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Neighbours Episode 7188 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7188
Australian airdate: 12/08/15
UK airdate: 26/08/15
Writer: Alexa Wyatt
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Amy Williams: Zoe Cramond
Jimmy Williams: Darcy Tadich
Ashtyn Harris: Matthew Hayduk
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Amy decides she can no longer work with Kyle after an electric hug between the pair
- Paul gives Amy Naomi's old job to allow her to stay in town, but she soon decides it's not for her
- Toadie is injured in a freak bouncy castle accident
- In hospital, Toadie can't feel his legs, and Karl tells Sonya he'll need to use a wheelchair
Erinsborough Hospital
Naomi waits outside a sleeping Toadie's room with some flowers, but eventually decides not to go in, and leaves. Toadie opens his eyes and moves his hands, but is frustrated to find he still can't move his legs. We then see that Sonya is in the room too, having fallen asleep leaning on the bed.
She wakes up, and tells Toadie the operation went really well - and that they'll know more when the swelling goes down. Toadie asks if he'll be able to feel his legs then, but Sonya prevaricates and says there were no complications.
TOADIE: That's not what I asked.
SONYA: I think that Karl will be able to explain it better than I can.
TOADIE: If it was good news you would've told me straight away.
Sonya tries to reassure him, but Toadie goes into panic.
SONYA: Whatever happens, we're gonna get through this, okay? We're gonna get through it.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Naomi comes in (still with the flowers) to find Paul on the phone, engaged in damage limitation over the bouncy castle accident, and assuring them that Naomi took the utmost care to ensure it was safe.
Naomi picks up a copy of the West Waratah Star which has a different take on the story - 'DAYCARE OPENING DISASTER', it screams. There's a picture of Toadie captioned 'VICTIM - Jarrod Rebecchi' alongside the piece. Paul finishes his call and tells her to pay no attention to the newspaper - he insists the furore will 'blow over' if she just ignores it!
PAUL: Sorry, that was a bad choice of words.
Naomi is worried about Toadie; Paul tells her not to blame herself. But she says it was her responsibility to make sure everyone was safe, and that they should have been.
No 30
Paul comes round to see Amy and Jimmy. He updates Amy on the situation with Naomi and the 'media circus' that has had him glued to the phone all day, as well as people from the council ringing to accuse Naomi of being liable. Amy and an unhappy Jimmy are packing their things to move back to their hometown, so they can give Toadie and Sonya space. Paul suggests they should stick around to help, but Amy's mind seems to be made up.
JIMMY: At least I'll get to see Dad again.
AMY: Exactly (!) Focus on that.
Jimmy asks if he can go and say goodbye to Kyle; Amy tells him to be quick. Once he's gone, Amy admits that she'd be happier not to see Jimmy's dad Liam again, but she also knows that Jimmy needs to have a relationship with him.
PAUL: I can relate to that.
AMY: Come on. We were never planning to stay forever.
PAUL: Yeah well, plans change.
Paul offers to put Amy in touch with a banker friend who's prepared to overlook her bad credit history, so she can get a loan and kickstart a business. Concerned that this 'favour' resembles a handout, Amy still says no.
Jimmy finds Kyle at the yard looking glum; he claims he's thinking about Toadie. Jimmy explains he's come to say goodbye - Kyle says he's going to miss him, and Jimmy says he should come and visit sometime. Before he goes, Jimmy asks if Kyle will show him how to use some handyman tools. They're interrupted by a loud clatter as the new apprentice, Ashtyn, makes a hash of another task. Kyle relegates Ash to mulch transfer duties, but he only ends up tipping over the wheelbarrow.
JIMMY: Looks like you're gonna miss Mum too, huh?
KYLE: What makes you say that?
JIMMY: Because that guy is hopeless!
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is talking to Sonya and Toadie. He reiterates that the surgery went well, but says they couldn't locate the bullet fragment, and can't yet determine the extent of the injury or estimate a recovery time.
TOADIE: But I will recover? This isn't a permanent thing, right?
Karl says they can't be conclusive until the swelling dies down. Toadie decides he will get better - after all, he recovered from his broken coccyx. Karl says this is very different, but Toadie insists all will be okay.
TOADIE: How about a round of watery hot chocolates?
Karl and Sonya leave the room. She's worried Toadie's in denial, but Karl says that may not be a bad thing, as it gives him a chance to adjust. But Sonya's worried it will hinder his recovery...
