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Neighbours Episode 7245 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7245
Australian airdate: 30/10/15
UK airdate: 13/11/15
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Ralph Strasser
Guests: Steph Scully: Carla Bonner
Aaron Brennan: Matt Wilson (photograph)
Ben Kirk: Felix Mallard
- "Get A Grip Upon Yourself" by Family Fold
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Tyler advises Kyle to hook up with a 'random bird' in a bid to get over Amy
- Kyle goes for a date with a woman called Shay, but Amy seems jealous
- Sheila hears Toadie shouting for help in the fire, but abandons him to his fate
- Tyler tells Paige that he's moving on from her for real
- Steph is shocked to learn that Jayden tried to frame her for burning down the school
- When Tyler asks after a missing tool, Steph flips and says she's sick of being a scapegoat
A road somewhere
Amy is out for an evening jog. She stops for a rest and takes out her earphones, then hears the sound of a woman crying nearby. Using her phone as a torch, she makes her way towards the sound, and finds Steph, sitting by the roadside sobbing. Steph says she's okay but she's clearly in a state - so Amy helps her up and says she'll take her somewhere warm.
Harold's Store
Paige sits down to chat to Piper and Imogen. She asks them to 'tone down the hate' towards Brad, saying he's doing the best he can in a complex situation.
PIPER: You mean, to make up for saving your mum, not ours?
PAIGE: He tried to save them both.
Piper says she isn't trying to make it worse for Brad, but isn't going to pretend everything's cool either. Paige leaves, asking them to think about what she's said. Once she's gone, Imogen admits Paige might be right. But Piper insists Brad made a selfish decision and that she isn't willing to forgive and forget yet. Piper leaves to catch up with Ben.
The Waterhole
Steph explains to Amy in vague terms about Jayden trying to frame her for burning the school down, as she's an easy target because of her history - and then about Belinda showing up and trying to persuade her to leave town, and Tyler ostensibly accusing her of stealing. On hearing the story, Amy suggests Steph might have got it wrong about Tyler, who only asked a reasonable question about where the torque wrench was. Steph admits Amy's probably right.
STEPH: It's always in the back of my mind, I have this fear that people are judging me. It just taints every single interaction I have.
AMY: Well I grew up without a dad, got pregnant straight out of high school, and married a hopeless case. But I realised that worrying about what other people think is a waste of time. It's what you think about yourself that matters.
STEPH: Yeah. I don't think much of myself right now.
AMY: You will.
Fitzgerald Motors
Paige turns up at the garage to whinge to Tyler about her family problems.
TYLER: And I'm the only person you could think of?
Put out by his relative coldness, Paige asks where Steph is - he explains she's gone AWOL after having flipped out at him over the missing tool. Reverting to semi-flirtatious mode, Paige decides to stick around and help him look for it.
The Waterhole
Steph admits to Amy that she doesn't feel safe at all since leaving prison. She says she was delusional last time she was in town, explaining how her mental illness led her to think Lucas's son Patrick was her own son Adam.
STEPH: Whenever I'd start to have an episode I'd hear Greensleeves playing faintly in the wind. That just makes me sound crazier than I actually was.
Amy reassures Steph that she can move on from all that, if she tells herself she's strong. Paul comes in at this point, and asks for a word with Amy. Away from Steph, he says he has a strategy to get Jimmy speaking to him again, but that he doesn't want Steph present while they discuss it.
PAUL: If you knew her history...
AMY: I know enough. More to the point, who I choose to befriend - that's up to me. So stay out of it.
No 30
Sheila comes round to see Toadie. She's still doing the Rebecchis' washing and ironing for them, and says she wants to make it a permanent arrangement. Sheila insists it would make her feel useful, while also lightening the load for them. She's so insistent that Toadie is unable to refuse, and he thanks her for her generosity - before asking her to stick around for a cuppa.
TOADIE: I was wondering if we could talk about the night of the fire?
He says that Sonya's been really understanding, but that it's not the same as talking to someone who was actually in the fire. Sheila reluctantly agrees to stay and chat about it, but looks worried as Toadie goes to put the kettle on.
No 22
