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Neighbours Episode 7156 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7156
Australian airdate: 29/06/15
UK airdate: 13/07/15
Writer: Jo Zantuck
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Amy Williams: Zoe Cramond
Aaron Brennan: Matt Wilson
Dennis Dimato: David Serafin (in flashbacks)
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lauren confirming to Paige that Brad was her first love.
- Paige thinking that Brad/Lauren would be happier if they were together.
- Naomi declaring that she isn't going to play second fiddle with Paul.
- Paul cancelling his lunch date with Naomi.
- Paige reminding Tyler that Mark won't stop digging until he gets answers.
- Sonya identifying the person who was hassling Tyler.
- Tyler confessing to Mark that he works for Dimato.
Number 24
Tyler tells Mark how Dimato reeled him into his organisation almost as soon as he arrived in Erinsborough (the favour for not stripping Hermione). Mark wants to know why Dimato didn't mention him when he was arrested and Tyler explains that the silence was part of the deal to ensure he ran the garage in Dimato's absence. Tyler then explains that after a very close call from the police he's gone legit in making the money Dimato demands from him.
TYLER: Mark I'm telling the truth.
MARK: Right, well tell me this... Paige, is she involved?
TYLER: ...
The Waterhole (interior)
Brad/Lauren comment that their daughter looks distracted as they make the picture board for her party - one for her 21st year only (since there's no baby photos) and Lauren explains that is for the year that she came into their lives. They then banter away over what costumes they will be wearing and Brad promises to be the embarrassing dad as he's got years to make up for!
The Waterhole (exterior)
"What are you psychic or something?!" Naomi comments to her mum after she has correctly guessed Paul has cancelled their lunch plans. Naomi does confirm that their plans are cancelled and wonders if it's her fault for falling for guys that put her second, something she plans to stop wasting her energy on. "On that we both agree," Sheila remarks before leaving her daughter to eat her sandwich.
Number 24
After he's finished confessing all to his brother, Tyler apologies and adds that he wasn't trying to go behind his back, he was simply desperate for money. Mark is aghast that he didn't come to him for the money but Tyler accuses Mark of still not getting it, commenting that it's impossible to live up to his expectations.
TYLER: I wanted to show you that I can stand on my own two feet, show you that I was worth something and you want to know the crazy thing? The last couple of months have been messy and scary but for a while there I actually enjoyed myself. I was good at what I was doing, Michelle and the guys they saw that in me and for once in my life I wasn't someone's screw up of a younger brother.
Mark has heard enough and tells his brother they are going to the police station and that he is under arrest!
Ramsay Street
As they exit #30 Amy thanks Paul for his help with Jimmy. After Amy mentions his dad, Paul asks what she remembers and admits that she doesn't remember as much as she likes to and confesses that despite what she said previously, she did name her son after Jim.
The pair of them spot Mark frogmarching Tyler down the #24 driveway and into the car, commenting that they aren't happy campers! Aaron has also spotted them as he makes his way up the street and wants to know what is going on.
MARK: I'll summarise, he's going to need a lawyer!
AARON: A lawyer?!
The Waterhole
Despite not exactly being enthusiastic beforehand, Paige now loves the photo board that Brad/Lauren have done for her and even the passing Toadie gives it the thumbs up too. Paige is however very flippant though with Terese when she asks about the catering for the night.
After Toadie finishes a call with Aaron, her persona then changes when Toadie asks if she knows why Tyler has been arrested but she indicates no to him when she shakes her head.
Lassiters Complex
Paige stands looking at the station debating whether to go in or not before eventually deciding not to.
Police station
Toadie warns Tyler that he needs to be very careful in what he says from now on especially as he might not be exactly able to prove his claims about Dimato and the added complication of him being on the run. Tyler asks that before they proceed more, can he pass a message onto Paige.
The Waterhole (exterior)
"My daughter is not your disposable plaything," Sheila greets Paul with after he asks if she's seen her daughter (they were supposed to be meeting in the penthouse to work together). She then informs him that she sent Naomi home after what happened (him standing her up). Paul explains that Naomi said she was fine with what was happening and adds that he does care about her happiness, reminding Sheila that he did push her away (which caused Naomi unhappiness) and that he has kept quiet about the role she played as it would have devastated Naomi.
PAUL: Look I know you don't believe it but I do care deeply about your daughter and I don't need you getting in the way of that.
Lassiters Complex
