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Neighbours Episode 6960 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6960
Australian airdate: 29/08/14
UK airdate: 12/09/14
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Josh is forced to do a nudie- run with only a gnome for modesty, much to Imogen's horror
- Josh tells Imogen that his fling with Naomi is more fun because it's a secret
- Toadie offers Imogen a job following Sonya's concerns that he's always alone with Naomi
- Mark and Paige plan dinner, but insist to Sonya and Josh respectively that it isn't a date
- Paige gets a text from Mark while she waits for him, saying something's come up
No 24
Morning. Mark is just about to head out to the gym when Paige comes in. He looks uncomfortable.
MARK: You're up early!
PAIGE: Just getting home.
She reveals she ended up going out into Melbourne. Mark apologises for bailing on their dinner, but she makes out that it's fine. She asks if he wants to grab lunch later, but he's evasive, saying he's got to clean the house for their inspection tomorrow, and will probably just grab something on the go. Suspicious of his behaviour, Paige says she'll help him clean, despite Mark's attempts to put her off. Paige looks sad as Mark makes a hasty exit.
No 22
Brad and Terese are in full-on pashing mode at breakfast, much to Josh and Imogen's horror. Josh is reading up for the management course that the gym owner has sent him on, and is struggling with the workload. Imogen brags about her own new part-time job at the law firm, but is disparaging of Naomi, apparently thinking it's beneath her to work with such a commoner.
Terese suggests she could drive Josh to his course in the city this evening, and that they could all go to Melbourne and make a night of it. Brad has a PTA meeting, but tells the others they should go. Imogen rushes off to work, followed swiftly by Josh. Brad offers to give him a hand with all the gym paperwork he has to do; Josh declines, but suggests Brad should come down for a training session later. Brad says he'll try. Once Josh has gone, Brad admits to Terese that it's awkward watching his son doing his old job.
Dingoes' Gym
While working out, Chris and Nate are having an argument over the merits or otherwise of Die Hard V. Nate likes it, but Chris doesn't - and neither does Mark, when asked for his view.
NATE: It's not even called Die Hard V.
CHRIS: Oh, that's not a defence!

