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Neighbours Episode 7077 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7077
Australian airdate: 10/03/15
UK airdate: 24/03/15
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Dennis Dimato: David Serafin
Tyler Brennan: Travis Burns
Constable Ian McKay: Steve Carroll
Summary/Images by: Matt/Graham
- Nick is confident that he can win Georgia's affections
- Nate misses his visa meeting with Toadie and Chris
- Lauren discovers alcohol in Bailey's bag
- Matt accepts a bribe from Dimato
Power Road
Matt and Bailey are training for the 10k run but Matt is failing to catch up. They race to a tree and agree to cool down by Lassiter's lake. Just then Matt spots Dimato getting out of a car, who notices him and gestures 'hello', making Matt turn around and jog with Bailey in the opposite direction.
Erinsborough Hospital
Nick and Georgia are setting up for the blood drive, and he thanks her for coming up with the idea. Karl suggests rearranging the room, but Nick refuses the suggestion making a joke about the ballet that he and Georgia saw together - it's all in the choreography of the chairs!
No. 30
Chris rings Nate's phone again but still can't get an answer, whilst Toadie apologises that he has to leave soon. He agrees to wait ten minutes more, and Chris rings around to see if he can find Nate.
Lauren and Mark make small talk, and she mentions that he must be happy about the influx of back-pay that the police officers received. Mark looks confused and says he has to leave, passing Nate and Tyler. Nate mentions that he wants to go travelling like Tyler did on his motorbike, which suddenly triggers his memory about his U.S. visa meeting, causing him to dash out.
Erinsborough Hospital
The blood drive is going smoothly with a big turnout, and Georgia mentions that Karl has just missed Paul dropping by with his entourage. Karl tells Georia that he has to leave for a moment, but will be back to do her blood, causing her to look uncomfortable and tell Karl that she's too busy. Brad calls in to donate, whilst Josh is finished and ready to leave after he's relaxed. Karl approaches Georgia about not wanting to donate.
KARL: How can we expect people to give blood if we don't do it ourselves? You are after all the poster girl for this campaign.
Nick swoops in telling Karl that he'd agreed to do it for Georgia once the drive is over, to avoid her passing out in front of the patients. Karl agrees to go and do his rounds leaving Nick and Georgia to do the drive together, whilst Georgia silently thanks Nick for coming to her aid, making Brad suspicious.
Ramsay Street
Nate sprints to No. 30 and bumps into Chris, immediately apologising for his tardiness. Chris explains that both he and Toadie have to leave, and isn't happy that they have to reschedule. Nate explains that he was distracted by Tyler's new toy car, but Chris isn't impressed.
NATE: What can I do to make it up to you?
CHRIS: This isn't about making it up to me, I thought you wanted to get your visa sorted.
NATE: I do, just tell me what I need to do to get back on track.
CHRIS: Toadie mentioned that some character references could help your case.
NATE: Okay, I could get one from Karl and maybe Paul could help us out - he is going to be the kid's uncle. So a doctor and a mayor; their opinion's got to have some sway.
CHRIS: Well should I leave to you organise that?
NATE: Definitely, I'm all over it. I'm sorry, really.
Chris reluctantly accepts his apology and agrees.
Erinsborough Hospital
Kyle has dropped in to donate blood as well, and wants a pint of stout after he's donated, just like the Irish! Him and Georgia flirt, leaving Nick looking annoyed, as Karl enters to have his blood taken. Nick takes Brad's blood pressure and jibes that it's so low because he doesn't have a stressful job. Brad doesn't take the bait, and explains that he wants their relationship to be amicable for the sake of Terese. Brad comments that Georgia is getting on very well with Nick.
BRAD: She obviously isn't immune to your charms.
NICK: People who work hard, who have real jobs that mean something; they respect each other, that's how it goes. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that.
BRAD: You know, one day everyone's going to realise what a nasty piece of work you are, and I'm going to make sure I'm there to enjoy it.
Lassiter's Park
Bailey and Matt have finished their jog, and Matt tells Bailey how much he loves him and shouldn't worry any more about the money. Mark bumps into them as Bailey goes to get water. He mentions that Matt should use his windfall to buy new trainers. Matt acts ignorant at first, but then makes up a cover story telling Mark that just the older staff received the back pay. He leaves, but Mark doesn't look convinced.
Harold's Kitchen
Brad drops in to borrow a springform pan, and Lauren praises his domestic knowledge. He explains that he's going to bake something for Terese to cheer her up after the plumbing disaster. Lauren tells him that their family are so much happier now that they are in a stronger financial position, and points out that she shouldn't have jumped to the worst case scenario.
Fitzgerald Motors
Tyler and Kyle are playing basketball on the forecourt, and Nate drops by to join in.
Erinsborough Hospital
Georgia continues to soldier on with the blood drive. Nick enters and jokes to Georgia that he wanted to see Karl faint when he donated earlier. He corners her and asks for the real reason why she won't donate any blood herself. After a few moments of reluctance, Georgia gives in.
GEORGIA: I don't like needles.
NICK: You work with them every day?