Shortly afterwards, Sonya and Karl come back in with the hot chocolates. Toadie is on the phone to his mother Angie, insisting she doesn't need to make the trip to Erinsborough, and playing down his condition. After he's finished on the phone, Sonya asks if he's sure he doesn't want Angie to come - adding that she would offer an extra pair of hands. But Toadie insists he won't be this way for long.
He asks whether Susan is bringing Nell in to see him, but Sonya says they've decided against it for now, since Nell still has a phobia of hospitals after her recent bee-sting.
TOADIE: Alright. Well you tell Nell that I'm gonna be giving her piggy-backs before she knows it.
SONYA: Okay.
But Sonya doesn't look convinced.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Jimmy has come round to see Paul, who's offered to buy him a telescope of his own - but Jimmy says he'd rather use the one here. Seeing Jimmy's upset about leaving, Daniel reassures him that they'll only be a video call or a text away. But Jimmy asks Paul to try and convince Amy to stay again, adding that they can't go, as Toadie needs them. He also tells Paul about Kyle's 'terrible' new apprentice, and that Kyle won't cope without Amy in town.
PAUL: Really? I think it's about time Kyle had some sound business advice, don't you?
Erinsborough Hospital
Naomi is back with the flowers, and this time summons up the courage to go in and see Toadie. He seems pleased to see her, and when she apologises he says the accident wasn't her fault. When Naomi asks how he is, Toadie claims he should be fine when the swelling goes down. Naomi's relieved, explaining how worried she's been. She leaves him to it, telling him to get better soon.
Outside at reception, Naomi expresses her relief to Amy, who's just arrived, that Toadie's doing well, and that he doesn't blame her. Amy tells her that Paul has been fielding media calls all day, however, and that there's been a lot of talk at the council about liability. Naomi brushes it off, saying Toadie's on the mend.
AMY: He might recover. But he's gonna be spending significant time in a wheelchair.
NAOMI: Really? Like, how long?
AMY: No-one knows. There's a chance that Toadie might Never Walk Again™.
Naomi is shocked.
Naomi turns up to speak to Kyle about the bouncy castle. She asks him about all the procedures he followed when moving and re-securing the castle. Kyle says he did everything by the book.
NAOMI: Who tied the ropes?
KYLE: I did. And Ash, before he took off. What are you getting at?
Ash is now watching them talk. Naomi asks if Kyle checked Ash's work; he says he was there with him, and gave him full instructions.
KYLE: And you followed those instructions, right, mate?
ASHTYN: Y-yeah, right.
Ash doesn't really look that convinced, and when Naomi asks Kyle again if he double-checked what Ash did, Kyle admits he was busy sorting out the motor, but insists the accident wasn't his fault or Ash's.
NAOMI: Yeah, well accidents don't undo knots, alright? Unless they are badly done in the first place, which you would know had you bothered to check them!
KYLE: I'm not a jumping castle expert!
NAOMI: Well then you shouldn't have agreed to move it!
KYLE: Well maybe you shouldn't have asked me in the first place.
Kyle says he only did as he was told, so not to try and make him a scapegoat. Naomi relents, and leaves, looking worried.
No 28
Sonya is talking to Karl; she's still worried that Toadie is in total denial about his condition. Karl says she can't force him to come to terms with it, and that he could just still be in shock.
KARL: What advice would you give someone in this situation?
SONYA: I would tell them to take it one day at a time. I know - I should just follow my own advice. I know that it sounds horrible, but I just wish there was someone to blame. I just - I wish there was something to help make sense of it all. 'Cause it's just so unfair, Karl. It's so unfair.
Kyle is reading the bouncy castle instruction manual. He leaves a message on Naomi's phone to triumphantly tell her he's found something in it that proves his point, just as Paul turns up. He suggests Naomi could do with Kyle's support right now, and Kyle feels a bit guilty. Paul then asks Kyle to consider rehiring Amy.
Kyle says Amy doesn't want to work for him; and in any case, he can't afford both her and the apprentice. At that moment, Ash almost electrocutes himself with a power tool!
PAUL: Hmm. Yeah, he's clearly a valuable investment (!) Which is precisely why you need Amy back. Look, I know that something went on between you two, but it's ancient history now. So why don't you just suck it up and bring her back in, hey?
KYLE: My marriage is too important. I'm not risking it.
No 30
