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Neighbours Episode 6947 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6947
Australian airdate: 12/08/14
UK airdate: 26/08/14
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Kathy Carpenter - Tina Bursill
Paige Smith - Olympia Valance
Wendy Leung - Natalia Ko
Guy Fulton - Daniel Hill
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Kathy and Paige argue, Kathy crashes into Toadie.
- Matt finds the heart pills.
- Terese tries to find out more information about Paige.
- Naomi lets Josh down gently but they kiss in the lift.
Lassiter's Hotel
The men outside are telling Naomi and Josh that they are still trying to get them out. They're having trouble figuring out why the lift stopped. Naomi says it's a mystery - it came out of nowhere. Josh says it's not a bad thing. The man asks if they've been jumping around and Naomi says they haven't. They say it'll be another ten minutes and Naomi thanks them. Naomi tells Josh she doesn't think ten minutes will be long enough and presses the emergency button again. She kisses Josh. They giggle as they start taking off each other's tops.
Number 32
Matt is reading a text from Terese asking if there is anything new about their problem. Lauren comes in with some lilies and says she's about to head over to the hospital to see Kathy. She asks Matt if this is her craziest idea ever but she's thinking of inviting Paige to come with her. Matt doesn't think it's the craziest ever idea but maybe risky. Lauren says they haven't seen each other since the accident and they were arguing at the time. Lauren has worked really hard to make her peace with Kathy and she hopes Paige can do the same too. Maybe they can start to get along as a family. Matt tells her to go with her gut feeling. If it tells her to go, what's the worst that can happen? Lauren thinks it could get really ugly very quickly in a ward full of cardiac patients. Matt thinks if Paige doesn't want to go she'll just refuse. Lauren thinks that's a reasonable way of looking at things. Matt being supportive means a lot.
Number 24
Mark arrives home and Paige is lounging on the sofa. Mark brought some movies - Paige hopes they're not sci-fi, British and got the word Doctor in them. Paige finds the films Rocky 1-6 in the bag. He says it'll inspire her to get up and start fighting again.
There is a knock at the door. Mark tells them to come in and Lauren arrives. Mark says he'll organise dinner. Lauren has brought Paige some lilies as she was going to call her Lily - though Paige is a lovely name too. She invites Paige to the hospital. Lauren has spoken to Kathy about it and she would really like to see Paige. Lauren knows it's a big ask but she'd like them to work through things together and move forward as a family. She says she's not being pushy though. Paige says she is being a little pushy but she guesses it has to happen sometime.
Lassiter's Hotel
Sheila wants to know what is going on - her daughter is trapped in there. She's starting to feel claustrophobic thinking about them being stuck in there for so long. The lift starts working and Naomi and Josh appear fully dressed and a bit flustered.
SHEILA: You alright? (Naomi confirms this.) You look so flushed - it must have been like a furnace in there.
NAOMI: Yes - hot. Very, very hot.
JOSH: Yeah. You can say that again!
SHEILA: Oh dear. You've probably got heat stroke. (Naomi shakes her head.)
JOSH: Yeah well if that's what you want to call it!
SHEILA: Do you need a doctor?
NAOMI: Uh no. Just some water - a glass of water. Long, tall, ice cold glass of water.
JOSH: Maybe even a shower.
Naomi thinks this is a good idea and heads off. Sheila heads off after her and Josh laughs.
Erinsborough Hospital
Brad is with Paige and Lauren and checks if Paige is ok. Lauren tells Paige she doesn't have to do this - she doesn't want her to feel she's being pushed into it. Paige says they're not - they've been so accepting about everything. Brad says he's glad they found her. Lauren and Paige head into the room. Brad says he'll wait outside as he doesn't want to overcrowd Kathy. Paige looks worried but accepts it.
Lauren asks Kathy how she's feeling - Kathy's feeling good. Lauren says she's brought a visitor and introduces Paige as Kathy's granddaughter. Kathy welcomes Paige to the family. Paige doesn't say anything and goes out of the room. Lauren heads after her. Brad is confused and Lauren says it was too much - she shouldn't have pushed. Brad says it's alright - he'll sort it out as we head into the first commercial break.
Brad asks Paige if she's alright. She tells him she's fine. Brad asks if she's talking to a friend. She is trying - Ethan. He's been like a rock to her - calms her down when she gets in a state. Brad says she's lucky she's got him and asks what happened back there. She couldn't do it - she couldn't look at Kathy. She gave Paige away and told Lauren she was dead. Brad says it doesn't count for much but he's still furious with Kathy too. You can't say sorry for something like that and think it makes it all ok. Paige thinks maybe holding a grudge does run in the family and they laugh. Brad tells her it will take some time. You can't throw people together and be an instant family. They're working on it and that counts for a lot. Paige agrees it does to her.
