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Neighbours Episode 7302 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<7301 - 7303>>
Episode title: 7302
Australian and UK airdate: 16/02/16
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Lyn Scully: Janet Andrewartha
Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
Julie Quill: Gail Easdale
Xanthe Canning: Lilly Van Der Meek
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Shay tells Paul as interim manager she is ordering him to vacate the premises
- Shay tells Terese she will continue as General Manager but to steer clear of Paul
- Kyle reads Gary's letter to Sheila
- Kyle tells Gary not to stuff up and this is his last chance
- Sheila tells Kyle Gary got into a fight and screwed up his chance of parole
- Paul suggests Doug invests in his motel and Doug writes him a cheque
- Steph agrees to invest but can't believe that Paul cheated Doug out of his money.
The Waterhole
Lyn says that Paul's done some pretty low things in the past but this is lower than any of them. Paul wants to explain. Steph wants to know what excuse Paul could have for fleecing an old man with Alzheimer's. Paul says he presented Doug with a business proposition and Doug accepted. Paul says that Doug is capable of making up his own mind. Lyn doesn't believe it so Josh says they should go and ask Doug himself. Paul says that Doug will confirm what Paul has said. Lyn says that Steph must be rethinking the deal. Steph doesn't know what to think and leaves with Josh. Lyn delightedly tells Paul he can kiss his motel goodbye.
Cue titles
No.32 Backyard
Doug is resting on a sun lounger as Brad is cleaning the pool. Brad suggests that Doug goes for a swim. Doug doesn't answer so Brad realises he is asleep. Josh arrives with Steph and asks if Brad knows about Doug making a business investment. This is the first Brad has heard about it.
STEPH: Paul says your Dad wanted to invest in his motel, but my Mum's saying he's conned him.
Paul arrives and claims it's a legitimate business agreement. Brad says Doug is in no fit state to make that kind of decision. Paul points out Doug seemed fine when he signed the cheque. Brad is confused about the cheque so Josh hands the cheque to him. Brad says there's no way Doug can afford $20,000. Paul is going to wake Doug and check with him. Brad refuses to let Paul do that so Paul will take the cheque and leave. Brad rips up the cheque as he refuses to let Paul have Doug's money. Paul says Brad has no right to do that. Brad says it's his right as Doug's son to protect Doug from Paul. Paul wryly comments that Doug is spending Brad's inheritance. Josh steps in to tell Paul it's time to go. Steph tells Paul he's also lost his main investor. Paul sighs and walks off.
Lassiter's Reception
Terese walks into Reception as Daniel is behind the desk. He tells Terese that there is something strange going on. He tells Terese that Imogen found out that the contractor Amanda is actually an engineer. Amanda made Daniel put some boxes into the storeroom the other day. Terese points out that isn't unusual. Daniel says that Amanda told him that no-one was allowed in there from now on under Julie Quill's orders. Amanda wouldn't say what was in the boxes and Daniel knew if Terese e knew. Terese doesn't know but doesn't think it will be hard to find out.
Julie arrives and Daniel welcomes her back. Terese says they weren't expecting her until tomorrow and Julie says she likes tor surprise. Julie would like a meeting with Terese away from the complex. Julie suggests Terese's house and she agrees. Terese tells Daniel to text Paul and tell him not to come home. She tells Daniel she will get fired if Julie sees Paul there.
Imogen is working on her laptop as she, Xanthe and Piper are sitting at the kitchen table. Xanthe checks if Imogen minds doing this but Imogen doesn't mind. Piper says Imogen will be able to help. Imogen says she's not an expert on parole but they'll go through all the legalities and find the best way to formally challenge. Xanthe thanks her and Imogen is happy to learn a new area.
Kyle and Sheila arrive home. Sheila hopes they're not getting Imogen to do their homework. Xanthe announces Imogen's helping out with Gary's parole. Sheila doesn't think there's much they can do about that. Imogen says there'll definitely be a way to challenge the board, they just have to figure out the best way. Sheila wishes them good luck. Xanthe says they'll find a way to get Gary home.
Julie tells Terese that this meeting is strictly confidential and Terese agrees. Julie needs Terese to draw up a list of all the leases they have on the complex, who lets what and how long the leases have left. Terese agrees and asks why it is needed. Julie can't give Terese any further information at this stage. Terese asks if it is linked to the new contractor. Julie says it's one thing at a time and would like an update on what has been happening here.
Paul appears angrily talking to Brad on his phone wanting to talk to Doug. Julie and Terese stand d up. Julie asks Paul why he's here and Terese covers by asking the same question. Paul has realised the situation. He wanted Terese to talk to Brad and apologises for barging in. Terese tells him they're having a private meeting. Paul apologises for interrupting and leaves.
TERESE: He used to own the place, thinks he can swan in whenever he likes.
Paul now gets the text message from Daniel telling him to avoid No.22.
