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Neighbours Episode 6927 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6927
Australian airdate: 15/07/14
UK airdate: 29/07/14
Writer: Faith McKinnon
Director: Jo OShaughnessy
Guests: Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps
Anya Salter: Lauren Brumby
Nell Rebecchi: Scarlett Anderson
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Kyle and Georgia announce theyre getting married in October.
- Toadie fires Naomi.
- Sheila tells Naomi she killed her father.
- Karl explains his reasons for reporting Paul.
- At the exhibition, Paul starts talking about losing Kate in his speech.
Lassiters Reception
Terese walks Paul back to his room. She offers to ask the kitchen to bring up some food but Paul refuses. He comments that he didnt do very well. Terese tells him it doesnt matter. Paul says of course it matters hes the mayor. Terese says that everyone knows hes had a tough few months theyll understand. Paul realises he made a complete idiot of himself. Terese tries to follow Paul into the lift but he stops her. Daniel comes and asks if everything is ok. Terese looks around in despair.
The Waterhole
Terese comes in. Karl tries to talk to her but she cuts him off and walks past. Georgia asks where Paul is. Terese explains hes with Daniel. Georgia would hate for him to be on his own right now. Terese tells Georgia shes not that insensitive as if shed leave him on his own. Georgia apologises and Terese apologises as well she was out of line. She thinks Paul will be fine.
Sheila comments that nobodys looking at the art theyre all gossiping about Paul. Shes had her fair share of run ins with him but she wouldnt wish this on him. Sheila asks ifs spoken to her. Toadie explains that Sonyas coming home this afternoon. Sheila explains she was talking about Naomi. Toadie hasnt and asked if Sheila has. Sheila has and offered her some money to leave town. Its only a matter of time until she does. Sheila reassures Toadie that Sonyas made of very strong stuff. Toadie agrees. Sheila reminds him he did nothing wrong. Toadie nods.
Community Centre
Chris, Kyle and Naomi are having a breather from a class. Chris comments that it was ok but he prefers Brads yoga classes theyre much better. Naomi jokes this one gives out complimentary magazines. Kyle tells her theyre his magazines at least theyre Georgias. Chris asks if shes overdoing it. Kyle hopes not hes still scarred from last time. Georgia comes in and apologises she missed the class. Kyle asks how the exhibition was. Georgia explains what happened to Paul. Naomi knew he wasnt feeling himself but... Chris asks if theres anything they can do. Georgia says Daniels with Paul but they should go down and check out the art. Naomi says shes going to go and grab a coffee and leaves.
Georgia is confused until Chris explains Naomis avoiding Sheila. Georgia thought Sheila apologised about the comments about Frank. Kyle thought the same and asks if Naomi has said anything to Chris. Chris explains that she might not want people to know but Sheila offered Naomi money. Naomi ripped it up. Kyle asks how much it was for. Chris reckons it was enough for her to leave. Georgia thinks thats what Naomi wanted. Chris thinks she didnt want it from Sheila. Kyle has spent weeks trying to figure out the Canning women! He hands Georgia the magazines she asks if hes looked at them. He hasnt. She hands them back to him she wants his opinion. Kyle checks as she didnt last time. She genuinely wants him to be part of the planning process. Kyle agrees and Chris suggests they could have a wedding according to Kyle. Georgia suggests they each write a wish list their perfect day. Kyle agrees. Georgia promises it will be different this time it will be all about them. They hug and Kyle looks sceptical.
Penthouse Suite
Paul is staring at the coffee table. Daniel hands Paul a Daniel special. Daniel was thinking they could jump in his car and go for a drive somewhere. They could head up to the mountains or go down to the beach whatever Paul wants. Paul could just chill here. There are things Daniels done lately hes not proud of things hed never thought hed do. Hes trying to say
DANIEL: Were all human we all make mistakes. We get hurt and... Sometimes we hurt other people. You can get knocked to your knees and think youll never get back up. But in the end, its those things that make us stronger.
Paul breaks down in tears and Daniel comforts him.
Number 26
