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Neighbours Episode 7170 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7170
Australian airdate: 17/07/15
UK airdate: 31/07/15
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Amy Williams: Zoe Cramond
Aaron Brennan: Matt Wilson
Jimmy Williams: Darcy Tadich
Jayden Warley: Khan Oxenham
- "Groove The Physical" by Client Liaison
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Paige offers to call Joey to find Tyler's whereabouts, and tells Mark she was part of the crime ring
- Paige also tells Mark that she and Tyler were never really in a relationship
- Nate leaps on Aaron and kisses him in Naomi's promotional display box for the Lassiter's relaunch
- Amber tells Josh to give her some space after she learns he's been selling peptides
- Amy and Kyle are appalled when Sheila grabs Jimmy, unaware he's been blackmailing her
The Waterhole
Kyle is questioning Sheila over what happened with Jimmy, but she just says she doesn't know. Meanwhile, Amy is making sure that Jimmy's okay, but he has red marks on his wrists. When Amy asks if Jimmy said something to provoke Sheila, Sheila intervenes and insists Jimmy didn't do anything wrong - but still won't say why she grabbed him.
SHEILA: I'm really sorry, Jimmy. I didn't mean to hurt you.
AMY: You don't touch a kid in anger, ever.
SHEILA: I know! I shouldn't have done it.
Sheila wants to make it up to Jimmy, but he says he just wants to go home. Kyle goes with Jimmy and Amy, looking disappointedly at Sheila as he leaves.
No 32
Amber is talking to 'Young Mum '97' online about pregnancy cravings - hers is croissants - when Paige comes in, seeming depressed. Amber asks what's wrong; Paige admits she's worried that Joey Dimato will come looking for her, as he saw her at the crooks' meeting. Amber reminds her that the police think Joey's long-gone, but Paige isn't convinced.
Amber offers to call Lauren or Brad to get them to come home, but Paige isn't willing to involve them, saying she knows they're already disappointed in her. Amber says she thinks Paige handled the situation well in the circumstances, but Paige is still down on herself. Amber suggests Paige talk to Mark about it, but Paige is convinced she's stuffed things up with him. Amber insists that if Paige is genuinely worried, Mark won't turn her away.
No 30
Amy has brought Jimmy home, where she is telling Toadie and Sonya angrily about what Sheila did to him. Toadie points out that Sheila must have had a reason for grabbing Jimmy, but Jimmy isn't talking about it. Amy sends him to bed, saying they can talk in the morning. Kyle goes off to talk to Sheila before she goes to bed.
Once Kyle's gone, Sonya tells Amy that Sheila said Jimmy had read her secret, and suggests Jimmy may be blackmailing her. Amy admits Sheila was feeding him junk food last night, but says it was just because it was a special occasion.
AMY: When Jimmy blackmailed Karl and Susan he promised me he'd never do it again. And he said he didn't read any other secrets. Look, I know my own son.
Sonya and Toadie are obviously unconvinced, but Amy insists Jimmy wouldn't lie. She goes to check on him.
No 24
In the back yard, Mark is sitting by the pool when Aaron comes out for a swim. He asks Mark if he's planning on inviting Tyler back home soon, but Mark says not; he's glad Tyler helped him with the police sting, but he's not ready to have him back under the same roof. Aaron doesn't seem pleased, but says it's Mark's call.
Mark shows Aaron a picture on his phone from the West Waratah Star website, of him and Nate kissing in the Lassiter's box - it appears they've made the headlines.
No 28
Tyler is looking at the same picture, while Nate is on the phone to Sheila. Once he's finished, Tyler says that he knew Nate and Aaron would be a great match. Nate insists it was acting, and a one-off, but Tyler keeps pushing, making Nate annoyed.
TYLER: You do realise that when you don't care about something, you don't usually get this fired up about it?
NATE: Get out!
They leave the house.
Ramsay Street
Jimmy is sitting on the mailbox looking miserable, when Amy comes out to talk to him. She puts an arm around him, and asks him whether he was telling the truth when he said he didn't read any of the other secrets, but Jimmy doesn't answer.
AMY: Look, remember we talked about being kind to people? Were you unkind to Sheila? Did you read something about her in the letters? Was that why she got angry? Was it?
JIMMY: I dunno. I don't want to talk about it anymore.
No 26
Sheila is talking to a still disappointed Kyle, saying she didn't sleep a wink. She wants to apologise to Amy but is afraid she won't listen - and asks Kyle if he'll speak to Amy. Naomi turns up, and asks what's going on; she says Paul's furious about the situation and is over talking to Amy. When Kyle demands to know what Jimmy did to provoke her, Sheila admits he was blackmailing her. But she won't say what about.
SHEILA: Just say that I was a silly old woman who made a stupid mistake.