GEORGIA: A while back I had a cancer scare. My mum had cancer which she survived, but when they told me I might have it too...
NICK: So that's why you've got a personal interest in getting the research centre off the ground?
GEORGIA: I was lucky, it was just nodules on my vocal chords, but before they knew that I had heaps of tests done, and needles just remind me of that fear that they might tell me that there's something wrong with me.
Nick tells her that she's not being irrational, and he had a similar experience when he was young with a dentist but managed to conquer his fears. He promises to handle Georgia's donation himself with great care, and she reluctantly agrees.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark questions a police colleague about the windfall from their salaries, but he denies all knowledge of anything of the kind occurring. Matt walks past, and Mark looks very suspicious again.
Margie serves Chris a drink, and he bumps into Nate who explains that he's been side-tracked with basketball to get statements from Karl and Paul. Chris loses it at Nate.
NATE: What's this, practice for playing the big disciplinarian?
CHRIS: No, you say you're going to do something and you do it. It's called being responsible.
NATE: Yeah, and there's a word for what you're being too.
Nate quickly backs down and apologises for being irresponsible, explaining that he just wanted to make the most of his time pre-baby. He promises to make a start on the documentation that night.
Power Street
Mark and Matt are chatting, and Tyler heckles them from the garage calling over Mark. Dimato pounces from Grease Monkey's and tries to initiate a conversation with Matt. Meanwhile, Mark is annoyed that Tyler had just called him over to play basketball and turns back to see Matt and Dimato talking.
Erinsborough Hospital
Nick finishes up with Georgia's donation, and they share a brief tender moment as he congratulates her for going through with it and places cotton wool on her needle wound. Kyle comes by to pick up Georgia, but leaves for the canteen when she tells him that she's feeling a bit faint and looks confused at what happened with Nick.
Power Street
Dimato catches Tyler's basketball, and Tyler is quick to tell him that he won't be doing any more favours whilst Mark is back on the force.
DIMATO: I know it's bad manners to dictate when to do favours for friends.
TYLER: I'm not shirking my debt; I'm just saying that we need to be careful.
DIMATO: Yeah I agree, you do need to be careful. Enjoy your game.
Lassiter's Complex
Matt leaves work, and passes a snooping Mark who begins to follow him.
The Lock-Up Containers
Mark continues his James Bond routine and sneaks around the corners of the containers, overseeing and hearing Matt and Dimato in conversation. Matt tells Dimato he can't take anymore shifts, and Dimato says he understands.
DIMATO: I guess ten grand goes a long way with a suburban mortgage. And just in the nick of time too I bet.
MATT: Yeah it was and I'm grateful for the extra work, but now I'm in the clear.
DIMATO: And you don't need my help anymore - understood. Matt, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do; you've been a good friend.
Dimato hands him another stuffed envelope as a "severance package", which Matt eventually takes. Mark continues to lurk behind the containers and looks appalled at what he's seen.
Unmissable Drama
- Matt confesses all to Lauren
- Tyler confides in Nate about Paige
- The Erinsborough Festival stages its Bake Off with a surprise guest judge
- Several more old neighbours return...
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Matt Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7077
Matt Turner, Bailey Turner

Georgia Brooks, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7077
Georgia Brooks, Nick Petrides

Toadie Rebecchi, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 7077
Toadie Rebecchi, Chris Pappas

Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan

Tyler Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7077
Tyler Brennan, Nate Kinski

Nick Petrides, Brad Willis, Georgia Brooks, Josh Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7077
Nick Petrides, Brad Willis, Georgia Brooks, Josh Willis, Karl Kennedy

Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7077
Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Nick Petrides, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7077
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Nick Petrides, Brad Willis

Nick Petrides, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7077
Nick Petrides, Brad Willis

Matt Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Matt Turner, Mark Brennan

Brad Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7077
Brad Willis, Lauren Turner

Kyle Canning, Nate Kinski, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Kyle Canning, Nate Kinski, Tyler Brennan

Georgia Brooks, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7077
Georgia Brooks, Nick Petrides

Const. Ian McKay, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Const. Ian McKay, Mark Brennan

Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7077
Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski

Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Josh Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Josh Willis, Tyler Brennan

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7077
Georgia Brooks

Dennis Dimato, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Dennis Dimato, Tyler Brennan

Matt Turner, Dennis Dimato in Neighbours Episode 7077
Matt Turner, Dennis Dimato

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7077
Mark Brennan

<<7076 - 7078>>
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