Kyle is done with his list he asks if Georgia is ready. She is and they compare lists. Kyle looks strangely at it and Georgia asks if he doesnt like it. Its not what he was expecting. Georgia thinks its good she can still surprise him and it keeps things interesting. Georgia wants to hold it at the football club, Honga as the DJ (be interesting to meet Honga), snags on the barbie, beer on tap and a country theme. Georgia explains its because shes from the country. Kyle wants a vintage theme and an acapella flash mob. They are both unconvincingly trying to convince the other that these are the things they want.
Lassiters Complex
Chris asks Naomi if she just ran away to avoid questions about Sheila. Naomi doesnt confirm or deny it. Chris points out they were just trying to help. Naomi says they can't its over. Naomi asks Chris if he managed to escape wedding discussions. Chris did but he hopes it didnt get out of hand like last time. (Sonya and Nell are heading to the law office in the background). This time all they can argue about is the flower arrangements. Naomi suggests they hire a wedding planner. Chris points out that wedding planners cost money they don't have. Naomi knows what that feels like. Chris points out she shouldnt have ripped up Sheilas cheque.
Chris greets Sonya and Nell whom have appeared. They wanted to surprise Jarrod but hes not in the office. Naomi says she thinks a court case cancelled. Sonya thinks Toadie gave Naomi the afternoon off and calls him a pushover. Chris asks how the retreat was. Sonya exclaims over how relaxing it was. Chris tells Sonya she looks amazing and Naomi agrees. Chris says Nell does as well and Nell shakes her head. Sonya hands Naomi a blend of energising tea. She says when Naomi and Toadie are going through a lull in the office it will really pick her up. Naomi thanks them. Sonya thinks she should get Nell home to Toadie for family time Nell agrees and they leave. Chris comments that Naomi hasnt told Sonya she isnt working for Toadie anymore. Naomi thinks Sonyas about to find out.
Number 30
Toadie greets Sonya and Nell and tells Sonya she looks great. She tells him she feels great. Sonya comments the place is so neat clean and tidy she should go away more often! Toadie tells her not to. Toadie says hell make them a cuppa then they can sit down and chat. Sonya asks if it can wait as shes expecting a delivery at the nursery so she needs to go there for it. Toadie says it really needs to be now. Sonya realises its important and asks if everythings alright.
TOADIE: Um... No, no I'm sorry. Um its uh its Naomi. She... tried to kiss me. Actually she she did kiss me. Um, but I didnt kiss her back. Ok? It was a completely one sided thing. No interest from me.
SONYA: Then why did she do it?
TOADIE: Cos I don't know she must have got the wrong idea. And, and since then I've discovered that shes been manipulating situations just to spend time with me so I've actually sacked her. I didnt want to tell you while you were away so... Please say something.
NELL: Mama. Dada.
SONYA: I have to go to the nursery.
TOADIE: No, no, no, Sonya, please.
SONYA: No just don't, don't.
TOADIE: Sonya.
SONYA: No I have to go. (Sonya runs out.)
Ramsay Street
Sonya runs out of the house. She looks around and covers her face with her hand. She moves her hand down to her throat. She shakes her head in disbelief and starts crying.
Number 26
Chris comes and sits down with Kyle and Georgia. He got them here to talk about the lists. He guesses they know what hes talking about from the guilty looks on their faces. He makes them admit the items arent what they want and they need total honesty. Chris asks Kyle how he sees the wedding laid back, casual, just like a party. None of the formal stuff. Georgia points out they will need some formal stuff otherwise its not an official wedding. Kyle agrees to a celebrant and Georgia suggests Susan. Kyle wants Bossy to be involved and Georgia agrees. They start discussing ideas and are thinking along the same lines.
Penthouse Suite
Daniel tells Sheila that Pauls asleep so its not cool to wake him. She wanted to let Paul know shes thinking of him Daniel will pass it on. She gives Daniel a bag for Paul DVDs, choccies, bit of escapism and comfort food. Sheila goes to leave and Naomi arrives. Sheila is not very impressed and they exchange black looks. Daniel says its not a good time. Naomi says its fine she was just dropping some stuff off. Daniel laughs at the fact they brought the same DVDs.
