogen is doubtful of the sincerity of Brodie's apology, given that he asked for something straight afterwards.
PIPER: I thought he meant it.
IMOGEN: Well you've always had a soft spot for him.
PIPER: So have you!
IMOGEN: Until he accused Dad of pumping Josh with steroids. He had to take all those tests, and even when he was all clear, everyone gave him the side-eye.
But when they talk to Brad about it, it's clear he's considering Brodie's request. He admits he's a little tempted by the proposal. Terese reminds him of all that Brodie did, and asks whether Brad can really trust him.
The Waterhole
Sonya is now feeling really ill, and Daniel tends to her, while Kyle continues to stuff his face with Lauren's egg sandwiches. Julie Quill is also looking a little under-the-weather.
JULIE: I have it on good authority that Lassiter's has the contract in the bag.
PAUL: You don't look too confident. You're literally sweating.
JULIE: Yeah, well, you always do tend to make me feel quite nauseous.
PAUL: Oh, you can spew as much bile as you like. You just watch your step, Julie Quill.
Julie looks ill, while Sonya runs towards the bathroom to throw up. Daniel asks Lauren to go and check on her for him. Then Kyle darts out of the door with his hand over his mouth! Daniel begins to suspect a stomach bug is to blame. Xanthe and Lauren shake their heads innocently, still holding the tray of sandwiches.
We hear a loud vomiting noise and cut to Julie Quill, who has just thrown up all down a disgusted Paul's shirt!
LAUREN: Oh, no, not the sandwiches!
XANTHE: It's alright!
Lauren sniffs the sandwiches and looks at Xanthe angrily.
Harold's Café
Piper is sitting alone, when Brodie comes in.
BRODIE: Mind if I sit?
PIPER: Free country.
BRODIE: I suppose you've all been talking about me.
PIPER: What do you think? (!) That was quite the bombshell you just dropped on Dad.
BRODIE: What did he say?
PIPER: Why are you really here?
BRODIE: Your dad's the best. I'll need him if I'm gonna make the Olympic squad.
PIPER: There are lots of other coaches you could've worked with. Tons.
BRODIE: None of them know me like your dad does. He always knew how to get the best out of me. I know if I've got him on my side, I'll make the team.
PIPER: Oh, well, don't let me get in the way of a recruitment campaign. The great Brodie Chaswick back in the pool!
BRODIE: You haven't said anything, have you?
PIPER: About what?
PIPER: No. I haven't said anything about Canada, or the fact that you broke my heart, or any of it, so you can relax.
BRODIE: You left me, okay?
PIPER: Because my family was falling apart. I asked you to come with me but you wouldn't, because swimming was more important, as always.
BRODIE: That's not true.
PIPER: Yes, it is. But it's fine, because I spent the last six months getting over you. So you can just keep pretending that we never happened, Chas. And no-one will ever know.
Unmissable Drama
- Lauren tells Sheila that she knew their 'arrangement' would end in tears
- Xanthe asks 'what arrangement'?
- Nene tells Amy that everything's under control, and that she won't let her down
- Doug asks Nene what she's doing at Karl's computer, as she types an email in Karl's name
- Piper tells Paige that 'my crush turned into a thing'
- Josh tells Piper that Brodie was kicked off his scholarship, and she acts surprised
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Piper Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Piper Willis, Imogen Willis

Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7320
Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan

Cameron McPhee in Neighbours Episode 7320
Cameron McPhee

Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Sonya Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Julie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7320
Sonya Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Julie Quill

Lauren Turner, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7320
Lauren Turner, Xanthe Canning

Paige Smith, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Paige Smith, Imogen Willis

Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Brodie Chaswick, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Brodie Chaswick, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7320
Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7320
Paul Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi

Brodie Chaswick, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Brodie Chaswick, Brad Willis

Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7320
Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7320
Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan

Lauren Turner, Julie Quill, Sonya Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7320
Lauren Turner, Julie Quill, Sonya Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7320
Imogen Willis, Tyler Brennan

Sonya Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7320
Sonya Rebecchi, Kyle Canning, Daniel Robinson

Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Piper Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Piper Willis, Imogen Willis

Sonya Rebecchi, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7320
Sonya Rebecchi, Daniel Robinson

Julie Quill, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7320
Julie Quill, Paul Robinson

Xanthe Canning, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7320
Xanthe Canning, Lauren Turner

Paul Robinson, Julie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7320
Paul Robinson, Julie Quill

Brodie Chaswick in Neighbours Episode 7320
Brodie Chaswick

Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7320
Piper Willis

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