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Neighbours Episode 7233 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7233
Australian airdate: 14/10/15
UK airdate: 28/10/15
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Stephanie Scully: Carla Bonner
Liam Barnett: James Beck
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Piper and Imogen fall out over whether they should boycott No 32 while Brad is there
- Lauren tells Terese that Brad is moving in permanently
- While Amy and Liam get intimate, Jimmy goes missing
- Liam admits to Paul that he owes a guy some money, and he's worried he may have taken Jimmy
- Amy screams at Liam when she finds out he may be responsible for Jimmy's disappearance
- Kyle's suspicions are raised when Steph seems in a hurry to get away from him
- Steph goes searching for Jimmy at the high school
No 30
Paul, Amy and Toadie are discussing Jimmy's disappearance. Paul thinks Steph must be responsible, now that Sam Mako, the guy Liam owed money to, has been ruled out. But Toadie's convinced Steph isn't to blame. Kyle turns up, having taken Jimmy's drawing that he found down to the police station. The police are going to search the area where he found it, he says.
Kyle asks for a word alone with Toadie, but Amy quickly gathers he knows something, and demands to know what it is. He admits that he's told the cops Steph was 'acting weird', having closed the garage after Jimmy went missing and refusing to say where she'd been. She also refused to go with him to the police station, claiming she had to go to work - but Kyle says the garage is still shut.
Paul decides to go to where Daniel last saw Steph, to take a look around. Amy goes with him.
Erinsborough High School
In the so-called 'tunnels' under the school (actually a corridor on ground level), Steph finds Jimmy hiding behind a row of lockers.
STEPH: Ah! Turns out I was right, huh? A bunker is the best place to hide. This place has real potential - there's no way anyone's gonna find us down here.
JIMMY: I promised Mum I'd text her, but I can't get any reception on my phone.
STEPH: Well that's okay.
JIMMY: No, she'll be freaking out by now.
STEPH: No Jimmy, I promise, everything is gonna be f-
He flinches as she goes to reassure him.
STEPH: It's gonna be fine.
JIMMY: Kyle says I'm not supposed to talk to you.
STEPH: You're gonna have to trust me. Can you do that?
Jimmy looks at her warily.
Park by Sonya's Nursery
Kyle is showing passers-by pictures of Jimmy, in the hope of tracking him down. Meanwhile, Josh and Piper are walking through the Corridor of Trees, discussing Brad moving in with Lauren permanently and how devastated Terese is. Amy and Paul approach through the nursery, and ask if they've had any news of Jimmy. Josh says they've checked in the library, but that he's not there.
Piper suggests that if Steph's smart and has taken Jimmy, she'll have left town - but this just upsets Amy more. Amy goes to call Mark, but Kyle tells her Mark will call as soon as there's any news. Paul tells Kyle to call Mark, while he takes a very shaken Amy back to check if Jimmy's returned to No 30.
Erinsborough High School
Steph is sitting next to Jimmy in his 'bunker' behind the lockers.
STEPH: This is kind of like camping. Hungry?
She hands Jimmy a muesli bar.
STEPH: I used to take my boy Charlie camping all the time. We'd go pitch our tents way out in the bush, and toast marshmallows on the fire. You know, if things work out, you and Charlie are gonna meet. Hopefully it'll be really soon. Hey - how about we get out of here?
JIMMY: I'm scared. I want my mum.
Steph smiles ambiguously.
On the road outside the school, Kyle and Piper are looking for Jimmy. Piper apologises to him for upsetting Amy - then whinges about how difficult things are with her family right now. Mark pulls up in a cop car; he says they've done a sweep of the school - but evidently not very thoroughly, as they haven't found Jimmy or Steph. At that moment, Steph approaches along the road.
MARK: Where is he? Where's Jimmy?
STEPH: He's down in the tunnels - I've come up to call the police.
Kyle rushes down to find Jimmy - while Mark arrests Steph for kidnapping Jimmy! Steph protests loudly that she hasn't done anything wrong, but he bundles her into the police car.
Meanwhile, Kyle goes into the 'tunnels' and quickly locates Jimmy, who runs over and hugs him. Kyle tells him he's going to take him home to Amy.
JIMMY: But what about the bad guy? Dad said to run and hide if I saw him. What if he's still out there? What if he's waiting for me?
KYLE: Who are we talking about?
JIMMY: Sam. I saw him on my way down to the yard, and I ran down here to hide from him.
KYLE: And Steph?
JIMMY: She found me and she gave me a muesli bar.
KYLE: Yeah?
JIMMY: I wouldn't go outside with her in case Sam saw me. So she went to get help. You were wrong about Steph - she's cool.
Kyle takes Jimmy out of the building. Back outside on the road, Amy pulls up and rushes over to give Jimmy a big hug. Paul wants to call Mark to get paramedics on the scene, but Jimmy insists he's okay - nothing happened. Amy thanks Kyle for bringing him back to her.
KYLE: It's Steph you should be thanking.
Kyle explains that she found Jimmy; and Amy realises Steph knew where to look because of their conversation earlier about the tunnels under the school.