Daniel says he and his Dad do that all the time its like they can read each others mind. Sheila and Naomi laugh awkwardly. Naomi is going to head off but Sheila asks for a glass of water. Sheila tells Naomi to go ahead and she agrees.
The Waterhole
Terese finishes an update over the phone with Daniel. Karl comes in and greets Terese. Terese tells him she hopes hes satisfied. He is confused. Terese thinks that if Karl hadnt made the complaint, Paul wouldnt have humiliated himself. Karl doubts its true. Terese asks Karl if he realised how much pressure Paul was under. Karl says he wasnt aware he had Victors sentencing coming up. Terese points out that pursuing a pathetic agenda made things worse. (A woman takes out a mobile phone in the background.) Karl says thats not his concern Pauls mental health is. Whether hes capable of carrying on his mayoral duties is irrelevant Karl thinks Paul needs professional help. Terese is sceptical of how receptive Paul is going to be. Terese says he wont answer her calls.
The woman steps up and introduces herself as Anya Salter from the West Warratah Star. She asks Karl for his response to the rumours that Pauls unfit to be Mayor. Karl says you can't believe everything you hear. She asks if Karl will run if the position becomes available. He says hes not on the Council Paul is the elected representative. He has Karls full support.
Penthouse Suite
Daniel thanks Karl for coming. Karl tries to talk to Paul whom isnt responding. Karl explains that Daniel thought Paul might like to talk to someone after what happened. Surprising as it might seem, Karl is here as a friend and a medical professional. Hes been through a hell of a lot over the last few weeks. Losing someone youre close to is a traumatic experience for anyone. Hes had the business with Victor on top of that. Hes not saying he can make the pain go away but they can make things easier for Paul. He would like to recommend some psychologists. Having trouble sleeping goes hand in hand with grief. Daniel confirms Paul doesnt sleep he hears him up in the night all the time. Karl will give him some medication in the short term. In the long term Paul should talk to someone about whats going on. Daniel calls Paul Uncle P and he vaguely responds. Daniel checks if what Karl has said is ok and Paul doesnt say anything.
Terese comes in. She hopes they don't mind but she needs to talk to Paul he hasnt been answering her calls. She needs to talk to him. Karl asks if it can wait. Terese says it can't and Paul agrees. Somebody has filmed the speech and circulated it. Paul asks what this means. Terese explains theyre suspending him pending an investigation into his conduct. Terese tries to ask for a reaction and Paul says it doesnt matter none of it matters. Daniel points out he worked so hard. Paul says he doesnt care about Erinsborough, any of it. He doesnt know why he ever did.
Harolds Store
Georgia and Kyle join Chris at a table. Kyle tells Chris they want to arrive on horseback at the wedding. He asks Georgia if a celebrity did that in India. Georgia points out they did but they got divorced Kyle says that ideas out of the window. Chris asks if theyve done the sums on this. Georgia says theyve added up a few of the costs. Chris says hes done the same and their simple dream wedding is going to cost megabucks. Kyle says theyll scrap the horses.
Chris suggests they have a fresh mind and calls over Naomi whom has just come in. Chris says Naomis full of great ideas Toadie was raving about it when she worked for him. Chris says she can help them get this wedding into shape. Naomi thinks she can hardly get her own life into shape. Georgia wants her to throw a few ideas into the mix. Naomi agrees as long as she doesnt have to speak to Sheila and everyone agrees.
Number 30
Sonya returns and Toadie asks how everything is at the nursery its fine. Sonya asks where Nell is Toadie explains shes having a nap. Sonya explains she came back from the retreat feeling really positive and feeling ready to do whatever it takes to make their marriage work. Toadie jumps in saying this has nothing to do with them Naomi has been fired. Sonya agrees but points out that Toadie said that Naomi thought he was interested. Toadie tells Sonya Naomi was wrong. Sonya asks if he has feelings for her. He tells her firmly he doesnt. Toadie cared for Naomi but romantically never entered his mind. He swears this. Sonya wonders about the moment Naomi kissed him why did she think she was in with a chance? Toadie doesnt know. Sonya confirms it was just the two of them. Toadie agrees but points out it was innocent at least on his behalf.
