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Neighbours Episode 7065 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7065
Australian airdate: 20/02/15
UK airdate: 06/03/15
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Jo O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Agnes Robinson: Georgia Dillon (photo)
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Bailey admits it's his fault that the Turner kids' money was stolen from their bank account
- Matt asks Dimato's representative Michelle Kim for his job back
- Amber sees parallels between her relationship and that of Agnes Robinson and Frederick Ramsay
- Karl and Georgia meet the brusque Dr Nick Petrides, who transpires to be Terese's brother
- Brad asks Nick how Terese would feel if she knew his dirty little secret!
No 22
The Willises are having dinner with Dr Nick, and Josh and Imogen are excited that he's thinking of moving to Erinsborough. He wants to know what the twins have been up to, and starts with Imogen.
NICK: You must be off to some fantastic university soon.
IMOGEN: ... Yeah, I'm going to uni.
NICK: Oh, brilliant. Which one? Melbourne, Sydney?
IMOGEN: ... Eden Hills.
Nick looks distinctly underwhelmed, but Brad icily says that they're proud of Imogen. The tension is only exacerbated when Nick asks after Josh, and he's forced to admit he's dropped out of school and is serving a community sentence for assault. Nick remarks that that's a shame, but Brad tells him both the kids have picked themselves up and dusted themselves off after a difficult year.
NICK: How's the teaching going, Brad?
BRAD: Very well, thank you.
NICK: Good to hear. It's a steady job, at least.
BRAD: ... I'm glad you approve (!)
No 32
Matt is stomping about like a bear with a sore head, slamming cupboards etc, while Bailey and Lauren look uncomfortable at the table. Lauren tersely tells Matt that he's not the only one who's overworked, and says he should sit down and have a rest before his evening shift. He grouchily reminds her he has to go and fix the exhaust fan at Harold's, because they can't afford a repair guy.
Before he leaves, Bailey asks Matt if he's heard from the bank.
MATT: As a matter of fact I have. They're definitely not going to reimburse us the money. Big surprise there. And the fraud squad has confirmed that the chance of catching the thief is roughly zero. So that just caps off the whole sorry saga, doesn't it?
Matt walks out, leaving Bailey looking awkward.
No 22
Josh tells the family about his hopes to go to TAFE to finish his VCE, then apply for uni, which comes as a pleasant surprise to Terese. Nick asks him what he wants to study at uni, and Josh isn't sure - so Nick tells him he should work it out ASAP.
BRAD: Mate, a lot of people have finished school without figuring out what they want to do. It's okay.
NICK: Well, it's not if you want to make something of your life. Look at Terese and I. We grew up miles from the city - no money, no connections, parents always fighting. Most of the kids we went to school with ended up in jail. I decided I didn't want that. So I focused on getting out of there.
BRAD: Josh knows how to focus. It's just life's tossed him a few curveballs lately.
NICK: I've had plenty of curveballs, but I've never let them throw me off-track. That's just an excuse.
TERESE: Right! Dessert, anyone?
But Nick keeps wittering on to the enthused twins about working out what their goals are in life, while Brad looks wholly unimpressed.
No 32
Bailey comes in from the bank, having withdrawn his $500 life savings. He gives it to Lauren, telling her to use it to help with the mortgage or the bills. Lauren tells him it's a lovely gesture, but that they can't take his money.
BAILEY: Yes you can! Mum, I did this to us. I need to help out.
LAUREN: It's not your responsibility to fix this.
BAILEY: Isn't it? Mum, mistake or not, I made it. And nothing you can say is gonna change that.
He walks off, leaving Lauren looking worried.
Community Centre
Paige is helping Amber and Daniel set up the History of Erinsborough exhibition, but Love's Young Dream™ seem more interested in groping each other than anything else - much to Paige's disgust. She bluntly advises them to go and be alone together. At this point, Josh comes in and asks what they're working on.
AMBER: A special feature called...
DANIEL: The Tale of Two Warring Families.
AMBER: Or the Two Founding Families of Erinsborough. We haven't really figured it out yet.
Daniel invites Josh to stay and help, but he doesn't look keen. He's just dropped by to ask Amber how she's finding Eden Hills uni, as he's thinking of enrolling in the TAFE next door to finish his VCE. Amber tells him how great uni is, but it's all a bit awkward with Daniel standing there. So Josh goes to make his exit, saying he'll let her know what he decides. Daniel and Amber resume smooching before Josh has even left, much to his discomfort. Once he's gone, Paige lays into them.
PAIGE: Hey! Romeo and Juliet! I'm serious, could you get a room? Not everyone wants your love shoved in their face, and I'm not just talking about Josh. Show some sensitivity!
Daniel and Amber look suitably contrite.
No 22
Brad and Terese talk about Josh's surprise TAFE plans, but Brad thinks he only said it because Nick was bullying him about his lack of direction. Terese defends her brother, saying it's good for the kids to get another perspective, but Brad insists he was judging them.
TERESE: Nick is only as hard on others as he is on himself. That's why he's so successful. When he started...
BRAD: Yes! I know the story! Kid pulls himself up by the bootstraps, child prodigy, first in his family to get a degree, top of the class in medicine. Blah blah blah.
Terese again defends Nick, saying he helped her turn her life around when she was running wild as a youngster.
TERESE: He's only trying to help.
BRAD: By bragging about himself? You know, what about his two divorces? He always manages to leave those out of his little carpe diem pep-talks.
Brad says he wants to protect Josh and Imogen from Nick making them feel unworthy - and argues that if anyone else spoke to their kids like that, Terese would fight them to the death!
TERESE: Nick is just showing them what it's like to have a good role model!
BRAD: ... Which I'm obviously not.
TERESE: Hey, I didn't mean it like that.
BRAD: You know, he's not the hero you think he is.
TERESE: What are you talking about? Tell me! You obviously have something to say.
BRAD: I'm talking about what he did the night before our wedding.
Harold's Store
In the kitchen, Bailey is staring into the fridge at some alcoholic beverages. When Lauren comes in he quickly slams it shut, all guilty-looking - then claims he's come along to help out for a bit.
LAUREN: You should be studying.
BAILEY: You won't take my money OR my slave labour? Mum, perhaps things aren't so bad.
LAUREN: No, they're not. And it's not for you to worry about, anyway.