NAOMI: Oh, Mum, come on.
SHEILA: Drop it, please!
Sheila bustles off to work, leaving Naomi and Kyle worried.
The Waterhole
Aaron, Mark and Tyler are out for breakfast, but Tyler can't afford it as he's watching the pennies. He's still working at the garage cleaning up the place as it goes into liquidation, but will soon be out of a job once it's sold. He's worried he'll struggle to get more work since he can't provide a contact number for his former employer.
TYLER: And the one before that's in jail for a hit-and-run.
MARK: Dad would give you a good reference.
TYLER: Do you really think Dimato will be out in six months?
Mark admits that unless they find Joey, it's looking that way. Tyler offers to help track him down, but Mark reminds him that it didn't end well last time. Aaron suggests that Paige could lure Joey out of hiding, since he likes her. But Tyler points out that Joey's probably aware Paige is the one who let the police know where the gang was. Aaron can't believe Paige kept quiet about her involvement for so long.
TYLER: She spoke up when it counted. She saved my life.
MARK: Yeah, don't defend her, okay? She only came forward because she was forced to. She should have done it long before then.
Harold's Store
Josh is on the phone trying to get himself a job somewhere. Once he's finished, he goes over to the counter and donates an uneaten croissant that he bought to Amber, saying he's decided it won't go down well before his gym session. Amber thanks him, saying she's been craving one of these, as Josh well knows because he's stalking her online as 'Young Mum '97'.
They discuss Amber's upcoming 20-week scan - she's worried that they're going to tell her something else is wrong, or even confirm a 'fatal diagnosis' due to the CDH. But Josh tells her they need to prepare for the best-case scenario.
The Waterhole
Sheila is telling Nate that they need to terminate Aaron's dancing contract. Nate objects, claiming he's concerned because Aaron has been good for business; but Sheila says the dancing hasn't been working as well as it used to. So she sends Nate over to tell Aaron the bad news.
Nate approaches Aaron's table, and they discuss their appearance in the online West Waratah Star. Nate still makes out that he was just acting, but Aaron reminds him that it was Nate's idea for them to kiss. But Nate sticks to the task at hand, and tells Aaron that Sheila wants to terminate his dancing contract for the bingo nights, as the numbers have fallen off.
AARON: You regret kissing me, so then you fire me? Wow.
NATE: No, mate -
AARON: No, look, just save it. I don't want your contract anyway. I'll take my talents somewhere they're actually appreciated.
Harold's Store
Mark comes in, and Amber encourages Paige to go and talk to him. He orders a coffee, but doesn't seem to want to talk to her any further. Paige asks Mark if he has any idea of Joey Dimato's whereabouts; Mark simply replies no.
PAIGE: Look, I know that I've really stuffed things up between us. And I am so, so sorry. I should have told you before. But I - I just didn't know how to tell you what was going on. When are you gonna start talking to me again?
MARK: Look, I know that Tyler asked you to keep your mouth shut. But you should've said something. You made that decision. Just forget the coffee.
Mark walks out, leaving Paige look upset.
Lassiter's Complex
Naomi and Jimmy are talking about ghost trains outside The Waterhole, since Naomi and Paul are supposed to be taking him to Luna Park. Naomi says Paul's been called away to a meeting, so it'll just be the two of them - but she says she needs to stop at Sheila's on the way. However, Paul and Amy turn up at that point and, on learning that Naomi plans to take Jimmy to Sheila's, Amy tells her that he's been traumatised enough.
NAOMI: Mum wanted to apologise, alright? I knew you'd say no.
AMY: So you kidnap my son?! He's been so upset this morning.
NAOMI: I'm very sorry to hear that. But maybe he feels bad about blackmailing my mother.
Amy insists there's nothing to it, but Naomi says Sheila wouldn't lie. While they're arguing about this, and what the secret might be, they don't notice that Jimmy has done a runner...
Lassiter's Park
Aaron is training on the gym equipment in the park, when Josh shows up. Aaron asks Josh to take a photo of him because 'workout selfies get the most likes'. Josh explains he used to work at the gym, but that he's currently looking for a job, and is really struggling to find anything. Aaron empathises, explaining about just having lost his dancing contract.
AARON: We're both young guys, switched on, able-bodied. Something'll come up. For both of us.
JOSH: Yeah.
Corridor of Trees
Paige is accosted by Jayden Warley, who takes her by surprise.
JAYDEN: Oh, sorry, did I scare you?
PAIGE: No! Were you following me?
JAYDEN: Love yourself much?!
PAIGE: Whatever.
JAYDEN: Heard about you getting done by the cops. Bummer.
PAIGE: You know what I've heard? That you've been asked to stay down a year because you have the IQ of a walnut!