An exhausted Sonya comes in. Amy says she called on Toadie earlier and that he seemed really positive, but Sonya says he's in complete denial - and that the doctors have no idea until the swelling goes down whether the paralysis is temporary or permanent. Amy offers to take some stuff to the hospital for Toadie, so Sonya can get some sleep.
AMY: It's the least I can do before I go.
SONYA: Are you still going?
AMY: Look, you've got enough to cope with without houseguests getting in the way.
SONYA: I guess this isn't what you signed up for when you moved in, hey?
AMY: That's not it at all. We just don't want to add to your stress.
Sonya goes into a panic, saying how she's having to be in several places at once to take care of both Toadie and Nell. But Amy's worried she'll be underfoot if she stays.
SONYA: You've never been underfoot. You're a godsend. Jimmy can keep Nell entertained; you can keep doing everything you're doing now. I'm not very good at this - I mean, asking for help. But one person in denial is enough. And really, I'm not asking this to be generous. I'm asking this for purely selfish reasons. Please can you stay? Please?
Erinsborough Hospital
Kyle leaves Toadie's room, as he's sleeping. Amy arrives, desperate to talk to Kyle. They head into an empty room.
AMY: You and I - we had a weird moment. Let's just admit that. We both know it was wrong. And, look, I'm over it. And you'd better be too, because I think we should just put this behind us and work together. I want my job back. And Sonya really needs me now that Toadie's laid up, and - I think that maybe me and Jimmy need this place too. So how about it?
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Amy, Jimmy, Daniel and Paul celebrate Amy's decision to stay, and she confirms that Kyle has given her her job back, so all's well.
JIMMY: Plus he would have gone mad with that dopey apprentice.
Paul says he's glad Kyle realised taking Amy back was the smart thing to do.
Lassiter's Complex
Kyle turns up with the bouncy castle manual, and confronts Naomi. He refers her to Clause 5B, which stipulates that the client is not supposed to move the bouncy castle once it's been delivered and set up, as it nullifies their safety procedures.
KYLE: Might've been a good idea to check the fine print, before pointing the finger at me.
NAOMI: Wow. You're right. It's my fault - it's my job to check this sort of thing.
Paul turns up and says he's glad Kyle re-employed Amy. He says he only did it because Sonya and Toadie need her around, but Paul doesn't care, and invites them up to the penthouse to join the party. But Naomi tells him she's not in the mood, as she's just discovered that Toadie's accident was her fault and that she's directly liable.
NAOMI: And now Toadie is lying in hospital, facing life in a wheelchair, all because of me.
Kyle is silent as Paul tries to comfort a guilty-looking Naomi.
Unmissable Drama
- Aaron tells Paige that Mark's 'not hung up on past deeds' so she shouldn't be either
- Tyler encourages Ben to reinvent himself as a guitar god
- Paul promises not to let anything happen to Naomi
- Tim Collins pays Sonya a visit, and laments the 'ticking time bomb' in Toadie's back
- Sonya begins to think the accident may have been avoidable after all
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Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7188
Naomi Canning

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7188
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7188
Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7188
Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

Jimmy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7188
Jimmy Williams, Kyle Canning

Ashtyn Harris in Neighbours Episode 7188
Ashtyn Harris

Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7188
Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7188
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7188
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams

Naomi Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7188
Naomi Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Naomi Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7188
Naomi Canning, Amy Williams

Ashtyn Harris, Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7188
Ashtyn Harris, Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning

Sonya Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7188
Sonya Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7188
Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7188
Sonya Rebecchi

Kyle Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7188
Kyle Canning, Amy Williams

Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7188
Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7188
Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning

Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7188
Naomi Canning

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