She takes his hand and tells him it's going to be okay, and he heads off to the library. Lauren goes to the fridge, and is worried to see the bottles that Bailey was looking at.
The Waterhole
Nick is giving Imogen another motivational speech. She tells him of her plans to open a stall at the festival to help teenagers with legal advice.
NICK: Is it a step towards you becoming chief justice one day?
NICK: So do it. What about getting hung up on some guy? Servicing your goal, or sabotaging it?
IMOGEN: Sabotage.
NICK: See how easy it is?
Terese turns up, wanting a word with Nick, and Imogen leaves.
TERESE: Did you really engineer a meeting between Brad and Beth the night before my wedding?
NICK: So he finally told you, then.
TERESE: And you had her bring along their son Ned. Why?
NICK: I wanted to see if he'd crack. See how committed he really was to you.
TERESE: So you would have been happy to see my heart ripped out, just to prove a point?
NICK: He left his wife and child to run off with you. What kind of person does that?
TERESE: You've been through two marriages, Nick. And you have the gall to sit here and judge?
NICK: So reassure me. Since that day, has he been completely faithful to you?
TERESE: ... You had no right to put Brad in that position. And you have no right now to speak about him that way.
NICK: I've stayed out of your business ever since, haven't I? Now Brad stood up to me that day; good for him. It made me respect him just that little bit more.
TERESE: Oh, well I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear that (!)
NICK: I'm sorry if I upset you, okay? But I'm never going to apologise for wanting the best for you.
Terese walks out.
Harold's Store
Amber is stressing to Daniel about Paige saying their public displays of affection are a public nuisance! Amber thinks they should be more sensitive about it, but Daniel's all for showing their love to the world.
AMBER: Maybe there's a way to make people feel included. You know, bring them into our love. Make them feel welcome.
Daniel smiles. Meanwhile, Paul has come in to pester Matt about when he'll get the police traffic management report for the Erinsborough Festival. Matt is clearly stressed and tells Paul he's under a lot of pressure. But Paul is unsympathetic, and says he can't get proper insurance without the assessment from the police. Matt promises Paul it'll be done by the end of the day, and Paul says his superiors will hear about it if it isn't.
Karl is waiting for Paul when he comes in, and tries to talk to him.
PAUL: Oh, for the last time, Karl! I said we're right for support acts.
KARL: It's not about that - although that is your loss, I have to say.
Karl explains that Dr Nick is planning to open a cancer research centre, and that the hospital hopes to indulge him as part of a bid to bring him onto the staff. Karl has his eye on a building next to the hospital, which happens to be owned by the council, and wants Paul to lease it to the hospital at a discounted rate. Paul is uninterested at first, but when he learns Nick is Terese's brother, he tells Karl he might look into it. Paul gets a text, and has to hurry off.
Lassiter's Lake
Paul rushes towards the rotunda, Daniel having texted him to say there was an emergency. When he arrives, he finds it was just a ruse by Daniel and Amber to get him there. Lauren and a still-stressed Matt have also been summoned to what Daniel calls 'an emergency love intervention'!
AMBER: I thought we weren't gonna call it that?
MATT: A what?!
LAUREN: Let's just hear them out.
DANIEL: Everyone form a circle.
PAUL: You're kidding, aren't you?
DANIEL: And everyone take the hand of the person next to you.
Paul isn't going to hold Matt's hand, so Daniel takes a position between them!
DANIEL: We brought you here because we love you, and you're family. And we want you to know how important you are to us. For our wedding, but more importantly for our marriage. We know we've been in a bit of a love-bubble lately, and we get it - it can be a little bit overwhelming.
AMBER: Annoying, Daniel. We're annoying the hell out of them.
They prattle on for a bit about how much they've learned about love from their families.
AMBER: We don't want to throw our love in your faces. Honestly, we just want to invite you into our love-bubble. You were already a part of it, but now it's official.
MATT: Is this over?! Because I was told there was an emergency. I have a million more important things to be doing than standing around talking airy-fairy nonsense.
Matt stomps off, and so does Paul. Daniel hugs a disappointed Amber.
Harold's Store
In the kitchen, Matt continues to moan to Lauren about the love intervention. But Lauren's more concerned about why Bailey didn't show up, and admits she's worried he could start drinking again over the guilt of the money being stolen. Matt is unsympathetic, even when Lauren reveals Bailey tried to give her all his money to help pay for the mortgage.
Lauren wants Matt to talk to Bailey to reassure him, and he only grudgingly agrees. But when Lauren pressures him into doing it now, he snaps because of how busy he is, goes to pick some stock up and ends up straining his back. Lauren tells him he's pushing himself too hard, and orders him to go home, rest and put some ice on it. And talk to Bailey while he's there!
No 32
In the garden, Amber is looking at the photo of Agnes Robinson, and Daniel joins her, lamenting the failure of their love intervention. Paige tells them she's sorry she missed it, though.
PAIGE: This is what I love about you guys. The whole world's rolling their eyes, and bringing out their sick-bags. And all you guys want to do is you want everyone to share in what you guys have. And - and I think it's kind of beautiful.
Paige half-apologises for being mean to them earlier, admitting she might have been a bit jealous of their happiness. Daniel decides a group hug is called for to celebrate Paige's absorption into their love-bubble.
PAIGE: No, I'm melting!
No 22
Terese asks Brad why he kept Nick's intervention in their wedding from her for all these years. Brad admits he didn't want to destroy Terese's faith in her brother - but says that now Nick's moving to the neighbourhood, Brad wanted to protect both the kids and their recovering marriage from his malign influence. Terese insists Nick is only here to open his cancer research centre, but Brad's still worried he'll put their marriage off-balance, and hopes Nick will turn down the hospital job and return to London.
BRAD: I know he's your brother, but things are easier for everyone if we only see him once in a blue moon.
The Waterhole
Karl is introducing Dr Nick to Paul, who's come on board with offering up the building next-door to the hospital for Nick's cancer research facility. The hospital has already pledged the start-up finance.
NICK: Well that's great news for cancer research.
KARL: And for you too, hopefully?
NICK: ... Thanks for the opportunity!