Julie asks Terese if he's still friendly with Paul. Terese says she isn't particularly friendly with Paul. Julie reminds Terese what's at stake if she is friendly with Paul.
Harold's Store
Lyn suggests investing in a pub as she's had lots of hospitality experience. Steph reminds Lyn she works in a pub and it's big money to set them up. Lyn suggests a mobile food van. Steph can make a fortune if she parks the van in the right location. Lyn suggests Steph parks it at an alternative he festival for like minded women! Lyn says they'd be buzzing round Steph like honeybees! Lyn offers to help, she did run a very successful hair salon. How can Steph forget! Lyn is only trying to cheer Steph up, they will think of a fabulous investment. Steph suggests investing three dollars in a cake to shut Lyn up for five minutes.
Kyle suggests it's for the best if Xanthe takes it on the chin that Gary's staying in jail. Xanthe wants to know why Kyle is being so negative. Kyle points out that Imogen said that the only person who can challenge this is Gary. Xanthe wants to convince Gary so Kyle should go and talk to Gary. Kyle says there's no point. Xanthe says the stuff that happened between Kyle and Gary can't get between them, Gary is their father. Xanthe wants to know why Kyle is being so weird and demands to know what is going on. Kyle tells Xanthe that Gary sabotaged his own parole by getting into a fight with an inmate. Xanthe asks why he did that and Kyle doesn't answer. Xanthe realises Kyle means Gary would rather live in prison than with them. Kyle is sorry but this is what he's trying to tell her. Gary only thinks about himself, he always has and he always will.
Terese tells Julie that she's compiled all the information on the contracts into one document. Terese suggests that Julie tells her what it's for then she could explain the particulars. Julie says she will in due course. Terese hopes Julie isn't doubting her loyalty to Quill. Terese occasionally bumps into Paul but she has nothing to do with him professionally. Julie says Terese should thank her lucky stars as she can't imagine how Terese managed to work under that witch for so long, Paul is a pig. Terese knows something happened between Paul and Julie.
JULIE: Paul and I met many years ago at a conference. He sweet talked me into bed and once he'd had his way he kicked me out.
TERESE: Wow. That's awful.
JULIE: He claimed he had an early morning meeting. Then I saw him in the foyer the next morning. He had another woman on his arm. When he noticed me he had the audacity to wave...
Julie excuses herself as she takes another call. Paul arrives and urgently indicates Terese to come outside. She does and wonders if he's trying to get her fired. Paul wants Terese to keep Julie talking so he can nip up the stairs. She tells him he needs to stay somewhere else tonight as Julie's staying for dinner. He says he'll be out in the cold as he hasn't any money. Terese reminds him that Julie was in the same situation a few years ago. Julie comes back so Terese gets Paul to leave.
Harold's Store
It is now the evening and Brad, Josh and Doug sit down at a table. Doug laughs about the fact he snoozed away most of the day. Josh comments it's obviously what he needed. Brad needs to talk to Doug about something that happened earlier. Paul says that Doug gave him 20,000 to invest in his motel. Brad says Paul must have conned it out of Doug when Doug wasn't feeling well but Brad has torn up the cheque. Doug says Brad has no right to do that. Josh says that Brad was stopping Paul from ripping Doug off. Doug says Paul wasn't as they made a business deal. Brad checks if Doug's investment. Paul and Steph deserve it after what they went through. Josh cuts Doug off as he starts talking about the accident. Josh covers by saying it hasn't been an easy year for them. Brad says Doug shouldn't start doling out cheques. Doug says Brad should have talked to him first and Brad points out Doug was asleep. Doug can't believe Brad made a decision about his finances and his life without asking him.
DOUG: You have no idea what it's like to be me. Losing control of your entire life. This is something I can hold onto even if it's just for a short time.
Brad doesn't think Doug realises what Paul's like. Doug says he does and he just wanted to make one decision all by himself. They couldn't even let him do that.
Lassiter's Complex
It is now the next morning. Sheila asks Kyle on the phone if he's heard from Xanthe as she didn't turn up for school this morning. Sheila says she wouldn't be calling if she knew where Xanthe was. Sheila exasperatedly tells Kyle she'll sort this out herself. She literally bumps into Paul who's doing community service. She tells him to look where he's going and he asks if the vest isn't bright enough! Sheila wants to know why he's wearing suit pants. Paul says he hasn't had a chance to change since yesterday. Sheila says she was thinking it was the rubbish that smelt!
Terese arrives and says Paul looks less than presentable. Paul points out he spent the night in the Men's She and Terese says he deserved it. Paul says the stuff with Julie was years ago when he was a different person. Terese wants Paul to hurry along as she doesn't want to promote this look outside the hotel.