Toadie says its like when Jacob kissed Sonya. Sonya doesnt agree. Jacob was grief-stricken, he was dealing with a sick child, he was dealing with a custody battle, he wasnt thinking straight. Naomi was determined to get Toadie. She tried to sabotage their family. How could Toadie have been so naive not to see this? Toadie points out he wants to see the best in people Naomi is Sheilas daughter. Sonya points out Sheila warned them. Toadie suggests its like Brennan tried to kiss Sonya. Sonya asks if this is the playing field now. Toadie didnt mean it like that. Sonya points out that Marks her friend he has no agenda with her. He doesnt have a track record of breaking up marriages. Toadies brought this toxic woman into their lives. Whether he likes it or not, he gave Naomi an in and he needs to take responsibility for that. Nell tells them shes awake and Sonya leaves.
Lassiters Complex
Naomi greets Sonya and then realises from her face that she has now spoken to Jarrod. Sonya is very calm.
SONYA: You know I used to quite like that you called him that and now I just wonder if it was another manipulation.
NAOMI: Can you let me explain
SONYA: No see theres nothing really for you to say.
NAOMI: Look after everything that happened with Charles
SONYA: You can't justify what you did Naomi, ok? So lets just leave it there. (Sonya goes to leave).
NAOMI: Ok. You of all people should know about making mistakes.
SONYA: You know I I can admit that I'm more flawed than most but I take responsibility for my actions.
NAOMI: Oh what can I say? I'm sorry I misread the situ
SONYA: Yes but youre not sorry. You conducted a deliberate campaign to undermine my marriage. Youve been chipping away at it ever since you got here.
NAOMI: To be fair your marriage was falling apart long before I arrived.
SONYA: But excuse me
NAOMI: Youve been neglecting Jarrod for so long its no wonder he enjoyed spending so much time with me.
SONYA: Just stop! Stop putting your twisted spin on things. This is about you lying and scheming to drive a wedge between us.
NAOMI: That wedge was already there. Look even though youre too stubborn to admit it
SONYA: Didnt I just admit that I was flawed?
NAOMI: Jarrod is a kind sweet generous man. I can see that. I lifted him up you drag him down.
SONYA: How dare you.
NAOMI: Its true. Look if you werent so busy playing counsellor to every man and his sob story your husband wouldnt have had to look elsewhere.
Sonya gives Naomi a great big slap across the face and walks off.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Bailey asks Paige to hide something from Lauren.
- Sonya tells Naomi to stay away from her family.
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Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6927
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6927
Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6927
Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning

Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6927
Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning

Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6927
Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6927
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Naomi Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6927
Naomi Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Chris Pappas

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6927
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6927
Sonya Rebecchi

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6927
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6927
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning, Daniel Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Anya Salter, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6927
Karl Kennedy, Anya Salter, Terese Willis

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6927
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6927
Terese Willis

Chris Pappas, Naomi Canning, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6927
Chris Pappas, Naomi Canning, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6927
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Naomi Canning, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6927
Naomi Canning, Sonya Rebecchi

Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 6927
Naomi Canning

Naomi Canning, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6927
Naomi Canning, Sonya Rebecchi

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