Mark has taken Aaron outside to have a word because he's been causing a scene inside and brings him up to speed on what it is exactly that Tyler has done. Aaron demands the proof and Mark reminds him that Tyler confessed! "There has to be something we don't know," Aaron pleads on behalf of his younger brother but Mark thinks it's an open and shut case, he stole the cars to get the money.
AARON: Can you be a little more brother and a little less cop?
MARK: Do you think I wanted this to happen?!
AARON: No of course not.
MARK: Well then get out of here and let me do my job.
Almost reluctantly, Aaron starts walking away from Mark.
Sheila spots Amy walking through the complex and tells her she's just missed her dad but she's not bothered given she spent lunchtime with him and Jimmy working on the science project. Amy also complements Naomi on bringing Paul's softer side out too.
The Waterhole
Terese is somewhat surprised at Paige taking news of Tyler's arrest pretty hard and wonders if she knows what is going on as the trio sit and wait for her return (she's apparently out getting air). "She told Toadie she didn't," Brad replies but Terese isn't sure especially since they were dating but Lauren reckons she would say if she knew anything.
TERESE: Not necessarily especially if she had something to do with it!
LAUREN: Paige isn't some kind of criminal.
Terese replies that she didn't say that and tries to apologise for the insinuation after Lauren went off on one. Lauren decides to go check up on Paige and Brad gets where Terese was coming from as emotions are high just now.
Paige's phone bleeps to say a text has come in and Terese goes to look at it because she thinks it might be to do with the catering for the party (she's waiting on an answer from the patisserie Paige is using) but it's a message from Ethan saying he can't come to the party... but when Terese swipes open the phone fully she sees the rest of the message asking her how it's going getting Brad/Lauren back together!
"Good news?" Brad asks while sorting through more photos and Terese lies saying it's just an RSVP for the party.
While Paige chats to Toadie at the bar, Brad hopes that his daughter isn't going to be used as collateral damage in what is going on with Tyler. This comment earns the wrath of Terese as she tells him Paige has pulled one over him, asking if is something going on that she isn't telling them given how much time Paige/Tyler have spent together.
BRAD: I thought we just dealt with this?
TERESE: You and Lauren might be fooled into thinking that she's some sort of innocent but I know better.
BRAD: Whatever this is, you really need to reign it in.
Terese isn't amused at his reply and decides she's heading back to work but doesn't get that far as she literally runs into Paul on the way out and he suggests that since he now has a free afternoon (and sensing she needs to unload), they should go somewhere and talk.
Penthouse suite
Terese has told Paul about the text she saw and thinks it now all makes sense after thinking about it. Paul advises her to trust her instincts and warns against her saying something to Brad as without the text she can't prove anything and to simply bide her time. Terese isn't amused with that suggestion as she thinks it will just let Paige continue to do what she's doing.
PAUL: This astute little plan of hers is not going to work. People do not fall in love just because they had a child together, god I should know, I can barely speak to any of the mothers of my children!
TERESE: So you really don't think there's any threat?
PAUL: What I think is now that you know what she's up to, you can keep an eye on her. Mmm. Your time to expose her will come, god she's going to stuff up eventually.
TERESE: Mmm and she hasn't been very subtle about it so far.
PAUL: Exactly!
Number 26
Sheila arrives home to see Naomi taking out her frustration (and missing 3 calls from Paul) whilst attempting to do the gardening. She isn't too pleased at Naomi missing out the bit about who exactly Paul was standing her up for. Naomi doesn't think that should matter but Sheila does especially when he's got nine years of catching up to do and more importantly wants to know exactly what Naomi is doing to her garden (it looks like she's deciding to pull out the plants!)
NAOMI: I'm trying something new alright! My life's a disaster so any change has got to be an improvement.
SHEILA: Your life is not a disaster!
Naomi thinks her mum will now be happy things are falling apart with Paul so Sheila decides to be blunt with her.
SHEILA: Paul is not the man I would choose for you. He is rude, he's selfish, he's arrogant, he's an ego maniac, he's old.
NAOMI: (interrupting) Mum, focus.
SHEILA: He has handled this hopelessly but is wanting to be with his grandson does not mean that your relationship is broken.
NAOMI: Mum, Charles ditched me for his family over and over, I don't want to go through that again alright being the last priority of somebody that I love.
SHEILA: I don't what that for you either but to be fair, this is not the same. Charles was married, Paul isn't, he had a very reasonable excuse for missing lunch today.
Naomi is surprised at her mum standing up for Paul and jokes if she's been hypnotised!
NAOMI: Have you stared deeply into anybody's eyes today?
SHEILA: You need to recognise this for what it is.
NAOMI: And what is it?