Mark invites the pair of them round for a barbecue and beers. Chris is keen.
NATE: A barbie might not be the best idea. They said there's a storm coming later.
Mark decides to shout the boys a Thai takeaway instead.
CHRIS: What's the catch?
MARK: Well, maybe you could help us with some cleaning.
CHRIS: Ah, there it is. Yeah, apart from interrogating people, Brennan's favourite pastime is cleaning!
Mark reveals they have a house inspection tomorrow. Chris asks if Paige can help, but Nate interrupts and accepts Mark's offer. Mark leaves them to it.
Naomi comes in, and starts chatting up Josh, hoping for a quick TITTNL session in the staff room!
JOSH: I have lots of work to do.
NAOMI: Yeah, but we could be quick!
Josh suggests they hook up later, but Naomi says she has to work at Toadie's place all day, with Imogen. She moans about how Imogen talks to her like she's her personal assistant, and Josh admits that it may be because she knows about their fling.
NAOMI: Since when?
JOSH: Since she caught me in the back yard naked! With the gnome!
Josh assures Naomi that Imogen will be okay with her, but Naomi's not convinced.
No 30
Naomi turns up at Toadie's, where they're working today because Toadie has to look after Nell, and last time he took her to the office she hole-punched all his case files! The atmosphere between Toadie and Naomi is palpable. Imogen comes in, and imperiously demands to know whether Naomi has brought the paperclips she asked for. Amusingly, Naomi has.
Toadie talks them through the task of the day, which is basically sorting out several boxes full of papers. Toadie goes to draft a letter in Nell's room, leaving the ladies to it. Imogen comments that things seemed awkward with Toadie, and Naomi tells her not to take it personally - it isn't about Imogen.
No 24
An ominous grey cloud looms over the house. Mark comes in from the gym, and finds Paige in a confrontational mood.
MARK: It's getting pretty grey out there.
PAIGE: Are we seriously gonna talk about the weather?
She wants answers about why Mark bailed on their dinner last night, but they're interrupted by Chris and Nate arriving for the takeaway/group clean-up session. While they're choosing their food from the menus, Paige asks Mark why they need four people to clean the house.
MARK: It's a big job! We've got to tidy up the whole back yard - there's a storm coming.
PAIGE: Fine. Whatever.
Paige looks suspicious.
No 30
Imogen continues to be downright hostile towards Naomi.
NAOMI: I need coffee!
IMOGEN: You know where the kettle is.
They argue a bit over the paperwork, as Imogen shows off how much she knows about the legal profession, and tells Naomi she needs to up her game if she wants to make it in the industry.
NAOMI: Okay, I'm not gonna start taking life advice from a twelve-year-old self-entitled know-it-all.
IMOGEN: Good. Because I'm not gonna take career advice from someone with the intellectual ability of a Kardashian.
NAOMI: I'm sorry, do you want some dolls to play with?
IMOGEN: Oh, do you want me to find you a cradle to snatch?
Toadie comes in and they pretend everything's going swimmingly. Toadie heads to the office to pick up some paperwork, and leaves Naomi and Imogen in charge of Nell while he's gone. Once he's left, Imogen again remarks on the atmosphere, and realises things are still tense because of Naomi's attempt to seduce Toadie.
IMOGEN: Hang on! Am I only here as a buffer for you two?
Naomi doesn't answer, and slinks off to check on Nell, while Imogen looks horrified.
No 22
As the wind picks up speed, Terese suggests Brad head down to the gym, as Josh obviously wanted him to go and spend time there, and is probably seeking Brad's approval of his decision to take the job. Brad doesn't want Josh to think he's checking up on him, but Terese thinks Josh would appreciate Brad's advice with the job and is too proud to ask him directly. Brad seems ambivalent.
No 24
Mark, Paige, Chris and Nate eat their takeaway, as thunder rumbles overhead. Paige is still annoyed with Mark for avoiding her. Mark and Nate go in the back yard to finish off the tidy-up, and while they're gone, Chris asks why Paige was giving Mark the death-stare.
PAIGE: No I wasn't!
CHRIS: Now you're giving it to me.
Paige tersely insists she's fine, and gets on with the cleaning.
Dingoes' Gym
Josh is pleased when Brad turns up at the gym for a workout. He's evidently struggling with the paperwork, but he pretends to Brad that he's on top of it.
No 30
Imogen tries to give Naomi menial tasks to do, so she can concentrate on the complex legal stuff!
IMOGEN: No offence, but it's not like you're gonna pursue a legal career.
NAOMI: If I did, I would annihilate you in court every time.
Imogen scoffs at Naomi's assertion that her 'life experience' makes up for any lack of legal know-how, name-dropping one of her heroes, former high court judge Mary Gaudron. But Imogen's horrified when Naomi reveals how she's personally acquainted with Gaudron (or as she knows her, 'the G-Bomb'), having met at a charity art auction some time ago.
NAOMI: Yeah, we had a long chat that night. She gave me some really good advice.
Imogen is dying to know what Gaudron's advice was, but Naomi remains tight-lipped, saying she'll only tell her if Imogen helps with the menial work.
No 24
The cleaning is still underway, as thunder continues to rumble. Nate and Chris decide it's time to head home, despite Mark's attempts to get them to stay so he doesn't have to be alone with Paige. Once they're on their own, Paige once again tries to get him to talk about why he didn't show last night, but Mark again avoids talking to her.
No 30
Naomi tells Imogen that Gaudron's advice was to always hold your head up high, and you can achieve anything you want.
IMOGEN: She's such an inspiration.
NAOMI: Yeah, she was. We really hit it off that night, actually. Until I got kicked out of the auction.
IMOGEN: Why'd you get kicked out?
NAOMI: Oh, this sleazy old art dealer got a bit familiar with his chubby little hands, so I threw my champagne in his face.
Imogen laughs, and apparently Mary Gaudron was laughing too. But Naomi says she still thinks about the advice she gave her now, even in the situation with Toadie - she's determined to hold her head up and improve herself, despite the awkwardness. Imogen looks suitably impressed.
Toadie comes in, and is impressed that the atmosphere between Naomi and Imogen seems to have dissipated.
TOADIE: Have I just stepped into an alternate universe?
He tells them the case they're working on has been put back, so they can finish up for today, and head home before the storm hits. Naomi asks Imogen if she'd like to go for a drink.
IMOGEN: Only if you promise not to throw it in my face!