Julie arrives and Paul says if she stays around he'll have to take out a restraining order. She's just enjoying the scenery. Paul's not interested and never has been so Julie needs to get over it. Julie heard that he's opening a motel. Paul says it's a boutique motel. Julie says he shouldn't waste his time as Lassiter's has the monopoly in this area. Paul says that is because there hasn't been any decent competition. Julie says there still isn't. Daniel is asked to do a h as he walks past. Julie comments Daniel is a wonderful employee and very dedicated.
No.22 Backyard
Josh and Doug are sitting at the table. Josh tells Doug he had hoped he had forgotten about the accident and Doug can't believe that he would be able to forget. Josh reminds Doug that they're fine and Doug doesn't need to give them his life savings. Doug says he wants to do it. Imogen appears and Doug asks Imogen if Brad can stop him doing this. Imogen says Brad has power of attorney which means he can step in especially if Brad can prove Doug isn't sound of mind.
Brad arrives and says he just wants to talk. Doug announces that he's going to talk and they're going to listen. Brad agrees. Doug understands why they want to protect him. He's not always the full quid. He can still think for himself a lot of the time. Brad asks how they will know what state Doug's mind is in when he makes these decisions. Doug says they've got to trust him and he wants to invest his money. Paul has a proven track record in business. Josh points out Paul can be very shady. Doug has dealt with blokes like Paul and can handle him. Josh points out the motel is a dump. Doug points out it won't be once they've finished. He needs to do this.
DOUG: I've worked all my life and to have that taken away by this damn disease. It's humiliating. This is my chance to take some control. Please son, don't stand in my way.
An upset Xanthe is sitting on the sofa in her uniform. Sheila is relieved to see her when she gets home and Xanthe tells her to give her the lecture. Sheila guessed Xanthe had skipped school to try and see Gary. Xanthe agrees but Gary didn't want to see her. She wants to know what she's done wrong. Sheila tells her that it's not her fault so Xanthe wants to know why Gary's avoiding her and ruined the one chance to become a family again. Xanthe suggests Gary doesn't love her anymore. Sheila reassures her that he does love her. Xanthe claims she doesn't need Gary so Sheila shouldn't worry about it. Sheila says that Kyle really thought he was doing the right thing and Xanthe isn't sure that is the same as he let Kyle down. Gary made the decision to get into the fight. Xanthe angrily asks why Kyle would say that. Sheila says that Xanthe can't blame Kyle but Xanthe does. Gary could be sitting here if Kyle hadn't opened his big mouth.
Kyle arrives home and is relieved to see Xanthe as he was getting worried. Xanthe tells him not to pretend he cares. Sheila admits she told Xanthe what Kyle said to Gary. Xanthe says Kyle didn't want Gary to come home as he's jealous. Xanthe claims Kyle can't stand the fact she's closer to Gary than he is. Kyle says it isn't true. Xanthe wanted Gary home and Kyle's ruined everything. She says she will never forgive Kyle. Kyle points out he was trying to protect her. Gary loves her and Kyle is selfish. Kyle says that it wouldn't matter what Kyle said if Gary loved Xanthe but he's not here. Xanthe leaves the room. Kyle tries apologising but Xanthe still heads off. Kyle wonders how to fix this but Sheila is unsure if he can. They need to do something.
No.22 Backyard
Paul arrives and wants to know what's going on. He's not interested if it's a group lecture. Josh asks him to sit down but Paul can't stay long as he's looking for other investors. Brad says he's decided not to stop Doug from investing in the motel if Doug wants that. Doug confirms this and Brad tells Paul they'll be watching him. Paul tells them they've made the right decision. Doug's condition is that Josh is the man on the ground. When Doug can't get out to see things on some days Josh will be protecting the investment. That's fine with Paul. Steph has to make up her mind but Brad wanted her to hear the full story. Steph still isn't happy about everything. Paul wishes he had been more upfront. Steph checks Doug wasn't pressured into this. Doug says Paul is no angel but he's a good businessman. Paul suggests running every business proposition by her, full transparency. Steph is happy with that and they shake on it.
Ramsay Street
Lyn thinks Steph is joking. Steph reassures Lyn they've talked it through and there will be no secrecy. Lyn doesn't think they're talking about Paul Robinson! Paul points out a lot is riding on the motel including his reputation. He'll show Julie Quill how a business is really run. Lyn comments that Steph is funding his grudge match! Steph says she knows what she's doing. Lyn says she doesn't have to go to Bendigo and she'll delay it. Steph stops her in her tracks by saying they need to go and sign the papers and check out the motel. Lyn says she'll be right back if Paul takes advantage of Steph. Paul says that's his incentive! Lyn heads off to Bendigo.
(Josh is standing alongside them through this scene but he doesn't have any lines.)
Xanthe and Piper are standing by the sink. Xanthe tells Piper that Gary didn't have the guts to tell her himself. Sheila and Kyle also lied about it. Piper points out they might be trying to protect her. Xanthe says she isn't a little kid and doesn't need protecting. It's ok as everyone usually gives up on her anyway. Piper doesn't think it's true but her Mum gave up on her and her Dad doesn't care. Sheila and Kyle will eventually do the same.