Lauren is pacing Kathy's room. Kathy tells her to go to Paige if she wants to. Lauren reckons it's best if Brad handles it. Kathy asks how the rest of the family are handling it. Matt's being supportive but it's difficult for him. Amber wishes the whole thing would go away and Bailey is handling it best of all as usual. Kathy asks how Lauren's handling it. Lauren's got her little girl back. Kathy comments she's missed out on so much. There is so much Lauren doesn't know - little things like Paige's favourite colour. Kathy tells her to go to Paige - she doesn't have to sit here with her. Lauren tells Kathy she cares about her too. Lauren asks Kathy why she didn't say she had a heart condition. Kathy says it was partly vanity - she didn't want to admit she was a sick old woman. She didn't want Lauren to worry about it - she didn't want to play the sympathy card. Lauren tells her not to do it again. The next time Kathy has an issue with her health she should talk to Lauren about it. Kathy says it's reached that point - the child becomes the parent.
Brad comes in and Lauren asks if Paige is ok. Brad confirms Paige is ok. She wants to come and talk to Kathy on her own if that's ok with Kathy. Kathy says to tell Paige she's waiting.
Number 22 Backyard
Josh arrives home with a big smile on his face. Josh tries to stop Imogen do her schoolwork and Imogen is not impressed. He tells her there is a great big amazing world out there and she needs to go and experience it. She asks him if he's ok. He's not - he's so far beyond ok it's ridiculous - he's incredible. He shouts to everyone he's incredible. Imogen is going to go and get Terese as whatever he's on he needs serious medical help. Josh says he's just in a good mood - he didn't know there's a law against that. Imogen doesn't know how he can be like that when all the crazy stuff is going on. Josh says she wouldn't understand. He shoots a piece of paper and then accepts the cheers from his imaginary audience.
The Waterhole
Terese comes over and thanks Naomi for what she's done for Josh today - it's above and beyond the call of duty. Naomi asks if she's spoken to him today. Terese says she'll speak to him when she gets home but the fact Naomi got him involved in the work means so much to Terese. Naomi says it's not a big deal. Terese has been so worried since he left school.
NAOMI: You've got no reason to worry - he's a big boy.
Terese says his whole life has been focused on swimming and now he's floundering for some kind of direction. Naomi says he's young and has got plenty of time to figure things out. Terese points out he's had his heart crushed by Amber and at that age and it was his first true love and it happened when it did. Terese is sure Naomi's heard about Paige and the tensions at the house. Terese's point is that Josh is much more fragile than he lets on so it's great Naomi's taken him under her wing. Knowing that Josh is working with someone like Naomi - she knows he'll be ok.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paige comes into Kathy's room and closes the door. Kathy didn't think she'd actually come - she wants to know what this is all about. Paige wants to know what her deal is - does she really want to welcome her into the family or was she just doing the loving grandmother act in front of Lauren? Kathy remembers everything that happened - the fight in the car, the heart pills she stole. Maybe Kathy understands why Paige did it. The fact Paige hasn't been confronted by anyone - Paige must have worked out Kathy hasn't told a soul. Paige had some questions that she wanted to ask. Paige asks when Kathy gave her away, why did she think Lauren's life would be better without her? Kathy thought Lauren was too young, Kathy was naive, and she made a mistake. She knows that now. Paige asks if her adoptive parents knew that Kathy lied. Kathy never met them - the doctor organised it so it would look legitimate - they had no idea. Kathy asks Paige - why did she save Kathy's life? Paige had an opportunity to seek her revenge and know that her secret was safe - she didn't do it. Paige says she was acting on autopilot. Kathy asks if taking the heart pills was on autopilot. Paige was angry - she regretted it almost straightaway.
KATHY: You're fiery, impulsive, reckless. When it comes to the crunch you do the right thing.
Paige asks her if she's going to tell Lauren. Kathy asks what good that would do? More pain, more hurt, more confusion. She's willing to forgive Paige as long as she can try and forgive Kathy. What they both did underneath it all they are good people. She wants to take a chance and start all again.
The Waterhole
Mark and Paige are playing darts. Paige says that some people just really confuse her. There's a woman that she's hated for so long and now she's trying to be nice to Paige. Mark asks what she actually said. Paige says the details aren't really important but she wants to make amends - she was begging for her forgiveness. He thinks it's a good thing. Paige doesn't know - she doesn't know what to think anymore. Mark points out that Kathy isn't the wicked witch. Paige almost feels like a traitor thinking that maybe there's a good person inside her dying to come out. Mark thinks maybe there is but Paige thinks maybe there isn't - the whole thing is just an act. Mark thinks that she needs to take people at face value - she can't spend her life second guessing people's motives. It will do her head in. He thinks she should be honest with people and hope she gets the same in return.
Lassiter's Hotel
Naomi asks Josh when he thinks he'll be finished. He guesses it depends and asks for a hand with the boxes in the lift. Naomi says it won't happen and for the record she is his superior so she doesn't appreciate him telling her to do his job. Josh wasn't trying to slack off - he thought a ride in the lift would be fun. He does a last chance offer and she still refuses - she's going to take the stairs.
An employee comes up to Terese and mentions the digging she was asked to do on Paige. She's just been talking to one of the part-time cleaners. It's about the night that Harold's got trashed...
Number 22 Backyard