NAOMI: Promise.
Dingoes' Gym
Josh is still doing his paperwork, but accidentally spills coffee all over it, and frantically tries to mop it up. The phone rings - Josh tells whoever's on the line that 'it's all done', and that he'll see them soon. Brad comes over, telling Josh how proud he is of what a smooth job he's doing running the gym. Josh pretends it's all okay at first, but then admits that he's worried the owner only hired him because of his former swimming profile; he's no manager.
JOSH: I'm in way over my head.
BRAD: Listen. Ricky hired you because he saw your potential. He's paying for you to do that course. He's letting you run the place because he believes in you. And so do I.
JOSH: Thanks. But I could really use some help.
He admits he's poured coffee on the paperwork, and that Ricky will be here in an hour to check it all over. Brad willingly agrees to help him sort it all out.
The Waterhole
Imogen and Naomi are getting on like a house on fire as they sip wine, Imogen apologising for calling Naomi a cradle-snatcher because of her fling with Josh.
NAOMI: Oh, at least it's one step up from being a homewrecker!
Imogen admits she's just protective of Josh because of what happened with Amber, and doesn't want to see him hurt again. Naomi insists he won't be - it's just a fun rebound thing, and they both know it. But Naomi doesn't want Sheila or Terese to find out about their fling, and Imogen tells her she'll keep their secret.
NAOMI: And you know, Toadie didn't just hire you to babysit me. You are scarily smart and capable for your age. You will be an asset to the firm.
IMOGEN: Thank you.
Josh comes over, and they giggle as they see his reaction to their talking.
Meanwhile, Terese has been battening down the hatches around the building in preparation for the storm. Brad comes in, soaking from the storm, and tells her about how he helped Josh at the gym, and that everything is okay between them now. They get all smoochy again, and Imogen comes over, warning them that the PDAs need to stop! She admits she had a good day at work.
IMOGEN: And Naomi's really fun! Who knew?
Paige comes in, and waves to the Willises. At the bar, Josh asks if Naomi was talking to Imogen about him.
NAOMI: As if.
He offers her another hook-up, as he's just finished work, but she takes a raincheck.
JOSH: I can be quick.
But Naomi tells him they can hook up tomorrow instead.
Meanwhile, Brad goes to talk to a miserable-looking Paige, correctly predicting that she's having boy-trouble. Paige admits she really likes 'him', not revealing it's Mark, and that she thought he liked her too until he stood her up, and won't even talk to her about it. Brad advises her to keep trying - she doesn't want to miss out on account of crossed wires.
No 24
The wild weather rages on. Indoors, Mark is watching TV, and Paige watches him until she can finally take no more.
PAIGE: Okay, this is getting ridiculous!
MARK: I'm sorry, what?
PAIGE: Why did you stand me up last night?!
MARK: How did I stand you up? You won a bet, I postponed. That's it.
PAIGE: That's it? Seriously?!
MARK: We're mates. We can have dinner anytime!
PAIGE: Yeah. Mates (!)
Paige heads towards the back door, to retrieve a chair that's been left out in the rain, 'while you've been ignoring me all day.'
PAIGE: And you can go to hell!
Mark looks worried.
Shortly afterwards, the pair bring the chair inside together, as lightning and thunder continue to crackle outside. They discuss bringing the car into the garage, to protect it from potential hail. Mark also suggests they turn the power off.
MARK: Well, the wind's pretty bad out there. If it brings a tree down or something...
PAIGE: Maybe it'll knock some sense into you?
MARK: Okay, whatever your problem is, you need to get over it!
PAIGE: You know exactly what my problem is! Stop playing dumb! I don't understand why you don't just face up to what's happening here!
MARK: There's nothing happening! Except you're acting like a crazy person!
PAIGE: You're a liar. You know you stood me up last night, and you know why!
MARK: I didn't stand you up.
PAIGE: For an ex-cop you're pretty gutless.
MARK: What did you say?!
PAIGE: You're a coward.
MARK: And you're acting like a dumb teenager.
Paige pushes Mark and grabs him by the shirt.
MARK: What are you doing?!
PAIGE: Trying to get through to you!
MARK: I'm warning you!
PAIGE: What are you gonna do?
In an electric moment he kisses her passionately, and she kisses him back, as the rain pours down outside and lightning is reflected on the walls.
Unmissable Drama
- Paige and Bailey are horrified to see a tornado warning has been issued for Erinsborough
- A car driving through the rain in darkness
- Georgia dashing through No 30
- Brad looking after Lauren as the storm hits
- Wild weather rages on Power Street
- Toadie, Sonya and Nell huddle together at home
- Bailey watches the drama unfold on his laptop
- Susan looking worried on the phone
- Paul's face in a rear- view mirror
- Sheila looking worried
- Paige and Mark still kissing
- Headlights blazing
<<6959 - 6961>>
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6960
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6960
Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan

Naomi Canning, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Naomi Canning, Josh Willis

Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6960
Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis, Toadie Rebecchi

Paige Smith, Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6960
Paige Smith, Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski, Mark Brennan

Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Paige Smith, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6960
Paige Smith, Chris Pappas

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Brad Willis

Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis

Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 6960
Nate Kinski

Naomi Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Naomi Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Imogen Willis

Brad Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Brad Willis, Josh Willis

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Naomi Canning, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Naomi Canning, Josh Willis

Paige Smith, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6960
Paige Smith, Brad Willis

Mark Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6960
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6960
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6960
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

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