Imogen is telling Daniel about Paige and Piper's disagreement over Brad, but he seems distracted - so she asks him what's wrong. He begins to explain about how he was involved in the leak of Paul's hard drive contents. But Imogen goes swiftly into legal lock-up mode, and says he can't tell her anything about that. Daniel agrees, saying he doesn't want to cause problems for her professionally.
Susan turns up at the door, and asks if Piper's home. She's not, so Susan hands Imogen Piper's phone, which was found in the school and has somehow survived the fire. Imogen promises to pass the phone on to her sister, and goes to put it on charge as Susan leaves.
Fitzgerald Motors
Paige has found Tyler's missing torque wrench, and teases him flirtatiously for not having found it sooner. Tyler's not amused.
TYLER: Paige, what are you doing here?
PAIGE: I told you. I wanted someone to talk to.
TYLER: You've got a boyfriend. Sisters. Parents. Go talk to them.
PAIGE: I like talking to you. You're my mate.
TYLER: Not anymore. We both agreed that we wouldn't do this.
PAIGE: So we can't be friends?
PAIGE: You're unfriending me?
PAIGE: How can you be so cold and unfeeling about it?
TYLER: That's just the problem. I have too many feelings, and I need to get over them.
PAIGE: So that's it?
TYLER: It's easier this way.
Paige looks sad, and leaves.
No 30
Toadie tells Sheila how helpless he felt being trapped in the fire, unable to walk.
TOADIE: I truly thought that I was gonna die.
SHEILA: That thought crossed my mind too.
Sonya comes in, and sees Toadie and Sheila holding hands, having a moment. She says she's glad they're able to talk about it together, and asks Sheila if she's had any counselling since the fire. Sheila says she wouldn't know what to say, as she's blocked out most of her memories of the fire. Toadie says he does have one particular memory...
TOADIE: I've got this vague recollection of someone coming across me in the fire.
SONYA: What do you mean?
TOADIE: Well I was calling out, and then I'm pretty sure I heard some coughing. But I couldn't see anyone because of the smoke. And then the coughing just moves away. I dunno. Maybe I'm imagining it.
Sheila looks guilty, as a sceptical Sonya queries why anyone would have left him there without helping. She suggests his mind must just have been playing tricks on him. They both tell Sheila that they're really glad she raised the alarm, as who knows what would've happened if she hadn't.
Harold's Store
Tyler finds Steph, and tells her the wrench has turned up. He apologises to her, but Steph also says sorry for overreacting. They hug.
Meanwhile, Piper and Ben are at a table. Piper says it's weird not having Terese about the house, but is hoping she'll be discharged from hospital soon. Susan comes in; she mentions to Piper that her phone was found in the burned-out school, and that she's given it to Imogen. Once Susan's out of earshot, Piper goes into panic.
PIPER: I've got photos on that phone. Of me and Chas.
BEN: You said you were gonna erase them.
PIPER: Hello, there was a fire. I didn't have time to.
She says they have to go and get the phone before Imogen looks at it.
No 22
Imogen is still with Daniel, and decides to test out Piper's phone to see if it's working, by taking a selfie of her and Daniel. When she goes to delete it, however, she finds something surprising in the photo gallery. She shows it to Daniel, who is equally shocked.
The Waterhole
Paul is on the phone to someone, asking them to get somebody off his back. Amy turns up as he's finishing the call - she has something to explain to him about her mother Nina.
AMY: A while back, Mum had some mental health issues. The serious kind.
PAUL: Nina? No, but she was always so bubbly - I mean, she was the life of the party.
AMY: That's one side to her. She's a complex person, and she's been through some hard times. But look, she's in a good place now - but it took a long time, and it took a toll on her, and on me.
Amy explains that this is why she's so sensitive to Steph's situation, saying she needs support, not judgement. Paul insists Amy doesn't know the full story about Steph, no matter what she's told her.
PAUL: She's a liability. She is a danger to herself, and to everybody around her. And I myself have particular concerns about her growing attachment to Jimmy.
AMY: Look, I'll help you get back on track with Jimmy. But not at the expense of my friendship with Steph. I trust her, and I'm happy to have her in my life, and Jimmy's. So I'm asking you to respect that.
Fitzgerald Motors
Steph returns to the garage, and is about to get on her motorbike to go home, when she hears the faint notes of what sounds like the song Greensleeves. She panics, thinking she's having a psychotic episode - then sees a set of windchimes hanging outside the antiques shop, and realises they're to blame for the sound. She breathes a sigh of relief.
No 22