JIMMY: Where's Dad? Why isn't he here?
Paul claims Liam's busy at the moment, and takes Jimmy away to get some food. Meanwhile, Kyle tells Amy that Jimmy was hiding from Sam, as Liam told him to if he saw him. Amy blames herself for not listening to Kyle's warnings about Liam.
Harold's Café
Brad, Imogen and Lauren discuss how unfair it is that Steph's been taken in for questioning, when she was the one who found Jimmy. Lauren remarks that it's easy to blame the obvious target in situations like this - and in a moment of irony, Mark turns up, to tell her that in fact Liam has confessed to trashing the café.
Mark explains that Liam stole Amy's key which she was using during the renovations - and then when he found no money on the premises, tried to make it look like a personal attack by smashing the place up and writing 'homewrecker' on the blackboard.
IMOGEN (to Lauren): Well, he certainly succeeded with that. What were you just saying about blaming the wrong people?
Mark says they've laid charges against Liam, both for the café break-in and for stealing the benefit money from Toadie and Sonya. Lauren thanks Mark, and says she needs to 'go and fix this'.
No 22
Terese is cleaning when she notices a jar on the sideboard, filled with scraps of paper. She picks it up as someone knocks at the door, and goes to answer it with the jar still in her hand. It's Lauren, who claims she really needs to talk to Terese. Terese grudgingly allows her in.
LAUREN: I just spoke to Mark, and the police have charged Liam Barnett with the break-in at the café... He was looking for money, and he wrote the graffiti to make it more personal.
TERESE: So. There you are.
LAUREN: Terese, I'm truly sorry if I thought you were responsible. Which I admit I did, because - well, you would've had good reason to be.
TERESE: Still, I would never do something like that. Look, you and Brad are together now. I'm trying to accept it. So let's just leave it there.
Lauren asks what the jar is that Terese is holding. Terese becomes emotional as she explains.
TERESE: It's the Piper Jar. Mementos of happy memories that we had while Piper was away. We planned on giving it to her when she came home, just to let her know that we were all thinking of her. You may as well have it now; Brad and I haven't got any more memories to fill it with.
LAUREN: Terese, those memories will always be yours.
TERESE: I don't know what to do with it.
LAUREN: I'm sure Piper would be thrilled to have it. You know, maybe you and Brad could still give it to her. Together, as her parents.
TERESE: Yeah, maybe.
Lauren apologises again, and leaves. Terese fights back tears as she clutches the jar.
Erinsborough Police Station
A livid Amy comes to see Liam.
LIAM: They told me the news.
AMY: Don't!
LIAM: I don't know what to say. I never meant to hurt or upset him.
AMY: You never do.
Liam then asks Amy to pay his bail, for Jimmy's sake!
AMY: You're right. Jimmy needs to come first. And that's why I'm not gonna let you see him again.
LIAM: No, you can't do that, Amy.
AMY: No, I can.
LIAM: I'll get a lawyer. I'll go to the courts. Look, I love my son. And Jimmy - Jimmy needs his dad.
AMY: Every time, I think 'this time, we'll make it'. But you never change... We are done, Liam.
She walks out.
No 22
Terese informs Josh, Imogen and Piper that Brad is going to be joining them for dinner, so that they can celebrate Piper's homecoming as a family. Once Terese is out of earshot, Piper remarks that she's surprised Brad is even allowed through the door.
IMOGEN: Well you're the one who wanted to make peace.
PIPER: And you're the one who called me a traitor for it.
IMOGEN: I'm doing this to support Mum. I'm willing to call a truce for her sake.
JOSH: Play nice, children.
No 30
Amy arrives home. Paul has been looking after Jimmy, who's now in bed. Amy tells Paul that she's told Liam he's seen Jimmy for the last time, and Paul says she's made the right decision. Amy stresses about how she's going to tell Jimmy, as it'll break his heart.
AMY: I know what it's like to grow up without a dad.
PAUL: Yeah, well, I'm here now. And I'm not going anywhere.
AMY: But Liam won't give up. He will find a way to see Jimmy again. I just wish Liam would disappear out of our lives.
PAUL: Hey. Everything's gonna be fine. You'll see.
Paul does his scheming face.
No 22
The Willises are all gathered for Piper's homecoming dinner, and relations between Brad and Terese are civil, if awkward. In the kitchen area, Imogen asks if Piper's okay, as she's barely spoken to Brad all night.
PIPER: I'm just sitting back enjoying the show... The happily family charade, the fake politeness.
IMOGEN: Piper, come on!
At this stage in the evening, Terese unveils the Piper Jar.
BRAD: When you were away in Canada, every time we did something fun or new, we wrote it down on a little piece of paper and kept it for you.
TERESE: We wanted you to know that we were always thinking of you.
Piper smiles and unscrews the jar, bringing out a 'memory' about Josh and Imogen's seventeenth birthday. The rest of the family all start laughing about Josh getting stung by a wasp and running into a lake to get away from it. Piper is laughing along, but her smile is strained.
No 30