SHEILA: Well your past has made you so insecure that you are sabotaging yourself now. You want a reason to break up with Paul, I can give you 100, but he being a man trying to reconnect with his family is definitely not one of them. Now please, let my garden live!
Harold's Store
Paige confirms to Mark when he asks that she does know what's been happening (with Tyler) and then backs Tyler up by confirming that she'd no idea what was going on. Mark however doesn't believe that he's lied to both of them the whole time and admits he's struggling to get his head round it. "It's not easy," Paige agrees and tells him that just because Tyler had a secret, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love his brother. "How can you care about someone and lie to their face every day?" Mark asks and all Paige can do is to shrug her shoulders and reply that she doesn't know but adds that "people do dumb things for different reasons all the time don't they?"
MARK: You are a more forgiving person than I am.
Lassiters Complex
Mark isn't amused to hear that Aaron has bailed Tyler out (the sergeant called to tell him when he was in the store) and make his displeasure know when he runs into the pair of them leaving the station. "I wasn't going to leave him in there," Aaron tells Mark but he thinks it shows Tyler isn't facing up to what he has done. "I am facing up to it," Tyler pleads.
MARK: Getting him to throw money at your mistakes isn't the way to turn yourself around.
AARON: You're not dad Mark so stop acting like him.
MARK: What did you say to me?
AARON: Look, I get where you're coming from but Tyler is my brother too so I'm going to stand by him no matter what he's done.
Penthouse suite
Naomi arrives to apologise for going off the radar and asks for them to forget it. Paul wants her to explain things, even though she said he didn't do anything wrong.
Naomi: Look, I've just made so many bad choices when it comes to men, I guess I was just seeing problems that aren't even there.
Paul wants to know more about the problem and she is forced to admit that she felt she was second choice after he chose to spend time with Jimmy. "It sounds really stupid now I've said it out loud," she adds but Paul apologises about how things seemed to her. She tells him not to apologise, it's her own unique brand of crazy!
As a way of making things up, Paul suggests abandoning work and instead having dinner, drinks and a moonlight walk by the river but Naomi has an alternative plan - staying put and after Paul asks if she's sure, the kiss she then gives him says yes... that and pulling him towards his room!
Number 24
Paige is round to thank Tyler for covering for her... well until Michelle is arrested and dumps her in it. He's already forewarned Toadie that Michelle could be lying if she brings her name up and thinks it's worth the risk to keep her (and Bailey's) name out of it. Aaron enters the kitchen and invites her to stay for a drink but she's other plans and leaves them to it.
Aaron thinks that its cool Paige was checking up on him but tells Tyler that he wishes he'd said something to him however Tyler thinks it would have made no difference and that would have been someone else lying to Mark. "He's hurt and he's angry but he'll get over it," Aaron reassures him and from Mark's reaction on his arrival home (and spotting Tyler there) it looks like he's spoken too soon! Mark wants Tyler out of the house tonight despite Aaron's protestations!
TYLER: Mark, it's kind of late.
MARK: I don't care, I want you out of this house NOW!
Unmissable drama
- Tyler admitting he's got nothing left.
- Karl refusing to let Tyler live at #28.
- Daniel giving Paul relationship advice.
- Terese asking Paige if she's set it up so that Brad/Lauren arrive as Danny/Sandy.
- Terese admitting to Susan her feelings towards Paige.
- Paige receiving an unwelcome guest at her party.
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Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan

Dennis Dimato in Neighbours Episode 7156
Dennis Dimato

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Mark Brennan

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7156
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7156
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7156
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7156
Toadie Rebecchi, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7156
Paige Smith

Tyler Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7156
Tyler Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi

Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7156
Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson

Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan

Sheila Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7156
Sheila Canning, Amy Williams

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7156
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

 in Neighbours Episode 7156

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7156
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7156
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan

Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7156
Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7156
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan

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