JAYDEN: Some would say it's karma, you getting done - for thinking you're better than everyone else.
PAIGE: You know what would be karma? The world finding out that you're a loser with zero personality, taking your sad little life out on anyone that you can. If I didn't have better things to do with my time, I would devote my life to getting that message out there. But you're not worth it.
JAYDEN: You'll get yours, you skank.
Paige walks away.
Lassiter's Park
Josh and Aaron are doing push-ups, as Aaron complains about the limited work available for a solo dancer. Josh asks if it pays well.
AARON: Mate, the tips stuffed in your dacks from one night alone can pay your rent for a week.
Aaron adds that he used to be part of a troupe, which used to rake it in - but he wanted to be his own boss. Josh suggests he should start his own troupe, but Aaron says he'd need at least two other dancers.
JOSH: I'd be willing to give it a crack. I'm fit, and I could really use the cash.
Aaron is sceptical, since Josh has only just thought of the idea, but Josh says he likes to dance. He even gives Aaron a demo of his moves! But they're dreadful, naturally.
AARON: There are only two things stopping you from becoming the best dancer I've ever seen. Your left foot, and your right one.
No 26
Sheila has a visitor - Jimmy. He explains he took off because everyone was arguing about the secret, and he didn't know what to say. Sheila apologises for losing her temper with him, and Jimmy apologises as well, for blackmailing her for sweets.
JIMMY: Why are you so worried about people knowing your secret? Do you still love G-Dad?
But before Sheila can answer, Naomi, Amy and Paul arrive. Jimmy admits he was 'nagging' Sheila for raspberry lemonade last night, and she says she overreacted. Amy is still not impressed, and tells Sheila to stay away from Jimmy. Amy takes Jimmy home, but Paul demands Sheila tell him what the blackmail entailed. She claims she backed into a car at the shops, and didn't leave a note - and that was the secret Jimmy read.
Naomi and Paul aren't convinced; and Paul tells Sheila to take a couple of days off work without pay, since it's 'the least she can do' after the way she behaved. Naomi is furious with him.
NAOMI: Are you really gonna make me choose sides between you and my mother?
NAOMI: Too late - I just did.
Paul looks annoyed.
No 32
Amber and Paige are talking about Paige's run-in with Jayden. Amber is worried that Jayden is threatening her, but Paige insists he's just 'a slimy little schoolboy' and 'all talk'.
However, as they enter the garden, they find Paige's pink punch bag lying on the grass, with stuffing everywhere and a pair of garden shears sticking out of it! They look scared.
Unmissable Drama
- Paige tells Mark that she knows he still cares about her a lot, despite being mad at her
- Terese tells Brad that Paige has been manipulating him into getting back together with Lauren
- Daniel and Imogen have an existential conversation by a lake...
- ... And sort of look like they might be about to kiss
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Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7170
Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning

Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7170
Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Paige Smith, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7170
Paige Smith, Amber Turner

Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7170
Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7170
Aaron Brennan

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7170
Mark Brennan

Nate Kinski, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7170
Nate Kinski, Tyler Brennan

Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7170
Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams

Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7170
Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7170
Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7170
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7170
Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7170
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7170
Paul Robinson, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams, Naomi Canning

Josh Willis, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7170
Josh Willis, Aaron Brennan

Jayden Warley, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7170
Jayden Warley, Paige Smith

Aaron Brennan, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7170
Aaron Brennan, Josh Willis

Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7170
Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7170
Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Amber Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7170
Amber Turner, Paige Smith

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7170
Paige Smith

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