Sheila and Kyle arrive and say they have a surprise. Sheila was going to wrap it but she didn't have enough paper. Kyle presents a tuba. Piper wonders what this is about and Xanthe says it's a euphonium. Gary said Xanthe could play it and it cheered Xanthe up when she was feeling down. Piper is amazed Xanthe can play it and Xanthe says she started to learn it at school. Xanthe thanks Sheila and Sheila suggests she tries it. Piper and Xanthe say they need to go so they'll try it later. As they head out the door Piper points out they don't want to get rid of Xanthe if they're getting her a tuba. Xanthe says they won't need to as she's leaving when she has enough cash and she's sixteen. Piper says they're making a big effort. Xanthe says it's nice but she doesn't want to stay here. She won't be here any longer than necessary.
Lassiter's Hotel
Terese finds the key and lets herself into the room that they're not meant to touch. She finds a scale model of the Lassiter's Complex. Julie arrives and asks what Terese is doing. Terese apologises and says curiosity got the better of her. Julie says what she's going to show Terese needs to remain confidential and Terese agrees.
Outside Erins Burrow
Steph and Paul arrive and Steph says it's a dump. Steph asks Paul if he thinks there's room for the motel and Lassiter's. Paul says he knows there is. The overflow will come here when Lassiter's is full.
Julie says she hates turning business away. They are planning a second hotel on the other side of the complex. The model she produces is put over the space for Harold's Café and Rebecchi Law. Terese confirms that this is on the complex. Julie says this will ensure this is the number one hotel on this side of the city. Their competitors won't stand a chance.
Paul says there's nothing he doesn't know about the local market. Steph points out this won't be cheap to do up. Paul says the building is very sound but it needs a cosmetic touch-up. He's done his sums so there'll be no surprises.
Terese asks about all the businesses. Julie says it makes financial sense to terminate those leases and demolish the buildings. Terese checks if they will able to fill all the rooms. Julie says they will when they slash their prices.
Paul says they'll be the low budget alternative and they step forward to take a closer look at the motel.
Terese says they'll crush everyone and Julie says that includes Paul. Terese says the motel won't survive and Julie agrees. Julie reminds Terese this is their little secret.
- Terese tells Lauren they can't always get what they want
- Brad tells Terese she feels a need to punish Lauren for what happened
- Mark sees Paige is back and Paige dumps his belongings on the ground out of a black bag
- Paul says to Steph the council think they're a public liability
- Paul and Steph are not impressed at the smell inside the motel
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Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Josh Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7302
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Josh Willis, Paul Robinson

Steph Scully, Paul Robinson, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Steph Scully, Paul Robinson, Brad Willis

Terese Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7302
Terese Willis, Daniel Robinson

Julie Quill, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Julie Quill, Terese Willis

Xanthe Canning, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Xanthe Canning, Imogen Willis

Julie Quill, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Julie Quill, Terese Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7302
Paul Robinson

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7302
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Xanthe Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7302
Xanthe Canning, Kyle Canning

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7302
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Doug Willis

Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7302
Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning

Julie Quill, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7302
Julie Quill, Paul Robinson

Josh Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Josh Willis, Doug Willis

Imogen Willis, Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Imogen Willis, Brad Willis, Doug Willis

Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7302
Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning

Steph Scully, Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Steph Scully, Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Josh Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7302
Josh Willis, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Steph Scully, Josh Willis, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 7302
Paul Robinson, Steph Scully, Josh Willis, Lyn Scully

Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7302
Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7302
Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Julie Quill, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Julie Quill, Terese Willis

Paul Robinson, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7302
Paul Robinson, Steph Scully

Julie Quill, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7302
Julie Quill, Terese Willis

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