Josh arrives home. Imogen tells him she is in the middle of an essay question that is doing her head in so she doesn't want his world is awesome stuff. Josh says it sucks - Imogen thinks he's finally taking the Paige thing seriously. Josh says it isn't about that - as soon as you think things are going your way (the piece of paper didn't make the basket this time) it's like it never happened. Imogen says if she is to give helpful advice he needs to back up the track - is this about work? Josh says it vaguely is. Imogen points out he came home on his break all top of the world and that's now all changed. There was something he thought he had but it turns out he was kidding himself. Imogen says he's back in the pool trying to get his PB (Personal Best) but his time isn't close - what does he do? Josh would work harder till he makes it happen. He doesn't think it really applies in this situation. Imogen suggests he tries it without the Speedos this time. Josh says she wouldn't understand.
General Store
Lauren drops a spoon and Paige arrives and picks it up. Paige asks if Lauren's got another apron - Lauren points out she isn't rostered on. Paige points out one of Lauren's staff turned out to be a total liar - some Novak person. Paige gets out her smart pass confirming her details. Lauren confirms she's Paige Smith and Paige thinks it should be easy enough to replace her with her on her records. Paige promises she's not a liar like her. Lauren says she'll find the apron.
Paige's Adelaide address was:
2/33 Darten Road
SA 5029
Her date of birth is 13th May 1994
Lassiter's Hotel
Matt arrives with the file - for the night the store was broken into. Matt only brought it because Terese said it was important for Lauren's sake. Matt wants to know what's going on and Terese wants to know what Paige said in her statement. Matt reads out she closed the store at the normal time and she honestly thought she checked the locks but she must have made a mistake. Terese asks what time the store closes - 8:30 pm. Paige left shortly afterwards. From the broken clock they can assume the place was trashed just before nine. Terese has an eye witness whom saw Paige not long after nine running away from the store in a distressed state. Matt asks why they didn't come forward at the time. Terese points out he's part-time and isn't always around to hear the gossip. Terese says he's on tonight if Matt wants to interview him himself. Terese wonders what he's waiting for - this is exactly the proof they need that Paige can't be trusted. Matt is also worried what this could do to Lauren. Terese asks what's more important - protecting Lauren or protecting their families from a confirmed liar and potentially dangerous.
General Store
Mark says he didn't realise Paige was working today. Paige says she had to do something to get away from Rocky 5! Mark knows deep down she just wanted to hang out with Lauren. She asks him if he's taking credit for everything now and he is.
Lauren asks what's going on there - it could almost be considered flirting. Paige thinks Lauren needs to get out more. If Lauren thought that was flirting... Lauren thinks Paige protests too much. Paige thinks Lauren is going to be one of those interfering mothers and Lauren laughs that she is.
Matt arrives and Lauren asks if he's ready for his evening drink before the night shift. He's here to ask Paige a couple of questions about the night the store was trashed. A new witness has come forward and their account suggests Paige was the one responsible. Lauren says this is ridiculous - Paige had nothing to do with it. Matt asks Paige and she admits she did it.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Matt lists Paige's record.
- Terese talks to Matt about the information she came to Matt about.
- Lou asks if Matt is still mad about the kiss.
- Lou is surprised to see Kathy who has something to tell him.
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Josh Willis, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6947
Josh Willis, Naomi Canning

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6947
Lauren Turner

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6947
Matt Turner

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan, Lauren Turner

Josh Willis, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6947
Josh Willis, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6947
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis

Kathy Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6947
Kathy Carpenter

Brad Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6947
Brad Willis, Paige Smith

Lauren Turner, Kathy Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6947
Lauren Turner, Kathy Carpenter

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6947
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Naomi Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6947
Naomi Canning, Terese Willis

Paige Smith, Kathy Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith, Kathy Carpenter

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Naomi Canning, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6947
Naomi Canning, Josh Willis

Terese Willis, Wendy Leung in Neighbours Episode 6947
Terese Willis, Wendy Leung

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6947
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6947
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Terese Willis, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6947
Terese Willis, Matt Turner

Paige Smith, Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith, Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan

Paige Smith, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 6947
Paige Smith

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