Paul has invited Liam to the house. He immediately tries to see Jimmy, but Paul prevents him from going into the bedroom, leading him into the living area instead. It turns out that Paul has paid Liam's bail money - and is now offering him a cheque which will clear his debts, and buy him a plane ticket. Paul also promises to make the criminal charges disappear if Liam leaves.
PAUL: Amy's friends can be very forgiving. And I'm very good at making things happen. But if you do stay, of course, the charges will stick and you'll end up in prison.
Liam offers the cheque back to Paul, saying he'd rather that and still get to see Jimmy. But Paul asks him to consider if visiting Liam in jail is really what he wants for Jimmy, and suggests that his leaving would make life easier for everyone. Liam accuses Paul of blackmailing him.
PAUL: Call it what you want. But the thing is, you will only drag Jimmy down if you stay in his life. You and I both know that.
At this point, Jimmy has sneaked out of his bedroom, and is listening to the conversation between Paul and Liam, unseen by them.
PAUL: Now if you really, really love your son, you will take the money and leave town. And you must never, ever see Amy or Jimmy again. Do we understand each other?
Liam pockets the cheque, and Paul shows him out.
LIAM: Say goodbye for me.
PAUL: ...
Liam leaves, and Jimmy's lip trembles as he watches from his bedroom door.
The Waterhole
Amy tells Kyle that Liam's charges have been dropped, and that he's heading back to Sydney.
AMY: And I totally deserve an 'I told you so'.
KYLE: Nah. I'm just glad you and Jimmy are okay.
AMY: And...?
KYLE: I told you so!
Brad and Lauren are also having a drink. Brad tells Lauren that Terese is 'ready to move on', but that Piper is overwhelmed by the whole thing. Lauren says it must be hard for her having a new start, and figuring out where she belongs in the world. Steph comes in, and Lauren remarks that it applies to her too. There's an awkward moment as Lauren and Brad gawp at Steph, who goes to leave - but Amy spots her and shouts for her to come back.
Steph goes into rapid explanation mode about her part in finding Jimmy earlier, but Amy just hugs her and says she can't thank her enough. Amy asks Steph to join her and Kyle for takeaway; Steph gets an unfriendly look from Kyle so isn't keen initially, but then decides to say yes after all.
No 22
Piper and Terese are clearing up. Piper says she knows it must have been hard for Terese to have Brad round, and that she didn't have to do it just for her.
TERESE: Well, to be honest, I actually did it for me.
PIPER: Oh. Right.
TERESE: I needed to prove to myself that I could sit at the same table as your father, and have a civil conversation. We've had a lot of fun times since we moved to Erinsborough, and I wanted to thank you for giving us the excuse to relive it.
Terese kisses Piper goodnight, and goes upstairs. Piper begins to take all the 'memories' out of the Piper Jar, and seems to get more and more upset as she's reading them. Eventually she becomes so angry that she stuffs all the pieces of paper back in the jar, and deliberately smashes it on the floor...
Unmissable Drama
- Aaron and Tyler encourage Mark to talk to Paige about the possibility of having kids
- Paige tells Tyler that it will be ten years before she's ready to have kids
- Piper's upset that her parents have brought her back just as everything is 'going to hell'
- A fire is raging, and Brad appears to be running through the flames...
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Paul Robinson, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7233
Paul Robinson, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7233
Steph Scully

Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Jimmy Williams

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7233
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Kyle Canning, Piper Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Kyle Canning, Piper Willis, Josh Willis

Steph Scully, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Steph Scully, Jimmy Williams

Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Piper Willis

Steph Scully, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7233
Steph Scully, Mark Brennan

Kyle Canning, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Kyle Canning, Jimmy Williams

Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7233
Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan

Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Liam Barnett, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Liam Barnett, Amy Williams

Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Piper Willis, Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis

Paul Robinson, Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7233
Paul Robinson, Liam Barnett

Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Jimmy Williams

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7233
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner

Steph Scully, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7233
Steph Scully, Amy Williams

Piper Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Piper Willis, Terese Willis

Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7233
Piper Willis

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