He shakes Paul and Karl's hands, and Karl goes off to the bar to get drinks. When Paul learns Nick isn't staying with Terese but at Lassiter's, he insists on upgrading him to a suite. Karl returns, and they all raise a toast to new beginnings.
NICK: Looks like I'm moving to Erinsborough!
No 32
Matt enters the kitchen having had a rest, his back still a bit sore. Bailey is working at the table, and Matt apologises for speaking harshly to him this morning, saying he didn't mean to make him feel bad. At that moment, however, Matt gets a text from his boss, Sergeant Frost, demanding to know where Paul's traffic management report is. Matt suddenly starts getting shouty again, and flings the phone down, then takes it out on Bailey.
MATT: Would it kill you to put your dirty dishes away?
BAILEY: The dishwasher's full.
MATT: So unstack it!
BAILEY: I was -
MATT: Can you not see that your mother and I are run ragged, no thanks to your stuff-up! If you want to help, start using your head for once, and think!
Matt smashes a plate deliberately on the side of the sink, and marches out of the room. Bailey looks frightened.
Unmissable Drama
- Tyler seems to be flirting with Imogen - and Paige
- Susan is flattered to be asked by Naomi about something, but Sheila is jealous
- Chris tells Mark that Naomi deserves a grand gesture, and he apparently delivers one
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Josh Willis, Nick Petrides, Imogen Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7065
Josh Willis, Nick Petrides, Imogen Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Bailey Turner, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Bailey Turner, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Josh Willis, Nick Petrides, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7065
Josh Willis, Nick Petrides, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Brad Willis

Bailey Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Bailey Turner, Lauren Turner

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7065
Josh Willis, Paige Smith

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7065
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner

Nick Petrides, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7065
Nick Petrides, Imogen Willis

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7065
Terese Willis

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Matt Turner, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7065
Matt Turner, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7065
Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7065
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Agnes Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7065
Agnes Robinson

Paige Smith, Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Paige Smith, Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7065
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Nick Petrides, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7065
Nick Petrides, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Matt Turner

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7065
Bailey Turner

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