Piper and Ben rush in to retrieve Piper's phone, but they soon learn that Imogen has already been looking at her photos.
IMOGEN: What I found could have some pretty serious consequences.
PIPER: What's on my phone is my business, no-one else's.
IMOGEN: Normally, I would agree - but take a look at this.
She shows them what she's found, but it's not what Piper feared. It's a selfie that she took of her and Ben on the night of the fire. However, it's what's in the background of the photo that has piqued Imogen's interest - a man walking through a doorway, carrying a large container on his shoulder. Imogen thinks he might have been responsible for the fire. Piper says she'll email the photo to Daniel so he can enlarge it.
IMOGEN: If the resolution's good, we could work out who that is - and who started the fire.
The Waterhole
Tyler is angrily throwing darts at the board, when he sees Amy sitting alone, having a drink. She explains she's vacated the house because Jimmy is staying at a friend's, and Kyle is there with his new lady-friend, Shay.
AMY: No hot date for you?
TYLER: Don't rub it in.
She remarks that he's being rather aggressive with his darts-throwing, so Tyler challenges her to a game. Amy agrees, and says she'll be back in a sec. Tyler smiles.
No 30
Toadie continues to praise Sheila for all her help, but says she needs to deal with her stress from the fire, or it will come back to bite her. She insists she's dealing with it in her own way.
Toadie mentions to her that there is an operation he could undergo that could reverse the paralysis in his legs, involving the removal of the bullet in his spine - but that if it goes badly, his condition could be permanent. Toadie says he knows of a specialist who could perform the op, but explains he's not taking on new patients right now. He's on the cancellation list, but isn't holding his breath.
Toadie goes to see to Nell, who's crying from the other room - but Sheila, her throat irritated by bits of lint coming off the laundry, suddenly has a coughing fit, followed by what seems to be a panic attack. She puts her hand to her chest as the symptoms appear to dissipate...
No 22
Piper and Ben are in the living room. Piper expresses relief that Imogen didn't find the photos of Chas on her phone.
BEN: You know you're gonna have to tell your parents eventually?
PIPER: Yes, I know. They've got enough going on at the moment.
BEN: Yeah, right. Now's not the time for that particular bombshell.
PIPER: Never is the time for that particular bombshell.
Daniel comes in, having printed out an enlarged version of the photo from Piper's phone. Imogen comes in to join them, to look at the photo. The man in the photo, who is carrying a large green plastic canister, is clearly Aaron Brennan.
Coming Soon
- Paige asks Aaron if he 'did it'
- Mark asks Aaron why he lied, as we learn Aaron caused the explosions - and feels terrible about it
- Paige gets uppity with Terese when Brad spends time at the Willis house
- Sheila apparently faints in Karl's arms
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Amy Williams, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7245
Amy Williams, Steph Scully

Paige Smith, Piper Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7245
Paige Smith, Piper Willis, Imogen Willis

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7245
Paige Smith

Steph Scully, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7245
Steph Scully, Amy Williams

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7245
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Steph Scully, Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7245
Steph Scully, Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7245
Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7245
Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7245
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Sheila Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7245
Sheila Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7245
Steph Scully, Tyler Brennan

Ben Kirk, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7245
Ben Kirk, Piper Willis

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7245
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7245
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7245
Steph Scully

Piper Willis, Ben Kirk, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7245
Piper Willis, Ben Kirk, Imogen Willis

Tyler Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7245
Tyler Brennan, Amy Williams

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7245
Sheila Canning

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7245
Aaron Brennan

Piper Willis, Imogen Willis, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7245
Piper Willis, Imogen Willis, Ben Kirk

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